Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 3

One of a Kind

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 09, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Skulker, a predatory ghost hunting legend who fancies himself a collector of all things rare and unique, has set his sights on Danny Phantom, the world's only half-ghost/half-human hybrid. The games begin, as good and evil ghosts face off.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • While trying the whole superhero thing he catches the interest of Skulker a ghost hunter and collector of unique ghosts...

    Danny is still trying to get used to his new powers and and hunter ghost sets eyes on him and desires him for a collection because Danny is something very unique as a human ghost hybrid. So far there aren't any others. Not only does Danny have to deal with a major new enemy who now wants his pelt, but he is also trying to bring his biology grade up and has a journalist from a magazine trying to interview him. Meanwhile Danny finds out that the gorilla at the zoo is actually a female, gets it published in the magazine, improves his grade (although not as high as he expected), and best Skulker and finds out that Skulker is just a tiny ghost inside a large robotic suit.

    I found this episode really funny and exciting because Danny starts to do superhero stuff and his friends also really begin to develop. Overall, great character development and introduction since both Skulker and the Box Ghost make their first appearances in this episode.moreless
  • good another great charcter added to the series :)

    yay finnaly skulker comes out in this episode and skulker is one of my favorite villans i love it when danny and skulker fights its real exciting skulker is real powerful so i dident think danny will make it lol but i thought to myself its jsut the first season dannt gotta make it. i also like this episode cause its one of the first episodes and they introduced skulker this is one of the first episodes ive seen in this series and i liked that part though this episode is not my FAVORITE episode its still good so i give this episode a 10/10moreless
  • run away man

    Danny is one of a verry original i and maybe the only of his kand yes he is original like me lol jaja no way whatevetr let star went a ghost or a hunter ghost is tring to catch danny and he have to do a streanly inlprat work of a gorilla guy or something llike tht thwt feak ghost come tho f--ck the live of my friend daany,sam and tuker it was difficult but he do that his best and look how was actually that ghost was a small incest inside a big war armor tha was fun but no way no man it it fo a lol of lo lo lolmoreless
  • Not a favorite of mine but a good episode.

    One of A Kind is basically about Skulker, one of my favorite villains, trying to catch the rare Danny Phantom. I feel that this was a great concept that was executed poorly. At some points throughout the episode I was totally bored. On the bright side there was a lot of the humor that Danny Phantom is known for. Sam and Tucker were hilarious throughout the episode. The first appearance of the Box Ghost was a little annoying but I've grown to like him. The best parts of this episode was when Skulker would be interrupted by the schedule everytime he tried to attack. But a downside to that was it took away from the action. But the final fighting scene was epic because Danny really let Skulker have it. Oh, and I almost forgot about Sampson, good thing he is a Delilah. LOL!moreless
  • Another awesome episode!

    OMG Danny got on the cover of genius magazine! *is proud of him* I loved the twist at the end about Sa- Delilah. I still can't get over that... and the animation in this episode was outstanding! As were all the creative tricks Skulker played on Danny and vice versa. It was SO awesome! I really enjoyed watching Danny kick Skulker's butt and and get Dash to fall for the "too weak and defenseless to open his locker" thing. (I don't know whether Dash's stupidity is more funny or sad) I found this all really exciting and it had a good moral about taking care of/working with animals. I'd give this episode two thumbs up! :)moreless
Mathew St. Patrick

Mathew St. Patrick


Guest Star

Michael Gough (II)

Michael Gough (II)


Guest Star

Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Colleen O'Shaughnessey


Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Fenton Ghost Gabber

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

The Box Ghost

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • Look Closely:
      When you first see Skulker, his hair is green, but when he fights Danny near the ghost portal, for a while his hair is blue.

    • When Danny is telling Tucker about Skulker's schedule, Danny is holding the PDA, but when they leave, Tucker is holding it.

    • At school after Skulker gets Tucker's PDA, Tucker pushes Danny into school and says, "C'mon, you're late." Then the bell rings. Wouldn't Danny be considered late AFTER the bell rang, not before?

    • Skulker says Danny is the only halfa, but in future episodes he is working for Vlad, another halfa.

    • When Lancer is giving Danny his test back, Danny's eyelids turn green.

    • When The Box Ghost phases through the boxes in the beginning, the boxes shouldn't have fallen over because he phased through them, not crashed into them.

    • When Skulker is holding Danny up by his neck near the ghost portal, Danny is in ghost mode but his eyes are blue.

    • When Danny flies up through the basement ceiling into his room, Sam has pupils for just a moment.

    • Sam and Tucker said that there were rats in the lab and they went to get rid of them. But they left the kitchen and the stairs leading to the lab are in the basement, meaning they went the wrong way. In the next scene, they are in the lab with Danny and Skulker, even though they went the wrong way.

