Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 14

Masters of All Time

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Mar 24, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Vlad is back, only now he’s afflicted with a serious case of ecto-acne, a direct result of the college lab accident with Jack and Maddie. To ensure Danny helps him find a cure, Vlad infects Sam and Tucker with his disease, and Danny turns to Clockwork for help. Danny convinces Clockwork to let him go back in time to make sure the accident that injures Vlad never happens. Unfortunately, when he changes the past, he changes the present. When he arrives back in the present day, Maddie is married to Vlad and living in Wisconsin, and Jack’s a ghost named Jack Plasmius! Now, Danny must go back in time for a second time to ensure his parents get together, but when he does, will that mean ecto-acne doom for Tucker and Sam?moreless

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  • Vlad blackmails Danny into helping him

    To make sure Danny and his family find a cure for his ecto acne Vlad infects Tucker and Sam with it. In desperation Danny seeks out Clockwork for help just to be bluntly told that he (Clockwork) is the ghost of time not of miracle cures. Still Danny insists on going back in time to prevent Vlad gaining ghost powers in the lab accident. Danny prevents it and goes back to his present to discover that he messed it up worse. His dad is now the one with ghost powers and his mom is married to Vlad. Danny has to convince his parents that he is in fact their son from an alternate timeline and that he needs to set things right. However a totally human Vlad isn't keen on the plan.

    Once Danny gets back to Clockwork's lair he resets time to just before Danny meddled but lets Danny see what caused the impurities that caused the illness and can create a cure.

    I found this episode exciting and interesting of what could happen and I really liked how Clockwork was portrayed not only all knowing but benelvent as well as flexible.moreless
  • Gets me everytime; "You despicable, of cheese!"

    Gotta love those Vlad episodes.
  • Not excellent but still pretty good

    In Masters of all Time Vlad infects Sam and Tucker with ecto achne so Danny will help him get rid of his. Danny goes to Clockwork to try and stop Vlads original outbreak of ecto achne which would also stop Vlad from ever getting his powers. But Danny accidently gets Vlad and his mom together and he is therefore never born. But eventually Danny sorts it all out with the help of Clockwork and everything is all nice and cheery again.

    This episode is quite an exiting episode but I wouldn't call it original or new but it is still quite an exiting episode and it also reveals what might happen if Vlad had never gotten his powers. And it turns out that Vlad's powers are a good thing compared to what would happen is he didn't have them.

    Overall this is an exiting episode which reveals alot about Vlad.moreless
  • This episode makes no sense.

    Alright, I'm a person that normally ADORES alternate universes based on changing events. This being said, the product has to MAKE SENSE based on what we know about the characters' pasts.



    This episode just didn't do that. For one, why is Vlad still bitter? Why is he still a controlling JERK? From what we've learned about Vlad's past, he seemed to be JUST as nice of a guy as Jack was, albeit perhaps a bit more cynical. That doesn't mean that he was a bad person, though, and, with the accident that 'ruined his life' having never happened... it doesn't make sense that he would have ever became one. Nothing that would cause Vlad to be angry and bitter happened in this time line, so WHY would he still act that way? It's not as though he spent years in the hospital, seething over how his best friend ruined his life and stole the woman he loved. RIGHT?



    Moreover, why does Vlad still dislike Jack? Is he just paranoid? And why does he hate ghosts so much? Obviously Vlad had an extreme interest in them when he was young, so why wouldn't he still show that interest? BLA-LARG. .


    Next, why in the WORLD would Jack's ghost form be exactly the same as Vlad's? I'm sure they didn't have the same experiences, since their personalities are different, so I don't see how Jack would end up looking like that. In addition, Jack Plasmius's hair should have been WHITE. It's clear that ghost forms use inverted colors, so that just plain doesn't make sense. .


    To wrap things up, I'll reiterate. This did not make sense! And that's not to say that I didn't try to like it, I really did, but... I just can't wrap my mind around it. -sigh-moreless
  • This episode was so funny, I fell over laughing!

