Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 1

Memory Blank

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 24, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • On the Trinity Of Doom movie poster, Nightmarica was shown wearing a clawed glove only on her left hand. But when she attacked Elmer's, she had clawed gloves on both hands.

    • When Sam enters Elmer's in her colorful clothing, Danny pushes Tucker off of his chair and Tucker's ice cream lands on the table. Then when Sam puts her diary on the table, the ice cream is gone.

    • In the beginning when Tucker and Danny are admiring the Gi-normo 6000's, the one they are looking at has a sign that says "Big" on it. The next few times we see the sign, it says "Huge", not "Big".

    • In the scene after Danny regains his ghost powers, it shows Danny and Sam sitting in class at school. When Danny leans over on her chair, it shows his desk being right next to hers. However when he falls on the floor, it shows there being a lot of space between his and Sam's desk, so he couldn't possibly have leaned on Sam's chair to talk to her.

    • When Sam hands Danny his suit before he enters the ghost portal, he has his normal clothes on. Then the next scene shows Sam and Tucker, and the scene afterward, he's zipping the suit on. You can see his bare chest while he is, so, that would mean he took off his clothes in those few seconds the scene switched to Sam and Tucker, and right in front of them too.

    • When Terminatra is persecuting Paulina and Danny appears, Paulina tries to give him an invitation to her party, but they get interrumped by Terminatra. After the fight with Terminatra and the argument with Sam, Danny finds an invitation to Paulina's birthday on his back, but Paulina never got to give an invitation to him.

    • When Sam picked Danny up after he almost fainted when he got out of the portal, his ghostly glow was missing, but when Danny then accidentally turns intangible, he has the ghostly glow.

    • When Sam throws Danny the thermos, he doesn't know what to do with it, but he saw her capture NIghtmerica at Elmer's, so he should already know what it is used for.

    • Throughout the entire episode, Star's shirt is missing the red '9' which usually appears on it.

    • The theme songs says "...when he first woke up...", but this episode shows that once he gets his powers, he screams then walks out of the portal. He never got knocked out/fell asleep in the portal, so why does it show that in the theme song.

    • During the close-up of Sam when she says 'Actually, I gotta!', all of her makeup is missing (lipstick, blush, etc.)

    • Tucker's PDA states that the month is March. However, in "Shades of Gray", the calender in Axion labs says that the month is April. Since "Shades of Gray" took place before this episode, logically Danny would have had his powers for a little less than a year. However, Sam says that he has only had his powers for 'a few months'.

    • When Danny pulls out the flyer that Paulina gave him from his pocket, it says, "You've been invited to Paulina's birthday," but during the scene where Paulina first gave the flyer to him, it said, "Paulina's party, 15th Birthday, Meteor Shower!"

    • When Sam is first dressed in pink, her socks are purple, but soon after, they turn pink.

    • In the flashback sequence, Danny puts the jumpsuit on with a zipper. When Sam pulls off the sticker with Jack's head on, the zipper is gone.

    • When Danny reminisces about all of Sam's ideas that got him into trouble, he mentions the time she sold the stuff in his parent's garage in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale." That was not Sam's idea, it was Danny's.

    • When Sam is dressed in pink, her lipstick changes from pink to purple at one point.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: Uh, excuse me? I saved your butt, and you're giving me grief?
      Danny: Welcome to my world, remember? "We should make the menu recyclo-vegetarian." "We should let the gorilla out." "We should sell all of your dad's stuff at a garage sale."

    • Danny: Yeah, you broke into my locker, and doctored an old photo me. You must really like me... or your nuts. You're not nuts are you?

    • (After beating the giant cow Desiree had brought to life, Danny and Tucker are still covered in milk. Sam, however, is untouched.)
      Tucker: Good job beating that big cow, Danny!
      Danny: Yeah, well it hasn't stopped Sam about busting my chops about cruelty to unliving plasic animals.
      Sam: I had to choose between fake cows and evil trucks. The cow won.

