Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 18

Life Lessons

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 25, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • While in Skulker's lair, the "baby" flour sack has a ghostly glow.

    • Lilith: Sam names her flour sack this, which surprisingly it means ghost, storm goddess, or spirit of the night.

    • When in Skulker's lair with Valerie, Danny gets paralyzed. Throughout this part he is walking or moving some other way, even though he's supposed to be paralyzed. And this is BEFORE it wore off.

    • When Skulker's trap knocked Danny out, he woke up still in ghost form. In other episodes, being knocked unconscious generally reverts Danny to human.

    • When Sam was looking at her flour sack lovingly, you can see she has pupils.

    • Skulker's lair before the commercial is totally different than his lair after the commercial.

    • Look hard: one of the posters in Valerie's room is titled "Who is the ghost boy dating?" shows two pictures: one of Sam and one of Paulina.

    • When Danny overshadows Valerie, her eyes stay the same instead of turning green like they usually do when Danny overshadows a person.

    • When Dash is shown in his football uniform, his jersey number is zero. However, in "What You Want" and "Lucky in Love," his jersey number was four.

    • When Danny and Valerie leave the Ghost Zone with the flour sack, Valerie did not take her Ectogrenade Launcher with her, but in the scene where she is chasing The Box Ghost, she suddenly has it.

    • After Danny tugs off Valerie's Ectogrenade Launcher to give Skulker a taste of his own booby trap, he goes over to Skulker to get the key, but the Ectogrenade Launcher is nowhere in sight.

    • According to Mrs. Testlaff, the health sciences project was supposed to be a week, but this episode suggests that Mrs. Testlaff started giving grades on the second day.

    • Valerie became a ghost hunter in April, as evidenced in "Shades of Gray," but in two of the pictures of Danny Phantom, that have the dates "September 14" and "October 22" on them. That would mean that Valerie and Danny are in the tenth grade in this episode, but in "Reign Storm," Nathan says that it is only three years until the senior prom and since that movie came after "Life Lessons," that must mean that Danny and Valerie are still in the ninth grade.

    • When Valerie and Danny are riding on Valerie's jet sled for the first time, Danny's hair flows back strongly in the wind, but when Danny points to the handcuffs, his hair flows back very lightly.

    • In the scene where Valerie is dragging Danny, he has bruises on his face and he's missing a tooth from hitting the rocks. However, in the next scene that shows Valerie and Danny, Danny's bruises are gone and his missing tooth is back in place.

    • When Valerie pulls her Ectogrenade Launcher, the spectral paralysis dart fires at Danny's rear. In the next scene, where the camera shows Valerie running while dragging Danny, the dart is gone.

    • Before Valerie transforms into her ghost hunting outfit for the third time in this episode, she was wearing a white sleeveless shirt with red skintight shorts, but when Danny got Valerie home and deactivates her ghost hunting costume, Valerie was wearing her usual trademark clothes.

    • When Danny saves Tucker from the falling Nasty Burger sign, neither the cot nor the backpack is in sight.

    • When Tucker was giving refunds to the couples, he had a lot of dollar bills in his hand, but after he gives the third refund to the third couple, all the money suddenly disappears.

    • There was a long line of kids waiting to get a refund from Tucker, but after Tucker gives only three refunds to three couples, everybody else that was behind the third couple suddenly disappear.

    • Valerie destroyed the Nasty Burger sign that was on a pole with the rockets from her Ectogrenade Launcher, when she was trying to destroy Danny at Nasty Burger, but when Danny was in the Nasty Ned costume, the sign can be seen standing completely undamaged.

    • Tucker takes the camera that Danny was using to take a picture of himself, Sam, and the flour sack with Nasty Ned. When he puts his arm that's holding the camera by his side, his arm and the camera suddenly disappear.

    • The gauges on the flour sacks that determine whether they are calm or cranky disappear many times throughout the episode.

    • Valerie's eyes keep disappearing throughout the episode, when she is in her ghost hunting costume.

    • In this episode, when Skulker reminisces about his oath, he says that he sworn to have Danny's pelt adorn his wall, but in "One of a Kind," Skulker sworn to have Danny's pelt rest at the foot of his bed, not his wall.

    • Skulker is paralyzed by his darts, but he is wearing a suit of armor, therefore it should be impossible for him to feel the darts.

  • Quotes

    • Skulker: Ok, now my nose itches. Can anybody help? Anyone? Please.
      (Danny returns and the flour sack farts on Skulker's face)

    • Danny: (Valerie begins to chase after Danny)Oh, she's too busy to watch the kid, but when it's time to kick my butt she's front and center?!