    • Skulker's skull necklace keeps changing from white to green throughout the episode.

    • Sam's lipstick is gone for a second when she gasps at Skulker's true blob form.

    • Skulker crashed through a window, but later on when Danny was dealing with Sampson (now Delilah), there's no damaged window anywhere.

  • QUOTES (33)

    • Danny: Hey Dash? I'm too weak and defenseless to open my locker, can you open it for me?
      Dash: (pushing Danny aside) Out of the way, loser!
      (Dash opens the locker and is attacked by Skulker)
      Skulker: (looking at Dash) Hmm. My sensors indicate you're just an average human; destined for an average life after high school.

    • Skulker: (after his true form is revealed) I am the greatest hunter in all of Ghost World! You will all fear me!
      Danny: Thermos please.
      Skulker: (getting sucked into the thermos) You haven't seen the last of me! I shall capture you all! You shall all be mine! Mine! Do you hear!?

    • Danny: (after Tucker fails to power Skulker down) Tucker, you're fired.

    • Sam: (to Danny) What happened?
      Danny: Who cares? At least I got a few minutes to relax and figure this out.
      Maddie: (upstairs) Danny, where are you? Somebody here wants to meet you.
      Danny: My room! (flies off)

    • Danny: Who are you?
      Skulker: I am Skulker. A collector of all things rare and unique, and you, ghost child, are that and more.

    • Danny: (to Tucker) Remember what happened when I let you manage the thermos?
      Tucker: And I've already scheduled "Remember not to let Tucker manage the thermos".

    • Danny: (seeing his test results) I got a D!? All this ghost hunting is taking away my study time.
      Tucker: So much for the Fenton's being a family of geniuses.

    • Tucker: (to Danny) I've decided to become your time manager. It's the least I can do after Sam made me let all those ghosts out.
      (Sam scowls)
      Danny: I don't know.
      Tucker: It'll be my job to keep track of your schedule so you can do your schoolwork and catch all those ghosts that Sam let loose.
      (Sam scowls)

    • Danny: (phasing through the Box Ghost's attacks) I don't have time for this! Hey, Tucker! Let's go!
      (Sam and Tucker come into the warehouse)
      Tucker: (sucking the Box Ghost into the thermos) Good night, everybody!

    • Danny: Come on you guys. If you're going to be super hero side kicks, you're gonna have to be more focused (to Sam) You're supposed to be helping me study for the test tomorrow (to Tucker) and you're supposed to be helping me catch these ghosts, so I have time to study!
      Tucker: (spinning the thermos) What? They're all right here (drops thermos and accidentally releases all the ghosts)

    • Tucker: (after sucking the Box Ghost into the thermos) Perimeter secure.
      Sam: Perimeter secure? What are you? A Navy Seal?
      Danny: Seals: aquatic mammals that bark. They're canines, right?
      Sam: (looking in the book) Wrong. That's 0 for 21.
      Tucker: I'm no teacher, but I'm guessing that's an F.

    • Tucker: (after releasing the ghosts from the thermos) That's weird. According to my schedule, you should be done catching ghosts by now.

    • Box Ghost: Beware! I have powers over all containers, cardboard, and square!
      Danny: Okay, can we get this over with? I've got a test to study for.
      Box Ghost: Study? There will be no time to study when you find yourself crushed beneath the forgotten possessions of (reads box) Elliot Kravitz of Arlington Heights, Illinois!

    • Tucker: (To Danny) Time for some well-deserved rest. (PDA rings; he checks it) But keep it quick because you got 13 minutes.

    • Jazz: You know, ghost hunting isn't the only thing my parents do, Connie. It's really a side interest. What they're really into is...
      (Crash is heard from upstairs)
      Jack: (Standing up) Ghost! Ghost!! GHOST!!!

    • Maddie: (To Sam & Tucker walking down the stairs, after hearing crashes upstairs) Kids! Get down! There's a ghost in the house!
      Tucker: Actually, there's two... (Sam elbows him) much homework to be done for there to be a ghost here. I'll get some snacks.
      Sam: Yeah. Danny's upstairs... (Crash is heard from upstairs) uh, lifting weights?
      Maddie: He doesn't have exercise equipment up there.
      Danny: (while fighting Skulker upstairs) My computer! Oh, wait, that's Jazz's.

    • Danny: (After putting the gorilla back in its cage) I wonder who let the gorilla go... Sam?
      Tucker: Yeah, wait till we tell everybody at school you let out a four-hundred pound gorilla.
      (Sam raises eyebrow, then shows picture of Danny and Tucker hugging in their sleep)
      Danny: Or we just keep it our little secret.
      Tucker: Yeah, we really have no proof she did it, you know.
      Danny: No.
      (Sam smiles)

    • Danny: (While fighting Skulker upstairs) MY COMPUTER! Oh, wait, that's Jazz's.

