Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 3

Pirate Radio

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 22, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

A group of ghostly skeletons under the command of a bratty 10-year-old pirate named Youngblood attacks FentonWorks and steals the ghost shield. Soon after, all the adults in Amity Park are packing for a cruise without their kids. Danny, Sam, and Tucker discover that the cruise is a hoax and the adults are under the spell of a mysterious (and cheesy) song created by Ember to make them into galley slaves for Youngblood's pirate ship! The stolen ghost shield prevents Danny Phantom from getting on board the ship, so Danny Fenton has to lead Amity Park's teenagers in a daring attempt to save their parents.moreless

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  • Ember's back with a new crew

    Turns out she's behind all that lousy music and a large number of adults leaving on a cruise and acting weirder which is just a ruse to get people to use as a source of power for the ghost ship under Youngblood's command. Turns out the theft of the exercise equipment is meant for the brainwashed prisoners to use for suppling power for the ship. Tucker and Sam use the Op Center as an alternative radio station to provide some better music for a change but then they figure out how to use it to combat the pirate ghosts. Danny also rallies the rest of the teens to attack the ship and free the prisoners. Once the hope seems lost for the ghosts Ember abandons Youngblood and he himself is trapped on his ghost ship with the Ghost Shield still on.moreless
  • Wow really..... I love how real DP is!!!

    I just caught on to how 'real' this episode is. Especially when they play it backwards. I was like whoa. Then Tucker says: "Using music to control people, why does that sound so familar?" lol But overall i like this episode, i caught to ember being behind it, when i saw that cruise pamplet. But think of it as Youndblood part 1 and Ember part 2.
  • Ember's back!

    I thought the 'M. BersBack' was really creative! :)

    "That's not a clue- that's a billboard!"

    "We've really gotta start paying more attention in these things!"

    And there was awesome animation! I also loved seeing Danny get the school to work together- he has such good leadership! Talk about teamwork!

    "You're one brave geek, Fenton! When I'm wailing on you tomorrow, I'll be wailing on hero. But I will be wailing on you."- By Dash's standards, that's a compliment.

    The scene where the kids fight Ember, Youngblood and the rest of the pirates was the best- along with where he flies everyone off the ship. Phantastic episode!moreless
  • Ember's back!

    Yay! I was so happy when I saw that Ember was back, and as, what better, a pirate! I thought the plot was great and I liked how Danny got each one of his classmates together in helping him save all of their parents. Danny was so adorable in his father's orange jumpsuits and the whole episode was funny and entertaining. I liked how Youngblood was working with Ember, too. The two of them both hate adults, and the two of them working together was well thought out and planned. Good job Butch and your team, this was defintaly a great episode.moreless
  • Ember teams up with a pirate named Youngblood in an attempt to kidnap all adults.

    This episode was very exciting and adventurous. It was funny to see Danny get ignored by everyone, but then in the end they are all forced to listen to him to save their parents. It was funny to see Danny and all of his classmates in the same outfit that Jack wears. It was also pretty interesting to see Danny fight Ember and Youngblood without his powers. My favorite part was when Dash and Danny are fighting back to back and then Dash says to Danny, 'When I'm wailing on you tomorrow, I'll be wailing on a hero. But I will be wailing on you.'moreless
Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner


Guest Star

James Sie

James Sie

Alarm Voice

Guest Star

David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom

Recurring Role

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maddie Fenton (Mom)

Recurring Role

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

Jack Fenton (Dad)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (13)

    • When Youngblood shows up at Casper High, Mr. Lancer runs in terror. But in "Fenton Menace," Youngblood says only kids can see him, so Mr. Lancer should not have been able to.

    • If the subliminal message was: "Leave your KIDS, Come to the cruise", how was Jazz effected? Even if she does believe she's an adult, she doesn't have any children of her own, so the message shouldn't have worked on her.

    • In Fanning of the Flames Jazz fell under Ember's spell because teenagers fall under the spell of the song. In this episode, adults fall under the spell. So Jazz should not have been under the spell in Fanning of the Flames because she's an adult, or vice versa.

