Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 2

Parental Bonding

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 09, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Danny uses his "overshadowing" power to take control of his dad during a parent-teacher conference, but the plan backfires when Jack Fenton is invited to chaperone the school dance. At the same time, a ghostly amulet turns the girl with whom Danny is smitten into a dragon, and he must alternately control his dad and fight the ghost dragon!moreless

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  • Not just any dance or date

    Danny comes in contact with a dragon ghost who is really princess under a curse. He also gains hold of the amulet the ghost was wearing. It forces the wearer to transform into an enraged dragon after suffering from emotional distress. Danny also learns how to overshadow people and tries to get out of trouble but ends up getting his dad to chaperon the school dance. Not to mention Danny is trying to impress his crush Paulina while taking back the cursed amulet that he unwittingly gave her.moreless
  • Drogon attack

    How terrible it is that your father is in that dace party of your school that is so terrible and awfull well not went u take the control of him jajajjajaja that wa so good at last.but the de fought agaist that dragon girl was so coll specile wnt sam was posesed by it no it was os fun qwell wet i wacth that i can not sotp to daid lol loo lol lol lol lol lol lol i don,t now was i was collpsing in my chir or that was a sofa well i feget that i only rember that thing that is so fun fo memoreless
  • A definite high-point of the season.

    Parental Bonding has all the components of a great Danny Phantom episode. First of all, the episode was never boring, not for a second. Something was happening at all times. This episode is a whole lot funnier than its predecessors. Sam and Paulina's chemistry was great, Sam is always hilarious. Poor Tucker couldn't get a date and when he did he ended up dateless in the end, must've been fate. Also, Mr. Lancer was great with his Hip Lingo book, fortunately I have no teachers like that. Danny taking over Jack was hilarious. There wasn't much action but the comedy and plot made up for that completely. The dragon was more funny than frightening. This episode was definitely the best out of the first three.moreless
  • This episode introduced Paulina, and made me really want to watch the series, though I'm not a big fan of her.

    I am not really a big fan of Paulina (no offense people!), but this episode introduced her as Danny's crush. The first episode of the series made me question the relationship between Danny and Sam, and this one made me an official shipper. I wanted them together, and Paulina was the one thing in the way at the time (that's why I'm not too much of a fan).

    I liked that this episode showed us that below Sam's tough, gothic exterior, there was still a teenage girl underneath. And like all teenage girls, they would want to go to a dance. I'm surprised that Danny hadn't realized it until the very end. At least they danced together. YAY to the DxS moments!

    So the dance was pretty good. I liked how they showed that Tucker would fall for any girl with a pretty face (look at what he did for Sam!) and I liked the ending, where a beautiful DannyXSam moment arose. I gave this episode a 9.5, because there were still some Danny and Paulina moments, which I'm not a big fan of. :) I know, I know, I can't stop saying that.moreless
  • This episode was awesome- especially the last scene!

    I really loved all the character developement in this one! My absolute favorite part was the scene where Danny slow-danced with Sam at the end! This was the first episode to show that Sam has feelings for Danny. And I also liked how jealous she sounded when making the "Oh, and yet you have absolutely no problems talking to me?" line. This also told a lot about the characters- such as how snoopy Jazz can be and how fun overshadowing Dash is for Danny! Overshadowing is SUCH a cool power for Danny! The animation was especially awesome in the final fight with the dragon. Great episode! :)moreless
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Dat Phan


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Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

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Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Girl#1/Girl #3

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Girl #2/Ghost Girl/Valerie

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Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Dragon Ghost/Paulina's Dad

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (10)

    • Near the end of the episode, when Sam has the amulet Danny goes into a bathroom and discovers the dragon stealing Paulina. However, the bathroom he went in was the girls room.

    • Right before Sam goes over to Paulina to call her shallow, her lipstick is a bluish color.

    • When Sam first left for the dance she was holding a cat purse, but it isn't seen again for the remainder of the episode.

    • When Sam and Tucker leave for the Dance, Sam is wearing violet colored high heels, but when they are at the dance and Sam leaves to find Paulina, she's wearing her regular combat boots.

    • Mr. Lancer passes by the same frowning couple twice at the dance.

    • Near the beginning of the episode, when Sam tells Danny to go over to Paulina, at lunch in school, Sam's lipstick is a lighter shade of purple.

    • After the theme song, Danny, Tucker, and Sam are outside eating lunch. At first, Danny's sandwich doesn't have anything on it, but after Tucker sits down, it suddenly has lettuce on it.

    • Paulina tells Danny that she hasn't taken off the amulet since he gave it to her, but in the scene when Danny knocks Paulina (who was a dragon at the moment) out, the amulet flies off her neck, then she turns back to normal. Although she did not technically "take it off," it still counts as off.

