Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 9

My Brother's Keeper

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 25, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Noticing a change in little bro Danny since the accident in the lab, Jazz mistakes his ghost hunting for depression and signs him up for therapy with Penelope Spectra, not knowing that Spectra is a ghost who feeds off teen misery!

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  • One of the best episodes

    Jazz notices Danny really isn't himself lately since the incident. Still she takes time to get to the bottom of it and discovers his secret. Meanwhile a new school psychologist (who really is a ghost and so is her assistant) comes during the centennial celebration not to promote the prep but suck it out of the students as well as other students since misery makes her younger, prettier, and perhaps more powerful. Plus the two ghosts have some very sinister plans. Jazz manages to pull Danny out of his negativity and he's able to beat Spectra and Bertrand and save Jazz as well. The student body is freed from their gloom and Danny's confidence is restored.

    This is one of the more touching episodes with real character development and depth. I really loved how it ended when Jazz figures that Danny will tell her once he's ready. She then becomes his secret helper/sidekick.

  • That episode's ending was so sentimental and beatufiul

    I have started to watch danny phantom on my I-touch and I think my brother's keeper is the best danny phantom episode ever.It deals with the brother/sister relationship between danny and jazz fenton and I like the fact she finally finds out his secret identity but decides not to expose it by saying "he can tell me when he's ready." And I would personelly like to thank butch hartman for doing this wonderful episode. Also I hope that danny phantom will be revived for a fourth season in the future. But in the mean time lets handle the new Fairly odd parents season.moreless
  • Good brotherhood

    This is my favarite episode of danny Phantom Went new doctor is in the school oll the student get depresion and danny is allways introbles his sister jazz gieve him some visit with that doc and now he feel bad for everithing because the doc aeting of the feelling and emotions of danny and all the school only to and look youth and sexy .Went the friend of the doc trasfome in a best and bigun to attack the school danny transfome but jazz was waching it .went the doc is going to drink all the feeling and emotions of the school and danny is tramped in a bad situation jazz come to the rescute and free him she kil tha thing an cath it.

    It was funny went jazz look danny and scream and run aout of the room but she told him that is better that he get out.other thing viva PANAMA and Latinoamerica.moreless
  • Jazz found out Danny's secret! YES!

    I found this to be a terrific episode because Jazz's discovery added a new depth to her and was a major turning point in the storyline. This episode had AWESOME animation in the scene where Danny saves Jazz as well as a wonderful idea! I loved how the scene was slowed down because it made everything more dramatic! It also helped my learn a lot more about the characters- what their fears were and what ticks them off! Danny beating Bertrind was awesome- especially the "Do...not...call...me...a LOSER!" part! I loved how Danny saved Jazz's life and how proud she was of him! The final scene where she smiles and watches him soar across the sky was one of the bests in the series! And this episode also showed that no matter how dark any given situation seems, there will always be a brighter day! Two thumbs up!moreless
  • Terrific!

    My Brother's Keeper is a terrific Danny Phantom episode. It was really really good. So far, it's one of my favorite episodes of Danny Phantom. In this episode, Jazz thinks Danny is acting strange and it's not like him. He's not being too friendly. So she asks the therapist to see Danny. Unfortunately, she's a ghost. Danny doesn't know that quite yet. He finds out later in the episode. Also, Jazz finds out that Danny isn't only a teen, he is also a ghost. So overall, My Brother's Keeper was a very great episode of Danny Phantom and it was awesome!moreless
Dat Phan

Dat Phan


Guest Star

Jim Ward

Jim Ward


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Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Penelope Spectra

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Valerie/Kid #1

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Sam's ice cream was actually a soy cube.

    • When Danny and Bertrand (hornet form) are outside fighting, after Bertand rips through Danny's suit, the next scene that shows Danny's arm that was ripped through is suddenly intact.

    • Danny's ghost sense goes off when he is near a ghost, so when Spectra came out of the room to get Danny, wouldn't his ghost sense go off?

    • In the scene were Spectra and Bertrand are discussing what they will do after they destroy Jazz, when Bertrand is zapped by Danny's ectoplasmic blast and Spectra gasps, she has pupils.

    • When Jack uses the Fenton Ghost Peeler for the first time, he lands on and destroys the blue round table in the kitchen, but in the scene where Danny is twisting his fork on his plate of food, the table he is sitting at is the same blue round table that Jack destroyed.