    • (As Danny is about to be crused by Desiree)
      Sam: (To herself) Oh, this is all my fault. I wish I had never fought with Danny... (Pauses, then smiles) And she's granting every single wish she hears! (To Desiree) I wish Danny and I had never had that fight! And I wish Danny, Tucker, and I remembered everything and his costume stayed the way it is because I really, really like it!
      Desiree: So you have wished it and so it shall be!
      (Blasts Danny and his memories return)

    • Danny: (To Tucker, while watching Sam battle Nightmerica) That might just be the coolest girl on the planet.
      Tucker: Or she's nuts. Really, really nuts.

    • Tucker: (After Danny sucks Desiree into the Fenton Thermos) Oh, man, that was close. (Danny bends over to pick up the thermos) Watch where you're pointing that thing!

    • Desiree: (After Danny regains his memories; Desiree is being sucked inside the Fenton Thermos) No! No! No! (Inside the thermos) I gotta stop granting every wish I hear.

    • Sam: (While Danny is trying to fight Desiree) Danny, use your ghost ray. You can fire a ghost ray out of your hand!
      Danny: (Concentrating) Ghost ray, ghost ray... (Butt begins to glow green) Well, that can't be right! But it'll have to do! (Fires ghost ray out of butt)

    • Desiree: (After apearing upon hearing Mikey's wish) So you have wished it and so... oh, you know the rest.

    • Danny: (After regaining his powers) So, now what?
      Sam: I don't know. I'm sort of making this up as we go along.
      (Danny's arm phases through desk and he falls out of his seat; everyone laughs)
      Mr. Lancer: Mr. Fenton, I know astronomy can be dull. But I would appreciate it if you'd not take a nap in my class!

    • Mr. Lancer: Thousands of meteors will be visible in the skies of Amity Park this Friday. People tend to wish upon these falling stars without realizing that at the speeds they're falling, (Dramatically) they could drill through your tiny skulls like they were wet toilet paper!
      (Everybody stares)

    • Danny: (About Paulina's party) Oh come on, Sam, we never get invited to these parties!
      Tucker: And I don't get to go if he doesn't go! (Sam stares bitterly)
      Danny & Tucker: (Very fast) Pretty please, with those dark licorice sprinkles, and the black frosting you like, with those little gummy bats on top?!
      Sam: All right, all right! (Tucker & Danny rejoice)

    • Sam: (To Danny, fighting badly against Desiree after getting his powers back) Danny, concentrate! (Bushes come to life and grab her) Who the heck wished for evil plants?!

    • Danny: (After seeing Desiree after regaining his powers) What do I do? What do I do?
      Sam: You fight her. (Throws him Fenton Thermos) And then, you use this.
      Danny: For what? Soup?

    • Tucker: (Being chased by a monster truck) Ahhh!!!
      (Truck turns back to normal)
      Tucker: Yes!
      (Truck disappears)
      Tucker: NO!!!

    • Paulina: Look, everybody! Falling stars! Close your eyes and make a wish!
      Tucker: I wish I had one of those sweet monster trucks.
      Sam: Do you pay attention, to anything, at all, ever?
      (Monster truck appears)
      Tucker: This doesn't seem very monstrous.
      (Truck roars and chases him)
      Tucker: Ahhh!!!

    • Sam: Why won't you believe me?
      Danny: Believe what? That I had superpowers? You and I are best friends even though I've never met you? And you're the only one who knows it?
      Sam: Yes! Isn't that crystal clear?!
      (Danny slams the door of his house on Sam)
      Sam: (Sighs) I've got to do something to get him to listen to me. But how do I get through the thick head of a fourteen-year old boy? (Short pause) Oh, darn it.

