Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 14

Public Enemies

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 04, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • "Yeah, with some friendly advice: RUN!"

    Walker has been one of my favourite villains and I'm glad he's making a return. Now I'm even more convinced that he's a really great villain. His plan is clever and leads to big stuff happening. It's also nice that Danny makes a ghost ally - Wulf, who is a likable character that you care about. The plot itself is awesome and in only 14 episodes Danny Phantom has turned to be better than expected - I expected a nice cartoon and ended with one of my favourite shows (for now - I'll have to see if it gets eventually worse). Danny's parents are hilarious in this episode, especially his mother. She's a female badass but it's a little sad how she unknowingly fighting her son. The action and the music are spectacular, as well as the humor.

    Public Enemies sets up many things about the future of the series. Will Walker return even more powerful? Will Danny get a good reputation in the city? Will Paulina figure out Danny's secret? I hope Danny Phantom answers these questions and others, as Public Enemies gets into the top 5 of best Danny Phantom episodes.
  • This is admittedly one of my top favorite episodes on Danny Phantom.

    In this episode, Amity Park is being taken over by Walker and his goons, and it's up to Danny to stop him. The part that was kinda sad was Wulf sacrificing himself to save Danny, but the ending where Lancer is being chased by Danny's parents was pretty funny. Love this episode and good to watch.
  • Walker comes up with a plot to turn Danny's hometown against him

    Walker ever the spoiled sport/cheater is nurturing a grudge and formulating a plan to turn Danny's place of residence and life into a prison. Walker also enlists Wulf one of his prisoners who is werewolf like and has the ability to slash a portal into the real world and vise versa to aid Walker and his goons into capturing Danny Phantom. This however backfires when Danny aids Wulf in his time of need and ends up befriending Wulf. Walker and his goons start overshadowing various citizens (including the mayor) of Amity Park to declare Danny as public enemy number 1.
  • Walker tries to capture Danny Phantom

    In this episode Walker tries to get revenge on Danny because he set all his prisoners free. Walker takes over the kids' minds at Casper High. One night when Danny was walking around the school he saw his classroom full with kids. Walker {Inside Dash's body} was making plans to capture Danny. Danny walks in the classroom and Dash sees him. Walker and the other ghosts came out of the kids' bodies and Walker grabs Danny holds him up at the chalkboard and says I've got you now punk. Danny somehow escapes and flies to his house. The next day at lunch Sam, Tucker, and Danny were eating lunch when Danny's parents arrived. Jack put a ghost shield up and told the kids to eat as fast as they could. Wulf {Walker's minion} sees Danny and breaks the shield. He destroys Jack's ghost hunting RV. When Danny sees he goes ghost behind a tree and fights him. At the end of the episode Danny becomes Public Enemy number 1 in the ghost zone and in the real world.
  • Wow, Walker's back and wants total revenge on Danny!! Superly exciting!

    I totally loved this episode! Walker wants to make Amity Park the prison for Danny which he left in the Ghost Zone! Walker seemed really evil in this episode and his plan was really thought-out and thorough! Danny seemed to be in a lot of trouble because everyone he came in contact with was overshadowed! Plus, Walker tricked Danny into thinking htere was a town meeting and he then tried to blame everything on him! Wulf was also involved and had become like a friend to him! It was so sad when he got taken away, but why did Danny think that his parents were being overshadowed when they were obviously acting like normal. Weird! Anyway, this was one of my favorite episodes of season 1!!
  • Sheriff Walker tries to lead Danny into a trap.

    This was a very exciting episode. My favorite part would have to be the fighting scene between Sheriff Walker and his prison guards and Danny. I thought it was funny when Kwan (overshadowed by a prison guard ghost) started to do all these difficult fighting moves in front of Danny and then Danny just looked bored and shot him with his finger. I loved that part! I also like Wulf. He wasn't cute like the little ghost dog in Shades of Gray, but he was pretty cool since he was able to tear ghosts out of the humans they're overshadowing.
  • Wow, what a wimp.

    Man Walker, everyone loses every now and then, no need to through a tantrum over it. Your not the first to get their butt beat by the halfa. All joking aside, this episode was probably one that would have been needed for the series. The ghost raid on the city that is blamed on Danny wills lead to later decisions by characters on whether they believe he is a good or a bad guy. It also has one of the coolest created characters in the series, Wulf. Hopefully he will make a return in the 3rd season.
  • Walker wants revenge on Danny for releasing his prisoners.

    This was a great episode, it was like something out of spider-man, Danny trying to save the twon only to come out as Ghost Enemy #1, the animation was great as it always is, it was really funny, Walker's paln succeeded and failed at the same time, it succeeded when Danny become ghost enemy number one, it failed when he was sucked back into the ghost zone, but the damage was still down and Danny became public ghost enemy number one.
  • Walker and his gang are trying to make Danny enimy number one in his town.

