Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 17

Lucky in Love

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 11, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When Paulina witnesses Danny's ghost transformation, he fears the exposure. Imagine his surprise when Paulina swears to keep his secret -- then becomes his girlfriend! Life is great for Danny, until he finds out that Paulina has actually been overshadowed by Johnny 13's girlfriend, Kitty, in her plot to make Johnny jealous. Danny reluctantly plays along to protect his own identity, but, when Kitty's welcome wears thin, Danny pleads with Johnny 13 to take her back. When Kitty abandons Paulina's body and goes back to her true love, Paulina resumes her indifference towards Danny Fenton -- although she's now madly in love with Danny Phantom!moreless

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  • Paulina discovers Danny's secret...

    as a result starts dating him because he's her favorite ghost and hero. However Paulina proves to be very high maintenance and manipulative by taking Danny away from his real friends. Then it turns out that it is really Kitty he is dating. Kitty was overshadowing Paulina the whole time in order to get Johnny 13 jealous because when they visit the human world Johnny gawks at the young ladies while ignoring Kitty. Danny and Johnny hatch a plan for a fake fight to get Kitty to take her old boyfriend back while Danny damages a Fenton device for making mini portals once the mended couple is in the ghost zone. Afterwards Danny returns to his old friends because Paulina never remembered Danny's alternate identity due to being overshadowed.

    This episode isn't the best but it is far from being the worst or lame.moreless
  • Eh... not my favorite episode.

    I fairly didn't like the fact that Danny was dating Paulina. For one, I really hate her and for two: I support DXS. We do find out later that Kitty is overshadowing her to make Johnny jealous because he rarely seems to pay attention to her. It hasn't aired on TV in a long time, so I haven't seen it in a while. But, they finally work something out, Sam's jealous and breaks things (lol) and the popularity chain is broken and screwed up. Yeah.... I didn't care for it plus why haven't they played it on TV? It wasn't unpopular, was it?moreless
  • There were a lot of Danny and Paulina moments (sad for me). But if you squint really closely, there were mini 'Sam has a crush on Danny' moments too.

    Okay, where do I start? This episode showed how much Sam really cared for Danny, becasue she was jealous enough to punch a dent in a locker, rip the flag off of a mailbox, and crush a napkin holder. I've tried it, and people, it isn't as easy as it looks. So this episode shows that Sam definitely has a crush on Danny.

    But what about Paulina and Danny? I don't really support this couple, but for those of you that do, I hope I'm not offending you in any way. Well, anyway, Danny likes her and Paulina seems to like him. Until of course, Danny realizes that she had been overshadowed by Kitty the entire time. So there's a love triangle now. I love love (Cool, I said love two times in a row!) triangles as long as the couple I like ends up together.

    In the end, Paulina is back to normal, but now she has a crush on Danny Phantom (not Fenton), Star and Kwan end up together, and the trio of Danny, Sam, and Tucker are back to the way that they were in the beginning.

    I only review episodes with DxS moments in them, but DxS thoughts do count, too. I love how Sam's jealousy was shown, and I love how Kitty knew how Danny felt about her. Those moments are totally considered DxS. I don't care if you disagree, they ARE! YAY DXS!!!moreless
  • First ever love rectangle. And Sam got soooo jealous! :)

    The absolute greatest part was seeing Sam get so jealous! XD I loved when she beat the locker up the most! Lucky in Love proves that Sam has feelings for Danny, and shallow as she is, at least Paulina has great taste in ghosts. It looks like Danny wasn't so clueless, either.

    "I was going to overshadow your friend, the spooky chic in black. You like her, don't you?"

    "Sam? Well...I, uh..."

    Plus, Danny was awesome at fighting Jhonny. Danny beating ghosts up never fails to amuse me. ^_^

    "Ow! I thought this was supposed to be a pretend fight!"

    "Then pretend that didn't hurt!" Go, Danny!moreless
  • Eh, I don't know, but something about this episode wasn't as great as the others...