    Finally, finally, finally!! Today was the first time ever that I got to see "Masters of all Time". I watched it this morning, at 6am. Crazy, right? Whrng. I thought it was worth my sleeping time! It starts when Danny's parents come into the Nasty Burger and are dressed like the 1980's which was the funniest part. So, Danny had to leave because he was so embarrased and finds Vlad outside. He reveals that he has ecto-acne like before and infects Sam and Tucker with it as well. They go back to Danny's house, where they try to find a cure. Then, Danny realizes the only person who can help him: Clocwork. At first, he refuses to help Danny because he thinks that Danny chnaging the past will destroy his future. Danny convinces him otherwise and goes back into the 1980's. He does this to stop Vlad from ever having ghost powers in the first place. After Danny stops the accident from happening, he returns to the present, only to find his house abandoned and empty. Then, he finds his dad, who, instead, was the one who was infected with the etco-acne. He couldn't find a cure, so he was stuck with his new found power: ghost powers. Danny tries to convince him that he's his son, but he doesn't believe him. Danny searches for the lab, only to find no ghost portal. Then, Jack tells him that he lost the love of his life (like Vlad did in the present)and Danny finds out that his mom and Vlad end up getting married and are in Wisconsin. Danny goes to Wisconsin and Vlad and Maddie find him there. Danny searches for a lab there, as well. It's underground because Vlad wanted Maddie to give up her ghost fighting career, but she couldn't. That's where she finds Danny and traps him. Danny explains everthing to her and Jack comes to back up the story. Vlad finds them down there and attacks, but Jack defends his son by opening the portal and Maddie sent Vlad into the Ghost Zone. Danny went back to Clockwork to change the present again, but he refuses to. That's when Danny realizes that they weren't going to die; they got the acne from the diet cola that Jack accidentally poured into his experimental portal 20 years ago that causad Vlad's accident. The end, is pretty funny, as it ends with Danny and his parents dancing on an 80's disco floor.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • Vlad's hair, in the messed up future, shouldn't be white, since he was never had the accident in the first ghost portal. Jack's, however, should be, although his hair was still the same as it was in the past.

    • This is the second and third time Jack has worn something besides his jumpsuit. The first time was in The Fenton Menace where he was wearing camping clothes. In this one, he wears 80's clothes, and in the messed up future, he wears Vlad's ghost suit.

    • When Maddie and Jack find out that Danny really is their son, Maddie says, "That's why you called me mom at the door." But Maddie never saw Danny transform into Danny Phantom so she shouldn't have known that was Danny Fenton.

    • Despite Vlad saying he used his ghost powers to gain his wealth, he's still rich in the alternate timeline.

    • When Vlad saves Maddie, his hair is a darker gray then it is when it shows the flashback of him saving her.

    • When it comes to night at Vlad's house, cows are shown lying down asleep. Cows sleep standing up.

    • The way Vlad's and Jack's voices sound on the flashback of this episode is slightly different than the same flashback on "Bitter Reunions."

    • After the Ecto Blast got past Vlad, it hit the wall and bounced. But in Bitter Reunions, The Ecto Blast went right through his head, so It should have hit the wall anyway.

    • When Vlad got hit by the Ghost Portal's Blast, his black hair changed to white, so whenever he turned into Plasmius, it would turn black, the opposite of Danny's. However when Jack got hit by the Ghost Portal's Blast, his hair never changed color, so when he transformed, it should have been white, or turned white when it got hit originally.

    • At the 80's dance, the first shot of Danny in his 80's outfit, his rolled up sleeves are black. But in the next screen, his sleeves are suddenly white.

    • In the alternate timeline when Jack switches to his ghost form, he has a beard. The reason for this is because Vlad has a beard in his ghost and human form, but Jack shouldn't have one.

    • After Danny had changed the past, Jack's hair style kept switching from his normal hairstyle to the hairsyle he had in the 80's.

    • In the beginning, when Sam,Tucker and Vlad were in the bed, Sam was on the right and Tucker on the left. Then they changed position later in the show.

    • When Danny goes to Clockwork, Clockwork's scar switches sides of his face.

    • In "The Ultimate Enemy," Clockwork gave whoever he sends to a different time a medallion to keep them in that time, yet when Danny goes to the 80's, he isn't wearing one

    • In the commercial, Vlad has the same hairstyle. However, If Vlad was never effected, His hair would not have been white. It should have been Gray.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • (After Vlad, Sam, and Tucker are cured of their ecto-acne)
      Jack: Vladdie, you're cured!
      Vlad: That's great Jack. Now could you please stop pounding on my chest?!