    • (During the fight with Skulker and Danny in the zoo)
      Sam: Stop fooling around, Tucker!
      Danny: Power him down already! Now!
      Tucker: Relax, everything's totally under... (Skulker destroys the PDA Tucker was holding with an arrow) control? Oh, man, I had four more payments on this one!

    • Sam: Way to go, Tucker. You just made the bad guy more bad!
      Tucker: How was I supposed to know my PDA was ghost compatible?

    • (Jazz has just told Jack & Danny that Maddie is going to be in Genius magazine)
      Jack: Genius magazine?! Is it the swimsuit issue?
      Jazz: (Sighs) Dad, Genius magazine is for women geniuses, by women geniuses, and about women geniuses.
      Danny: So, it is the swimsuit issue. Oh, gross! Mom's going to be in the swimsuit issue?!

    • The Box Ghost: (About to touch a box) A-HA...
      Skulker: Touch the box, and your pelt will adorn my fireplace.
      The Box Ghost: ... BEWARE! (Flies off)

    • Maddie: Danny, look at you! I'm not sure if I like this overnight zoo research.
      Danny: Mom, come on, we're just a bunch of kids, in the zoo... at night... alone... We'll be in my room.
      Ghost Gabber: We'll be in my room. Fear me.

    • Danny: (After shutting door on news reporter) Jazz is gonna kill me for that.
      Jazz: I'm gonna kill him for that.

    • Sam: (After Danny calls Sampson to attack Skulker) You learned his language?
      Danny: Well, sure, all he does is this. (Scratches butt)

    • Jazz: Oh my gosh. They said yes!!
      Danny: Who said yes? (Looks more cheery) The person you asked if you were a conceited snob?

    • (After Tucker releases all the ghosts from the thermos)
      The Box Ghost: Ha, ha! I am The Box Ghost! You cannot hold me within the confines of a cylindrical container!

    • Skulker: (To Danny) Very well. I planned on simply capturing you and letting you live the rest of your life in a cage. But now, I will rest your pelt at the foot of my bed!
      Sam: Okay... that's just gross.

    • Sam: Ah... boys hugging makes every yearbook funny.

    • (After getting a C after all he went through to get a higher grade)
      Danny: Aw, man! If only I had something I could take this out on!
      The Box Ghost: (To a box with papers) I am The Box Ghost! And once I empty you of your useless papers, your marvelous squareness shall be mine! (Laughs)
      Danny: (Transforms into Danny Phantom) Hello, misplaced aggression!
      Tucker: You've got five minutes...
      Danny: Which is four more than I need.

    • Danny: Uh, boo?
      Ghost Gabber: I am a ghost. Fear me.
      Danny: I better get to school.
      Ghost Gabber: I better get to school. Fear me.

    • Danny: Sam, we've been watching this gorilla scratching its butt, for what?
      Tucker: (Yawns and looks at his watch) Six hours.
      Danny: (Yawns) Time sure flies when you're majestically scratching your butt.

    • Sam: Sampson's not stupid!
      Tucker: He's also not here. (Takes out PDA) Can I take a message?
      Skulker: You two, you'll pay for this!
      Tucker: I don't think so. (Sends a command to Skulker)
      Skulker: (PDA beeps) Time for push-ups? (Starts doing push-ups) Stop! Stop! I can't!
      Danny: Allow me to help! (Charges at Skulker and starts punching him)

  • NOTES (31)

    • Paulina is absent in this episode. This is the first episode since her first appearance in which she plays no part.

    • The name of the episode applies to what Skulker said in the opener about Danny, "One of a kind" because he's the only known halfa so far in the series.

    • Cable Episode Info:
      A ghost hunter sets his sights on Danny.

    • This marks the first time that someone other than Danny defeats an opponent.

    • When Tucker releases the ghosts from the Fenton Thermos all of the ghosts (except for Box Ghost) are wearing a suit and tie, a reference to an old joke that businessmen and lawyers are evil demonic creatures.

    • Apparently, human-designed PDAs are compatible with ghostly ecto-skeletons.

    • This is the first episode to begin with Danny already in ghost mode.

    • Look Hard: On the cover of Genius Magazine, Maddie and Danny are in front, but Jack is behind Delilah with his face only showing. The label of the cover says "HE is a SHE: Genius Child of Genius Woman Discovers Gorilla Male Actually a Female."

    • We learn that Mr. Lancer is also Danny's biology teacher, as well as his English teacher.

    • This marks the first time that we see Danny shivering when his ghost sense goes off.

