Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 1

Memory Blank

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 24, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • This episode was awesome! If you are watching this series for the first time, this episode will get you hooked, no doubt about it.

    This episdoe was so amazing, I'm not even sure how to start this review. Okay... Umm... There were a whole ton of major Danny and Sam moments in this episode!!!

    Sam and Danny are constantly arguing because Paulina's birthday is coming up, and to go, Danny is going to break his promise to watch a movie with Sam (and Tucker. Why do I always forget him?). Finally, unable to take it anymore, Sam wishes she had never met Danny. Desiree overhears this wish, and happily grants it. Unfortunately, Sam was the reason Danny got his ghost powers, and without them, Desiree can easily grant as many wishes as she wants to, as freely as she wants to. It's up to Sam, who luckily still remembers the incident, to try and restore Danny's memory.

    Now that was a good summary. Hear that, Literature teachers! MUHAHAHAHA! :)

    Moving on, I liked how obvious it was made that if Danny and Sam hadn't been best friends, they would have been undoubtedly attracted to each other, and would have most likely been dating. If you're wondering where I got this from, I'm just basing it on how cool Danny had thought Sam was, and how he had been staring at her with a dazed expression.

    Then there was that fake-out make-out. *sighs* That, I can easily admit, was my favorite part of the episode. Danny was the leader this time, and if you looked closely, when they were in Danny's basement, the floating green stuff in the ghost portal forms a heart around them as they 'pretended' to kiss. If that isn't proof that they were meant to be together, then I don't know what is.

    I also liked how Sam played an even bigger role in Danny's ghost life when she changed his costume to fit the way she liked it. That 'D' was a great change to the costume. :) And to think, she made up the idea all by herself.

    Oh, and there were also some funny moments in this episode. I couldn't stop laughing when the ghost-ray fired from Danny's butt instead of his hand. And when he was so surprised that he could fly ("Where'd my legs go?"), when his legs came back, I couldn't stop laughing at the fact that his arms were the squiggly lines. And I'm laughing now, at that memory.

    The very end held the final DxS moment, when Danny skipped going to Paulina's party to hang out with Sam (Oh, wait, I forgot Tucker... Never mind. He's not too important in this episode anyway.) Then in the movie theater, they were staring at each other like the two lovebirds they are... And Tucker ruined that moment, causing them both to blush. It was cute anyway. Go DxS!!!!!!!!!

    I think I forgot to mention some more things I like about this episode, but I wrote a little too much about this eppie. I'll be tempted to write more, but I won't. I'm over five times the minimum amount of words here! That's not a good sign! Go DxS!!! (Again.)