    • Danny: (Baby is crying and cannot get it to be quiet) I've been a parent for all of one day and I'm probably already down to a C-!

    • Danny: I can move again! Thanks for the save back there.
      Valerie: Yeah? Well thank you for nothing! Its your fault were stuck in this freaky ghost world!
      Danny: Right. Cause clearly the maniac who cuffed and dragged us in here didn't have anything to do with it!!

    • (The "baby" "soils" it's diaper)
      Danny: Oh, come on!
      Sam: Just be thankful it's only flour.
      Danny: Then why does it smell like beans?

    • Tucker: Hey, mom.
      Tucker's Mom: Cookie, dear? Just made 'em fresh for the big bake sale.
      Tucker: (Takes cookie) Thanks, mom! (Eats cookie)
      Tucker's Mom: No, thank you, son. For picking up all that flour for me.
      (Tucker spits out cookie; sees everyone's flour sacks torn open and empty)
      Tucker: NOOOO!!!!!

    • Danny: I think we got this teamwork thing down! (Skulker lifts Danny and Valerie toward him by the handcuffs)
      Valerie: Just in time to get our butts fried!
      Skulker: Now, before I destroy you both, I must know what is so valuable about this package?!
      Valerie: It's not the package that's valuable, it's how you take care of it that counts!
      Danny: And dude, you're a horrible mother! (Flour sack farts in Skulker's face)

    • Skulker: I'm offering you a sporting head start, prey! I suggest you take it!
      Valerie: Noooo!
      Danny: (While running with Valerie) Less freaking, more running!

    • Tucker: (While rockets are falling on Nasty Burger) My baby!
      Danny: (Sees Tucker) Tucker! (Flies to him and makes them both intangible while Nasty Burger sign falls)
      Tucker: Thanks, but this is gonna cost you extra!
      Danny: Bill me later! Right now, I gotta stop this fight before somebody gets hurt. (Goes intangible, flies behind car, and turns back to normal)
      Valerie: (Looking through ghost goggles) No ghost kid! I gotta get out of here before this gets any worse! (Flies behind Nasty Burger)

    • Danny: Now, where's that lame-o Box Ghost?
      Valerie: Only lame-o ghost I see here is you!

    • Valerie: Thought I forgot about you, ghost? (Shoots water container)
      Danny: (Water container overflows) Nope, but I'll bet you forgot about that!

    • Sam: (About giving Valerie the day off) You're not half bad, Danny, maybe someday Valerie will realize that the other half isn't either?
      Danny: I didn't say it was Valerie.
      Sam: You didn't say it wasn't. Relax, I'm sure wherever she is, she's finally enjoying herself. (Scene changes to Valerie chasing The Box Ghost on her jet sled)
      Valerie: You're going down!
      The Box Ghost: You can't catch me, for I am The Box... (Valerie zaps him with her Ectogrenade Launcher and he screams)

    • Danny: (Knocks on door) Valerie, it's Danny... and Junior. You're taking the kid, now!
      Valerie: But m-my job!
      Danny: I know all about your stupid job!
      Valerie: (While shoving an ecto-gun out of sight with her foot) What?! Who told you about that?!
      Danny: Doesn't matter, the free ride's over. Now get your lazy butt in gear and start pulling your weight!

    • Tucker: I'm gonna have to charge you extra, Danny. Hazard pay and all.
      Danny: (Hands Tucker another dollar bill) Fine, whatever! Right now, I just want to give Valerie our kid... and a piece of my mind!

    • Tucker: (To Danny) I oughta bust you for child endangerment! (To flour sack) There, there. Daddy's here. Daddy loves you. Yes, he does.
      Sam: Uh, Tucker, point of information: it's a flour sack that you almost got killed over! (Looks lovingly at flour sack and wipes off bruise on its face)

    • Danny: (To Valerie, while throwing ectoplasmic energy blasts at her) Don't you have anything better to do?
      Valerie: (Charges up Ectogrenade Launcher) This is what I do!

    • Danny: (Sees The Box Ghost) Oh man, can you watch the kid for me?
      Tucker: What do I look like, a baby-sitting service? (Danny hands him a five dollar bill; Tucker looks at Danny's flour sack) Come to Uncle Tucker and his baby-sitting service.

    • Danny: (About Valerie) Oh, she's too busy to watch the kid, but when it comes time to kick my butt, she's front and center?!