    Eh, I don't know, but someting about this episode wasn't as great as the others. Nonetheless, I liked seeing Kitty and Johnny 13 again. I liked the end scene with Danny and Johnny 13, and I like Kitty's character a lot. The part with Kwan at Sam's goth poetry club was really funny as well. I don't know, but the scene with Danny and Paulina to me were really boring and I couldn't help but loose a bit of intrest. Other than that, Danny was, as always, adorable, and I liked the ending with Kitty and Johnny. Eh, I'm still somewhat undecided, but I appreciate this episode greatly.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • How did Danny know who Kitty was? He didn't even know about her in "13".

    • We learn that Kitty suspects Danny of having a crush on Sam, who she was planning to overshadow. In a later episode, it is revealed that her boyfriend Jonny also thinks Danny and Sam have a thing together.

    • In the end when Tucker looks at Danny's hallpass, he says he was only one more stamp away from getting a free frozen yogurt. If you look closely, it has only been stamped eight times, but in the beginning Dash says it has to be punched ten times.

    • Danny said "...I finally saw Paulina in a bikini...", when in fact Paulina, along with every other girl, was wearing a one-piece swim suit.

    • During Kitty's flashback, Sam washes her hands with sunglasses on, but when Paulina pushes her to use the sink, the sunglasses are gone.

    • When Sam is in the Nasty Burger, she crushed a napkin holder. But when she gets up and walks away, it's gone.

    • Paulina's eyes in this episode are a blueish green but in "Parental Bonding," her eyes were a regular blue.

    • The size of Sam's cape keeps changing. Sometimes it drags on the ground, while other times it only comes up to her ankles, and at one point in only comes up to her knees.

    • In Kitty's flashback, she phased Johnny's motorcycle through the meat truck, but after they go through, there is some meat on them. Since Kitty, Johnny, and his motorcycle all became intangible, they would not have been able to come into any physical contact with the meat from the meat truck.

    • In the montage, when Danny is about to go the his locker, there is no sticker on the locker next to him, but when Danny places the new picture of him and Paulina over the old picture of his friends, there is suddenly a sticker that says "Krox," on the locker next to Danny's.

    • When Kwan says "Oh, cool, me next!" at the bookstore and rushes to the stage, he is not carrying anything in his hand, but in the next scene when he is on stage, a paper suddenly appears in his hand.

    • When Danny puts his foot on Johnny during their "fight," he steps on his green skull necklace, but when Kitty comes out of Paulina's body and is about to hit Danny, his foot is near the green skull necklace, not on it.

    • When Danny goes through the portal Johnny created in the Ghost Zone, it disappears, but when Danny returns to Earth, the portal is still there and does not disappear afterwards.

    • One moment at school, Sam has pupils.

    • In the last few scenes, Sam's skirt is a bit lower than it should be.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Paulina: Oh Danny, I am so embarrassing myself, could you give me a bit of invisible help?
      Danny: But, thats cheating.
      (Paulina kisses Danny on the cheek)
      Danny:...or creative point scoring! I'll be right back after your strike!

    • Star: (After she and Kwan have "dumped" Sam and Tucker and the two had gone speeding off out the door) That was easy.
      Kwan: They're in denial. I learned about that last night at the bookstore!

    • Tucker: (After he and Sam have been "dumped" by Kwan and Star) That was easy! Now everything's back to normal!
      Sam: Almost. We still don't have Danny, who's having a WONDERFUL time- (Tears flag off a nearby mailbox)- with Paulina, I'm sure.
      (Next Scene)
      Danny: I'm losing my mind. I mean, Paulina's fairly high maintainance.
      Sam: Really? (Sarcastically) I hadn't noticed.

    • Dash: (To Danny, after accepting him into the popular crowd) Here's your membership packet. (Grabs a nearby kid) And this is Mikey. He'll be doing your homework from now on.
      Mikey: Hi, Danny!
      Dash: Don't talk to him! You're nowhere near cool enough! (Throws him aside) On the hall pass, after the hall monitor stamps it ten times, you get a free frozen yogurt. Welcome, to the "A List", jerk. Oh, I mean, uh, pal.
      Kwan: Fenton's cool now? I thought we didn't have room for new members.
      Dash: (Puts his hand on Kwan's shoulder) Kwan, old pal of mine, I have some bad news.
      (Scene changes to Kwan sitting at table with Sam & Tucker)
      Kwan: I was told I have to sit here now.
      Tucker: You'll never take Danny's place! Never!

