Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 1

Memory Blank

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 24, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Sam and Danny get into a fight and Sam makes an ill concieved wish

    Sam ends up wishing that she never met Danny and that wish is granted by Desiree the genie ghost who then creates a reality without Danny Phantom. On top of that Danny and Tucker don't know her and she must re-create the acciedent that gave Danny his powers. Also she figures that Danny's suit needs a logo/symbol. Fortunately she had a Fenton invention and her scrapbook to preserve her memories and as proof of the previous reality. It works but time is running out and Danny is hopelessly inexperienced. It turns out that Paulina is having a special party on a night of a meteor shower and Desiree is more than willing to grant those wishes of unsuspecting party goers in order to warp the wish results into something that causes havoc and harm. Fortunately Sam figures out how to wish in her favor and Desiree grants it by default into giving Danny memories and thus experience which he uses to defeat the ghost. Later they all reconcile at the movies by keeping a promise that Danny and Tucker intentionly meant to break.
  • An episode I will never forget, get it? haha :)

    This episode was awesome. I loved that it fully explained Danny Phantom coming into existence, something I had been waiting for awhile... We really realise the importance of Sam aswell, and the funny moments always make me smile. We really see how much is changed in the time altered world and how much Danny is needed, like his half ghostness was really destiny, not just a accident. This is one of my favourite episodes by far, it's epic, funny, and sweet at the same time. " It's kinda nice to know"
  • "So you have wished it, so shall it be." Sam and Danny have a fight and Sam wishes she and Danny never met.

    This is the first episode to feature Danny's logo on his ghost suit. We also find out that if it wasn't for Sam's fascination with Danny's parent's ghost portal, Danny wouldn't have his powers. Oh and Paulina is celebrating her 15th birthday on the same day as a meteor shower in which all the guests will make wishes that Desiree the wishing ghost must grant. I love this episode for two main reasons. The first is that it is sort of an origin episode. I mean we get the whole regular boy to ghost boy story in the theme song, but we have never had an episode that actually showed the accident before now. The second reason I love this episode is more Danny and Sam liking each other development. The last scene of the episode is so cute and I love the fact that they completely forgot that Tucker was sitting right next to them. Sometimes I kinda feel bad for Tucker cause he can get to looking like a third wheel in these types of situations. Sometimes he minds (like in the first Desiree episode) but for the most part he leads a regular ole "techno geek" life. This episode is awesome and one of the many reasons why I continue to watch this series years after its ending.
  • A world without Danny Phantom? AHHHHH!!!

    OMG, Is Sam nuts? the world needed Danny Phantom! And it STILL needs him!! ( Can i get "Whoop , whoop"!?!? ). Anyway, more importantly, Sam really,REALLY needs him, and she can't deny it! This notes one of the episodes that would have ended the series, thank GOODNESS it didn't! Anywho,this episode was great! the price to pay for having Danny not remembering who the crap Sam Manson is, she had to convince him and wear pink. yes everyone, PINK, the one thing she hates other than anything cute. It might have been humiliating for her, but funny to us.
  • DxS development

    We find out what Danny and Sam's Life is with never to meet each other.

    I think this episode is awesome! now that desiree is back, she is there to grant every wish she hears and she becomes more powerful. We see a glimpse on how Danny got his powers and stuff. The action of this episode is Kick @$$ too! and The fact that it's very funny! "or she's nuts...really really NUTS"

    "She surrendered her individuality for a boy! I'm so proud of her!"

    I admit, Danny was selfish in this ep. but it is all changed at the end of the episode! I love Danny and Sam.
  • Literally, this is why I watch this show! ^^

    This was the VERY first episode of Danny Phantom that I EVER saw! My friend told me to watch it because she thought it was good, I didnt really want to because I thought it would be stupid, but I watched it and fell in love with it! The episode is really funny! The ending is what really made me laugh! When Danny is attempting to fight Deseray (I cant spell) and doesnt know how to control his powers. This is one of my favorites, just cause it was because of this episode that I watch DP! I love DP!
  • This episode was awesome! If you are watching this series for the first time, this episode will get you hooked, no doubt about it.

    This episdoe was so amazing, I'm not even sure how to start this review. Okay... Umm... There were a whole ton of major Danny and Sam moments in this episode!!!

