Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 1

Mystery Meat

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 03, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Danny's new ghost powers are put to the test when the school cafeteria's all-vegetarian menu arouses the ire of the ghostly Lunch Lady, a 50-feet shambling pile of mystery meat who seeks revenge and a return to high-cholesterol diets. It's up to Danny to push her back in the fridge where she belongs.moreless

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  • Here's were it all starts

    An overall decent start for an incredible series. It introduces several major characters that will play a major role in the series. It shows Danny just starting to get used to his new powers and starting to fight ill mannered ghosts. Not to mention how wacky his parents are and how his older sister is trying to defend him from that. It could have been better but it's good enough.
  • eh ... great storyline? i think not. I'd say good storyline.

    Not the best episode to start off a show, but not "Boooo!" bad. Ok this episode just basically tells u about the characters.

    Danny Fenton / Phantom : He's the main character, and has superpowers. He's been clueless of the crush that one of his friends has on him until the the end of the last season.

    Sam Manson : Danny's best friend, a goth girl thats a ultra recyclo vegetarian ( doesn't eat meat, eats crap that looks like garbage.) ... She's the one that has a crush on Danny.

    Tucker Foley : Danny's technology loving friend. He LOOOOVES meat. he's probably never had a vegetable until the episode Infinite Realms.

    Jazz Fenton : Danny's often snobby sister. learned his secret identity in the second season.

    Jack and Maddie Fenton : Danny's crazy ghost hunting parents. learned that Danny was the ghost they've wanted to rip apart molecule by molecule in the finale.

    Paulina : The popular girl, Danny and Tucker were "Goo goo" over her. Sam hates her and often dubs her "Shallow".moreless
  • On trying to figure out his new ghost powers, Danny and his friend are faced with their first ghostly foe, the LUNCH LADY!

    A great start to a truely classic show. Danny and his friends face the menacing lunch lady as she is not impressed with the menu change. Though maybe not the best Danny Phantom episode, Mystery Meat successfully introduces the viewer to the main situation: Danny recently gaining ghost powers and his lack of control over them, his ghost obsessed parents, his know it all sister, his faithful friends and his life at Casper High with his lack of good grades and bullies. It also introduces us to the main characters personalities. Great comedy, keeps you smiling the whole way through!moreless
  • Good starter episode!

    I think this was a good starter episode. it shows how danny didn't really like his powers then liked them and new what he was to do. this episode has good examples of how danny couldnt really control his powers.

    we need to thank sam in this episode because sam convinced danny to like his powers. if it wasnt for her, well, danny just mite not like his super.

    i thought this was a really funny episode and theres nuthing really more i can think of to say...its just awesomemoreless
  • Not the best way to start a show

    Danny Phantom,

    Mystery Meat,

    In the opener we learn that danny has ghost powers. And doesnt know how to use them very well. His two friends Sam and Tucker at the moment are the only ones who know of his powers. Sam is a "goth" but not really to me. And tucker is a teck freak. When sam gets rid of meat on the menu in return for veggies and salad. A mystery meat ghost comes to wreck the say. I have to say this one was probably one of the worst i mean a ghost with the power the control meat. That's weirdmoreless
Patricia Heaton

Patricia Heaton

Lunch Lady Ghost

Guest Star

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Flight Attendant

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Fenton Finder

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • When Danny "goes ghost" for the first time, before the blue transformation aura gets to his hands, the one you can see turns white like it is covered by his costume.

    • Mr. Lancer said it was an all steak buffet in the Teacher's Lounge, but burgers, hot dogs, and bacon fly out of the teacher's lounge in addition to steak.

    • When Danny and Tucker are rescuing Sam in the school basement where all the meat is hidden, right after Danny knocks the Lunch Lady against the wall and the camera focuses on his face up-close, the left side of his hair is black even though he is in his ghost form.

    • When Danny goes to save Sam from being hit by the plates, Sam's tights change color to green from their usual purple.

    • When Dash lifts Danny off the ground his shirt rises up slightly and a black belt is clearly seen. Later, there is no belt visible when his shirt rises up to the same point.

    • In Star's (who plays a much larger role and officially "debuts" in "Lucky in Love") third cameo, she was in front of Sam, Danny, and Tucker, although in her fourth cameo, after the meat truck explodes, she is suddenly behind Tucker.

