Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 11


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jan 27, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Although Danny Phantom can perform extraordinary physical feats, Danny Fenton is still something of a weakling. For this reason, Dash is assigned as Danny’s “fitness buddy” to help him prepare for the Presidential Fitness Test at school. When Skulker appears at FentonWorks on his usual hunt, Danny Phantom, Dash, and Skulker are accidentally hit with Jack’s new “Fenton Crammer,” which shrinks them all to a half-inch tall! Worse yet, Danny’s ghost powers don’t work so well in his tiny form. Now, Danny and Dash must rely on each other’s brains and natural physical abilities to get to the FentonWorks Emergency Op-Center and reverse the shrink ray before Skulker and his brand new fully-powered ecto-skeleton catches up to them.moreless

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  • Danny is given the ultimate fitness test

    With powers, Danny is an quite effective foe and challenge for Skulker, but without them, he is pathetic and is struggling in physical education. As a result Ms. Tetslaff gives Danny a fitness buddy who is Dash the bully while Tucker gets Sam for one. Meanwhile Skulker upgrades his robotic suit and Danny's dad invents a shrinking device in order to shrink ghosts and short out their powers. Once Dash arrives to 'mentor' Danny, Skulker attacks causing Danny to raise an alarm alerting his dad who can't wait to try out his new weapon. Danny, Dash, and Skulker all shrunk down to no more than an inch high. Not only that, his powers are shorted out and he's reverting back to his human self. However Skulker's suit functions well. Danny must race against the clock with Dash aiding him and trick Skulker when he can and prevent Dash from finding out his secret. Meanwhile Sam entices Tucker to exercise by having the latest and greatest tech device yet just outside of Tucker's reach.moreless
  • wow. more than I expected, eh?

    I was thinking it was gonna be all boring, like any other episode or TV show, but I was so wrong! This is the best season 2 episode so far - it shows that Dash thinks that Danny Phantom is cool to be around, minus Skulker constantly hunting DP down, and that Danny can actually learn from his ghost-dodging-and-running-and-fighting techniques! Plus, it also shows that Dash is stupider than we thought he was, and that Tucker would do anything for a good, new, virus-free PDA. Pretty good episode, I'd say. This is a good episode for good first impressions. I love it!moreless
  • Dannys dad invents a new ghost shrinker, and Danny, Skulker and DASH get shrank down and Danny and Dash have to team up in order to survive Skulker. But, as they get though the course thats Dannys house, Danny PHANTOM starts turning into Danny FENTON.moreless

    O.K. That was a pretty good episode. But, it seems to be old somehow. It was a AWESOME episode, but it got boring too quick. Normally, a Danny Phantom episode has to be watched by me like, 7 or 8 times to get boring on me! Like take Phantom Planet for example, I Tivo'ed it and watched like 3 times in a row the first morning! Not to mention rewinding the kiss scene. I wish Micro-Management was as interesting as that. But, things that are the same get too old too quick. But, this is a great episode, but not may favorite.moreless
  • Danny and Dash get shrunken down.

    This was an awesome episode! The animation was phantastic and it was all SO adventurous! I loved how Danny was willing to save Dash despite everything- Danny's the kind of hero who gives everyone a second chance instead of picking and chosing who he saves. I liked the

    "I couldn't have wished for a better fitness buddy. Maybe you're not so bad after all."

    "Thanks! Hey, what do you say we stick around here...and stuff Fenton's head in the toliet? Just for giggles? *laughs* "

    Danny: *Shrinks him*

    Dash: Noo! I don't do puny!

    LOL. I didn't like the idea of Sam being able to do things Danny/Tucker couldn't (at least at the beginning) since there's more than enough girl power in the series. But awesome ep, anyway! :) I loved how Dash showed respect and admiration towards Danny Phantom, too.moreless
  • I really loved this episode and it's one of my favorites.

    Micro Management is an amazing episode of Danny Phantom. I only saw it once and it was excellent. Although I haven't seen the first 5 minutes, I loved the rest. In this episode, Danny and Dash must be fitness partners. Danny, Dash, and Skulker become very small and have many adventures. Danny is Danny Phantom when they are shrunk, and Dash doesn't know about Danny's secret identity. Sam and Tucker become fitness partners, and Sam is coaching Tucker on making him improve in fitness. Later on in the episode, Danny and Dash become regular sized and Skulker stays micro small.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • In the episode "The Million Dollar Ghost," Sam could barely bike and said she hated exercise. Now she is one of the most fit people and doesn't mind exercise.

    • When Skulker is sucked into the Fenton Thermos in the beginning, his suit would definitely not fit.