    • At the mall, when Sam says "Does he have to take off his pants and act like a dweeb or will either one do?," the camera closes up on her face and she has pupils. Also, her shirt, normally with no sleeves, had really long sleeves.

    • Paulina's left hairclip disappears from time to time, especially near the beginning and the middle.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Danny: Take it easy Paulina, you don't want to hurt Sam... (Sees Paulina in the dragon's claws) Paulina? (Looks to the Dragon Ghost) Sam?
      Dragon Ghost: Shallow girl!
      Danny: Yep, that's Sam.

    • Paulina: (After Danny falls over) Oh, please don't say you've suddenly fallen for me. That line is so last semester.

    • Jack Fenton: Thank you, thank you all, on behalf of me, Jack Fenton!

    • (Danny and Tucker are drooling over Paulina)
      Sam: Oh please, Paulina? Girls like that are a dime a dozen.
      Danny: (To Tucker) How much change you got?
      Sam: (Sarcastically) Ha, ha, very funny.

    • Danny: Catch anything, Dad?
      Jack: (Holding Fenton Fisher) Son, I couldn't catch a cold. I've been sitting here all day without a single bite.
      Danny: (Holding parent teacher conference note) Uhhh...
      Jack: I'm so frustrated, I want to take out my rage on the first person who gives me bad news. Anyway, you wanted to tell me something?
      Danny: Well, sort of. Mr. Lancer...
      Jack: Mr. Lancer what? (Angrily) Is this bad news?
      Danny: (Hides note behind his back) Mr. Lancer... (Smiles, and then overshadows Jack when he looks away) ... wants to have a word with us!

    • Tucker: (To girl, trying to ask her to the dance) Hey, there. I...
      Girl #1: No.
      Tucker: (To another girl)) Hi, would you... ?
      Girl #2: Forget it.
      (Another girl walks by)
      Girl #3: No!
      Tucker: I didn't ask you yet! (Walks over to Danny & Sam eating)
      Danny: Strike three, Tuck?
      Tucker: Try strike three thousand.

    • Danny: (After beating Dragon Ghost) Whew. That's a relief.
      Jack: (Running back from the bathroom, holding sodas) I'll tell you what a relief is. Darn, I almost forgot.
      (Jack runs off-screen, flushing of toilet is heard)

    • (Outside of Paulina's house)
      Danny: (Talking to himself; getting prepared to ask Paulina for the amulet) Paulina, about the amulet: it's an ancient family heirloom and I need to get it back. (Smiles; slaps his face and sighs) No, that stinks... (Door opens; Paulina's dad walks out)
      Danny: Um, hi! You must be Paulina's dad!
      Paulina's Dad: (Angry) If you upset her, we're going to have a violent talk.
      Paulina: Papa! You're scaring him! Come on, Danny, we're going to be late. (Walks down the steps)
      Paulina's Dad: Have a wonderful evening, baby! (Turns back to Danny, angrily) I know where you live.
      Danny: (Nervously) And I'm glad we had a chance to chat!

    • Mr. Lancer: I like your style, Mr. Fenton. In fact, I'd like you to chaperone the upcoming school dance.
      Danny: (In Jack's body) Chaperone? Well, I'm not sure...
      Mr. Lancer: I am. See you Friday. Or, (Holds up the "How to Speak Hip for the Un-Hip" book) as the kids say, "Catch you later, G!"

    • Sam: Promise me you'll keep your pants up?
      Danny: I'll do my best!
      Tucker: (Realizes Sam was his date) Wait a second. I'm dateless again?! What does a guy have to do to get hooked up around here?!
      Ghost Girl: I want to go to the ball!
      Tucker: On second thought, I don't need a date that badly. Hey guys, wait up! Come on! Can I cut in?

    • Dragon Ghost: I want to go! I have to go!
      Danny: You'll have to wait in line behind my dad.

    • Danny: (After discovering that the amulet he gave Paulina has the ability to turn people into a dragon) Wait. You mean...I'm going on a date with a dragon?!
      Sam: Like I said: looks are deceiving. I'm sure you boys will have a wonderful evening. (signs off)
      Danny: She really wants to go to the dance.
      Tucker: But she said she didn't want to!
      Danny: We're her best friends; we should have known.
      Tucker: Well, there's nothing we can do about it now, right? (Danny gets an idea; his eyes glow green) No way. Forget it. Absolutely not! NO!

    • Mr. Lancer: (Reading from "How to Speak Hip for the Un-Hip" at the dance) "Let's get down with our bad selves." "Yo, shake that thing." "Hey, G, you're my dog."