    • When Tucker says, "It's not what you think, Jazz!," Sam shoves Tucker's pink ice cream into his mouth, but when Jazz says, "I've got to work on my Spirit Week speech," the ice cream is gone and there aren't any visible stains to indicate that he ate it.

    • When Spectra drags Danny into the storage closet, she has her hands on his head. When they show a close up of his head, the hands are gone, but Danny still moves as if they are there.

    • At the scene with the fire alarm (when they were all wet and outside of the school) Tucker's skin color is very dark at the first screen shot, when it goes back to the shot, his skin color is back to normal.

    • When Spectra grabbed Danny, she knocked the Fenton Thermos out of her hand. However, in the next scene, it was attached to his back.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Danny: Great. He got away again. Another ringing endorsement for the town screw-up.

    • (After Jazz leaves room)
      Danny: Phew! (Turns and accidently walks into pile of boxes)
      Danny: Oh, ah, right. (Turns invisible, flies out roof)

    • Jazz: It's Jazz, my friends call me Jazz.
      Danny:: Yeah, but your brother calls you fink!
      Jazz: Danny, I'm just trying to help. Come on, we used to talk all the time.
      Danny: Yeah, when I was eight and you weren't a fink!

    • Dash: (Glumly) Another day, another twenty-four hours closer to a career of pumping gas.
      Kwan: At least you'll have a job. Apparently, I'm gonna end up a hobo. I didn't even know they had hobos anymore!

    • (After Spectra grabs Danny)
      Danny: Let go of me!
      Spectra: Why would I do that? Your doubts, your misery, it's delicious! And the best part is, after that silly speech is over, and the last domino falls, and the sparklers vaporize the speaker, we'll leave you here to take the blame! And by the time I'm done with you, you'll be sure it was all your fault!
      Danny: Man, I'm so tired of you dumping on me, and I'm so tired of dumping on myself. Jazz never did that, even when I was mad at her, and I won't let her DOWN!
      (Blasts Spectra and becomes free)

    • Bertrand: Oh, look, the little loser ghost has a few baby helpers!
      (Danny's eyes snap open wide)
      Danny: (Angry) Do... not... call... me... a LOSER!
      (Shoves Bertrand off of him and slams him into a wall, fires a powerful energy blast; Bertrand dodges it before it hits him and looks around)
      Bertrand: Well, that's enough destruction for one afternoon... (Transforms back to normal and flies through the roof) Ta!

    • Danny: Gotta keep Jazz busy.
      (Stands up)
      Danny: Yeah, well if you're going to take her side you can hang with her too, here take my seat, you've already taken my friends.

    • (Cheerleaders cheer with extreme disinterest)
      Mr. Lancer: What's the matter with you people... ? (Takes two pom-poms; cheering) We've got the spirit, yes we do! We've got the spirit, how 'bout you?!
      Jazz: Okay...

    • Jazz: Danny, I know you think I'm pushy, and I'm a know-it-all. I know you think I can be a jerk sometimes.
      (Danny smiles slyly)
      Jazz: You know, you can stop me at any time.
      Danny: I know.

    • Spectra: (As Fenton Peeler is peeling her apart) AAAHHHH!!!
      Danny: Talk about having nothing within.

    • Danny: (Pointing out Jazz) What the heck is she so happy about?
      Sam: Don't ask me. I'm usually the sour one around here, but compared to everyone else, I'm the Goth bird of happiness.

    • Tucker: Jazz, we're Danny's friends. That means we keep his secrets from you.
      (Jazz hands Tucker a twenty dollar bill) Although... (Sam takes the bill and gives it back to Jazz)

    • Mr. Lancer: (To Jazz) Everybody's mood has been lifted as if some gloomy malevolence has been shooed away. Your disappearing act worked marvelously. They've got their spirit back.
      Jazz: They're not the only ones Mr. Lancer, they're not the only ones. (Cut to Danny flying through the midnight sky in ghost form, while Jazz looks on)

    • Jazz: (After using the Fenton Peeler to defeat Penelope Spectra) Hey, it worked! (Pause) But it's still weird.

    • (Jazz kisses Danny's head, Danny smiles)
      Danny: Eww... gross!

