Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 8

Prisoners of Love

Aired Friday 12:00 AM May 15, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Danny fears he's going to cause his parents' break-up when he knocks Jack's anniversary gift into the Ghost Zone. Desperate to retrieve it, he dives into a ghostly dimension where he runs afoul of Walker, the ghost warden of a ghost jail, and is thrown into prison with every ghost he's ever caught.moreless

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James Arnold Taylor

James Arnold Taylor


Guest Star

Mathew St. Patrick

Mathew St. Patrick


Guest Star

S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

Dash Baxter/Jasper/Ghost Guard #2

Recurring Role

Kevin Michael Richardson

Kevin Michael Richardson

Dragon Ghost

Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Scanner Voice/Cletus/Ghost Guard #1

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Why would Walker put Skulker in prison but not take away his battlesuit?

    • When Walker was holding Danny up by the front of his shirt, you could see Danny's stomach. But he was wearing the gloves and shoes from his costume, so was he wearing his costume or just the gloves and shoes?

    • When Danny goes into the Ghost Zone by accident in the beginning, he is in human form and was banished by Walker. When he goes back later to the Ghost Zone in ghost form, Walker still recognized him and got mad.

    • When Danny first sees Skulker is in the ghost jail, He has 4 fingers. Later, he has 5 fingers.

    • Since the webcam is a real world item, Walker should not have been able to move it.

    • When Danny gets thrown in a pot of green ectoplasmic residue, his ghostly glow is green instead of its usual white.

    • The ghost girl with the Amulet of Aragon bumped her head on the Specter Speeder when she was chasing it, but since the Specter Speeder is a Real World object, she should have phased through it.

    • In Jack's flashback about him forgetting the present, it was perched on a dresser, but when Danny accidentally knocked it into the Ghost Zone, it was on the floor.

    • When Jazz rushes into the living room after she tells Danny to keep it down, and when Danny turns back to normal, there are two papers in front of him and two papers in back. However, when Danny goes ghost and is about to phase into the floor to get to the lab, the papers are suddenly gone.

    • When Danny accidentally zaps Jack's present and sends it flying into the Ghost Zone, the tag fell off, but in many scenes where the present is shown in the Ghost Zone, the tag is suddenly on.

    • In Jack's flashback, he was carrying a suitcase and saying, "I'm coming, Maddie." However, in the scenes where Maddie was approaching the taxi and when Jack was chasing after it, there was no evidence that Jack quickly went back into the lab and got his suitcase and ran back outside considering the fact that Danny and Jazz were in front of the only entrance to FentonWorks.

    • During the entire scene where Jack was talking to Maddie as she was leaving in a taxi, Jack had no suitcase near him, but when Jack says (to Danny and Jazz), "So, I'm traveling to your Aunt Alicia's in Spittoon, Arkansas," a suitcase suddenly appears.

    • When Maddie accidentally zaps Jack (who is upside down in a parachute), he falls to the ground and all of his hair has been fried, but in the next scene where Jack is sipping lemonade, all his hair is suddenly back.

    • Skulker still had the PDA before in "Bitter Reunions," but it was no where to be found in this episode.

    • Technus is in his mechanical form, although in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," he was sent back in his ghost form.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • The Box Ghost: (To Danny and Jazz) Beware!
      Jack & Maddie: Ghost! (Jack and Maddie chase The Box Ghost)
      Jazz: Ah, sweet normalcy. I'll take being right and embarrassed over being wrong every time. Want some rhubarb pie?
      Danny: Love some.
      Cletus: I'd stay away from that if I was you. (Winks)

    • (After the breakout)
      Walker: Guards, what's going on down there?! Somebody answer me!
      Danny: How about saying 'please'? Saying 'please' is a rule.
      Walker: (Amazed) It is?
      (Takes out the rule book and looks through it; Danny slams the book shuts on Walker's fingers)
      Danny: Is now!