    • When Jack turns on the Fenton Xtractor, his hair gets torn off, however in the next scene where he and Maddie ambush Jazz with the Fenton Xtractor, all his hair is back in place.

    • After Maddie says, "Jack, Danny is not a ghost," Jack says, "You're right, Jazz is." When he says that, he has pupils.

    • The cap of the Fenton Thermos keeps appearing and disappearing when Jack is at Casper High.

    • The oval on Sam's shirt randomly changes from purple to green throughout the episode.

    • Danny sees the Lunch Lady Ghost through a window in the cafeteria, looking into the kitchen, but when he enters the kitchen, the window is nowhere to be seen.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • (After the Lunch Lady attacks Danny, Sam, and Tucker when she learned Sam change the menu)
      Sam: This the thanks I get for thinking like an individual?!

    • Sam: (Chanting with the other vegetarians) Veggies now, veggies forever! Veggies now, veggies forever!

    • (Lunch lady grabs Danny as large meat monster)
      Tucker: (Pulls out fork and knife) Help's on the way buddy!

    • Tucker: Hey Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, what a school day! Poor Danny nodded off and we figured we'd carry him all the way home and tuck him into bed without any parental interaction whatsoever.
      Sam: Don't get up! We know where to go! Bye!
      Jack: Hmmmmmm...
      Maddie: Jack, Danny is not a ghost.
      Jack: You're right.....Jazz is.

    • Tucker: (Begins cutting pile of meat Sam is in) I'll have you free in no time Sam!
      Sam: You've gotta be kidding me!

    • Danny: How is it that I have the ghost powers and you're the weird kid?

    • Danny: I'll take care of the ghost. You just try and find a way to get Sam out of that pile of meat!
      Tucker: (Pulls out fork and knife) Way ahead of you.

    • Danny: (Talking to Lunch Lady) I command you to...go away! (Nothing happens)

    • Danny: It's been nearly a month since the accident and I still have barely any control. If anyone finds out, I'll go from geek to freak around here! (Sinks into floor without noticing)
      Tucker: Kind of like what you're doing now?
      Danny: AUGH!!

    • Jazz: (After being ambushed by Jack and Maddie) This is all going in the memoir!

    • Lunch Lady: (speaks to Sam who is currently surrounded by meat) My dear child, meat is good for kids, it helps them grow, and makes them smile. Why won't you eat it? (Holds up a drumstick to Sam's face)
      Sam: We don't need meat. That's fat.

    • (Danny flies out of the school, carrying Sam and Tucker. He looks tired)
      Sam: Gee Danny. Fighting meat monsters, flying through walls, you must be exhausted.
      Danny: (Tired) What? Of course not. What would... give you that idea... (Danny passes out)

    • Sam: This is the thanks I get for thinking like an individual?

    • Danny: (After seeing the protests Sam & Tucker have made) Don't you guys think this is a little extreme?
      Tucker: No choice, buddy. Either you're with me--
      Sam: --or you're against him!
      Sam & Tucker: So whose side are you on?!

    • Lunch Lady Ghost: Then perish!
      Danny: Forget it! The only thing that has an expiration date here is you! (Changes back to human form accidentally) Whoops! I didn't mean to do that.

    • Jack: So, Danny, you and your little friends want to hunt ghosts?
      Danny: Uh, actually, Dad, I want to be an astronaut.
      Sam: Sorry, Mr. Fenton. I was into ghosts, but they're so mainstream now. They're like cellphones.
      Tucker: Waste these looks and all this charisma hunting ghosts? Criminal.

    • Mr. Lancer: (Enters office with broom to punish Danny & Tucker) Gentlemen, your punishment will be... (Sees empty room) Worse... than you can imagine!

    • Jazz: (To punk kid) Spike, you have to open up to your parents. Be true to yourself and them. I mean, it's not like they are going to attack you or anything... (Jazz gets caught in a net)
      Jack: We got her! And the Fenton Grappler is working like a charm!
      Maddie: I don't understand. If Jazz is a ghost, why hasn't she phased through the net?
      Jazz: (Angry) Because I am not a ghost! (Takes off net) You've ambushed me, suffocated me with smoke, and worse, you pulled me away from Spike before he had his breakthrough! What do you have to say for yourselves?
      Jack: (Takes out the Fenton Thermos) Eat hot Fenton Thermos, ghost gal! (Thermos short-circuits; Jack shakes it) Darn thing still doesn't work!

