Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 12

Phantom Planet

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Aug 24, 2007 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Look Closely: At the end when Danny is in the ghost zone trying to get Skulker and the rest of the ghosts to help him. You can see both forms of Spectra. First you see the one from My brother's keeper then you see her form from Doctor's disorders

    • Jazz says that she redressed the Tuckbot 9000 but in Livin Large it was called The Tuckbot XL.

    • It's unknown what happens to Master's Blasters at the end.

    • The trick Danny uses to freeze Vlad is the same one Vortex used to freeze him in Torrent Of Terror.

    • One of the news articles reveals that Danny has a Florida-shaped birthmark, accompanied by a picture. But the birthmark is never visible any time his uniform is blasted off.

    • Throughout the episode, Vlad goes into space in his ghost form with an air helmet. But at the end, he isn't wearing one, and is still alive. Does this confirm that ghosts don't need preservers in space?

    • Look Hard: In the scene in which Danny tried to punch Vlad in the Fenton's Ghost Lab, Vlad grabs Danny and picks him up by the shirt. When his legs appear, you will notice the white ghostly outline on his legs.

    • Look hard: When Danny says to the ghosts after they are freed from the net, "If ours goes, yours goes too. I have a plan.." you can see two medusas.

    • Look Hard: When the asteroid passes through Earth, you can see Frostbite behind Danny and to the left of Danielle, and Clockwork further down the tower.

    • In Memory Blank, Danny wore a white jumpsuit that turned black when he entered the unfinished portal. When he came out the second time, wouldn't he still be wearing the jumpsuit, only back to its original white?

    • When Danny is surrounded by all of his enemies in the ghost zone, you see Spectra standing next to Skulker in her outfit she aquired in "Doctor's Disorders." Now look closely. The next time you see her, when they are all about to gang up on Danny, she's in her original psychiatrist outfit from "My Brother's Keeper" and "Girls Night Out."

    • When Danny is looking in the mirror after turning himself into a normal human with no ghost powers, at one point he has his eyes closed and his head tilted but his reflection has his eyes open and seems to be looking forward.

    • When the ghosts gather around Danny, many old ghosts appear, including Nightmerica from "Memory Blank", Nocturne from "Frightmare" Vortex from "Torrent of Terror" and many others that can be identified.

    • The ring has making a second appearance when Sam gives Danny the class ring after eventually realizing the "Wes" engraved on it is actually "Sam". It was last seen in the episode "Flirting with Disaster".

    • Tucker is the first youngest Mayor of Amity Park.

    • Look hard: After the ghosts succeed in making the earth intangible, the scene switches to Danny and ghosts behind him turning unintangible. If you look closely enough, the ghost that is behind Danny is Danielle.

    • Look Closely

      After Danny reveals that he's half ghost to the world, we see Valerie, who is smiling. This means she has accepted Danny for who he is.

    • Danny and Sam have there first real kiss, instead of a fake-out-make-out kiss like all the other times.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: (To Sam) What do you say? (He goes ghost) Want to go for a ride? See where the future takes us?
      Sam: Why not?
      (As they fly off, they see the statue of Danny holding up the earth)
      Sam: Cool statue. Personally, I would've made it out of recycled materials, but you know, that's just me.

    • (Vlad is sitting on a rock in space)
      Vlad: Actually being a free roaming space nomad isn't half bad. At least it's quiet and I...ahhhh!
      (Gets hit by the asteroid)

    • Sam: I can't believe you didn't want to attend your own ceremony.
      Danny: Well, you know me. I kind of like sitting on the sidelines sometimes.
      Sam: And your folks are cool with knowing your secret identity?
      Danny: Yeah, the time for secrets is over. The world is safe, time for new beginnings. My dad even says he wants me to team up with him now. Says I can be his sidekick.
      Sam: You're a big star now, probably the biggest in the world.
      Danny: Yeah, it's weird, huh?
      Sam: You'll probably get pretty busy.
      Danny: What else is new.
      Sam: And I probably won't see much of you anymore.
      Danny: Oh, I wouldn't count on that.
      (He takes out the ring, and puts it on Sam's ring finger)
      Danny: Sam, I could never have done any of this without you.
      (Sam's eye begin to tear up)
      Danny: And I don't care what's coming next. I just hope that, whatever it is, you're there to share it with me.
      Sam: I will be. I just have to warn you, I'm no pushover you know. I still have my own way of doing things.
      Danny: That's what I'm counting on.
      (They kiss)