    • Paulina: (to Danny, who is hiding behind Sam) Danny, why'd you run? I know it freaked you out that I discovered out your secret, but... I won't tell.
      Danny: (comes out from behind Sam) ...Really?
      Tucker: Oh, come on! How can we trust you?
      Paulina: You can trust me because... it's my secret now, too. (goes up close to Danny and fingers him on the nose) Which makes it... our secret.
      Sam: (sees Danny grinning dreamily) Oh, great. Excuse me while I go find a nice, dark place to throw up.

    • Sam: (To Paulina; after she discovers Danny's secret) Listen, you- I don't know what you think you saw, but if you do or say anything to hurt Danny-
      Paulina: Oh, don't get your bat wings in a bundle.

    • Dash: Well, as much as it pains me to say this, Fenton... now that Paulina likes you, you're officially a cool kid.
      Danny: Officially? Like a club?
      Dash: Not like a club... a club! (Quietly, to Paulina) He's kinda dim, isn't he?

    • Kwan: Is this like a pity date?
      Sam: Not a date, but plenty of pity.

    • Kitty: (Flashbacking, while in Paulina's body) I was going to overshadow your friend, the spooky chick in black. You like her, don't you?
      Danny: Sam? Well... I...uh (Stares angrily at Kitty)
      Kitty: (Returns to flashbacking about Paulina's body) Somehow, I ended up in this body. Go fig. But the good news is: you like her, too. Johnny's furious, I'm pretty, you're popular, everybody wins!
      Danny: Everyone except Paulina. You realize you're gonna have to stop this, right?
      Kitty: Maybe, (In Paulina's voice) or maybe Paulina might slip up and tell the whole town that Danny Fenton is the ghost boy.
      Danny: Uh... that's Inviso-Bill.
      Kitty: See you at lunch tomorrow, boyfriend.

    • (Paulina runs up to Danny, Sam, and Tucker)
      Paulina: Danny! Sam! Whatever your name is!

    • Danny: (After seeing that Paulina was overshadowed by Kitty) Kitty? Johnny? Paulina? Oh, great. I'm in the middle of a love rectangle!

    • Danny: It's Johnny 13's Shadow, I gotta find a place to go ghost!
      Tucker: You do that and I'll stay here in case any of these girls need mouth-to-mouth! (Sprits breath freshener)

    • Tucker: (To Danny & Sam) Man, I love the water, girls, bathing suits, and the occasional opportunity to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. (Sprits breath freshener in mouth)

    • (In bookstore; people are reading their poems)
      Goth: Darkness... eternal... I wait for your kiss. In the nothing, I see your bleak smile.
      Kwan: Oh, cool, me next!
      Sam: Oh, no. (Slams her head down at her table)
      Kwan: (On stage) And now, a little poem I like to call, "The Fluffy Clouds All Look Like Footballs." (Everybody stares indifferently and the scene changes to outside of the bookstore)
      Bookstore Manager: (To Sam & Kwan) And stay out!
      (Sam glares at Kwan; Kwan grins sheepishly)

    • Danny: (At school, with his shirt over his face, afraid someone will say he's a ghost) Is anybody looking at me funny?
      Tucker: Yeah, but that's because you look like you're trying to eat your way out of your shirt. Lighten up.
      Danny: How can I lighten up? Paulina knows I'm half-ghost. I mean, she says she's gonna keep the secret, but how can I trust her? She's a girl! Girls can't keep secrets! (Sees Sam staring at him) Uh, except for you. You're different.
      Sam: Well, the good news is Paulina's kinda dim. As long as nothing else weird happens, maybe she'll forget all about.