    • Lunch Lady Ghost: No! Soup isn't on today's menu!
      Danny: I'm changing the menu, permanently! (Takes cap off the Fenton Thermos) Please work... (Danny begins to glow; Fenton Thermos charges up)
      Danny: I hope I'm right!
      (Lunch Lady Ghost gets sucked up into the Fenton Thermos; Danny changes back to normal)
      Sam: Danny, what happened? Where's the ghost?
      Danny: (Shows the Fenton Thermos to Sam) My parents have their moments...

    • (After Danny's ghost sense goes off)
      Danny: (To Sam & Tucker) Uh, guys. I've got a problem.
      (Mud is thrown at his head)
      Dash: FENTON!
      Danny: Make that two problems.
      Dash: I ordered three mud pies! You know what they gave me? Three mud pies! With mud! From the ground! All because of your girlfriend!
      Danny: She's not my girlfriend!
      Sam: I'm not his girlfriend!

    • Fenton Finder: (Leads Jack and Maddie to Danny) Ghost directly ahead. You would have to be some sort of moron to not notice the ghost directly ahead.
      Danny: Oh, sorry, Dad. (He points behind himself) You just missed him.
      Jack: We got a runner!
      (He and Maddie run in the direction Danny's pointing)
      Jazz: Great. Back to square one.

    • Tucker: Meat! Why have you betrayed me!?

    • Danny: (To Jack & Maddie) Actually, I need to tell you guys something.
      Jazz: That's not the only thing you need, Danny. You need guidance -- and parents who can provide it.
      Maddie: Sweetie, I know that what we do doesn't make sense sometimes, but you're only --
      Jazz: Sixteen -- biologically, but psychologically, I'm an adult, and I will not allow your crazy obsession with ghosts pollute the mind of this impressionable little child. (To Danny) Come, you abused, unwanted wretch. I'll drive you to school.

    • Lunch Lady Ghost: Cookie?
      (Sam nods her head no)
      Lunch Lady Ghost: Then PERISH!

    • Danny: (After turning into human form) Change back! Change back!
      (Changes back to ghost mode)
      Danny: (To his parents) Thanks for the thermos!
      Jack: (To Jazz) Ha! Ghost kid! (Starts chanting) You were wrong! Ghosts exist! Ha, ha, ha! I never doubted it for a second!

    • Mr. Lancer: Manson! Pick up that T-bone.
      Sam: With my hands?
      Mr. Lancer: Foley! Pick up that turfwich.
      Tucker: With my hands?

    • Tucker: (After Danny wakes up) You passed out. We took you home. You've been asleep for four days!
      Danny: FOUR DAYS?!?!
      Tucker: (Laughs) Nah. It's only been a couple of hours.

    • Jack: (To Danny, Sam, & Tucker) And this is the Fenton Thermos. Designed to capture ghosts. It doesn't work yet, so it's just a thermos. A thermos with the word Fenton in front of it! Okay, any questions? (Sees Danny, Sam, & Tucker huffing) You're so excited, you're speechless, so I'll continue speaking. I was born many years ago in a log cabin in the woods. Don't remember where exactly, but I do remember I wanted a pony. Never got the pony, in fact, we had to eat horsemeat during the war. I had a problem with that.

    • Danny: (Heroically, to Sam & Tucker) Get behind me!
      Sam: (Sarcastically) Wow, I feel safe.
      Danny: I'm going ghost!

    • Tucker: (Sees the Lunch Lady Ghost) She doesn't look too tough, she looks a little like my grandma.
      Danny: Shouldn't she be haunting a bingo hall?

    • Danny: (After Sam rants about her life) Sam, I'm talking about my powers, my problems...
      Sam: Oh, right... me, too...

    • Danny: (After catching multiple plates thrown at him) Well, if the whole super hero thing doesn't work out, I can have an exciting career as a busboy.

    • Mr. Lancer: Ah. Miss Manson. The school board wanted me to personally thank you for ushering in this welcome experiment to our cafeteria.
      Tucker: (Starts sniffing) Meat. Near. (Sniffs Mr. Lancer)
      Mr. Lancer: (Nervously) No! No. The rumors about the all steak buffet in the teacher's lounge are completely untrue. Thanks again.
      Tucker: Yeah. Thanks again for making us eat garbage, Sam.
      Sam: It's not garbage. It's recyclable, organic matter.
      Danny & Tucker: It's garbage.