    Sam and Danny are constantly arguing because Paulina's birthday is coming up, and to go, Danny is going to break his promise to watch a movie with Sam (and Tucker. Why do I always forget him?). Finally, unable to take it anymore, Sam wishes she had never met Danny. Desiree overhears this wish, and happily grants it. Unfortunately, Sam was the reason Danny got his ghost powers, and without them, Desiree can easily grant as many wishes as she wants to, as freely as she wants to. It's up to Sam, who luckily still remembers the incident, to try and restore Danny's memory.

    Now that was a good summary. Hear that, Literature teachers! MUHAHAHAHA! :)

    Moving on, I liked how obvious it was made that if Danny and Sam hadn't been best friends, they would have been undoubtedly attracted to each other, and would have most likely been dating. If you're wondering where I got this from, I'm just basing it on how cool Danny had thought Sam was, and how he had been staring at her with a dazed expression.

    Then there was that fake-out make-out. *sighs* That, I can easily admit, was my favorite part of the episode. Danny was the leader this time, and if you looked closely, when they were in Danny's basement, the floating green stuff in the ghost portal forms a heart around them as they 'pretended' to kiss. If that isn't proof that they were meant to be together, then I don't know what is.

    I also liked how Sam played an even bigger role in Danny's ghost life when she changed his costume to fit the way she liked it. That 'D' was a great change to the costume. :) And to think, she made up the idea all by herself.

    Oh, and there were also some funny moments in this episode. I couldn't stop laughing when the ghost-ray fired from Danny's butt instead of his hand. And when he was so surprised that he could fly ("Where'd my legs go?"), when his legs came back, I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that his arms were the squiggly lines. And I'm laughing now, at that memory.

    The very end held the final DxS moment, when Danny skipped going to Paulina's party to hang out with Sam (Oh, wait, I forgot Tucker... Never mind. He's not too important in this episode anyway.) Then in the movie theater, they were staring at each other like the two lovebirds they are... And Tucker ruined that moment, causing them both to blush. It was cute anyway. Go DxS!!!!!!!!!

    I think I forgot to mention some more things I like about this episode, but I wrote a little too much about this eppie. I'll be tempted to write more, but I won't. I'm over five times the minimum amount of words here! That's not a good sign! Go DxS!!! (Again.)
  • One of my favorites episodes. Danny kiss Sam for second time.

    Danny and Sam get into a fight, and Sam wishes she never would met Danny, and she finds herself in a world in which she and Danny are strangers. Worse than that, since it was Sam who encouraged Danny to check out the Fenton Portal the night he got his ghost powers, Danny doesn’t have any powers! Now, Sam must convince Danny that they share a friendship and a history, and lead him back to the Fenton Portal for a second "accident" so he can again become Danny Phantom, but with a permanent change to his suit.
  • Sam wishes she never met Danny... What more can I say?

    Love it... LOVE IT!!!!! I'll admit that is starts out kinda slow, and is kinda rushed at the end, but it is AMAZING! It's funny, witty and has some great lines and realities in it. Definitetly one of the best episodes of the series... so far. When I first heard about this, I was like "OMG, OMG!!!!! SAM UNMEETS DANNY!!!! AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! MUST SEE!!!!!" and yes it DID live up to all the hype. A few MINOR flaws, but they have that in just about EVERYTHING!!! This episode was original and I never would have thought about doing anything like this.
  • Sam learns what life would be like if she had never met Danny or Tucker.

    I loved this episode! This epsiode was a very good example of the series and why I watch it. In this episode, we finally learn (and witness) how Danny got his ghost powers in the first place. It was interesting to see how Danny and Sam react when they learn what had really happened. I loved the part where Sam tries to catch Danny's attention by giving up her individuality and dressing in pink preppy clothes. It was funny to see Danny's facial expression and then see him push Tucker out of the seat next to him so Sam could sit there. I especially loved the new emblem Sam designed. It looks awesome!
  • Oh my gosh this episode is the best ever! Better than any other episode.