    • Kwan: Sam, are you sure aren't miffed about the poetry thing last night? Because you seemed pretty miffed.
      Sam: Why would I be miffed? (While crushing napkin dispenser) Just because I can't sit at my regular table... (Sees Danny with Paulina, Danny smiles sheepishly)... and I can't go to my regular bookstore anymore.
      Kwan: So, we're cool then?
      (Sam gets up and walks away)

    • Danny: (While charging an ectoplasmic energy blast) See you in oblivion, Johnny!
      Johnny 13: So long, Kitty.
      Kitty: Noooooo! (Comes out of Paulina's body and rams Danny into the grass)
      Kitty: (To Danny) Don't you dare harm one greasy hair on Johnny's head!
      Johnny 13: Greasy?
      Kitty: I love him! (To Johnny) You know that, right? I love you!
      Johnny 13: I love you too, babycakes. (They both hug)
      Kitty: (Angrily, to Danny) And anybody who tries to hurt my Johnny has to deal with me!

    • Tucker: (About Star) But now that Paulina's with Danny, she's like us! Weak, unpopular, and right for the picking. (Runs up to Star) Hi, I'm Tucker and -
      Star: Where have you been? You should have made your move on me hours ago. Carry my books. (Gives Tucker her books) I like to bowl on Friday nights. (Gives Tucker her bowling bag) And if you try to hold my hand before our third date, I'll break yours in half. (Leaves)
      Tucker: Sweet! I've got a date Friday!

    • Danny: Guys, we've got a problem.
      Sam: I'll say. Inviso-Bill?
      Tucker: Yeah, you need a publicist, dude. (To Star) And you need mouth-to-mouth.
      Star: Dream on, loser. (Walks away)
      Danny: It's worse than that, Paulina saw! She knows I'm half ghost! I finally get to see her in a bathing suit, and I can't even enjoy it!

    • Danny: Geez, it's hot. Aren't you sweating, Sam?
      Sam: Regular people sweat. Goths, we simmer.
      Danny: (Sniffs her) I think you're overcooked.
      Sam: (Sniffs herself) Whoo! I reek! Yet another reason to get out of the sun.

    • (After Kitty leaves Paulina's body)
      Danny: (To Paulina) Um, hi, do you know who I am by any chance?
      Paulina: Sure. You're the ghost boy who saved my life. Twice, apparently. Inviso-Bill, right?
      Danny: Eh, I need a publicist.

    • (Johnny 13's Shadow emerges from a school water fountain)
      Sam: So, that's where the town's sewage goes. I knew it!

    • Tucker: (To Sam, who's looking at Danny and Paulina) You okay?
      Sam: Of course I am! Why would I not be okay?! LOOK how HAPPY he is!! (Punches a hole in a locker)

    • Kitty: (In Paulina's body) Look, Danny, I didn't want to cause you any trouble.
      Danny: You're about eight Shadow attacks too late.

    • Danny: (To Paulina) So, you think it's cool that I've got these powers?
      Paulina: Cool? No. I think it's hot! See ya! (Leaves)
      Danny: I'm hot? I'm hot?! I'm hot!!
      Dash: (Shoots Danny with water gun) That'll cool you off. By the way, this isn't water, if you catch my drift.

    • Danny: (To Johnny 13's Shadow) Come on, Slick! Let's see how well you mix with water! (Danny and Johnny's Shadow dive into the water, Danny gets out and pulls a lever to drain the water) Enjoy your trip through the sewers! Oh, and if you see Monday's meat loaf, say hi for me.

    • Johnny 13: (After Danny punches him) I thought this was a pretend fight.
      Danny: Then "pretend" that didn't hurt.

    • Star: (To Danny, after he tries to go in the girls' bathroom) Hello! Ladies' room!
      Paulina: (To Danny) I'd tell you to go to the men's room, but I don't think you'd qualify.

  • NOTES (47)

    • Paulina indirectly saved Sam from being possessed by Kitty, by pushing and ticking Sam off.

    • Apparently, Sam is pretty strong since she was able to mak a dent in a locker and crush a napkin holder.

    • Insight Digital Description:

      In exchange for Paulina's pledge of silence in regards to Danny's secret alias, Danny becomes her boyfriend, a role that he cherishes until he discovers that Paulina also has something to hide.