    • Paulina: (To old lady) Do you mind? You're, like, the second old woman to hover me today, and I'm so not in the mood.

    • Jazz: Well, you leave me no choice. Mom, Dad, can I talk to you about Danny?
      Danny: What?! Jazz, no!
      Maddie: Is there something wrong with Danny?
      Jack: Is there a ghost involved?
      Maddie: Is there something you want to talk about?
      Jack: That involves ghosts?

    • Jazz: Each of which will fall into the next and finally trigger the spirit sparklers!
      (Mr. Lancer looks around at the glum kids)
      Mr. Lancer: WA-HOO!
      (Pushes dominoes after nobody cheers)

    • Kid: (To Jazz) A freakishly large hornet! Ahh! (Jumps into a locker, his leg sticks out) Ow! My leg!!

    • Tucker: I hate my life.
      Sam: I hate your life more.

    • Jazz: Still mad?
      Danny: (Sarcastically) Wow, you are the smart one.

    • Spectra: What are you... ? A ghost trying to fit in with humans, or some creepy little boy with creepy little powers?
      Danny: Both... neither... I DON'T KNOW!!

  • NOTES (40)

    • Title Image: Danny and Jazz are being held by Spectra from puppet strings.

    • Look Hard: When Spectra comes out of her office with Paulina, Danny is sitting under a sign that reads: "Happy Chair!"

    • Apparently, Bertrand can't fly in his panther form since he had to turn back into the Blob form before he could fly out of the Pharmacy.

    • Apparently, Danny isn't affected by objects like chairs since Bertrand threw a chair into him so hard it broke and Danny didn't even flinch.

    • Insight Digital Description: Jazz thinks Danny is depressed so she signs him up for some therapy.

    • Bertrand transformed into the following things in this episode (not counting his human-looking ghost form):
      1) Green blob-like creature.
      2) Giant green hornet.
      3) Green panther.
      4) Green ninja.

    • Running Gags: 1) Jack accidentally destroying things with the Fenton Peeler. 2) Jazz saying that something is weird. 3) Danny walking into something and banging his head.

    • This is the second time that we see Danny shivering when his ghost sense goes off, the first time was in "One of a Kind."

    • Apparently, Danny can fuse his anger into his ecto-blasts, making them much stronger.

    • Look Hard: Star (who plays a much larger role and officially "debuts" in "Lucky in Love") makes two cameos in this episode. The first one is in Tucker's PDA, during the scene where Danny explains that his visible breath is actually his ghost sense, Star is one of those kids that are laughing at him in the background. The second one is during the scene where the camera focuses on the crowd of miserable kids after Lancer does his cheer: Star is seen sitting on the right of an African-American boy with a green hat and red sweatshirt, while Nathan is on the left of him.

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who plays a much larger role and officially "debuts" in "Reign Storm") makes three short cameos in this episode. The first one is at "Elmers Pharmacy" where Danny runs away from Jazz toward the "Employees Only" door: he can be seen on the left reading a pink covered magazine. The second one is in the scene where the camera focuses on the crowd of miserable kids sitting in the bleachers, after Mr. Lancer does his cheer: Nathan is seen sitting on the left of an African-American boy with a green hat and red sweatshirt, while Star is on the right of him. The third one is in the scene where all the kids are chanting Jazz's name, when the camera focuses on the first crowd of kids, Nathan can be seen.

    • After it was hinted in the previous episode, "Prisoners of Love," it is confirmed that there are some ghosts that can take on a human appearance.

    • It is revealed that the Fenton Thermos can be charged.

    • Maddie wears her jumpsuit hood throughout the entire episode.

    • It is finally mentioned that Jazz is one Casper High's "best and brightest."

    • This is the first time we see Sam with her backpack, and it's light blue.

    • Look Hard: The place that Danny, Tucker, and Sam were eating ice cream at is called "Elmers Pharmacy."

    • This is the first time that Jazz is made intangible by a ghost.

    • In actuality, Spectra is a really old woman with gray skin and white hair.

    • Jazz was the only kid in the entire school that was not miserable.

    • In Mr. Lancer's picture of himself in high school, his hairstyle (the mullet and with his black hair going far down to his neck) is exactly the same hairstyle that Jack had when he was in college.

