Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 7

Livin' Large

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 13, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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After the Guys in White buy Fenton Works for over one million dollars, Danny and the Fenton family move to a mansion, next to Vlad´s House! However, Sam and Tuck suspect the GIW may be planning something: They discover that they are planning to destroy the entire Ghost Zone! But what the Guys in White don´t know is that if they blow the Ghost Zone, they'll destroy our world too!moreless

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  • A funny but lacking episode because of out of character antics

    They Guys in White buy FentonWorks in order to destroy the Ghost Zone with a special missile like weapon. They pay top dollar for it and make the Fentons super wealthy (heck they are even richer than Vlad). However before they can fire it, they must open the portal, and it's closed with a protected with a super easy password that Danny made. Tucker and Sam figure that the Guys in White are up to no good but Danny lets the rich life get to him and becomes lazy and irresponsible even for a teen. Tucker and Sam go to investigate but end up getting captured by the agents themselves. Meanwhile the novelty of being rich wears off and Danny stops slacking off and takes some action to save the Ghost Zone. Later the Fentons buy back their former home and laboratory from some spooked and fed up agents.

    While the episode in of itself was humorous, it was a lacking idea to begin with, not executed very well, and was extremely out of character. I mean seriously Danny saved the Ghost Zone from Pariah Dark and even faced his worst self as well as prevented another dark future. Suddenly excessive wealth caused him to regress into such apathy and apparent immaturity. That's not the Danny the fans and viewers are used to. Surly someone with genuine care facing and defeating such evil wouldn't be currupted by riches that easily. Somehow Butch Hartman thought that was a good idea, got lazy himself, or forgot that this wasn't Fairly OddParents. I mean this episode could have been cool if it was executed better or wasn't so out of character. Danny Phantom depends on character development but Fairly OddParents depends on repetitive plots. Maybe if this episode was aired during the first season it would've not seemed so out of character and would've made more sense.moreless
  • Danny Becomes Rich.

    Tucker: I always wanted to be called a meddling kid!

    I Find That Line Very Hilarious.

    This is probably the ONLY good thing about this episode.

    I HATE THIS. I Hate this Episode with a big,Flaming,Burning Passion. I absolutley hate how HORRIBLE Danny is. Throughout this episode Danny has been nothing but a big, immature cocky Jerk while he was SUPPOUSED to have that Mature,Responsible personality he had in D-Stabilized. He's been the type I wanted to Smack One Thousand Times and Drop off a Cliff so he'll die painfully. This has to be the WORST DP Episode EVER.

    Enough said. However Vlad looked very sexy in that Red Robe and Pink Pjs...moreless
  • THIS WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!

    This was one of those shows where Danny is a jerk once again. He becomes filthy rich and at first is worried about the Guys in White, but then Tucker tells him to relaxs. Danny has too much fun being rich by one, skipping school and two, not focusing on what the Guys in White are doing. Sam tells Danny that they're planning on distroying the Ghost Zone, but Danny thinks that won't happen and is too much energy. I think this is one of those times when Danny is saving the Ghost Zone instead of Amity Park. It is where his kind lives and he has a sense of care of coarse. We also find out that the Ghost Zone is the flip side of the Real World and we see Youngblood in an Astronot suit. My favorite part is when Danny takes Johnny's motorcycle and ride throughout the Ghost Zone. What I wonder is why Vlad has to keep a Ghost Portal behind an ugly picture of him. I mean, I understand if it's like a statue or something, but a picture. You expect a safe behind a picture, I doubt if that would be a convincing place and why did it have to be an ugly picture of him. He just shows too much of himself.moreless
  • Interesting...

    I am not sure about this episode. Umm... I can not believe that they would give up all of there equipment and not really know what is being done with it. The new house is huge! The robots that Danny created were not nice. He should respect his friends and accepted them for who they are. Not make new one's to act like he wants them to. Sam has that good woman's intuition. Sam is my favorite character. I think some of the flavors that are chosen throughout the episode are disgusting. I think the guys in white are creepy and funny.moreless
  • The Guys in White buy out FentonWorks...to destroy The Ghost Zone!

    In "Livin' Large," the Guys in White buy out FentonWorks, and the Fentons begin living the fine life - and it begins to go to their head. In fact, Danny, who has been exhausted by school and ghost-fighting lately, gives up his responsibilities. His decision is a poor one, however, as the Guys in White intend to destroy The Ghost Zone - an act that will also destroy the Earth!

    Oooh boy...

    I may not have liked "Girl's Night Out," but I haven't felt this turned-off by a DP episode since "Identity Crisis." I don't know that I'd call this one as bad as IC, but I really was bothered by L'L.

    I felt that this episode started to abuse the characters for the sake of the plot almost immediately. Whatever Jack and Maddie will do, I do not see them giving up FentonWorks at the drop of a hat like that. In subsequent scenes, they did seem in-character, and there were some good jokes from them, but the mere fact that they got so rich by selling out drove me nuts. There HAD to be another way to get them rich that was truer to the characters - they could have turned down the check, and then the GIW could have arranged for them to "win the lottery" or something. It's convoluted, sure - but it's true to the characters, and IMO, that's much more important.

    But the worst part of the episode for me by far was Danny. AotKGS has happened. LiL has happened. BM has happened. Danny's learned his lessons about how important his friends are and why he shouldn't let fame go to his head plenty of times before. And this is a continuity show. What is the point of re-visiting this theme again? I know there's lines in there about how "money changes people" and how tired Danny was - and I might have been able to live with this episode if it hadn't been for those robots. That Danny would have commissioned robots of his friends - and, on top of that fact, robots that don't even reflect their personalities - was just insulting in my opinion - to the character of Danny, to Sam and Tucker, and to the audience. What was worse, they reappeared at the end - when Danny was supposed to have "learnt his lesson."

    Do I see a new side to the characters because of this? No. For one thing, Danny's been through this moral several times. And it did not appear by the end that Jack and Maddie's shallow attitude was here to stay. I view episodes like this and IC as writer abuse of the worst kind.

    Furthermore, on a technical note, the second half of the episode had an ongoing animation error - the ghostly glow around all DP ghosts kept disappearing and reappearing. That may not always be such an issue for everyone, but as a big animation buff, that drove me nuts.

    With all of those things bothering me, I was doubly thankful that Sam and Tucker remained true to character - from Sam suspecting the GIW from the get-go to Tucker going from loving Danny's wealth to turning to the issue at hand. I cannot tell you how good it was for me to see them, at least, not being mishandled.

    And Vlad's cameo, the GIW's attitude, and the ongoing jokes about what FentonWorks was like were funny and believeable - and this episode needed both severely IMO.

    4/10; I really, really, REALLY felt let down by this one.moreless
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