    • Apparently, ghosts can be attracted to humans since Johnny was checking out human girls.

    • Apparently, Danny now has the ability to hit someone while he is intangible.

    • The picture of Sam, Tucker, and Danny that was in Danny's locker (before he replaced it with a picture of him and Paulina) is the same picture Wulf was carrying in the previous episode, "Public Enemies."

    • Nickname(s) Dash Gives Danny: Fenturd.

    • Apparently, Tucker cannot swim, or is learning how to swim, since he is wearing floatation devices around his waist and on his arms at the Floody Waters water park.

    • Look Hard: In Paulina's Inviso-Bill love shrine, there are:
      1) Two Danny Phantom action figures hanging from her locker.
      2) Six pictures of Danny Phantom.
      3) A pink poster that says "Paulina (picture of a heart) Inviso-Bill."
      4) The Ghostbusters symbol.
      5) Two pink lit candles.
      6) A pink pot with three roses.
      7) Two purple hearts.
      8) A purple mirror.
      9) A purple banner that says "CHS."

    • Look Hard: In the locker of the blonde boy who screamed "Nooooo!" after Paulina (overshadowed by Kitty) openly declared that she and Danny were dating, there is a love shrine to Paulina, which is very similar to Paulina's shrine to Inviso-Bill near the end of the episode. In that locker, there is:
      1) A heart-shaped disco ball.
      2) Two lit candles.
      3) Five pictures of Paulina (one of them is in a heart shape).
      4) Two posters that say "Paulina."
      5) A poster that says "Love."
      6) A poster that says "Always."
      7) A poster that says "Forever."

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who officially debuts in "Reign Storm") makes two short cameos in this episode. The first one is at the lunch table on the right in the cafeteria when Danny says, "I'm really happy that you're cool with this, Paulina." and the second one is at Nasty Burger, during the scene where Sam and Tucker are simultaneously complaining about Star and Kwan, Nathan can be seen sitting at a table on the right, although he is completely blue.

    • Apparently, Kwan desperately wants to fit in a social group, since he was considering the chess club, after he was temporarily kicked out of the popular group and Sam and Tucker did not want him in theirs either.

    • The bowling alley that Danny, Paulina, Star, and Tucker were at is called "Amity Park Lanes."

    • Kwan and Star are the second and third members of the popular kids that were thrown out of the group, the first member was Valerie in "Shades of Gray," however, she was not let back in at the end of the episode, like Kwan and Star.

    • It is hinted in this episode, that ghosts have the ability to tap into the memories and the personality of the person they overshadow.

    • Danny does not catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode.

    • Paulina is the second human who has been attracted to a ghost. The first one was Jazz in ""13"."

    • Tucker reveals that Star is Paulina's satellite, "the marginally attractive girl who always orbits around the popular girl." However, in the numerous speechless cameos that she made in previous episodes, the only time she was near Paulina was in "Splitting Images."

    • Look Hard: At the beginning of Kitty's flashback, there is a billboard that says "Amity Park, A Nice Place to Live," which is a variation of the billboard that appeared at the beginning of ""13"," "Welcome to Amity Park, A Safe Place to Live."

    • Apparently, Kitty must have somehow got her red jacket and purple scarf back, since she is wearing it in this episode, although her ring is nowhere in sight.

    • References to ""13"" were made in this episode.

    • Look Hard: During the montage, in Kwan's locker, there is a picture of Kwan and Dash in their football uniforms. Dash's number is 4 (which was first revealed in "What You Want") and Kwan's number is 10.

    • This is the first episode to feature a musical montage.

    • After making numerous speechless cameos in previous episodes, Star officially debuts in this episode.

    • Star seems to really like Tucker, since she still wants to be friends with him, even though she is with Kwan now.

    • This episode marks the third time that Danny is temporarily popular, the first time was in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale" and the second time was in "Splitting Images" (although Poindexter was in Danny's body).

    • After it was presumed in "Shades of Gray," it is confirmed that Valerie and Kwan has officially broken up and Kwan is now dating Star.