    • Danny: (To Maddie about Sam and Tucker, getting ecto-acne) There has to be something we can do for them?
      Maddie: (sighs) Oh, I wish I could, Danny. But I still can't identify the ecto-emporities that a causing the lethal acne.
      Sam and Tucker: Lethal?!
      Vlad: Ah, live is so unfair. And for you two, growing shorter..
      Danny: (angry while grabbing Vlad) I swear, if they find a cure, I'm gonna make you wish they hadn't.
      Vlad: Oh, good one! I swear I get chills when you get so dramatic.

    • Maddie: (looks at Sam and Tucker) We have an outbreak of ecto-acne. And there's only one place on earth that knows how to treat ecto-acne!
      Danny: (prays) Please say hospital, please say hospital, please say hospital.
      (scene changes to the Fenton's house)
      Danny: Why couldn't she say hospital?

    • Danny: Arrg! Just once I'd like to know how it's like to live in a normal family!
      Plasmious: Which you never will, so long as you're Jack Fenton's son.
      Danny: Great. More weirdness from my parents college days.

    • (Maddie is hugging Danny)
      Danny: (To Jazz) If I pass out, I give you permission to not resuscitate me!

    • Maddie: (Threatening Danny with the laser) Now, I ask you again: who are you?
      Danny: I'm...your son. (Maddie gasps) Yours and Jack Fenton's.
      Maddie: (Angrily) Liar! I haven't seen Jack Fenton in years! He blamed me for the accident that gave him his powers. Vlad told me so. We ran away here so we could escape his ghostly wrath!
      Danny: What?! That's insane! He's still totally in love with you!
      (Jack phases through the ceiling)
      Jack: It's true, Maddie. It's always been true.
      Maddie: (Surprised) Jack? But...Vlad told me you never wanted to see me again.
      Jack: I never stopped wanting to see you, Maddie. I-I couldn't just face you as the thing you despise: (Changes back to human form) a ghost. But I had to come, because of this. (Shows Maddie Danny's family picture)
      Maddie: A family? With you? (A tear runs down her face, Danny smiles. Hugs Jack) Oh, Jack! (Turns to Danny, and releases him from the restraints) And that's you called me "Mom" at the door. You must be our son from an alternate timeline!
      (Everyone hugs)
      Danny: (Quietly) The one good thing of having scientist parents: alternate timeline, totally vald excuse.
      Jack: (Points to Danny's family picture) So, where's our little alternate timeline daughter, Davy?
      Danny: It's Danny.
      Jack: That's still dumb.

    • Danny: Send me in time back to my parents' college days, Clockwork, I can prevent the accident that gave Vlad his original outbreak of ecto-acne, AND his ghost powers.
      Clockwork: Changing the past can have dire consequences. Are you willing to take that risk?
      Danny: Please, Tucker and Sam are my best friends. And I don't have a choice.
      Clockwork: You always have a choice, but since you insist on learning things the hard way...

    • Vlad: Yes, I'm a simple dairy man to the succesor of the Wisconsin Dairy King. (Angrily) We do not discuss ghosts in this house!
      Danny: (Points to the back closet) Then, why to you have an ectofoamer?
      (Everyone looks to a large weapon to the side)
      Vlad: (Whispering) What is the meaning of this?!
      Maddie: (Nervously) That's my...carpet foamer! It eliminates stains, not ghosts! (Bats her eyelashes at Vlad) Right, sweetie?
      Vlad: Maddie, can you ever forgive for doubting you?
      (They both begin to kiss)
      Danny: (Cringing in disgust) I thought my parents were embarrassing. This is SO much worse!

    • Danny: (Inside Fenton Works after altering the past) Mom? Dad? Jazz? Anyone? (Gasps as Jack runs in, his face covered with ecto-acne
      Jack: (To Danny) Nobody trespasses on Jack Fenton's property!
      Danny: Dad, relax!
      Jack: (Confused) Dad? I don't have a son, I'm single! (Sadly) Bitterly, bitterly single.
      Danny: You are? (To himself) Jeez, that explains...almost everything.
      Jack: What?
      Danny: Nothing! (Points out Jack's ecto-acne) Uh, is that ecto-acne?
      Jack: It's a condition. (Turns to Danny, angrily) That you shouldn't know about! (Grabs up Danny by the collar of his shirt) How do you know about ecto-acne?! Talk!
      Danny: I'm your son! I know about the accident in Wisconsin…that shouldn't have happened.
      Jack: (Angry) Oh, it happened alright! (Throws Danny onto the ground angrily) And my life went straight down the flusher from that day on!
      (Transforms into Jack Plasmius)

    • Danny: Wait! It's me! Danny, your son! (dodges another shot fired by Jack)
      Jack Plasmius:: Lies! I do not have a son! And even if I did, I certainly wouldn't name it Danny. That's dumb!