    • (After Skulker and the other ghosts help Danny save the world from the Disasteroid)
      Danny: I don't know what to say, other than thanks, Skulker. To all of you.
      Skulker: Don't get too mushy on us, Ghost Child. Remember, I'll never stop hunting you. And now that you've saved your world, you're a much more valuable prize.

    • Sam: (hands Danny the ring) It's...the ring you were going to give Valerie. You asked me to hold it, remember? (Turns the ring around to reveal her name) Something tells me it was really meant for me. Take it with you. But promise to bring it back. If you promise, then... (takes Danny's hands) I know I'll see you again.
      Danny: If we make it through this...
      Sam: When we make it through this.
      Danny (smiles): Right. When we make it through this, I-I have a few things I need to talk to you about.
      Sam: (smiling) I think I'd be willing to listen. And...no matter how this thing ends...this whole ride we've been on together... (softly) I wouldn't change it for the world. Not one bit.
      Danny: (places his hands on Sam's arms) Me neither. I...(Sam kisses Danny on the cheek, Danny then kisses Sam on the lips; smiles) Wow. Remind me to save the world more often.

    • Mr. Lancer: (After hearing the kids' plan to save the world from the asteroid) They never put that much effort into their schoolwork!

    • (Danny and the others are leaving the Ghost Zone)
      Tucker: If we went into the billboard's mouth, I don't want to know where we're coming out!

    • (The ghosts accidently give Danny back his ghost powers)
      Danny: You just made a big mistake!
      Danny: Well gang, there's good news, and bad news. The good news? My powers are back. Bad news? My powers are back! (unleashes a ghostly wail)

    • (Danny and the others fly into the ghost zone through a portal in the mouth of a billboard) Tucker: Now I know how my chili fries feel!

    • (Vlad realizes that his plan has failed and he has lost everything)
      Vlad: Jack, I need your help. You wouldn't turn your back on an old friend, would you?
      Jack: An old friend? No. You? Yes!
      (Jack activates the rocket's engines and leaves Vlad stranded in space)

    • Danny:(To Sam) Could you pass me a corndog?
      (Sam angrily shoves a corndog in Danny's mouth and storms off)
      Danny: Sam, you don't have to be mad, the corndogs are made of tofu!
      Sam: It's not the corndogs, you're not you anymore. You're just... a normal kid, and a selfish one at that.
      Danny: How am I selfish, because I'm protecting the ones I care about the most.
      Sam: Don't you get it? You had a chance to change things, a chance no one else had, but now you're just... one of the crowd again.
      Danny: What's wrong with that?
      Sam: Everything, you got to fight ghosts while other kids fought acne and you don't seem to care too much what you gave up.
      Danny: I care, it's just that I care about you and... my family more.
      Sam: When you had your powers, I knew this town was protected from evil, but now... who knows where we're headed.
      (You see the Masters Blasters getting a citizen to pay for their work)
      Sam: I'll always be your friend Danny and I'll always be there for you, but I can't live my life just sitting on the sidelines, I'm surprised to see that you can.
      (Danny takes a bite out of his corndog, then gags and spits it out)
      Danny: Tofu!

    • Maddie:(About the white streak in Danny's hair) Incidentally, Danny, I think it's adorbable what you've done with your hair.
      Jack: Yeah. It reminds me of the group me and my friends were in, the Skunk Punks! (Shows Danny a newspaper clipping)
      Danny:(Reading) "The Skunk Punks Stink"?
      Jack: Yeah, we walked right into that one.