    • We learn that the name of the bookstore that Sam mentioned in "Fright Night" is called "Skulk and Lurk Books," but she cannot go there anymore, courtesy of Kwan.

    • We learn that being a "cool kid" in Casper High comes with a "Cool Kids Membership Packet" that says "A-List" on it, a nerd that does the cool kid's homework, and a hall pass card, that can get that cool kid a free yogurt after the hall monitor stamps it ten times.

    • Running Gags: 1) Tucker talking about giving a girl mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. 2) The blonde boy that loves Paulina screaming "No!" after seeing her with Danny and after hearing that she's going out with Danny. 3) Sam claiming that she is perfectly happy with Danny being together with Paulina, and then physically taking out her anger on objects. 4) A person telling somebody not to talk to a person because they are nowhere near cool enough. 5) Kwan unintentionally making Sam and Tucker miserable. 6) Star bossing Tucker around. 7) Someone suggesting that someone else "should play it close(r) to the vest." 8) Someone asking if something is "like a..." and then someone else replying "not like a... a..."

    • We learn that Sam hates the sun, and in "Control Freaks," Sam reveals that she considers herself "a creature of the night."

    • Opener: Danny, Sam, and Tucker are at the Floody Waters water park, and Tucker is eager to give girls mouth-to-mouth. After Sam leaves to go to the bathroom, Johnny 13's Shadow appears. Danny accidentally runs into Paulina and Star, who make a joke about him. He ignores it, goes ghost, and battles Shadow. He defeats Shadow and after he changes back into human mode, he sees that Paulina was watching him.

    • The name of the nerd who wanted to know if Skulker was done using the computer in "One of a Kind" is revealed to be named Mikey.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Star.

    • Although Paulina currently has no feelings for Danny Fenton, she is now madly in love with Danny Phantom, whom she knows as Inviso-Bill.

    • Johnny 13 has attached an un-named Fenton gadget to his motorcycle. It allows him to drive in and out of the Ghost Zone when he pleases. It creates a portal in the dimensions that allow him to go through. However, Danny destroyed it and trapped him in the Ghost Zone.

    • This episode's title screen marks the second time Danny is seen in human mode. The first time was in "Teacher of the Year."

    • Star is very similar to Veronica from The Fairly OddParents. They are both "satellites" to the most popular girl in their schools. In addition, Star's voice and personality seems to mirror Veronica's.

    • Sam suggests that Paulina might not believe what she saw and forget about it, which is exactly what they think happened to Jazz in "My Brother's Keeper."

    • Danny Phantom is now known as "Inviso-Bill" all through Amity Park.

    • After a long absence since "Prisoners of Love," The Box Ghost finally returns, making a small appearance.

    • A portion of this episode takes place in a water amusement park called "Floody Waters."

    • Title Screen Caption: "Heart Aching Terror!"

    • Look Hard: Danny goes ghost in the "Floody Waters" water park near a map of the place. Some of the attractions include "Terror Mountain," "Typhoon Bay," "Tsunami Bam," and ten shops.

    • No new named Fenton inventions were introduced in this episode.

    • Jazz, Maddie, & Jack are all absent in this episode.

    • Main Villain(s): Johnny 13 & Kitty.


    • Sam: Bathing Suit & Lunch Box
      Sam's bathing suit looks very similar to Batman's costume, especially the batwings on her bathing suit. Also, in the scene where Danny says, "I'm losing my mind!," Sam's purple lunchbox is shown and it has the Batman logo on it. More Info

    • Title Screen: Appearance
      The title screen of the episode is modeled after the poster for the very famous 1939 movie, Gone with the Wind. Danny is holding Paulina the same way Rhett Butler was holding Scarlett O'Hara.

    • Danny & Paulina: Clark Kent/Superman & Lois Lane
      Perhaps the relation between Danny & Paulina is taken from Superman. Clark Kent/Danny Fenton is in love with Lois Lane/Paulina who has a crush on Superman/Inviso-Bill. But Lois/Paulina doesn't know that Clark Kent/Danny Fenton is the same superhero that they love.