  • NOTES (61)

    • In the Spanish version of the show, Danny's true last name isn't "Fenton" but "Phantom", and in his alter ego isn't called "Danny Phantom", but "Danny El Fantasma", which literally means "Danny The Ghost".

    • In the Danny Phantom universe, the ghosts are not necessarily dead spirits, but rather "monsters" with ghost like abilities, some having been human on Earth. Butch Hartman, creator of the series, stated this himself.

    • It is revealed that since he got his ghost powers Danny wanted to tell his parents but Sam and Tucker didn't want him to tell.

    • Tucker is a glasses wearing, techno-minded, sidekick-like nerd archetype with the surname of Foley and at one point was given super powers by a villain. The teenaged title character of "Static Shock" has a friend with the same attributes (albeit although their races are switched), Richie Foley.

    • Jack is the only one in Danny's family who doesn't have pupils.

    • When the Lunch Lady Ghost gets sucked into the thermos, she looks like she has no form.

    • This is the only episode where Danny can barely control his powers at all.

    • Look Hard: All the characters are more square-shouldered than all the other episodes.

    • When the Fenton Thermos was used in this episode, you could see that the light that comes out of it took the shape of a net, but in other episodes, it does not.

    • When Danny goes intangible, he is a misty blue, but in other episodes he is clear. This happens quite often throughout the series. In fact, the same goes for his invisibility -- right down to the same color switches.

    • During this episode, the Ghost Portal is blue.

    • Danny is the only one in the trio who has pupils.

    • It is shown that Danny's Ghost Tail isn't affected by fire or lightning, but it can still be physically touched.

    • Danny learns in this episode that it is possible for him to make other people intangible.

    • Insight Digital Description: An all-vegetarian menu at Casper High School invokes the wrath of a wraith called the Lunch Lady.

    • Danny, Sam and Tucker all have black hair.

    • Look Hard: In Danny's bedroom, you can see a blue skateboard. This probably means that Danny knows how to skateboard, which was proven in the episode "Pirate Radio"-- Danny rode a skateboard for a short sequence of the battle scene on the pirate ship.

    • We learn that Sam used to be fascinated in ghosts, but she lost interest because they became so mainstream, like cellphones.

    • The recyclable organic matter that was being served in the cafeteria is called a "turfwich."

    • This is the first time that Tucker and Sam appear on the title screen.

    • Apparently, the Lunch Lady Ghost used to be a lunch lady at Casper High.

    • The background music that plays during the title screen in this episode is different from the usual background music that plays during the title screens of the majority of future episodes.

    • It is revealed that not all the Fenton inventions work properly.

    • Dash is the first person in the series who thinks that Danny and Sam are a couple.

    • Mr. Lancer reveals that star jocks are exempt from punishment.

    • Look Hard: On the Teacher's Lounge door, it reads "Rm00," meaning the room number is 00.

    • Look Hard: In the hallway, directly after the scene when Jack says, "Danny, no, it's a trap!" there is a banner that says "School Spirit." This banner is later acknowledged in the future episode, "My Brother's Keeper."

    • Jack reveals that, at this point, he does not know how the Fenton Portal works, even though he built it.

    • Sam reveals that her parents do not accept her for who she is and we later see that in "Control Freaks."

    • Jack reveals that he was born in a log cabin in the woods, and wanted a pony but never got it.

    • Jack almost gave up ghost hunting in this episode, but changed his mind when he heard Danny's voice and saw the Fenton Thermos phase through the ground.

    • The title screen caption for this episode reads "All New: In Terrifying Meat Vision!" The phrase, "meat vision," is the same phrase that was used to describe Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad's ability to create meat by using their eyes in an episode of Butch Hartman's other show, The Fairly OddParents, called "Mighty Mom and Dyno Dad."

    • When Danny goes intangible at certain points in this episode, his body glows blue, mainly when he is making a human intangible, therefore this is a way to sometimes tell whether Danny is invisible or intangible, although in "Maternal Instinct," it is confirmed that Danny is either intangible or invisible, when his body becomes transparent.

    • It is revealed that ghosts also have the power of remote influencing.

    • Apparently, Danny can be seen when he is intangible.

    • The Lunch Lady Ghost reveals that the Casper High lunch menu has been the same for fifty years.

    • Look Hard: In the cafeteria, there are signs that read, "Art Show," "Student Body Elections," and "Go Casper." These signs along with the "This Week, Ultra-Recyclo-Vegetarian Week" banner is shown again in "Reign Storm."