    • Jazz: By the way, Danny, just so you know, I'm on to your little secret.
      Danny: (Spits out water in astonishment) What?!
      Jazz: The clumsiness, the nervousness. I can't believe I didn't figure it out before. You have a girlfriend!
      Danny: It's a lie, I'm not a ghost -- I mean, she's not my girlfriend. She's just going to the dance with me.
      Jack: Great, I can't wait to meet her. So I can blather about ghosts!
      Jazz: You better let her know your family's insane now, Danny. If you marry her and she finds out later, that's entrapment.

    • Danny: (About overshadowing a girl so Tucker can get a date) Forget it. You can get your own date for the dance, like I did.
      Sam: Does he have to take off his pants and act like a dweeb, or will either one do?

    • Tucker: (To Danny) Thanks to you, I now know the quickest way to a woman's heart: clean boxers.

    • Dragon Ghost: Must have tee!
      Danny: Tea? Ooh, good idea. Coffee can make you a mite jittery. Better yet, have some punch! (Punches Dragon Ghost)

    • Tucker: (To Danny, when a ghost shows up at the mall) Ghost time. Can I finish your fries?

    • (Danny's pants fall down)
      Paulina: (Laughing) A gentleman usually tips his hat, but I'll give you points for originality.
      Sam: Kudos, Danny, you just set an all-time speed record for drowning in the shallow end on the gene pool.
      Paulina: Oh no, you did not just call me shallow, did you?
      Sam: If you mean do I think I can stand in a puddle full of you and not get my feet wet? Then, yeah.

    • Danny: (About asking Paulina to the dance) I can't, I get weak-kneed when I try to talk to cute girls.
      Sam: (Angry) Oh, and you absolutely have no problem talking to me?
      Danny: Uh, um..
      Sam: Skip it! Go give your weak knees some exercise.

    • Mr. Lancer: Well, there were a couple of incidents... with his pants.
      Danny: (In Jack's body) Did his pants fall down again? Oh, poor Danny! He studies so hard, he forgets to eat. I know these things because I'm his dad, and not him.

    • Mr. Lancer: Pantless again, Mr. Fenton? That's the third time this week I've caught you... how do you kids say it? (Holds up book called "How to Speak Hip for the Un-Hip") "Dropping trou." I think it's time I saw your father for a parent-teacher conference.
      Danny: Oh, man... my dad?
      Mr. Lancer: In the meantime, here. (Gives Danny a belt) It'll keep your pants up, and (Holds up book again) "Out of trouble with the man."

  • NOTES (36)

    • We learn in this episode that Danny can make his clothes intangible without making himself so.

    • Throughout the opener, when Danny is fighting the Dragon Ghost, he has no ghostly glow around him.

    • Cable Episode Info:
      Danny uses his powers to control his father during a parent-teacher conference.

    • Insight Digital Description: A magic talisman turns the wearer into a dragon; Danny uses his "overshadowing" power.

    • We get to see the inside of Sam's room for the first time in this episode. The second time was in 'What You Want', the third time was in 'Life Lessons', and the fourth time was in 'Control Freaks'.

    • It is revealed that Tucker has a PDA.

    • We learn that Danny wears red boxers with white polka dots.

    • It is shown that Paulina's father is very over-protective of his daughter and is uncomfortable with teenage boys around her.

    • Paulina is the second person who thinks that Danny and Sam are a couple, the first person was Dash in the previous episode, "Mystery Meat."

    • Apparently, Jack's idea of formal wear is to simply wear a yellow and purple striped tie over his normal, collarless jumpsuit.

    • Danny does not catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode.

    • Opener: Danny walks in on Jack fishing for ghosts in the Fenton Portal with his new invention, the Fenton Fisher. Jack then runs to the Fenton Urinal (a bathroom) and gives Danny the fisher. A dragon ghost comes through and Danny fights it. The amulet it was wearing falls into Danny's backpack and the dragon changes into a girl, who says her mom won't let her go to the princess costume ball, and then disappears. Danny changes back and Jack comes back from the bathroom, having not noticed a thing. Jack realizes he forgot to flush.

    • This marks the first time that Danny has overshadowed Jack, Dash, and Tucker.

    • Look Hard: In Sam's room, there is a poster of a band called "Clockwork Garage" and a banner of a band called "Electroclash." The "Electroclash" banner is also found in Sam's room in "What You Want" and "Control Freaks."

    • According to Tucker, he hit on every girl in the school, meaning he hit on all two-hundred seventy-nine of them.

    • Running Gags: 1) Danny's pants falling down.
      2) Mr. Lancer trying to act "hip."
      3) Nearly everyone making remembering the time when Danny's pants fell.