    • If Dash has GPA of a D-, why is he on the football team? Normally, sports teams have strict guidlines of how bad someone's grades can be and still be on a team.

    • While running a mile in four minutes may be required to pass the Presidential Fitness Test, it is unlikely that a person would fail a high school gym class for not doing so.

    • When Danny and Dash are on the golf course, Danny was able to feel the fake grass. But he was wearing gloves that cover up all of his skin, so how could he tell by feeling the fake grass?

      Reply: People can feel things even if they're wearing clothes. He also could have seen the fake grass and then figure out where he was.

    • Dash and Danny's size change constantly throughout the episode. In one scene, they're half the size of a mouse, and in another scene, they're a lot smaller than a drop of sweat. Skulker's size also changes.

    • When Jack first opens the pizza, it's pepperoni and mushroom, yet when Danny and Dash are on the table at the end of the episode, it's only pepperoni.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Danny's flying and suddenly loses altitude and crashes
      Danny: That's never happened before... must've been the wind shear.
      Later, when he can't phase through a wall
      Danny: Okay... can't blame the wind this time. Something's wrong.

    • Skulker: (After climbing up the pizza to reach Danny and Dash; as Dash is
      "uncramming" Danny)
      You can't escape me, I'm faster than you! I'm stronger than you! (About to reach Danny) And you're weak, weak!
      (Dash pushes the trigger and Danny becomes big again; Danny transforms into Danny Phantom)
      Danny: (To Skulker, who is still small) Actually, I'm a lot stronger than I thought. (Picks up Skulker; flicks him into the freezer as he screams; closes the freezer door shut)

    • Danny: (Outside; trying to get away from Dash when Skulker attacked) Ahh! Ghost! Run! Run, it's a ghost! (Starts running)
      Jack: (In the Op-Center; about to eat a slice of pizza; hears Danny screaming) Sounds like Danny's in mortal danger from some ghost. (Slams down pizza) Cool! (Piicks up the Fenton Crammer) I get to play with my new weapon! I mean, uh... save Danny.

    • Dash: I'm puny…NO! I DON'T DO PUNY!!!

    • Gym Teacher: Mr. Baxter, you're going to help get Danny in shape.
      Dash: Cool. Is broken in half considered a shape?

    • Tucker: (After leaving the Amity Park Recreation First Aid department with his arms bandaged up) I can't believe I got pecked out by a bird, but at least I got my PDA. (It breaks in half) It's... fake?
      Sam: But you have to admit, it was a great way to get you into shape.
      Tucker: I guess so, but since my hands are all bandaged, I'm probably gonna need help going to the bathroom.
      Sam: Taxi!

    • Dash: (After himself and Danny find themselves in the middle of Jack's golf game) Where do we hide?!
      Danny: Have you ever seen him play golf? The only safe place is the hole!
      (They start running while Jack starts crazily hitting the golf balls; Dash starts to climb inside the hole and Danny lets go of him when his costume starts to change; they both fall in and watch the golf balls pass by)
      Dash: Man, is everybody in this family bad at sports? (Danny stares at him angrily)

    • Danny: (After half of his hair turns black) Oh, man. I'm one makeover away from blowing my secret identity! Good thing Dash is a total moron.

    • Dash: (After Danny's shirt turns into a T-shirt) How many costume changes are you going to go through? What is this, Vegas?

    • Mrs. Tetslaff: (After Danny and Tucker finish the Presidential Fitness Test) Well, it's not record time, but, it's good enough to pass.
      Danny & Tucker: (Sweating and exhausted) Thanks!
      Mrs. Tetslaff: Not you two, (To Sam and Dash) you two! Good job whippin' these whimps into shape. (Gives them medals as Danny and Tucker stare in shock)
      Dash: You do realize this is the last thing we'll ever do together?
      Sam: Count on it. Does this thing come in black?

    • (After finishing the fitness test, both Danny and Tucker are sweating and exhausted)
      Danny: Well, ghost beaten.
      Tucker: Test passed.
      Danny: And, self-worth restored. Ready?
      Tucker: Yeah.
      (They both collaspe from exhaustion)

    • (After Danny passes the Presidential Fitness Test)
      Jack: I'm so proud. Our boy finally has the physical prowess of a sixty-year old president. Here's to you, son! (Lifts his cup of root beer)
      Maddie: Here, Jack, let me freshen up that root beer. (Takes a scoop of ice and puts it in the root beer; one of the ice cubes has a shrunken Skulker in it)
      Skulker: (As he is about to be drunk by Jack) Ahhhhh!!

    • Danny: (After temporarily defeating Skulker) We have to move.
      Dash: Danny Phantom. If I weren't so terrified, this would be really cool!
      Danny: Uh, thanks.