    • Running Gags:
      1) The Lunch Lady Ghost changing her mood from calm and concerned to angry and dangerous
      2) The Fenton Finder leading Jack and Maddie to Danny, but they think it's broken
      3) Jack and Maddie attacking Jazz, thinking she's a ghost
      4) Mr. Lancer shouting names of movies, books, poems, etc.

    • The animation in Danny Phantom is slightly different than the animation of Butch Hartman's other show, The Fairly OddParents. In Danny Phantom, the characters are more realistic; they have five fingers, rather than four. Also, characters in Danny Phantom have more angles and aren't so round, and almost every character has a neck in the show, while only few characters have necks in Fairly OddParents.

    • Look Hard: Star (who does not officially debut until "Lucky in Love") makes four cameos in this episode. The first one is in the hallway, directly after the scene where Jack says "Danny, no it's a trap!": Star can be seen walking within a crowd of people. The second one is in the cafeteria: Star can be seen on the far right of the lunch line with a tray in her hands. The third cameo is during the meat and veggie protest, when the camera focuses on the meat truck after Sam and Tucker say in unison, "Whose side are you on?" The fourth cameo is after the meat truck explodes: Star is behind Tucker.

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who does not officially debut until "Reign Storm") makes three cameos in this episode. The first one is at the protests during the scene where Danny says, "You guys put together two protests in one night?," Nathan can be seen in the background, although he is completely gray. The second one is when Sam is explaining why Ultra-Recyclo-Vegetarians are always ready to protest: Nathan can be seen behind her in the background, still in gray. The third cameo is when the kids at the protest are looking at the meat swirling: Nathan is behind Sam and in color this time.

    • Look Hard: The signs that were shown in the pro-veggie protest read:
      1) Green Green Green.
      2) Give Peas a Chance.
      3) It's Easy Being Green.
      4) Tofu Tastes Sort of Good.

    • Look Hard: The signs that were shown in the pro-meat protest read:
      1) Meat.
      2) Eat Meat.
      3) Meat is Neat.
      4) Meat Kicks Butt.
      5) Meat Meat Meat.
      6) United We Eat Meat.
      7) We (picture of a heart) Meat.
      8) Go Meat.

    • Opener: Jack is teaching Danny, Sam, and Tucker how to hunt ghosts, even though they don't want to. Two ecto-pusses come through the Fenton Portal and grab Sam and Tucker. Danny fights them off without Jack noticing anything. Jack just keeps talking about how the equipment works, and then starts telling them his life story.

    • According to their permanent records Mr. Lancer was reading, Danny has broken thirty-four beakers in the last month and is banned for life from handling all fragile school property, possibly a result from his random intangibility manifestations. As for Tucker, he is noted for chronic tardiness, talking in class, and repeated loitering by the girls' locker room.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Dash, Mr. Lancer.

    • The name of the book that Jazz is reading in the beginning is titled Surviving Adolescence Through Therapy.

    • Jack mentions that he's never actually seen a real ghost.

    • We learn that Tucker has the ability to sense meat.

    • Danny was able to power up the Fenton Thermos by fusing his ghost energy with it, but in future episodes, it is apparent that anybody can activate it.

    • It is revealed that, at this point, Danny has had his ghost powers for one month.

    • Main Villain(s): Lunch Lady Ghost.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Lunch Lady Ghost - She controls lunch everywhere she goes. She loves meat and hates vegetables. The Lunch Lady Ghost has the ability to control meat and meat byproducts and also the ability to turn into a fifty-foot meat monster.

    • Title Screen Caption: "All New: In Terrifying Meat Vision!"

    • Look Hard: During the food fight in the cafeteria right after Sam says, "It's not garbage, it's --", you can quickly see a Crash Nebula lunch box fly by along with the mud.

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Flight, Ghost Sense, Invisibility, Intangibility, Body Splitting.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Thermos, Fenton Portal, Fenton Xtractor, Fenton Finder, Fenton Grappler.

    • We learn that Sam is a vegetarian/herbivore (She doesn't eat meat), Tucker is a carnivore (He only eats meat), and Danny is an omnivore (He eats meat and vegetables).

    • Premiered at 9:00 PM EST; after the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards 2004.

    • We learn that Danny's school's name is Casper High.

    • We learn that Danny wants to be an astronaut when he grows up.