    • Vlad: (About Sam and Tucker) Their running out of time, you know.
      Danny: Time? That gives me a great idea!
      (Scene changes to Clockwork's tower)
      Clockwork: No, it's a horrible idea. I'm the ghost of time, not the ghost of miracle cures.

    • (after Clockwork sent Danny to his parent's collage days in the 80's,Danny sees collage kids in 80's clothes and a guy break dancing)
      Danny:Destroy the past?And what,lose all this culture.
      80's kid:(To Danny)Totally awesome outfit dude!(Danny turns around,kid gives him a thumbs up and walks away)
      Danny:Oh great,I blend!Well,(laughs)I guess this keeps people from thinking I'm a-(sees poster for ghost portal experiment on bulletin board)

    • Vlad: I knew you'd come through, Daniel. All it took was the proper motivation. Of course, I'm still weak beyond measure, so... bygones?
      (Danny grins mischievously at him; next scene shows Vlad screaming as Danny knocks him off into the air)
      Danny:(Casually) Bygones.

    • Maddie: (To Danny; after he has entered the bio-hazard tent without wearing a protective suit) Danny, put on your protective gear! You don't want to catch the ecto-acne!
      Danny: Uh, yeah, about that... those ecto-impurities you couldn't identify, would they by any chance be consistent with... oh, say... diet cola?

    • Jack (dancing in 80's clothing) : You know, it's too bad Vladdie had to fly back to Wisconsin so suddenly. He'd have loved this place! Right, Danny?
      (Danny appears wearing 80's clothing)
      Danny: Gnarly! (starts dancing)

    • (Danny, Sam, and Tucker are in the Nasty Burger)
      Danny: Ah, Nasty Burger, our safe haven. Away from the worries of --
      Jazz: (Enters through door) Danny, run!
      Danny: Run? Why should I -- (Everyone stares at the door, and soon after, Jack and Maddie enter wearing '80's clothes)
      Jack & Maddie: Dude!
      (Everyone in the Nasty Burger gasps and starts laughing)

    • Sam: (Weakly to Jazz) When you see Danny, tell him...
      Danny: (Walks into the room) Why don't you tell me yourself?

    • Mikey: (Sees Danny and his parents dancing in '80's clothes) Forget the Internet, this one's goin' on pay-per-view!

    • Maddie: (To Vlad, after he blasts Jack) You despicable, lying...piece of cheese! I wasted the best years of my life with you!
      Vlad: Now Maddie, I may be a lying piece of cheese...but I'm still your husband.
      Maddie: (Lifts Vlad up) Consider this an annulment! (Throws Vlad through the portal into the Ghost Zone)

    • (In the lab in FentonWorks, where Tucker, Sam, and Vlad are all suffering from ecto-acne)
      Jack: Lookin' good, Vladdy! (Sees readings dropping) Who am I kiddin', you're a goner.
      Tucker: What?! I can't be a goner, I haven't even dated a cheerleader yet!
      Sam: Trust me, you're never gonna live that long.

    • Jazz: (Runs out to where Danny Phantom is) Danny! (Notices her parents next to him and cringes; looks around)...must be around here somewhere! I'll go look for him! (Runs off)
      (Later; Danny and Jazz return together)
      Jazz: Found him!
      Danny: (Sly like) Thanks for finding me! (Winks at Jazz)

    • Jazz: (After Jack and Maddie come into the Nasty Burger wearing 1980's clothes and laughs; to Sam) If anyone asks, I'm related to you.
      Sam: Okay, but you're gonna have to be a lot less cheery.

  • NOTES (47)

    • It is revealed that Vlad's ecto-acne was not caused by Jack's miscalculations that granted him ghost powers, but because Jack accidentally poured diet cola into the portal generator instead of ecto-purifier (which explains why Danny did not get ecto-acne when he gained his ghost powers).