    • Sam: (To Danny, showing him a picture) So, this is a photo I have of us from eighth grade. This is the same photo you have in your locker. Notice anything?
      Danny: Yeah. You broke into my locker and doctored an old photo of me. (With sly smile) You must really like me... (Smile disappears) Or you're nuts. You're not nuts, are you?
      Sam: (Groans) Focus!
      (Danny looks at photo album that Sam put on the table)
      Danny: Wait a minute, that's my parents' lab. (Danny looks up at Sam) Who are you?
      Sam: I'm Sam Manson! A few months ago I convinced you to go into this. (Points to ghost portal) You went in there, there was an accident and you got--
      Danny: Super powers?
      Sam: Actualy, ghost powers.

    • Sam: Guys, come on, we're gonna be late for school! Guys? Guys?!
      Danny: (Awestruck; to Tucker about the Gi-Normo 6000) Isn't it everything I told you it would be and more?
      Tucker: (Awestruck) You did not lie, dude! You did not lie!
      Danny & Tucker: The Gi-Normo 6000!
      Sam: (Climbs on the car window and reads paper on it) "Seats made from owl leather"? "Interior wood paneling from the Amazon Rainforest"? Twelve gallons to the mile"? This car is an environmental nightmare!

    • (Jack comes downstairs and sees Danny and Sam kissing)
      Danny: I call that a fake-out make-out.
      Sam: (Nervously, while blushing) Yeah, I know.

    • Danny: (Looks at his suit, sees the new emblem) Did you do something to my suit?
      Sam: No, no, it's always been that way.

    • Mr. Lancer: War of the Worlds creature, get away from my youthful charges! (Starts hitting it over the head with a fire extinguisher, which has no effect whatsoever) Well, I tried. Run!

    • Tucker: (After Danny loses his memory, thus Tucker never meets Sam) Hi, I'm Tucker. Tucker Foley. That's T.F. As in "too fine."
      Sam: Oh, gross! Are you hitting on me?

    • Paulina: (To Danny, about her birthday) I really want that ghost boy to be there, and since the ghost boy seems to show up whenever you do, I figured I had no choice but to invite you and your loser friends.
      Tucker: Hey, we're right here, you know.
      Paulina: Yeah, I know.

    • Paulina: Danny, you never told me if you were coming to my quinceañera on Friday.
      Danny: That's because when you invited me, I thought you were joking.
      Tucker: And that you forgot to invite me.
      Sam: And remembered not to invite me.

    • (After the fake-out make-out between Danny & Sam)
      Jack: (To Danny) You're in a lot of trouble, mister, (To Sam) and who the heck are you?
      Sam: Uh... I'm Paulina?
      Jack: Then Danny Fenton is never, ever, allowed to see you, Paulina. (Sam smiles)

    • Paulina: (After Sam wears pink to get Danny's attention) She surrendered her individuality for a boy! I'm so proud of her!

    • Sam: (After Danny regains his ghost powers) All right, Danny... Do your thing, and remember, nobody make a wish...
      Danny: Okay. I'm going to become ghostly!
      Sam: It's "going ghost!"

    • Sam: Sorry about that stupid fight. Can we forget it ever happened?
      Danny: So you have wished it, so shall it be. (Both Sam & Danny blush)
      Tucker: Hey, I'm right here!

    • Paulina: This is, like, the worst birthday week ever!
      Danny: Well, let's see if we can't change that a little.
      Paulina: (After seeing Danny Phantom) And now it's not!

  • Notes

    • Femalien was the only one of the Trinity that Danny defeated. Also, she was the last ghost Danny defeated in his original look.

    • Apparently, Danny was originally scared of ghosts, but after getting his powers, he began to become more confident and brave.

    • Look Hard: At the end of the episode, when Danny, Sam and Tucker are watching everyone dance at Paulina's party, Tucker doesn't have a backpack on. When the next shot is shown of them viewed from the front, Tucker does have a backpack on.

    • Danny must be younger than Paulina because she turned 15 this episode and Danny hasn't had a birthday yet.

    • Cable Episode Info:
      After an arguement, Sam wishes she had never met Danny.

    • It is now confirmed that Danny uses his ghost powers to sneek into the girls locker room.

    • When Danny and Sam do the "fake-out make-out" in Danny's basement, the floating green stuff in the ghost portal forms a heart around them.

