Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 7

Livin' Large

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 13, 2007 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

The Fentons were working in Fentonworks with out-to-date equipment when the Guys in White show up and buy the place. As a precaution, Danny locks the Ghost portal. The Fentons move to a mansion. Vlad Masters, his now neighbor, is surprised Jack could afford to live in such a wealth neighborhood and is less than thrilled to think about the barbecues Jack intends to make but his expression changes when Maddie shows up. Inside the mansion, Jack introduces Maddie to their butler, Hobson, who, according to Jack, came with the house. While Danny and Tucker were enjoying this new lifestyle, Sam was worried about what the guys in White are up to and decides to investigate. Tucker goes with her but Danny was too spoiled to care. Inside there, they learn the GiW intend to fire a missile at the Ghost Zone, destroying it. According to Tucker, all the dimensions are connected and the destruction of any of them would destroy our world. Jack brought equipment to build a new laboratory at a hall he now calls "Fentonworks 2: This time, it's personal". Sam and Tucker try to get Danny's help, only to learn he now has robots to replace them. They now decide to stop the GiW alone but are captured. Regretful, Danny decides to save his friends. After seeing to many GiW agents guarding Fentonworks, Danny goes back to home trying to see if Jack's new Ghost Portal is ready but learn the drill utilized for that is just a novelty. Danny has no choice but use Vlad's portal. Unfortunately, Vlad's portal puts him too far from where he intends to be, so he "borrows" Johnny 13's motorcycle. On the way, he meets Astronaut Youngblood, who tries to use a giant slingshot to send him to space and invites Danny to see the event, and Skulker, who was throwing some rocks away and shooting at them for target practice and decides Danny is a better target. Danny convinces them to make a truce in order to save Ghost Zone. When Tucker accidentally tells the password that opens the portal, the GiW prepare to launch the missile when the ghosts use Youngblood's slingshot to send one of Skulker's rocks to block the portal. After that, Jack and Maddie show up at Fentonworks trying to undo the deal and the GiW, after all that happened, agree. In the end, they start missing the luxury and all they still have is the robot version of Tucker and Sam.