    • Dash: (After he and Danny enter the mouse hole) What kind of mouse hole is this? Where's the matchbox sofa and the coffee table made from a spool of thread?
      Danny: You watch way too many cartoons.

    • Dash: (As they are running to a mouse hole and being chased by Skulker) Fly!
      Danny: I can't!
      Dash: What?!
      Danny: Just... run, it's good for your heart.

    • Skulker: (Getting hit with giant potato chips) Lime and vinegar?! Who eats those?! (Danny pushes bag onto him) Oh, for crying out loud! (Bag goes over Skulker) AHHHHHHH!

    • (Danny Phantom is slowly changing back to Danny Fenton; his pants change into jeans)
      Danny: (Whispering to himself) Oh, great. I'm losing so much power I'm reverting back to --
      Dash: Hey, what's with your pants?
      Danny: (Nervously) Uh, it's... casual... Friday?
      Dash: (Scratching his head) Today's Tuesday.

    • Danny: (Referring to the Presidential Fitness Test; blasts Skulker) Let's see the president do that!

    • (Sam is helping Tucker get into shape by making him jump to get a new PDA)
      Tucker: (Tired) You... can't... make me do this forever, you know?
      Sam: I don't need to make you do anything, you're making yourself! You want this, don't ya? Don't ya?!
      Tucker: Yes, yes, YES!
      Sam: Then jump, geek boy, jump!
      (Tucker continues jumping to try to get the PDA)

    • Danny: (As Skulker is closing in on them; while they are trying to enter FentonWorks) He's closing in. We've gotta find another entrance!
      Dash: Over there, there's a mouse hole.
      Danny: We have mice?

    • Danny: (As Skulker and a mouse are closing in on him) Get back! (Tries to make an ecto-blast, but fails) Oh, man, that shrink ray must've shorted out my powers.
      Skulker: Maybe you need to rely on your "natural abilities."
      Danny: Will you just, let it go?! (His powers completely short out)

    • (Outside FentonWorks)
      Sam: (With her boot on Tucker's back while he does push-ups) Come on, Foley. Keep going.
      Tucker: (Falls) I can't! Your boot weighs a ton! How 'bout a hand, Danny? (Danny applauds him) Oh, you're hilarious.
      Danny: Hey, when you got super powers, you can afford to be. Besides, why should I care about some stupid fitness test?
      Dash: (Comes out of nowhere) Because if you fail, I fail!
      Tucker: (Getting up) And if he fails at gym, that would blemish his stellar "D"-minus GPA.
      (Dash jumps over the fence and pushes Tucker to the ground)
      Danny: (On the ground; to Tucker) You don't have super powers, you don't get to be hilarious.

  • NOTES (38)

    • Title Picture: Shrunken Danny and Dash are being chased through the grass by Skulker on his mouse.

    • We learn that Danny likes lime and vinegar chips, because they were seen opened on his desk.

    • Look hard: Notice that when Tucker & Sam leave the recreation center, the skin color of Sam's face changes to a brown tint-ish color.

    • It is revealed in this episode that Dash still watches cartoons. To Danny, he watches too much.

    • Apparently, Skulker hates lime-and- vinegar flavored potato chips

    • Danny lost his ability to go intangible, so how could he overshadow the mouse?

    • We learn that Dash thinks Danny Phantom is cool.

    • This is the only episode so far where Skulker has his upgraded ecto-skeleton.

    • First time we see the Fentons' backyard, which has nothing but grass and a dumpster.

    • Insight Digital Description: Danny's ghostly ablities are diminished when Jack's latest creation shrinks the teen to a half- inch tall. Worse yet, the evil skulker's powers are not negatively affected - - - even though he has been reduced in size, too.

    • Second episode in a row where Danny rapidly fires ecto-blasts at an opponent, destroying parts of their body, but leaving the torso and head.

    • We learned that when Jack names his inventons, he tries to give them names that don't describe what they do, because when Maddie asked him why he didn't name the Fenton Crammer the Spector Shrinker, he replied
      "That's what the ghosts would expect you call it."

    • In this episode, the kids of Casper High have gym clothes with the letters "CH" on them. This likely stands for Casper High.

    • It is revealed that Dash screams like a little girl.

    • As it was hinted by Mr. Lancer in 'Teacher of the Year' and Vlad in 'Maternal Instinct', Danny is bad at math.("I dunno, dude, I'm not that good at math..."