    • In the scene where Ember says "That's right pop fans, Ember's back, and ready to rock" her guitar is in her left hand, which is the opposite hand to when she had it in "Fanning the Flames," though it's corrected later.

    • During the scene of which the pirates are taking Casper High's exercise equipment, the D on Danny's chest is more turquoise.

    • Why couldn't Danny just use the Emergency Ham to make the Fenton Jet like in the upcoming "Reality Trip"? It would have worked better than the blimp.

    • For a second when Danny is floating everyone off the ship back down to the ground, his eyes are green all over like Vlad's eyes, except Danny's are green, while Vlad's are red.

    • The number of adults in the hold of the pirate ship changes in each scene.

    • When Youngblood forced Danny off the plank, wouldn't he be able to go ghost if he was outside the shield?

    • If Danny got shocked in the shield, how did Youngblood, Ember, and every skeleton on the ship withstand it?

    • Youngblood's Peg Leg And His Hooked Arm Change Sides of His Body.

    • During the close up of Jack and Maddie's not on the magazine (when Danny is reading it), Danny's hand is a darker skin tone than usual. It's actually more the color of Tucker's.

    • When Sam says that Jack isn't the only blimp in the family, she has pupils.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Danny: All right pee-wee! Talk! Tell me what you want with these people or I'll...I'll...spank you or something!
      Youngblood: I'd love to see you try! (Blasts Danny with rays from eyes)

    • Ember: (To Youngblood; after she burns the ship's mast) Okay, maybe not the best idea. Ah, well. Bon voyage, kid! Catch you on my comeback tour! (Laughs and disappears)

    • Danny: Now if I were my dad, where would I put the secret control panel for the Op-Center? Someplace where I would see every time I come here. (Figures out it would be the refrigerator; goes to it; finds and presses the button) Yep, next to the ham!
      Computer Voice: Defense system activated. Also, the ham has spoiled.

    • Sam: (Cheering the acronym for her radio station) P-A-R-T-Y!
      Tucker: We ain't got no alibi!

    • Sam: (Looks at cruise brochure, after seeing that Ember is back) M. Bersback? Ember's back! That's not a clue, it's a billboard.
      Tucker: We really have to start paying attention to these things.

    • Danny: Paulina, you're good with make up. I need you to disguise Tucker as an adult so he can get aboard the pirate ship and disable it from within.
      Paulina: Aye-aye, captain! But you still have no shot at me.

    • Danny: (To Ember, after she says she's working with Youngblood) What, is the music career going so poorly you have to pick up babysitting jobs on the sides?
      Ember: I guess you could say me and him share the same opinion of adults.
      Ember & Youngblood: Hate 'em!

    • (Tucker is aboard Youngblood's ship and below deck, where all the adults are fueling the ship by exercising)
      Tucker: Mom! Dad! You're under mind control! And looking really trim! Maybe you guys should exercise more often.

    • Danny: (Over megaphone) Listen up, everybody. If you want your parents back, you're going to have to follow my lead.
      Dash: Why should we follow you, Fen-toad?
      Danny: You're right, Dash. Let's follow the other kid who comes from a family of ghost hunters and knows how to work all their gear.

    • Danny: (Giving Dash a weapon) Dash, you're with me on offense. We're gonna spring the adults from the pirate ship.
      Dash: So, I get to hit some people?
      Danny: Oh, yeah!
      (Dash grabs Danny's shirt)
      Danny: Not me!
      Dash: (Lets go of Danny's shirt) Sorry, old habits.

    • Star: (Cheerleading, while fighting pirates) Okay! We hate pirates, yes we do! I hate pirates, how 'bout you?

    • Jack: Why do I suddenly feel like I have buns of steel?
      Maddie: At last! I mean, I love you just the way you are. (Hugs Jack)
      Jazz: Ew.

    • Youngblood: Argh! Me prisoners are escaping!
      Parrot: So, what's powering the ship?
      (Ship starts falling)

    • Danny: (Sees the ship gone after battling Youngblood) Well, one thing's for sure. It's gonna be awfully quiet at my house tonight.
      (Scene changes to party at Danny's house)
      Danny: Not getting invited to a party is one thing, but not getting invited to a party AT MY OWN HOUSE!