    • Danny: Why is everyone but me bummed about this? Danny Phantom isn't needed anymore. From now on, Danny Fenton is just a nice, normal kid, from a nice, normal family. Now let's go get Mom and Dad out of jail.

    • (After Danny gets rid of his ghost powers)
      Tucker:: Did he just do what I think he did?
      Jazz: You mean step back into the Fenton Portal, remove his ghost powers, and revert his DNA profile back to that of an average human?
      Tucker: I was going to say go un-ghost, but that works too.

    • (After Danny gets rid of his powers, he faints)
      Sam: Danny, can you hear me? How do you feel?
      (Danny places his hand on Sam's and opens his eyes a little)
      Danny: (Weakly) Human. (He faints)

    • (Danny is about to get rid of his ghost powers)
      Jazz: Danny, stop! This isn't the way!
      Sam: You're a hero, Danny. We can talk about this!
      Tucker: Don't do it, Dude. We'll find something that rhymes with Phantom!

    • (Danny is considering getting rid of his powers)
      Jazz: Danny, what are you thinking?
      Danny: Give me one good reason I should keep my powers.
      Tucker: You're the target of hundreds of evil ghosts! Oh, wait that's bad. I'll get back to finding something that rhymes with "Phantom".

    • Tucker: (To Danny) Hm, three news photos of you and your underwear... Nine more and you can have your own calendar!

    • Danny: My first car accident and I am not driving yet.

    • (As Vlad is escaping his exploding satelite)
      Vlad:(About Danny) Taking my map, destroying my satelite, mocking my mental health. It's time I finshed off Danny Phantom, once and for all!

  • Notes

    • The picture of the Skunk-Punks is the same image of Jack and his college buddies fron Bitter Reunion, only with white streaks in their hair.

    • This episode was shown in Nickelodeon in Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore on August 9 2008. It is part of Rumble Jumble.

    • Apparently, Technus survived the satellite explosion in "Flirting With Disaster".

    • The Fenton Portal is destroyed when Danny used it to make him human again. The portal overloaded and then exploded.

    • This is the first time Danny and Sam have kissed with Danny still in ghost form.

    • This is the third time in the series that Danny decides to get rid of his ghost powers. The first time was in "Identity Crisis", and the second one being "The Ultimate Enemy".

    • This is the third time in the show and the first time in the season that Danny sounds heroic. The first time was The Million Dollar Ghost and second was Identity Crisis.

    • Now that Jack, knows the truth that his best friend Vlad Plasmius is an evil ghost and despised him, Jack is no longer his friend.

    • This is the first episode that Sam kissed Danny on his cheek.

    • Danny finally gives Sam the ring which makes them a couple. It is the same ring he was going to give Valerie "Flirting With Disaster" even though it was meant for Sam.

    • This is the first episode and Movie in which Danny and Sam have officially kissed.

    • This is the only episode that doesn't have an opener or a title picture.

    • Skulker, Technus, and the Lunch Lady are the only ghosts that speak in this episode.

    • Vlad is presumably killed at the end of this episode. The giant "Disasteroid" crashes into him in space.

    • This is the second time Danny's secret identity is revealed to the world. The first was in "Reality Trip". But this time, he doesn't erase anyone's memory.

    • Running Gag(s): 1) Danny's underwear showing during his missions 2) Vlad announcing that Danny Phantom is useless 3) Danny saying that Vlad needs therapy 4) the Masters Blasters saying, "Masters Blasters stops disasters" 5) Tucker thinking of a rhyme for Phantom 6) Danny failing to be better then Masters Blasters 7) Danny or Vlad telling the world their half ghost secret 8) Danny mentioning the word "normal" 9) Sam and Tucker hoping Danny will stop a ghost and him refusing 10) Jack being fooled that the robot Danny is the real Danny 11) somebody going to outer space 12) the hologram Maddie saying that the asteroid is made of Ectoranium 13) Danny and Sam kissing 14) Danny's class ring being given to Sam or Danny.

    • This is the only time in the series Jazz goes into the Ghost Zone.