    • Tucker: You want me to take one of you? Family photos help boost your grade!
      Danny: That would require having the whole family, but Mommy is too busy with her job to pull her weight and keep this kid quiet!
      Tucker & Sam: Danny, you're scaring the baby!
      Sam: (Realizing what she said) Which that is not, that's a flour sack.

    • Valerie: (To Danny, while walking away) See? And it's that kind of parental attention to detail that is goinna get me a good grade... or else!

    • Sam: (About the flour sacks) The only thing it's teaching me is how pointless this assignment is!
      Danny: (Referring to Valerie) Not to mention dangerous. Now I have to spend a week playing house with an ecto-hating ghostophobe!

    • Tucker: (While giving back the dollar bills he got for his baby-sitting service) Gonna miss you, Alexander... and Andrew... and especially you, Benjamin! (Takes down "Flower Power Daycare Service" banner)
      Sam: Cheer up, Tuck, you can still visit Lilith on weekends.
      Tucker: Sam, it's just a flour sack.

    • Skulker: (About Danny & Valerie, while sniffing) I can smell how near they are: sweat, fear... and beans. One of them has had a burrito.

    • Valerie: (After arriving in the Ghost Zone, handcuffed to Danny, and seeing Skulker) Ahhh!!! Huh??!!! Help!! Ahh!! What is this place?! Who's he?! What's going on here?!
      Danny: Okay, in order: this is the Ghost Zone, that's Skulker: Ghost Zone's greatest hunter, and other than you dislocating my shoulder, we're about to be hunted like animals.

    • Skulker: (While Danny & Valerie are fighting) At last: people hitting people. Is there anything more beautiful?

    • Valerie: (To Danny) I'll make this quick: I don't like you and you don't like me.
      Danny: (Sarcastically) Cool, I'm glad we got that out of the way!

    • Sam: Don't worry, Danny. Valerie doesn't know your secret and as far as she knows, you don't know hers.
      Tucker: Besides, she can't be gunning for you, if she's taking care of your special floury sack of love! (Singing) Danny, Val, and baby sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S -- (Valerie takes off his hat) Hey! (Valerie stuffs his hat in his mouth)
      Valerie: You dropped your hat.
      Tucker: Come on, Sam. Our child doesn't need to see this kind of negativity.
      Sam: What?! Tucker, it's a flour sack!

    • (School bell rings)
      Valerie: Later for you, punk!
      Danny: I'll be waiting, creep!
      (Valerie and Danny both change back into their normal state and run toward the same "Health Sciences" class and bump into each other)
      Valerie: Watch it, punk!
      Danny: You watch it, creep!
      Mrs. Testlaff: Fenton! Gray! Congratulations, you two stragglers are paired up for a special week-long health sciences project. I now pronounce you man, wife, and child. (Mrs. Testlaff hands Danny the flour sack)
      Danny: I am so not kissing the bride!
      Valerie: What makes you think you can?

    • Skulker: (About Danny & Valerie) Ah, I shall force a contest between the hunter girl and the ghost boy. And to the winner - the honor of me using their skull as a tether ball.

    • Danny: (To Valerie) Look, I don't wanna hurt you.
      Valerie: What makes you think you can?

    • Danny: (To Valerie) Head for a door, any door. Sometimes they're portals between the Ghost Zone and Earth.
      (Valerie opens the door and a train starts coming towards them)
      Danny: Not that door! (They quickly slam it shut)
      Valerie: Then maybe you should have been more specific, huh?!

    • Tucker: (After discovering that Sam has dressed up their flower sack like her) What have you done to our child?! (Marches over and takes the sack; puts a beret on it) Give him back! It's obvious Tucker Jr. needs a strong father!
      Sam: (Takes sack back) No way! Lilith needs to be in a nurturing environment, not some over-crowded baby barex!
      Tucker: Oh my gosh, the other babies! Gotta go! (Kisses flour sack) Bye! (Kisses Sam; pause; Tucker realizes what he did)
      Tucker: Uh...
      Sam: That never happened.
      Tucker: Ya got that right. Daddy's gotta run!
      Sam: Don't forget to pick up milk!

    • Danny: (To Valerie) This is the Ghost Zone. I am a ghost. I can help us both!
      Valerie: Why should I trust you? (Danny lifts up his arm and points to the handcuff) Fine, I'm open for suggestions.

    • Valerie: (To Danny) Well, thank you for nothing! It's your fault that I'm stuck in this freaky ghost world!
      Danny: Right, 'cause clearly the maniac who and dragged and cuffed us here had absolutely nothing to do with it!