    This episode was and still is the best episode ever. I mean it was great watching Sam try to get Danny to get his memory back, and then there was that other fake-out make-out. Don't try to get me started on raving about it. Then, I also thought that when Danny fell out of his desk was funny. I also thoght the ghost ray thing was hilarious, and it was absolutely wonderful watching Danny's arms go all squiggly. I just have to get this on DVD. I'll never ever stop watching it when I do. If you know when it is on DVD please let me know. I LOVE THIS EPISODE!
  • I'm not overly impressed...

    I was so excited to see this. Great new episode, very interesting plot. But first, this should've been the season finale, not Control Freaks, in my opinoin. I didn't see it when it came out, or a long time after for that matter. I just kept missing it. I saw the beginning Hummer scene. The nightshower scene. But that was it. But then I saw it. Finally! But I realized that it was nothing special. More could've happened, and it was one of those episodes were the first 10 minutes should've been 5, and the last 5 15. Not bad, nothing wrong, but not the best DP work.

    Sam got into a fight with Danny and when Desiree heres Sam utter (or say) the words " I sometimes wish that I have never met you ". So Desiree grants her wish and since she gave Danny his ghostly powers, he no longer has his powers and everything in the series is totally switched. So Sam still remembers everything because she was wearing the special, fenton invented, some sort of ecto belt. So she has to get Danny his powers back because for Paulina's birthday everyone is wishing on the falling stars. But the good thing is she gets Danny's powers back to him and everything is back to normal, except Danny has a new DP logo on his chest of his costume, but I by Heck like it. Even though my gosh, I didn't like it at 1st but now I do.
  • Great start to a great season...

    This episode is definitly one of my faves. It made me laugh, a lot! There\'s D/S, that\'s always a plus. And, even though they\'re not real, the villians were awesome. This episode shows us what Danny\'s life would be like if he never met Sam, and his life was...boring! If he had never met Sam, there would had never been a show!! This episode proves how important she is. Great way to start a season.

    P.S. - I love Danny\'s new costume. I always thought it was lacking something...
  • I loved this episode!!

    This episode is another one of my favorites. It was so exciting! There wasn't one boring part in my opinion.

    Desiree is an excellent villain. And she had a great role in this episode. And I thought the way Sam kept making wishes was interesting, especially the one about Paulina.

    I hated seeing the hurt look on Danny's face when Sam told him that sometimes she wished they never met. He looked really sad. But I thought how Desiree granted that wish just made the episode even more exciting than it already was!

    I loved seeing poor Sam having to dress up in pink to get Danny's attention. And Danny, being all star-struck, was funny. But what was my absolute favorite part??

    THE SECOND FAKEOUT MAKEOUT!!!! Being the big DxS shipper that I am, I LOVED this part! Especially since Danny made the first move this time. ^_~
  • Sam has accidentally wished that she has never met Danny, and Desiree granted that wish. Now Danny lost his ghost poweers since Sam was the reason he got in that lab accident. Now Sam must get Danny's memory back and stop Desiree.

    Another good episode. Great way to start off season 2. Like the new logo on Danny's suit. Although not much ghost fighting as in other episodes, lots of drama and comedy. Danny and Sam kissed again! I don't care if it was supposedly a fakeout makeout to get out of trouble. How about that ghost ray shot from the buttocks. Haha. Tucker: "Watch where you're aiming that thing." Those 3 movie creeps were cool to watch. Crreps: "Pauliiiiinaaaaa." A classic chase down, chasing down Paulina. She deserves it. I don't like people like her. At least there was good action there. Too bad it had to end in a cheesy way where Sam wished things back to normal. A good example of brains over brawn. Going through memory lane was nice. Now we now how important Sam is in the show.
  • Brainfreeze! After a fight with Sam (who wishes she had never met Danny), Danny loses his memory of his best friend AND his ghost powers! Sam's only choice is to recreate the ghost-portal incident that gave birth to Danny Phantom!

    I really liked this episode. It's a great display of the bond between Tucker, Sam and Danny. I gave this episode and 8 out of 10 because, although it wasn't the best, it showed plenty of foreshadowing. Like that one part where Sam takes Tucker's burret ad cuts two eyewholes in it, then takes the Fenton Thermos and sucks up the host? The temporary mask looks exactly like Valerie's mask in later episodes! Coincedence? I think not. Just a way that the Nick animation writers are proving they're not idiots. I particularly enjoyed amnesia-danny's butt ray vs. the wishing ghost. GONG YI TAMPAI!
  • Desiree grants a wish Sam makes about never meeting Danny, resulting in the loss of his powers.