    • Unlike Vlad, Jack was able to get over losing Maddie and got a cat, much like how Danny suggested Vlad should do in "Maternal Instincts".

    • This is the first time Jack has appeared in a title screen.

    • The name of this episode comes from how Vlad was portrayed as the main villain in both timelines.

    • New Ghost Ally(s): Jack Plasmius

    • Title Picture; Danny watching in horror as a deformed version of Jack crashes out of a clock.

    • In the alternate timeline, Jack had ecto-acne, but unlike Vlad, he wasn't really weak from it.

    • This is the fifth time someone's name is used in the title (Masters), which is Vlad's last name, the first four being "Shades of Gray" (Valerie Gray), "13" (Johnny 13), "The Fenton Menace" (Danny Fenton), and "King Tuck" (Tucker).

    • In the alternate universe, Vlad said Maddie was the cause of Jack's ecto-acne and he never wanted to see her again.

    • Jack Plasmius accidentally calls Danny "Davy", which was probably intentional since Dannny Phantom's voice actor is David Kaufman.

    • Apparently, Maddie made the Fenton Weasel, the op-center on Fenton Works, and most of the inventions since they were in her secret lab, and the op-center wasn't there.

    • This is the second time that Danny's parents have found out he was half ghost since "The Ultimate Enemy," (It was in the alternate timeline) but this time Danny learns that they accept him. Before he didn't know because he was too busy fighting Dark Danny.

    • The problem of ecto-acne resurfaces in this episode.

    • The ecto-foamer returns from "Fright Night."

    • Apparently, Maddie knew that Jack had gained ghost powers from the accident, since she told Danny in her secret lab.

    • Jack Plasmius's powers in this episode:
      1) Transformation
      2) Green ectoplasmic energy blasts
      3) Pink ectoplasmic energy (formed around his fists)
      4) Intangibility
      5) Invisiblity
      6) Duplication (up to 2 clones)
      7) Pink ectoplasmic shield

    • When Danny holds up the newspaper front page the headline "Gordon Hammond wins TV's highest award" can be seen to the left of the center photo. Gordon Hammond is a character designer who has worked on the Fairly Odd Parents, notably on the Channel Chasers TV movie.

    • The Dairy King is mentioned again since "Bitter Reunions." This time he is only seen in the picture, not as a ghost.

    • In the alternate dimension, it seems that Maddie has files on every ghost in the Ghost Zone.

    • Danny was able to send Vlad flying off with a single punch, obviously owing to the fact that Vlad was still weak from the ecto-acne.

    • In the alternate timeline, Jack apparently died while trying to save Maddie and Danny, and for revenge, Maddie throws Vlad into the ghost zone, where he is apparently killed by ghosts.

    • Second time that Maddie traps Danny in the Fenton Weasel, first being in "The Million Dollar Ghost," only this time its called the Maddie Weasel.

    • Apparently, Danny can fly fast enough to go to Wisconin in under a day.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Someone saying a positive thing about Clockwork helping, then Clockwork himself refuses
      2) Mikey filmimg Jack and Madiie in 80's clothing and saying where he's going to show it
      3) Jazz saying "if anyone asks", then a comment about who she's related to
      4) Alternate Jack and Maddie calling Danny a liar
      5) Jack Plasmius thinking the name "Danny" is dumb

    • Opener: Danny is at the Nasty Burger, where he thinks he's safe, until Jazz comes warning him of something, and reveals to be their parents in embaressing 80's clothes. Danny leaves with Sam and Tucker, where they encounter Vlad, who needs a cure for the returning ecto-acne, and infects Sam and Tucker with it to make sure Danny will help.

    • Insight Digital Description: Danny travels back in time, with help from Clockwork, to his parents' college days in hope of preventing the lab accident responsible for Vlad's serious case of "ecto-acne".

    • Once again it sounded like Sam was about to confess her feelings about Danny but was cut off, this time by Danny himself

    • The music Danny hears when he goes back to prevent Vlad's accident sounds a lot like "Axel F," the theme song from Beverly Hills Cop, starring Eddie Murphy as Det. Axel Foley.

    • Danny's 80's outfit:

      1. Black shirt with rolled-up sleeves
      2. White jacket
      3. Loose pink tie

    • When Danny was at Vlad and Maddie's house eating cheese and other dairy products, a milk carton is visible on the table that has a "Missing" section on the back.