    • According to Tucker's PDA, Casper High officially ends at 3:10 PM.

    • Look Hard: The following was the schedule on Tucker's PDA, right before Skulker put it into his ecto-skeleton:
      12:00 - Eat Lunch
      1:00 - Library
      1:30 - Meet Sam
      2:00 - Gym Class
      3:10 - Go Home

    • Look Hard: On the first sentence on Danny's "D" biology test, the word "antidisestablishmentarianism" is there, but it has no connection to biology.

    • Skulker's weapons and gadgets that are featured in this episode are:
      1) Ghost-detecting goggles.
      2) Ecto-web shooter.
      3) Ecto-goo launcher.
      4) Net blaster.
      5) Hologram projector.
      6) Ghost portal activator.
      7) Ghost handcuff projector.
      8) Jet pack.
      9) Green link chain producer.
      10) Neck brace producer.
      11) Blue ecto-jelly materializer.
      12) Armor polisher.
      13) Bow and arrow.

    • Opener: Danny is fighting The Box Ghost near a dock. After ranting about who he is, The Box Ghost throws a bunch of items at Danny, but Danny phases through. Tucker and Sam bust in and Tucker traps The Box Ghost in the Fenton Thermos. Danny tells them to be more focused as sidekicks. Tucker then drops the thermos and all the ghosts inside it escape, including The Box Ghost, who once again rants. Meanwhile, the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter, Skulker, is spying on Danny, and he plans on putting him in a cage.

    • According to Skulker's analysis using Tucker's PDA, Dash is an ordinary child destined for an ordinary life after high school. This analysis regarding Dash's future was first hinted by Dash in "Mystery Meat."

    • This is the first time that Tucker has captured a ghost using the Fenton Thermos.

    • According to the Ghost Gabber, the word "Boo" actually translates to, "I am a ghost, fear me."

    • Apparently, Jazz has an obsession to prove to the world that she has normal parents instead of "a bunch of ghost-hunting freaks."

    • Look Hard: There are some posters of rockets on the walls of Danny's room. He also had a model rocket that he built. These all seem to reflect to his desire to become an astronaut, which was mentioned in "Mystery Meat."

    • The title of the episode is stated by Skulker.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Skulker being sent away due to Tucker's PDA just when he is about to attack Danny.
      2) The Ghost Gabber saying, "Fear me."
      3) Skulker getting attacked by an animal

    • It is revealed that there is a release button on the Fenton Thermos.

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Super-Strength.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Mikey.

    • We see Tucker's hair for the first time.

    • Title Screen Caption: "Shocking!"

    • Look Hard: In this episode, we learn that the school team is called the Casper High Ravens. When Danny, Sam, and Tucker are sitting on the benches at the football field, you can see a banner saying "Go Ravens!"

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Ghost Gabber.

    • Main Villain(s): Skulker.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Skulker - The greatest hunter in all of the Ghost Zone. He collects things rare and unique, which includes Danny Phantom, one of the world's only human/ghost hybrids. He wears an armored ecto-skeleton, but under it, he's not much of a threat, as he is just a little green blob-like creature.

      The Box Ghost -A box-obsessed ghost with the power to control boxes at his will. He's not much of a threat to Danny. However, he can sometimes be dangerous when he's not ranting about boxes.


    • Tucker: Goodnight, everybody. This is an allusion because Rob Paulson does the voice of the Box Ghost; he also did Yakko on the show "Animaniacs". Sometimes, when Yakko would misunderstand something, he'd blow a kiss and say "Goodnight everybody".

    • Gorilla Scene: Danny, Sam & Tucker
      When Sampson is fighting Skulker, you can see Danny covering his eyes, Sam covering her ears and Tucker covering his mouth. That is a reference to the saying "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, and Speak No Evil."

    • Sampson: Appearance
      Aside from the purple back, Sampson/Delilah bears a striking resemblance to Snowball, the only albino gorilla ever known to have existed.

    • Skulker: Appearance
      Skulker has a strong resemblance of the DC villain, The Atomic Skull. He also looks like the Marvel hero, Ghost Rider and acts like the Marvel villain, Kraven The Hunter.

    • Skulker: Appearance
      Skulker seems somewhat based on the creature from the Predator movies. Both wear a high-tech battle armor, and are hunters.

    • PDA: Ring Tone
      Tucker's PDA ring tone is the "William Tell Overture." More Info

    • PDA: Game
      The game that was playing on Tucker's PDA when Skulker was waiting for Danny to come to Sampson looked very similar to a classic arcade game called Pong.

    • Sampson/Delilah: Names
      The Sampson/Delilah connection is a reference to the biblical story of Sampson, whose hair gave him super-strength.