    The trio plans to go see “Trinity of Doom” the upcoming Friday night, but they instead get invited to Paulina’s birthday party. Sam grudgingly agrees to go, but accidentally wishes up the monsters from the movie to attack Paulina, granted by Desiree! Seeing that they have connections with Sam, Danny gets mad at her for making things difficult for him. Sam then is furious, and wishes she never met Danny. But Desiree hears and grants the wish, resulting in a world where Danny has never met Sam and doesn’t have his ghost powers!

    I had pretty high hopes for this episode after I saw the summary and the commercial for it, especially when it said, "On a historic new Danny Phantom..."

    I think the last time I was this excited for an episode was Lucky in Love, but that one was quite below my expectations. With Memory Blank, however, this had no such trouble.

    The opening, IMO, was very informative and very interesting. The way Danny actually got his powers wasn't exactly like I envisioned, but it was pulled off nicely.

    For Sam, it was nice to see a return to her activist ways with the trucks, along with her hatred of Paulina later on. Seeing her in pink at the ice cream store creeped me out, but I knew it was the only thing she could do to get Danny to listen to her. I also liked how she took control most of the time (ex. fighting the third ghost with the Jack-o-nine tails, guiding Danny fighting Desiree, making the second wish that got everything back to normal).

    I thought Tucker was pretty funny most of the way through, especially when he was hitting on Sam after Desiree granted her wish. I wasn't sure what to expect out of it, but it was pulled off in a very humorous way. Another funny part was when everyone was making wishes at the meteor shower, and then he made a wish. It was even more funny when the truck that was chasing him disappears, and he was all, "No!"

    Desiree...I despised her a lot more in this episode than in What You Want. Her new look gave her a much more darker and sinister appearance, which I found very impressive work by Butch and the gang.

    As for Danny, he was magnificent all the way through. It shows that he still hasn't lost his crush on Paulina after LiL, and that was pretty much IC on his part. After the memory erasing, it got even better. It was really funny seeing a few of his lines with Sam in the ice cream shop (ex. You broke into my locker and doctored an old photo of me. You must really like me...or you're nuts. You're not nuts, are you?).

    Fake-out make-out number two! I was wondering when it would come, but it seemed just a little unrealistic, with the hearts in the portal. Just a little, mind you. I still liked it. But I don't think it was all that necessary, because how could Danny have changed back to normal by it? Anyway, this still shows that the D/S stuff is progressing very efficiently, especially with their blushing right at the end. I hope to see more.

    Once it got to Danny's battle of Desiree, it was REALLY funny to see Danny goofing up on all his attacks. I was thinking, "This is, like, pre-Mystery Meat here." I mean, not knowing how to use the thermos, not flying or floating right, the butt-blast, it was all really funny.

    The end where Sam made the wish to change everything back to normal was predictable, IMO. I knew something like that had to happen, otherwise that would make the first twenty episodes kind of pointless. The memories they went through were pretty cool, and the phasing out of the girls' locker room scenes were hillarious, IMO. Hey, he's a teenage boy, after all.

    One more thing: The new emblem on Danny's chest is a very cool touch, IMO. It kind of pulls his labsuit look together nicely. But I wonder if he's even going to be called "Inviso-Bill" now, or if anyone will make a connection. We'll have to wait and see.

    Now then, for Season 1, it took me until episode 7, Bitter Reunions, to give an episode a score of 9 or above. After the first episode of Season 2, I give this 9.3/10, my fourth favorite all time. Thank you, Butch Hartman, for starting Season 2 off with a bang!
  • It was a good episode that all made sense.