    • Danny: (As he's flying home, looking at the school bus) One good thing about ghost powers: no fighting the bus crowd.

  • Notes

    • Cable Episode Info:
      Danny and Valerie Gray are forced to become parents to a sack of flour for a school assignment

    • Insight Digital Description: Danny must learn the fine art of compromise when he teams up with Valerie to defeat the evil villain Skulker.

    • Look Hard: In Sam's room, there is a poster of the band, Nine Inch Nails, on her wall.

    • Mrs. Tetslaff is revealed to be a physical education teacher.

    • Apparently, the huge water container that Danny threw Principal Ishiyama (who was possessed) into in "Public Enemies" has been repaired. However, it was destroyed again, this time by Valerie.

    • We learn that ghosts can eat other ghosts (Skulker mentions that he'd later have one of his caged ghosts for dinner.)

    • It is revealed that Valerie's Ectogrenade Launcher has a rocket and two laser launcher mods as well as an ectoplasmic energy mod.

    • It is revealed that Valerie's jet sled is capable of releasing green and red smoke.

    • There is a button on the wrist of Valerie's ghost hunting costume to deactivate it.

    • Apparently, Valerie must take pictures of Danny Phantom, since there were photographs in her room.

    • The article in Valerie's room that reads "Times: Mayor Declares Ghost Kid Enemy #1" is a reference to the headline of the Amity-Park-Angle, "Public Enemy Number One" in "Public Enemies."

    • This is the second episode to start by showing a billboard about Amity Park, the first time was in ""13"." This time the billboard says "Amity Park, Life is Good."

    • Apparently, Valerie must have come into contact with a ghost worm since it's on her "most wanted" list. It might've been the blue ghost worm that was standing in line to use the Fenton Portal in ""13"."

    • Sam has a wig that is very identical to her hairstyle.

    • This is the second time that Danny has overshadowed a female, this time it is Valerie, the first time was Paulina in "What You Want."

    • Apparently, Valerie's house in Elmerton must not be far from Danny's house in Amity Park, since Danny was able to fly there in a few minutes.

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who "officially" debuts in "Reign Storm") makes two short cameos in this episode. The first one was in Danny and Valerie's health sciences class, Nathan can be seen sitting in a seat. The second one is in the long line of students in front of Tucker's "Flour Power Daycare Service Going Out of Business" banner, Nathan can be seen there.

    • The way how Valerie says, "You're going down!" to The Box Ghost right before she was about to fire her Ectogrenade Launcher, is the exact same thing she did in "Shades of Gray," when she was about to fire her Ectogrenade Launcher at Danny. This might be her battle cry.

    • It is revealed that Valerie's jet sled can fly at super-speed.

    • The following are a list of Valerie's weapons and gadgets that are featured for the first time in this episode:
      1) A gun that can morph into nine separate laser cannons.
      2) Ghost-detecting goggles.
      3) Ghost boomerang.
      4) Ghost bombs.
      5) Grappling device.
      6) Four unidentified guns.

    • Look Hard: The following is a list of all the ghost-related things that were in Valerie's room:
      1) A newspaper article that says, "The Post: 'Who's the Ghost Kid Dating?'" and there is a picture of Sam and Paulina below a picture of Danny Phantom.
      2) A paper hung to the wall that says, "Ghost Guy."
      3) A paper hung to the wall that says, "Phantom"
      4) An image of Danny Phantom displayed on her computer screen.
      5) Four pictures of Danny Phantom hung on the wall.
      6) A newspaper article that reads, "Times: Mayor Declares Ghost Kid Enemy #1" and there is a picture of Danny Phantom.
      7) A picture of Danny Phantom that says "Phantom" with the date, "10/22" written on the bottom of it.
      8) A picture of Danny Phantom that says "Ghost Kid" with the date, "9/14" written at the bottom of it.
      9) A test tube filled with ectoplasmic slime.
      10) A beaker of boiling ectoplasm with a device in it that has wires connected to a large gray, cubic, electronic device.
      11) A jar of ectoplasm with the label "Ecto Sample" in red ink.
      12. A jar of ectoplasm with the label "Ecto Sample 7" in black ink.
      13) Eight weapons hung on the wall:
      I - Ectogrenade Launcher
      II - Ghost Boomerang
      III - Two ghost bombs
      IV - Grappling Device
      V - Four unidentifiable ecto-guns
      14) A sign hung on a wall that says:
      "Most Wanted"
      Ghost Kid" (with a picture of Danny Phantom next to it)
      Ghost Dog (with a picture of a dog next to it, that looks nothing like the ghost dog from "Shades of Gray")
      Ghost Worm (with a picture of a worm next to it)
      (and a long list of other ghosts that were illegible)
      15) An article that has the title, "Ghosts?".
      16) A box with the Ghostbusters symbol on it.
      17) A sign that says "Phantom?" with a picture of Danny in shadow.
      18) An amateurish sketch of a ghost.