    • The following wishes were made in this episode:
      1) Sam- Someone would destroy trucks, something happen to Paulina (Unintentionally), that she never met Danny, that she and Danny never had fight, her, Danny, and Tucker remembering everything that happened, and his costume stayed the same.
      2) Mikey- That Dash and Kwan would see what bullying feels like.
      3) Tucker- For a Gi Normo 6000
      4) Unknown person- evil plants
      5) Several others that appeared in the background

    • Femalien and Terminetra were both destroyed, but Nightmerica was just trapped in the Fenton Thermos, so there may be a possibility of her returning in a future episode.

    • Sam's look that she used to get Danny's attention consisted of: Pink sweater, white skirt with pink polkadots, white boots with pink socks, a pink bow, pink lipstick, and pink blush on her cheeks.

    • Tucker's PDA states in this episode that the month in which the episode took place is March. However, in "Shades of Gray", the calender in Axion Labs said that the month was April. Since "Shades of Gray" took place before "Memory Blank", the two different months would mean that Danny has had his powers for a little over a year, even though Sam said he had only had them for a few months.

    • Apparently, if Sam was never in Danny's life, the Fenton Thermos would never have been invented.

    • Apparently, someone must have let Mr. Lancer out of the closet he was trapped in during the previous episode, "Control Freaks," since he's not in the closet in this episode.

    • Look Hard: The name of the store that the plastic cow was perched on is called, "Daisy's Dairy Diner."

    • After it was hinted in "Shades of Gray," it is confirmed that when Danny is in ghost mode, he automatically turns back into his human mode when he abruptly kisses somebody on the lips.

    • We can probably conclude that Paulina's birthday is in March, since when Tucker was looking at his PDA after the commercials, the next month shown was April. This episode took place in March.

    • Nathan (who does not officially "debut" until "Reign Storm") must have somehow been invited to Paulina's fifteenth birthday party, because he was there.

    • Apparently, Danny found Sam attractive when she wore colorful clothes.

    • Look Hard: In Sam's notebook, there is a drawing of Danny's emblem with other mediocre sketches of emblems. Evidently she must have been attempting to design him one for boredom's sake, since all but a few contain the initials 'D' and 'P'. The one she circles is the one she sticks to his then-white jumpsuit later in the episode, and the one he'll wear from this episode forth. He also mentions it once he regains his memories.

    • The way how Danny could not control his powers after going into the Fenton Portal again is very similar to the way how Danny could not control his invisibility and intangibility in "Mystery Meat."

    • Apparently, the ghost alarms that have been installed in Casper High in "The Million Dollar Ghost" are either malfunctioning or have been removed, since they did not go off when Femalien attacked, or when Desiree was in the building.

    • Like how the theme song portrays, Danny's ghost suit was originally white with the collar, hands, waist, and feet black, but when he went into the Fenton Portal and got ghost powers, everything that was black turned white and vice versa. The only thing that remained the same color was his eyebrows.

    • It is revealed that the Specter Deflector can deflect ghost magic, as well as ghosts and their attacks.

    • After it was hinted in "Lucky in Love," it is confirmed that Star is Paulina's satellite again, since she is sitting next to her at Nasty Burger.

    • This is the second time that Sam has worn colorful clothing. The first time was in the previous episode, "Control Freaks."

    • Evidently, if Danny has never gone into the Fenton Portal, it would never have been activated at all.

    • Despite what the theme song portrays, we learn that Tucker and Sam were in the lab when Danny obtained his ghost powers.

    • First aired September 21, 2005 on YTV.

    • Look Hard: When you see Danny zip up his jumpsuit before going into the Fenton Portal, you can see that he is not wearing his T-shirt. This explains why, during Danny's ghost mode, he's not wearing it.

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who does not officially debut until "Reign Storm") makes two cameos in this episode. The first one is when the camera focuses on Paulina's birthday party: Nathan can be seen in a light beige and green suit dancing with a girl in a pink dress. The second cameo is when the scene focuses on the partygoers making wishes after Danny fires a ghost ray from his rear: Nathan can be seen next to Valerie (who is in a strapless yellow dress).