    • Look Hard: In the scene where Danny lies about how he got the necklace for Paulina, Nathan (who officially "debuts" in "Reign Storm") can be seen walking along the hallway.

    • It is revealed that Danny can turn into a misty form. He does it to get out of the Dragon Ghost's grip when he first fights it. This ability to turn into a misty form is officially acknowledged in "Doctor's Disorders": it was Jazz's ghost power.

    • Dash and his date actually see Danny in ghost mode, but just for a few seconds.

    • When Danny is viewing information about the Amulet of Aragon on his laptop, the girl on the screen who has the amulet is the exact same ghost who became a dragon because she was angry at her mother for not letting her go to the ball, except her skin is human and not ghostly green.

    • The style of the dress that Sam's parents wanted her to wear is black and stereotypically Goth and not the usual colorful style of her parents as hinted in "Control Freaks" and "Reign Storm," although it is possible that Sam's dress was originally colorful but Sam made a few alterations to it, like she did to her floral printed dress in "Control Freaks"

    • When a ghost overshadows a human, the ghost still retains his/her original eye color and voice, although in future episodes, some ghosts are capable of keeping the human's eye color and voice the same or vice-versa, when overshadowing them.

    • In this episode, it seems that Kwan and Valerie are a couple.

    • Apparently, this episode marks the first time Danny and Dash officially meet Paulina.

    • We learn that Tucker is not so good at getting girls.

    • Look Hard: Star (who plays a much larger role and officially "debuts" in "Lucky in Love") makes three short cameos in this episode. The first one is in the hallway right before Tucker talks to Danny about how clean boxers are a way to a woman's heart, Star can be seen walking. The second one is in the scene where Danny in Jack's body makes his way through the crowd of teenagers to reach Sam and Tucker, Star is one of those teens and she is wearing an orange gown. The final cameo is when the teens are cheering Jack for his cool dance moves, Star is in one of those cheering crowds.

    • Apparently, when a human is overshadowed by a ghost, he/she cannot remember anything, but that human afterwards have the same feelings as the ghost who overshadowed that human.

    • Apparently, almost every boy in the school likes Paulina.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Paulina, Valerie, Kwan, Paulina's dad.

    • The Amulet of Aragon works on ghosts as well as humans.

    • Title Screen Caption: "In Sensational Dragon Vision!"

    • Look Hard: In this episode, we learn that the town/city's name in which Danny lives in is Amity Park. If you notice at the scene where Danny, Tucker, and Sam are in the mall, the mall is called "Amity Park Mall."

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Overshadowing, Misty Form, Super Strength.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Ghost Fisher, Fenton Urinal.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Dragon Ghost - A person or ghost must wear the "Cursed Amulet of Aragon" to unleash the Dragon Ghost. If the wearer is under extreme distress or anger, they will turn into a dragon and will have little or no control over themselves. Once the amulet is removed, the person/ghost will return back to normal and apparently, forget what happened.

    • Main Villain(s): Dragon Ghost.


    • Dragon Ghost: Appearance
      The Dragon Ghost has some resemblance to Godzilla. Both are reptilians with different colored flames, similar physique and even share the same roar.

    • Sam: Hairstyle
      The way Sam wore her hair in black strands on both sides looked incredibly similar to Teranee on "W.I.T.C.H.

    • Paulina: (While wearing the Amulet of Aragon, gets angry and becomes a dragon)
      The fact that the person who wears the Amulet of Aragon must be under extreme distress or angry to transform into the Dragon Ghost seems to be somewhat related to how Bruce Banner must be under extreme anger to become The Incredible Hulk.

    • Amulet of Aragon: Name
      Eragon is a famous novel written by Christopher Paloni, which tells a tale of a young farm boy named Eragon who finds a blue stone in a mystical mountain place that hatches a beautiful sapphire-blue dragon. The Amulet of Aragon was likely inspired by this novel; note the dragon. More Info

    • Store: Abyss
      The name of the clothing store that Paulina went to in the Amity Park Mall was called "Abyss," which is a parody of the popular real-life clothing store called "Gap." More Info

    • Danny: (In Jack's body, to Mr. Lancer) Right, right, but in this light, I thought you were George Clooney. Isn't he sharp, Mom? I mean, Maddie!
      George Clooney is an American actor who is best noted for his dashing good looks.

    • Ghost Girl: All I wanted was to go to the costume ball, and my horrid mommy won't let me!
      This seems reminiscent to the tale of Cinderella. More Info

    • Amity Park: Name
      In this episode, it is revealed that Danny lives in Amity Park. The name could be taken from the movie, The Amityville Horror.