    • Danny's '80's outfit at the end of the episode very closely resembled the outfit that Timmy Turner wore when he went back to the '80's in an episode of The Fairly OddParents (another Butch Hartman series), called "The Secret Origin of Denzel Crocker."

    • In the alternate future, Vlad doesn't want anything to do with ghosts, forcing Maddie to have a hidden, sound-proof lab in their basement. Maddie's lab was all pink and there was a heart on the door of the ghost portal.

    • Look Hard: In Danny's wallet on the opposite side of his family photo is his school I.D.

    • It is revealed that Jack thinks the name Danny is "dumb," suggesting that Maddie may have chosen the name for their son, while he chose the name for their daughter, since in the alternate future, Jack named his cat Jazmine.

    • What caused the ecto-acne was that Jack used diet cola intead of the Ecto-purifier.

    • We get a glimpse of the man who owned FentonWorks before Jack moved in. We can assume that it is the same guy in both realities.

    • This episode marks the first time that Sam, Tucker, and Vlad speak to each other.

    • In the alternate future, Vlad is still very rich, lives in the same castle in Wisconsin, and is the new Wisconsin Dairy King.

    • In the alternate future, Jack has a cat named Jazmine.

    • In the alternate future, FentonWorks does not exist. However, Jack lives in the exact same location in a normal house.

    • In the alternate future, Vlad and Maddie are married while Jack is the one with ghost powers. He is known as "Jack Plasmius."

    • Dash, Paulina, and Mr. Lancer are absent in this episode.

    • The title screen caption for this episode is similar to the one in "The Ultimate Enemy", also, the title screen music is the same

    • Title Screen Caption: "It's Time For Horror!"

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Jack Plasmius - When Danny went back in time to "fix" the past so Vlad wouldn't get ecto-acne, it instead resulted in the creation of Jack Plasmius. Rather than the proto-portal blast striking Vlad, it struck Jack. It almost hit Vlad, but he managed to dodge it, and then he pushed Maddie out've harm's way. Maddie, thinking Vlad saved her life, fell in love with Vlad and they eventually get married. Jack, however, gets the ecto-acne and ends up being a lonely man with ghost powers, like Vlad Plasmius. Jack Plasmius looks exactly like Vlad Plasmius, except he is shorter and weighs more. He also has all the same powers and is just as experienced.

    • Jack Plasmius looks exactly like Vlad Plasmius, only he has a much bigger girth.

    • Main Villain(s): Vlad & Jack Plasmius (temporarily).


    • College clock: Time
      The clock in the portal shown before Danny travels back in time has the time of 10:04 on it. 10:04 is the time lightning struck the clocktower in the original Back to the Future movie.

    • Jack: Come on, Maddie. Let's crank up the tunes and moonwalk outta here.
      Jack refers to moonwalking, a dance move that was made popular by Michael Jackson back in 1983, when he appeared on the television special, Mowtown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever and used it during his "Billie Jean" routine.

    • Danny: Dressed up for 80s night
      Danny is wearing what was known as the "Don Johnson look" made popular by actor Don Johnson from "Miami Vice". The look consisted of light trousers (usually linen) with a colored shirt and a light colored linen jacket over it with the sleves rolled up. A pastel colored tie was also worn, loose around the neck. Finally, loafers without socks finished the look. Danny only wears the shirt, tie and jacket though, with his jeans and tennis shoes.

    • Jack and Maddie: Dressed up for 80s night
      Jack is dressed up like Flavor Flav of the pioneer rap group Public Enemies, wearing the well known clock around his neck like a necklace. Maddie is dressed up like Madonna, complete with huge bangs, frizzy hair, and a mole on her left cheek, with fishnets over tights to complete the ensemble.

    • Material Grill: Name
      The Material Grill is a pun of "Material Girl" by Madonna.

    • Title: Masters of All Time
      The name of the episode may be made from Clockwork being master of time, and Vlad's last name being "Masters".

    • Danny: (Tied to a metal table while Maddie slowly fires a laser toward him)
      This is an obvious reference to the James Bond movie Goldfinger. During one scene, Goldfinger is trying to make Bond reveal who he is by firing a laser toward him. Bond was, at the time, trapped on a table made of solid gold by metal cuffs, just like Danny. Also, Goldfinger said to Bond "Scream all you want; this room is completely soundproof", which is exactly what Maddie said to Danny.