    • It is revealed that Valerie's jet sled activates from her feet when she clicks her heels and it is deactivated the same way.

    • Skulker makes a reference to his oath to destroy Danny and have his pelt in "One of a Kind."

    • This episode begins with Danny already in ghost mode.

    • Danny uses his body splitting power for the fourth time in the series. The first time was in "Mystery Meat," the second time was in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," and the third time was in "Fright Night."

    • Valerie's ghost hunting costume's ghostly glows seems to have made her able to prevent herself from phasing through any of the stuff in the Ghost Zone.

    • The weapons that encircled Danny and Valerie, when Danny was putting the flour sack down, look very similar to Vlad's Plasmius Maximus from the previous episode, "Maternal Instinct."

    • The fishing pole that Skulker dangles The Box Ghost from looks very similar to the Fenton Ghost Fisher.

    • Skulker's cage of ghostly oddities from "One of a Kind" is shown again and The Box Ghost was in the cage this time.

    • Valerie reveals that her grades are slipping (probably because of her ghost hunting).

    • Danny does not catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode.

    • This is the second time that Valerie appears on the title screen, the first time was in "Shades of Gray."

    • Opener: Skulker watches Danny Phantom and Valerie fight and decides to make them fight each other to see who he should hunt. At school, Danny and Valerie are forced to play parents to a flour sack for a project.

    • References to "One of a Kind" and "Shades of Gray" were made in this episode.

    • Danny Phantom is now on at a new timeslot beginning with this episode: 8:30 PM EST, after Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    • We actually witness Valerie changing from her ghost-hunting mode to normal mode.

    • It is revealed that Danny can still fly and use intangibility, even when he's in another person's body.

    • We learn that the main long gun Valerie uses is called the "Ectogrenade Launcher."

    • Valerie openly admits that she does not like Danny, she's probably still furious at him for ruining her new expensive top in "Shades of Gray."

    • Tucker's daycare service was called "Flour Power Daycare Service."

    • Tucker & Sam argue on what to name their flour sack. Tucker wants to name it "Tucker Jr." and Sam wants to name it "Lilith."

    • We learn that Valerie works at the Nasty Burger as the mascot.

    • We see Skulker's Lair that was seen on the Ghost Zone map in "Fright Night."

    • We learn that Paulina is a cheerleader.

    • Jack, Maddie, & Jazz are absent in this episode.

    • This is the third time that Sam has shared a kiss with a boy, this time it's Tucker. The first time was with Danny in "Shades of Gray," the second time was with Dash in "Fanning the Flames."

    • The Box Ghost has a semi-big role in this episode - the first time since "Prisoners of Love."

    • Valerie and Danny Phantom now have a truce with each other (at least for now).

    • Running Gags: 1) Sam denying any emotions towards her flour sack "baby" and then showing affection to it. 2) Tucker naming the flour sacks after the person on the amount of money that the kids pay him. 3) The flour sack "babies" farting on someone. 4) Skulker stating that the flour sacks smell like beans.

    • Title Screen Caption: "The Hunt Is On!"

    • No new named Fenton inventions were introduced in this episode.

    • Matthew St. Patrick, who voiced Skulker in his past appearances ("One of a Kind," "Bitter Reunions," & "Prisoners of Love"), does not reprise his role in this episode. From this episode on, Skulker is now voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

    • Main Villain(s): Skulker.

  • Allusions

    • Danny and Valerie: Handcuffed together
      This seems to be a spoof off of an old movie made by Alfred Hitchcock in the 1950s or 1940s called The 39 Steps. In the movie, a man and a woman who had grown a mutual hatred for each other became handcuffed together somewhere in the middle of the Scottish countryside. Throughout the majority of the movie, they were on the run from two spies who were out to kill them (similar to Skulker), all the while handcuffed together. This experience also sparked a slight romance between the two of them, who had previously strongly disliked each other, just like it had through this episode and the upcoming episode, "Flirting With Disaster."

    • Nasty Burger Mascot: Nasty Ned
      The Nasty Burger mascot, Nasty Ned, seems to be a parody of the McDonald's fast food restaurant mascot, Ronald McDonald.