    • Opener: Danny and Tucker are struggling running a four minute mile for the upcoming Presidential Fitness Test, and Sam comes along to show off her athletic abilities and gloats. Danny states that he doesn't care about passing the test since he has super powers, and out of nowhere, Skulker blasts them. Danny manages to easily defeat him and tells him to try and rely on his natural abilities. Tucker brings over the Fenton Thermos and Sam uses it to send Skulker back to the Ghost Zone. After that, they end up working out in the gym, where Danny struggles doing pull-ups and claims he liked fighting Skulker better.

    • According to Tucker, Dash has a Grade Point Average (GPA) of a D-.

    • This episode marks the second time that Jazz has been seen without her headband. The first was "The Ultimate Enemy." This also marks the first time she has been seen wearing a ponytail.

    • Jack apparently made a virtual reality set that is used to practice ghost hunting. Jazz uses it to do cardio exercises in this episode.

    • Dash shows digust when Skulker proclaims his plans to hunt down Danny and turn his lifeless head into a trophy, similar to what Sam did in "One of a Kind."

    • This episode marks the first time that Skulker is trapped in the Fenton Thermos while still being in his ecto-skeleton.

    • Danny doesn't trap a ghost in the thermos, but Sam does.

    • Apparently, the Fenton Thermos can trap ghost armor since it was able to trap Skulker in his ecto-skeleton.

    • After being hinted in "Teacher of the Year," it is confimred that Sam is more atheletic than Danny or Tucker.

    • Skulker's new ecto-skeleton includes the following:
      1) New armor and goggles.
      2) Two retractable claws on both hands.
      3) New rocket launcher with new missiles.
      4) Laser ray.
      5) Ecto-seekers.
      6) New wings and jet boosters.
      7) Swords with his face on the handles.

    • As Danny Phantom's power diminishes, the following are seen:
      1) Danny Phantom with Danny Fenton's shoes.
      2) Danny Phantom with Danny Fenton's shoes and jeans.
      3) Danny Phantom with Danny Fenton's shoes, jeans, and a T-shirt of Danny Phantom's costume with his emblem on it.
      4) Danny Phantom with Danny Fenton's shoes, jeans, a T-shirt of Danny Phantom's costume with his emblem on it, and black hair on the back of his head.
      5) All of Danny Fenton except green eyes, instead of blue.
      6) All Danny Fenton.

    • It is revealed that Jack has an indoor golf course and he is bad at golf.

    • It is revealed that Danny can overshadow animals. He was able to overshadow a mouse and even talk while in its body.

    • Danny's powers went away in the following order:
      1) Flight
      2) Super strength.
      3) Intangibility.
      4) Ectoplasmic blasts.
      5) Overshadowing.
      6) Ghost form.

    • This episode marks the third and fourth time that Skulker has fought an animal (the bird and rat). The first two were the tiger and Sampson/Delilah in "One of a Kind."

    • Sam is more physically fit than both Danny and Tucker.

    • Paulina and Mr. Lancer are absent in this episode.

    • Running gags:
      1) Sam torturing Tucker by making him try to get a PDA
      2) Someone saying to somebody that they should rely on their natural abilities
      3) Dash saying he doesn't do puny
      4) Danny's appearance changing then he makes up an excuse to Dash

    • Title Screen Caption: "Small In Size: Large In Terror!"

    • Skulker had an upgrade.

    • Apperantly, Casper High's gym clothes has a C and H, which stand for Casper High.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Crammer.

    • Main Villain(s): Skulker.


    • Presidential Fitness Test: Name and Appearance
      The fitness test in this episode is actually a test taken in all grades of P.E. at the end of the year to test a student's physical abilty and to make sure they're up to standards. There are three rankings in the test (from lowest to highest): Average, National, and Presidential. To achieve a Presidental, you must get the top score on all your tests, one "National" score and you get a National passing grade, more than one National and you get an Average score.

    • Dash: (After he and Danny enter the mouse hole) What kind of mouse hole is this? Where's the matchbox sofa and the coffee table made from a spool of thread?
      Dash is making a reference to Tom and Jerry, a classic cartoon about the rivalry of a cat and mouse. Jerry, the mouse, had a mouse hole with a matchbox sofa and coffe table made from a spool of thread.

    • Danny, Dash, & Skulker: (Shrunken)
      This episode has many references to the 1989 movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, including Danny and Dash traveling through the grass, and Skulker about to be eaten by Jack.

    • Skulker: Appearance
      Skulker's new ecto-skeleton has a skull on it that looks a lot like the skull logo that is seen on the shirt of the Marvel Comics character, The Punisher.

    • Skulker: Appearance
      The retractable claws on Skulker's new battle suit are similar to the claws of X-23, a Marvel comic character. She is the female clone of X-Men's Wolverine.