    • Jack: Why, hey there! Pretty young thang!
      Maddie: Jack Fenton, what on Earth are you doing?
      Jack: Why sweet talking you, proving that I can step away from work and concentrate more on our relationship! Now let's see here... (Takes out piece of paper and clears his throat) You have a smile that shines like swamp gas in the moonlight! (Turns around to see the country guys giving him a thumbs up) Your eyes twinkle like the bumper of my pick-em-up truck! And... and... oh, this is stupid!

    • Danny: (After parachuting onto his aunt's farm with his dad's gift) Here you go, Mom. Dad left it at home so, uhh... the mosquitoes wouldn't get it!
      Jack: That's right! (Whispering to Danny) Good boy, you're getting a raise in your allowance for this.
      Danny: I have an allowance?

    • Jack: (To the country men) Excuse me, do you gentlemen have a bathroom? (Men have confused look on their faces) Outhouse? (They still look confused, Jack speaks in a country accent) Place I can wee-iz?

    • Alicia: Look at me, Maddie. I'm a calm, sensible, independent, woman and... (Sees Jack) Hey, don't you whiz on that, Jack Fenton! That's rhubarb! (To Maddie again) I've never been happier.

    • (Tons of guards take aim at Danny and Skulker, when the Lunch Lady Ghost shows up)
      Lunch Lady Ghost: Would you gentleman like some apples?
      (Guards nod heads no)
      Lunch Lady Ghost: Then dine on my fury!

    • The Box Ghost: (To Danny) Flee! Lest you be hermetically sealed and shipped to your DOOM!

    • Tucker: Danny, you're fine. I mean, it's not like your mom actually said the word divorce. I mean, if she actually said the word, then you'd have to worry.
      Danny: Said the word. Oh man, she did! She said the word!!
      Sam: Tucker, say something to calm him down.
      Tucker: Well, uh, did she say it twice?

    • Danny: My parents are splitting up, my sister's a basket case, and I'm going to ghost jail. This may be the worst day of my life.
      Skulker: (With Danny's enemies behind him) Well, if it isn't the young whelp who got us locked up in this stinking place. Welcome home.
      Danny: This is the worst day of my life.

    • Maddie: We discussed this, Jack. Visiting my sister, the divorce.

    • Tucker: (After going through the wall) Wow. File that one under "wouldn't it have been nice if we'd known we could do that trick in the first place."

    • Walker: I am your judge, executioner, jury, executioner, jailer, and if necessary your executioner.
      Danny: You said executioner three times.
      Walker: I like that part of the job.

    • Maddie: (To Jack, while in a taxi) There is a casserole in the freezer next to the ectoplasmic residue samples! (The taxi pulls away)
      Jack: Wait, wait, wait! (He chases after the taxi) How will I know which is which?!

    • The Box Ghost: I am The Box Ghost!
      Danny: Would you stop that?!

    • Danny: (In the jailhouse cafeteria, sees Skulker, Technus, Desiree, and Box Ghost sitting at a table) Wow... hehe, pretty much everyone who hates me all at one table, just like high school...

  • NOTES (37)


    • Specter Speeder: Appearance.

      The Specter Speeder seems to be an homage to the Owlship, nicknamed Archimedes by Nite Owl, from the award winning graphic novel, Watchmen.

    • Jasper:: Get set to get wet, Yuppie
      "Get Set to Get Wet" was the advertising slogan for the Splish Splash Water Park of Riverhead, Long Island, New York.

    • Episode Title: Prisoners of Love
      This is a reference about the song Prisoers of Love from the movie "The Producers", by Mel Brooks. The song is about being in love in prison.

    • Walker: Appearance
      The name, Walker, is probably in reference to the title character of the popular CBS tv show, Walker: Texas Ranger. A show about a stalwart, martial arts, Texas Ranger and his work solving crimes and righting wrongs. Walker was played by action star Chuck Norris.

    • PDA: Game
      The game that Tucker was playing on his PDA was the classic arcade game called Space Invaders.

    • Ghost Zone: Ghost Lairs
      When Danny went into the Ghost Zone, there were doors floating around, just like in the movie, Monsters, Inc. Each door went into a ghost's lair. In Monsters, Inc., each door went into a kid's room.