    • Parrot: (With ship underwater surrounded by ghost shield in reverse) Let me out of here! Let me out!
      Youngblood: Actually, it would be more like, "Ahoy, matey! I'm marooned on this island!"
      Parrot: Oh, shut your gob, you twit!

    • Danny: Mom, Dad! I really wanna use the emergency op-center to start a radio station!
      (Silence; Danny looks around and finds no one)
      Sam: That's a yes!
      Danny: (Finds note on a catalogue; reads note) "Your mother, sister, and I are on a weekend get-away fun cruise. We're sure you will take charge and act responsibly. Love, Mom & Dad." (Removes note and sees catalogue) M. Bersback Cruiselines? Weird, they went on a fun cruise with Jazz, who isn't fun in the least?

    • Dash: (After Danny, in ghost mode, saves kids from the force field) Hey, where's Fenton?
      Danny: He's safe. I, uh, rescued him. (To Paulina) He sure is cool. You should totally make out with him.
      (Paulina blinks)

    • Mr. Lancer: Of course, you kids should feel free to, as you might say, "Bust out your own freaky beats!" As long as they're not too freaky or... uh, beaty?
      Danny: (Runs to the radio station) Sweet! Where do I sign up to yank this crud off the air? (Danny scratches the Vapor Drone record with the record needle)
      Dash: Fenton a D.J.? Yeah, right! Who would ever listen to you?
      Danny: I'll show you who'll listen! What do we want?! (Silence) Um, this is the part where you say, "Good music." What do we want?!
      Tucker & Sam: (Hesitantly) Uh... Good music?
      Dash: (Pushes Danny out of the way and Danny screams) What do we want?!
      Kids: Good music!
      Dash: When do we want it?!
      Youngblood: (From nowhere) NOW!

    • (After the ghost pirates steal the ghost shield generator)
      Youngblood: Fall back, me hearties. We got da... got da... What's the word?
      Parrot: Booty.
      Youngblood: Ha, you said booty! (Laughs)
      (Pirate ghosts begin laughing)
      Danny: Hey! They're stealing my dad's ghost shield generator! (Flies toward ship, Youngblood gets in the way and turns his peg leg into a cannon and fires at Danny, which makes Danny fall; ship gets away)
      Sam: Nice goin', matey. You just got your butt kicked by Short John Silver.
      Danny: Hey, considering he just took my dad's ghost shield, you think maybe you could be a little sympathetic, like Tucker?
      (Tucker starts laughing)
      Danny: Tucker?
      Tucker: He said booty!

    • Youngblood: Avast ye! Aw, man, what's the word?
      Parrot: Scurvy dogs.
      Youngblood: Right! Avast ye, scurvy dogs! Prepare to be booted by captain Youngblood and his skeleton crew!
      Danny: Hey, isn't it past your bedtime, kid?
      Youngblood: (Makes a slingshot with his hook and fires a beam at Danny) Don't call me kid! I'm mature beyond me years! (Blows a raspberry)

    • Dash: (To Danny, while they're fighting the pirates) You're one brave geek, Fenton. When I'm whaling on you tomorrow, I'll be whaling on a hero. But I will be whaling on ya.

  • NOTES (44)


    • Ember: (To Danny) Wasting your time, wannabe!
      "Wannabe" is the title of a pop/rock song. It was once played in the 2005 movie Chicken Little, performed by the characters Abby Mallard and Runt of the Litter; or, to a more specific extent, Joan Cusack and Steve Zhan, the voices of the characters.

    • Episode Title: Pirate Radio
      The title is probably a reference to the act of illegally downloading music.

    • Sam: Nice goin', matey. You just got your butt kicked by Short John Silver.
      The name that Sam gives to Youngblood, Short John Silver, is obviously a parody of Long John Silver, a famous fictional character from the novel, Treasure Island. He was a pirate and the ship's quartermaster under the notorious Captain John Flint. More Info

    • Tucker: Survey says, no.
      Danny: Survey says, going ghost!
      Tucker and Danny both say "survey says" in the beginning of the episode. This was a commonly used phrase in Family Feud, a game show where the answers were taken by survey. This phrase was also used by Sam in "Public Enemies."