    • Vlad actually shows that he has a heart by looking down at the earth and feeling guilty about what he's done.

    • This episode's first half debuted in Brazil on June, 14th, 2007 and the second half on June, 15th, 2007.

    • Danny doesn't use the Fenton Thermos in this episode. It is never seen or mentioned.

    • Apparently, Danny has gotten the hang of his Ghostly Wail because he didn't turn back to his human half after using it. Other times he or some part of his body would turn back to human.

    • This is the only time in the series in which Sam cries.

    • We learn that Amity Park is located on the Ohio/Indiana border.

    • The infi-map has a second appearance in this episode.

    • Freakshow, Dark Danny, the Guys in White, Cujo, King Pariah, and the Dairy King are the only ones who did not appear in the episode.

    • Vlad reveals his secret to the world. Thus Jack now knows this secret, along with Vlad's hatred for him, causing Jack to shun his former friend.

    • The world now knows that Danny is half ghost, and he is accepted.

    • Danny and Sam become an official couple in this episode.

    • Newspaper titles:
      "Blaster Mulch Plant Ghost, Danny Phantom Wears Boxer"
      "Blaster Snare Dragon, Danny Phantom Has Florida Shaped Birthmark"
      "Blasters Stop Storm!"
      "Danny Phantom: Naked Nuisance?"
      "Skunk Punks Stink!"

    • This episode marks the first time Danny has actually frozen Vlad, and the second time ever Vlad has been frozen.

    • Danny's parents now know that he is Danny Phantom.

    • This is the fourth Danny Phantom TV movie.

  • Allusions

    • Ectoranium Asteroid
      The storyline of the Ectoranium Asteroid, failing to destroy it with rockets and Vlad claiming to be able to stop the asteroid to earn loyalty all seem direct homages to the Public Enemies story arc from the Superman/Batman comics.

    • The Tower that was use to make the planet intangible is based on the towers used in the DC Comics' limited series, 'Crisis on Infinite Earths.' The towers were placed on various earths of different dimensions and were used to merge all of the earths into one.

    • Danny & Sam: "Come back scene".
      The scene towards the end of Phantom Planet, where Sam gives Danny his ring back and tells him to promise, is very similar to one in a video game by Disney and Square Enix, Kingdom Hearts. In the Kingdom Hearts scene, Kairi gives Sora her good luck charm and tells him to promise to come back. They also both take place before the male lead heads into some world-threatening situation, either Sora going to fight Ansem, or Danny helping stop the asteroid.

    • Episode: Subplot.
      The storyline is similar to a Kim Possible episode at the end of the third season "Team Impossible". A team of three agents try to get Kim's career out of business, beat her three times she tried to save the world, Kim tries to outsmart them and then thinks she should quit, then ends up beating them anyway.

    • Danny: Give me one good reason I should keep my powers?
      This is similar to Spiderman 2. Peter's powers disappear for some reason, so he becomes a normal teenager again and when the world is in trouble, he gets his powers back.

    • Danny: Atomic batteries to Power. Turbine to speed.
      When Danny starts powering up the Fenton Jet before going through the Ghost Portal, he says, "Atomic batteries to Power. Turbine to speed." This is the same startup sequence used by Burt Ward as Robin in the 1966 live action Batman TV series.

    • Fenton Rocket: Appearance

      The Fenton Rocket looks almost exactly like the USS Discovery from the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey."

    • Danny: Hairstyle
      Danny's new hairstyle (black hair with white streak) is just as similar as Butch, the story-teller from "Recess".

    • Ectoranium: Appearance and power

      Ectoranium is similar to Kryptonite in the Superman comics, movies and cartoons. It weakened the people of Krypton just like Ectoranium weakens ghosts and is green.

    • Title: Phantom Planet

      The title could be an allusion from the movie titled The Phantom Planet.

    • Carputor: Autobots

      Technus' newest invention resembles most of the Autobots and Decepticons in "Transformers". The Carputor shares physical similarities to most of the characters in the Transformers Alternators Toyline.