    • Running Gags:
      1) Someone calling Sam nuts.
      2) Tucker shouting, "I'm/we're right here!"
      3) Paulina trys to invite Danny Phantom to her birthday during a battle with a ghost.

    • Apparently, Danny had the ability to shoot an ectoplasmic energy blast from the moment he became half-ghost, since he was able to use it in this episode, without properly training himself in using his powers.

    • According to Dash, he has set a new school record for shoving the most nerds into a single locker: four.

    • The Specter Deflector and the Jack-A-Nine-Tails (both from "Maternal Instinct") return.

    • This is the first time since "Public Enemies" that Danny has captured a ghost in the Fenton Thermos.

    • According to Tucker, if Danny never met Sam, they would both be free every night through college.

    • Dash reveals that if he could have one wish, he would wish for extra arms to catch more footballs and to beat up Danny.

    • The necklace that Paulina wears with her dress at her birthday party looks exactly like the Amulet of Eragon she wore in "Parental Bonding."

    • We learn that Paulina has a moped.

    • The pink dress that Paulina wears to her birthday party and the blue suit that Dash wears during the party are the same outfits that each of them wore to the dance in "Parental Bonding."

    • The picture of Danny, Sam, and Tucker from eighth grade in Danny's locker is different form the picture in "Lucky in Love." In "Lucky in Love," Danny was on the left, Tucker was in the middle, and Sam was on the right. However, in the picture in this episode, Danny was still on the left, but Sam is in the middle, and Tucker is on the right.

    • Apparently, Danny and Tucker must have deeply informed Sam about Desiree, since she was able to tell that the ghost in the school was Desiree and that she grants wishes, despite the fact that Sam never encountered Desiree at all in "What You Want."

    • Since Sam wore the Specter Deflector, Desiree's powers did not affect her in any way, which explains why she had the memories of her past ghostly adventures, the pictures of her, Tucker, and Danny, the Fenton Thermos, the Jack-A-Nine-Tails, and the Specter Deflector.

    • Apparently, Sam's absence in Danny's life has not prevented Danny and Tucker from becoming friends, so that must mean that Danny and Tucker were already friends when they met Sam.

    • In the flashback, Sam seemed very intrigued about the idea of a ghost portal, which proves Sam's claim in "Mystery Meat" that she used to be into ghosts until they became "so mainstream."

    • Apparently, Desiree can telepathically hear people's wishes, since she was able to grant the wishes that the people at Paulina's birthday party were making in their minds.

    • Apparently, Sam has a new purple backpack, since the one she had in "My Brother's Keeper" was light blue.

    • As shown in the theme song, Danny's ghost costume originally had a zipper, but when he got his ghost powers, the zipper seemed to have mysteriously vanished.

    • In this episode, Desiree's tagline was "So you've wished it, so shall it be," but in "What You Want," her main tagline was "Your heart's desire is my command." She did, however, say, "So you've wished it, so shall it be" once in "What You Want."

    • In this episode, Sam seemed very excited to see "Trinity of Doom," which was featuring the three biggest box office female movie monsters, Femalien, Terminatra, and Nightmerica battling each other in a big budget, special effects film, even though in "Fanning the Flames," Sam claimed that she has an utter disdain for anything popular and/or of corporate influence and in "Reign Storm," Sam also claimed that she is opposed to violence. However, "Trinity of Doom" seems like a violent, corporate influenced, horror movie.

    • Even though Paulina knows Danny Phantom as "Inviso-Bill," she prefers to call him "Ghost Boy" instead.

    • We learn that Mr. Lancer is also Danny's astronomy teacher, as well as his English and biology teacher.

    • Apparently, the Specter Deflector has an on/off button on it.

    • We learn that Paulina is Hispanic. Note her "quinceanera."

    • Apparently, Sam carries around a Fenton Thermos and a Jack-A-Nine-Tails in her backpack. She took them out of her backpack to fight Nightmerica.