    Danny is being a jerk. Like that has never happened before. But this time it gets Sam mad. Danny is all Paulina oh she is so great. Sam can't stand it. Until Sam snaps Danny does not realize he has made her mad. Little does anyone know but Desiree is back and granting every wish she hears. Like the one Sam made saying "unless something were to happen to Paulina and her party got cancelled. Not that I'd wish that." Or the bigger wish Sam made because she was tired of Danny and they had been fighting. That wish was "Danny some days I wish I'd never met you!" Desiree makes its so. Alright not a huge problem there. Danny just has one friend instead of two. Wrong! Have you ever wondered how Danny got his ghost powers? You- Of course I know it's in the opening song. Yes but who made him go into the ghost portal which shocked him into having ghost powers? SAM! So not only does Danny have one less friend he has no ghost powers and Desiree is still on the loose. What will Sam do?! She (being smart) knows exactly what to do. She tells Danny about the ghost powers and tries to get him to take her to Fenton Works so he can do the process over again. At first he thinks she is nuts. Then one of Sam’s wishes comes back to bite her in the butt. (The one about Paulina’s party getting cancelled.) A ghost shows up at the Nasty Burger and she has to fight it. After all she sent the ghost with her wish so even if Danny did have ghost powers why make him fight it. Sams the one who sent it out of jealousy. Her battling the ghost gets Danny’s attention and they go to Fenton works to get Danny's ghost powers back. Once he has them though he doesn't know how to use them. Oh and one little detail left out Paulina’s party is the night of the meteor shower were everyone will be making wishes and Desiree still has not been defeated yet. While Danny is trying to fight and stop Desiree while the party is going on Sam realizes Desiree is granting every wish she hears so Sam wishes she and Danny had never had that stupid fight and that she Tucker and Danny remembered everything and everything was back to normal. Desiree grants it followed by Danny defeating her.
  • This was a really good episode.

    I love this episode I'm not exactly clear way, but I do love this episode. You can totally tell that Danny and Sam like each other it is really ovious at he end.

    For some reason I like how Danny and Tucker lose their memories of Sam, and the new edition to his costum was cool to. It deffinetly adds to the look and it is totally origanal. Before his costum was really plain, and it still is but not as plain as it was though.

    Overall this is on my top 10 most favorite Danny Phantom Episodes list, ranked about 7 or 8.
  • In this one Sam saves the day. and Danny and Sam kiss once again.

    In this one Sam saves the day. and Danny and Sam kiss once again. Sam had to save the day an dmake things right with everything. which is hard for her probably because in Fanning The Flames she had to save the day and make things right. Very hard I could never do that. On my top 5.
  • Desiree is back and grants a wish for Sam that changes Danny’s life forever.

    WOW! Was this an amazing start to the new season or what? We get to see how Danny got his new found powers and why in detail (and not just from the theme song).

    I love any episode which has Danny and Paulina getting together and Sam getting jealous of them. It’s just so funny to see the extent that Sam would go to, just to see Paulina stay away from Danny. Of course, in this case, I think she learnt her lesson. The best moment in this episode was Sam dressing up to get Danny’s attention because that was priceless. Danny trying out his powers for the first time is also kind of neat, because we can make out this is what he must have felt like when he first started using his powers.

    I guess the only thing that was kind of a let down was the end. I mean, the way Sam got rid of Desiree in the end; she could have easily done that before itself. I was hoping for a more exciting ending. Other than that, I enjoyed watching this episode!
  • I loved this episode! I mean, who doesn't love the d+s romance? The fake-out make-out...right. If they were actually telling the truth they'd get rid of the fake-out part...

    I loved it. It was an awesome episode, and I love every eppi with Danny and Sam romance. I don't think it was a FAKE-OUT make-out. I happen to believe that's just a fancy way to say "Danny and Sam kissed--for the 2nd time"! They totally belong as a couple. If they got together I would go crazy with happiness.

    Okay, so I'm kinda obsessed.

    I don't have a problem!

    Heehee...yeah. I'm gonna go now.
  • This episode has so many things that I would not have really known, if I hadn't seen it. I can't write them all on the summary, but I will say I LUV this episode. I really LUVED the Fake-Out Make-Out!

    All of the things that I think I wouldn't have known if I hadn't seen this episode, are listed below:

    1. Tucker liked Sam when he didn't know her.
    2. Sam will wear pink, in desperate situations.
    3. Sam DOESN'T look good in pink.
    4. Danny, when he didn't know Sam, said that she "might just be the coolest girl on the planet."
    5. Tucker never listens to Sam.
    6. Apparently, Danny likes to visit the girls locker room.
    7. Danny can keep a promise... to Sam.
    8. Danny and Sam might like each other.
    9. This was the second episode with a fake-out make-out.
    10. Sam likes to draw ghosts.
    11. Sam put a DP symbol on the front of Danny's costume... suit... thingy
    12. Sam was the reason Danny turned into a ghost... and his parents.
  • Sam and Danny see what it would be like if they never met AND Paulina gets attacked by ghosts numerous times.