  • ALLUSIONS (16)

    • Vegetarian Protest Sign: It's easy being green.
      This is a nod in the direction of the phrase "It's not easy being green", which is often said by Kermit the Frog, a character from The Muppet Show.

    • Sam Manson: Character
      The fact that Sam is a gothic girl and her last name is Manson might be a parody of goth rocker Marylin Manson.

    • Jack Fenton: Reed Richards
      There are numerous similarities between Danny's father and the Fantastic Four's leader, the former's bumbling aside. Both spend much time on new inventions, they've each a line of white along the bottom of their hair, they inadvertently created super villains that were once their friends in college, and both are often so caught up in their work, they fail to notice their surroundings.

    • Danny Phantom: Powers
      Danny's ghost powers each are shared by comic book superheroes:
      Flight and Strength: Superman
      Body-Splitting "Stretching": Mr. Fantastic
      Invisibility: Invisible Woman
      Intangibility: Shadow Cat

    • Episode Title: Mystery Meat
      The name comes from a term that is used to describe questionable cafeteria meat.

    • Danny Phantom: Costume
      Danny's costume design and color looks just like the Fantastic Four's costumes after they left the Negative Zone.

    • Spike's necklace
      Spike's necklace is an ankh, which has many meanings:

      Egyptian hieroglyphic: Life
      Astrology: Venus (Roman Goddess)
      Alchemy: Copper
      Biology: Female gender

    • Danny: Lifestyle
      Danny's lifestyle is very similar to Peter Parker's (Spider-Man). Danny is shy, skinny, and considered a geek among classmates, just like Peter. Danny has a football-playing bully (Dash) that constantly bullies him all the time for no reason, which is similar to how Flash Thompson picks on Peter. Also, Danny is more confident in his super hero mode which causes his crush to fall in love with his super hero persona, which seems to be attributed to how Mary Jane eventually fell in love with Spider-Man. In addition, the way how the town newspaper, the "Amity-Park-Angle," made Danny seem like a villain but the citizens eventually figured out that he was a good guy is very similar to how the "Daily Bugle" (run by the Spider-Man hater, J. Jonah Jameson) constantly tried to make Spider-Man look like a villain, but the citizens of New York eventually discovered that Spider-Man was indeed a hero. More Info

    • Danny Fenton / Danny Phantom: Names
      The way how Danny's real name and super hero identity sound very similar seems to be a nod to many comic book metahumans whose real names and "super names" sound nearly the same; such as Pamela Isley -- Poison Ivy (from Batman), Victor Fries -- Mr. Freeze (from Batman), and Otto Octavius -- Dr. Octopus (from Spider-Man).

    • Mr. Lancer: Paradise Lost!
      Paradise Lost is a large collection of poems written by John Milton. They are an elaboration of Genesis in the Christian Bible, mainly about the struggle between heaven and hell. More Info

    • Bottled Water: Alpine Winter Water
      The label of the bottled water that was in the airplane read, "Alpine Winter Water." This seems to be a parody of the real-life brand of bottled water, "Ice Mountain Spring Water."

    • Danny: Ghost Sense
      Danny's ghost sense manifests as a wisp of glowing blue smoke from his mouth. This seems to be a nod to M. Night Shyamalan's film, The Sixth Sense. Cole Seer is a boy who can see ghosts, and one of the tell-tale signs on is in the area is a sudden drop in temperature. When we see Cole's breath hanging in the air, we are immediately alerted to the presence of ghosts.

    • Fenton Thermos: Appearance
      An obvious parody of the traps from the Ghostbusters films.

    • Dash: Appearance & Personality
      Dash Baxter is likely attributed to Spider-Man's Flash Thompson, the quarterback at Peter Parker's high school who would always pick on him. Flash also had blonde hair and constantly wore his letterman's jacket, just like Dash.

    • School: Casper High
      The name of Danny's school is "Casper" High. The Casper part is taken from the famous friendly ghost, Casper.

    • Protest Signs: Give Peas a Chance/Meat is Neat/Tofu Tastes Sort of Good
      Sam's Ultra-Recyclo-Vegetarian friends are almost all hippies (There's even one with gray hair running away when the Lunch Lady Ghost attacks). As such, they hold up signs, some of which are patterned after real signs (Give Peace ("Peas") a Chance, was the cry against the US-led war in Vietnam and a song by John Lennon played very usually on those protests).