    • Apparently, Danny can "go ghost" again while he is in ghost mode. He used the transformation rings as some sort of attack against Spectra to make her let go of him.

    • Opener: Mr. Lancer is jumping on a trampoline, happy about Spirit Week. Jazz starts to talk to him about Danny and how concerned she is with the change in his behavior. Inside the school, Danny is fighting Bertrand in Penelope Spectra's office. After a short battle and wrecking the office, Bertrand flies away and Danny changes back. He is then caught in the mess by Mr. Lancer and Jazz.

    • This is the first episode in which Mr. Lancer appears in the opener.

    • This is the first time that Jazz appears in an episode title screen.

    • This is the first time in the series that Jazz has conversed with Tucker and Sam.

    • According to Jazz, Danny does not have any friends besides Sam and Tucker and absolutely no extracurricular activities (except for ghost hunting).

    • According to Jazz, Danny and Jazz used to talk all the time, when he was eight years old.

    • It is revealed that Jazz knows about the accident in her parent's lab, but she does not know that it was that accident that resulted in Danny having ghost powers.

    • Spectra is the second ghost in the series that wears sunglasses. The first was Technus in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale."

    • This episode shows the 100th anniversary of Casper High Spirit Week, meaning Casper High must have been around for over 100 years.

    • These are the following psychological problems of the kids at Casper High:
      Danny - Fear of people thinking he is a loser.
      Dash - Fear of working at a gas station after high school.
      Kwan - Fear of being old, broke, and alone.
      Paulina - Fear of being imperfect, especially with her skin.
      Valerie - Worries too much about material possessions.

    • This is the first episode in which Jazz successfully fights a ghost on her own.

    • First aired November 12th, 2004 on YTV.

    • We learn that Mr. Lancer used to be a cheerleader when he went to Casper High.

    • Jazz finds out that Danny is a ghost and that Sam and Tucker already know, although she doesn't tell Danny or anyone else that she knows.

    • Title Screen Caption: "Presented In Phantomation."

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Ghost Peeler.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s): Penelope Spectra - Penelope Spectra picks away at teen misery to keep herself looking young. Bertrand - Bertrand is Spectra's assistant. While Spectra picks away at the fears, doubts, and misery of teenagers, Bertrand is the one that feeds on it. Bertrand has the power to transform into any shape or size.

    • Main Villain(s): Penelope Spectra & Bertrand.


    • Episode Title: My Brother's Keeper
      This title could be a parody of the novel title My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.

    • Bertrand: Blob form
      Bertrand's blob form looks and acts similar to Slimer from "The Ghost Busters", except Slimer has no powers other than being able to fly and phase through walls.

    • Bertrand: Turns into green animals.
      The way Bertrand can turn into any animal and they are all green could be a reference to Beast Boy from Teen Titans who also morphs into animals that are all green.

    • Jazz: (Discovers Danny's secret)
      The way how Jazz found out that Danny was half ghost is very similar to how Mary Jane discovered that Peter Parker was Spider-Man in the comic books. After seeing Peter go into his house, then saw Spider-Man swing out from his bedroom window. MJ, like Jazz, did not tell Peter or anybody else about her knowledge of Spider-Man's real identity and constantly hinted that she knew, usually by suddenly stating that she must leave whenever she is near Peter and trouble is happening, so he could privately turn into Spider-Man and by making excuses for Peter to anybody who perceived something suspicious in Peter's behavior. In addition, Peter, like Danny, sometimes noticed odd things in Mary Jane's/Jazz's behavior but never suspected that she knew. Eventually, Peter did discover that MJ knew his secret, but wanted him to tell her on his own. So, like Jazz and Danny, Peter's secret suddenly became Peter and MJ's secret.

    • Episode Title: My Brother's Keeper
      The title is likely a reference to the Biblical story of Cain and Abel. After Cain murders Abel, God asks where Abel has gone. Cain replies, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

    • Bertrand: (Fires a ghost ray at Danny)
      The way Bertrand blasted Danny with a ghost ray looked a lot like how Goku from the three Dragonball series fires a Kamehameha Wave.

    • Danny: (Sucks Bertrand into Fenton Thermos)
      The scene where Bertrand turns into a ninja and does several fancy moves to which Danny responds by simply sucking him into the Fenton Thermos is a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark, where Indiana Jones disposed of an opponent in the same way.