    • Opener: Danny and Tucker are admiring new trucks and Sam hates the trucks for being hazardous to nature. Sam tells Danny he should get rid of them by using his ghost powers, but he refuses. Sam accidentally wishes a plastic cow to life by Desiree. It smashes one truck and covers Danny and Tucker in milk.

    • Apparently, Tucker finds Sam attractive, since he was hitting on her after Danny lost his memory, thus resulting in him forgetting this friendship with Sam (supposedly).

    • It is revealed that Danny's ghost costume originally had a picture of Jack on it. However, it was just a sticker and it was taken off before he went into the Fenton Portal and got ghost powers.

    • Apparently, Danny can shoot ectoplasmic energy beams from his rear.

    • A reference is made to "Mystery Meat" (after Danny phases into the floor while in Lancer's class, he says "Hey, why is there all this meat down here?").

    • When Sam took Tucker's hat and used it as a mask, it looked very similar to the mask of Valerie's ghost hunting costume.

    • This is the first episode in which Sam successfully fights a ghost on her own.

    • When Danny and Sam are engaged in the fake-out make-out in front of the Fenton Portal, the green wisps in the portal form into the shape of a heart.

    • Paulina is now 15 years old. Her 15th birthday takes place in this episode.

    • Sam still has that photo of Danny and Tucker hugging from "One of a Kind." You can see it in her photo album.

    • Danny and Sam have their second "fake-out make-out" in this episode. Their first was in "Shades of Gray." However, Danny started this one, and not Sam.

    • This is another episode regarding Sam and Danny's relationship. The others are "Shades of Gray," "Fanning the Flames," "Lucky in Love" (sort of), and "Control Freaks" (also sort of).

    • Danny's Memories: 1) Punching Skulker. 2) Punching Vlad. 3) Being held by the neck by Walker. 4) Chasing The Box Ghost. 5) Coming out of the girls locker room. 6) The Fenton Thermos. 7) Coming out of the girls locker room again.

    • Danny makes references to "Mystery Meat," "One of a Kind," and "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale" in this episode.

    • We learn that Desiree becomes more powerful when she grants people's wishes.

    • Danny now has an emblem in the shape of a "D" with a "P" inside of it on his ghost suit; Sam made it.

    • We learn how Danny became half-ghost in this episode.

    • Maddie and Jazz are absent in this episode.

    • Title Screen Caption: "The Episode You Won't Forget!"

    • No new named Fenton inventions were introduced in this episode.

    • Main Villain(s): Desiree.

  • Allusions

    • Title: Memory Blank
      The title of the episode, "Memory Blank" is referring to the memory bank in the human mind, which stores the majority of a person's memories.

    • Gi-Normo 6000: Appearance
      The Gi-Normo 6000 seems to be a parody of the Hummer, a very large SUV that gets only nine miles to the gallon.

    • Mr. Lancer: War of the Worlds creature, get away from my youthful charges!
      Lancer refers to the Femalien as a "War of the Worlds creature." War of the Worlds was originally a novel written by H.G. Wells in 1898 and it was about an invasion on Earth by another kind. It was made into a movie in 1953. Coincidentally, there was a remake of the movie released on June 29, 2005, just five days after this episode premiered. It starred Tom Cruise and was directed by Steven Spielberg.

    • Nightmerica: Appearance
      Obviously a parody of Freddy Krueger from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. She has long claws, a striped sweater, and a skin issue on her face, exactly like Krueger.

    • Femalien: Name & Appearance
      Femalien's name is obviously inspired by Alien from the Alien trilogy. However, her appearace was likely inspired by Predator from the Predator trilogy.

    • Terminatra: Name & Appearance
      An obvious parody of the Terminator from the Terminator movies.

    • Danny's Ghost Suit: Emblem
      The emblem on the chest is a common trademark of super heroes, such as the big "S" on Superman's chest, the bat on Batman's chest, the spider on Spider-Man's chest, etc.