    YAY! paulina gets attacked by ghost. ~Sniff~ it was so...bautiful. *Pretends to cry then stops instantly*

    Dude...Sam looks SCARY in pink. I'm serious. If she EVER puts pink blush and pink clothes on again i will spew everywhere.

    It was a pretty cool and exciting episode and had some pretty funny moments.
  • sounds cool...

    this look like a really cool episode, but when is it going to be on again? i havnt seen it yet... fdasfkfslf f f f jfjs s fsfkldsfsdkl ffslf d sflskf sdf fjfdlsf s jf fdkfk kouv d jfl d fkfkl f fs fjkldjj kls k fljj df jkdfkddslf fs
  • The classic ep where Sam wishes she never met Danny and Desiree grants it and takes away his powers. Although a good episode I think this one is terribly overrated.

    Let's cut to the chase. This ep has Danny/Sam written all over it, end of story. And that's the reason everyone rates this ep at such a high level.

    Ever since the beggining of the series I had always been satisfied with Danny and Sam as just friends and leaving it at that. Although I agree they make a great couple and have ALOT in common, I think the writers are overdoing it.

    The very beginning kinda disappointed me, seeing how it was reveal that the only reason Danny has his ghost powers was because Sam convinced him to go into the portal. Now tell me that's not overdoing it right there I dare you, cause you're re-altering the entire story itself.

    Another thing that bothered me was how Sam wished that the movie villians would attack and kill Paulina. I always find it annoying and disturbing when Sam gets involved in Danny's paying attention to her and gets POed about it, the writers really need to leave her out of it.

    Don't get me wrong though. This still actually is a very good episode, seeing how it was written as a rebirth so to speak of the entire series. It's like watching a new whole first episode, with Danny trying to get control of his powers and using them for the first time. Plus you gotta love the fact that Desiree returns. Then another important factor was that this was the ep where Danny got his new logo for his costume. At first I was disappointed about it because I was used to his original look, but I've found a new respect for it, and think it's a great idea!

    The action in the ep was okay so to speak, preferably Danny's fights with the Movie villians. I was kinda disappointed with how the final fight with Desiree went, though I'm sure they have their reasons considering the storyline.

    Overall, this may be a good episode but it does have it's problems and needs to be recognized. While they're are alot of great Danny/Sam moments, it's like I said up top, they over did in this ep WAY too hard, plus they continued to make Tucker look like a useless idiot. who would get in the way of it. So because of that, I cannot give this ep a perfect 10 score like many D/S marks here will do.
  • What would happen if Danny and Sam never met?

    We find out what would happen if Danny and Sam never met in this very special episode. Sam and Danny have a fight and Sam wishes that they had never met. Danny then feels guilty and goes to apoligize, but Desiree is in this episode. She wants Danny out of the way so she grants Sam's wish. I never knew that it was Sam's fault that Danny went into the Fenton portal which caused the accident that gave him ghost powers. This is an episode that is a must see for D/S fans. Not only is this episode focused on Danny and Sam's relationship to each other, there is another fake-out-make-out in front of the Fenton Portal and you can see a heart being formed behind them.
  • Another "Fake-Out Make-Out"

    A great episode, another one of my favorites, and one of the best Danny/Sam ones, I mean who do they think they are fooling with the whole Fake-Out Make-Out thing, the answer no one. They both had a look like they enjoyed it.Anyway apart from that that is was also a very funny episode that was cleverly plotted. Great Season 2 Premire.
  • A personall favorite of mine. The kiss between Sam and Danny is my favorite scene. It's one of my favorite Sam/Danny episodes. Sam rules except for the fact that she gave Danny a D on his chest. The animation is great, and the humor wonderful. I love it,

    A personall favorite of mine. The kiss between Sam and Danny is my favorite scene. It's one of my favorite Sam/Danny episodes. Sam rules except for the fact that she gave Danny a D on his chest. The animation is great, and the humor wonderful. I love it, a favorite.
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