    I like this episode bc i love the show Danny Phantom this is probaly my second Favorite episode. Beacause of the quotes in it. And its definatly one of the well written ones to. Jack is so funny in this episode because of his cookie comment and him running into doors and making Maddie look so incredibaly smart. Also I love Tucker in this episode because of the whole speaking another language thing "Tucker: It was a language in the 1800's but now its just a way for geeks to talk to each other". Then he says somthing in the language thats probaly the funiest part.
  • Walker is back and wants revenge on Danny,for letting his prosiners escape.He is going to turn Danny's whole town against him.Will he suceed or will Danny be able to stop him.

    Walker has just finished recapturing all his prisoners except for one Danny Phantom.He uses one of his prisoners a wolf-ghost named Wuf to help him.Wuf has the power to create portols into the real world and with his help Walker sends all his men to Earth.With the major ghost invasion Danny has enough to worry about right,but he also has to worry about his parents who have been put incharge of Ameity Park's ghost suecrity.Walker and his goons overshadow everyone Danny knows(except his friends and famliy)to get closer to him,while Wuf destracts him.Danny sees Walker's goons are after Wuf so he helps him by beating them and than hides him at Tucker's house.

    After Danny gets his spear Fenton Thermos from his locker he sees Dash and a group of people having a meeting,so he asks them what's going on.Just than he finds out that it is really Walker and his goons just overshadowing everyone.He gets away to his parents house and turns on his parents new ghost sheild to keep them out.Walker doesn't mind because now he can put the last phase of his plan in action without Phantom interfernce.He decides Wuf has out lived his usefulness(I know he's a ghost)and turns on his control coller.Tucker and Sam get it off of him,he leaves.The next morning Tucker and Sam wake Danny up and tell him that the Mayor(Walker)has decleared Danny Phantom public enemy number one.Danny considers quiting ghost fighting,but Sam makes him reconsider.

    He goes to the town meeting to try and make people realize he is really good,but he fires his ecto ray at his parents,believing them to be overshadowed.All chaos breaks loose and Walker's men take him down into the basement and start fighting him.First Danny beats an overshadowed Paulina after words she seems to have develope some feelings for him.Next up is Kwan and Lancer,but after Danny saves them they run away in terror of him.Wuf comes and helps out Danny and beats the rest of them,but Walker who is overshadowing the Mayor takes Danny up to the public and makes it look like Danny is attacking him.Than he pulls him back into the court house,but Wuf comes and pulls him out of the Mayor.Than Maddie fires a minture ghost portol gun and knocks both Walker and Wuf back into the Ghost Zone.Wuf says he will return but Walker says he'll be back to.When everything is done Sam and Tucker ask him if he will still be the hero and Danny answers yes he will.

    A perfect episode the plot was ammazing and Walker became a very great villain.In Prisoners of Love Walker seemed to be just a very strict sherff who was trying to do good.This episode showed him to be a manipulative and strategic villain.Instead of trying to recapture Danny he tries to make his life on Earth a prison for him.Paulina's reaction forshadows her feeling for Danny Phantom which will be used in future episodes.Danny actually lost people of his town for the most part fear and hate him.Danny has to earn their trust.All in all this a perfect episode.
  • I luv all the episodes but this one is my least favorte...I thought it was just way too out there..so much happened in this episode too they should have made it longer than a normal episode

    Ok there are many reasons why this is my least favorite episode...I just don't like Walker is one..He bothers me..I thought the idea of all those ghosts attacking was just way too out there..Why did walker care if everyone hated Danny. I mean he didn't have to go through all these measures to get revenge..Just taking Danny prisoner was better.(Not like i want that to happen though). There was a lot of character development in this episode..Like the fact that Walker made almost the whole town hate him..They should have saved that for like a tv movie...There was a lot more they could have done with this episode..They didn't even really need Bullet either..He didn't do much..and there are 40 episodes out already and we haven't seen Wulf or him since..whered they go??they said theyd be back..
  • walker is a villain in this episode

    This is a great episode because the townspeople think danny phantom is a villain. Which means we will get to see alot more action ever since this episode first aired. And because danny is now considered the villain he will have alot more things to contend with. to me it is kind of ironic how danny does whatever he can to save the residents of amity park and yet the whole town wants him destroyed. I think that it is very noble that danny still fights evil even though he is not liked by many residents of amity park. I am glad that they made this episode.
  • Walker sends his henchmen to overshadow the people Danny is around, resulting in Danny getting a bad name for himself.

    Walker wants revenge on Danny for setting all his prisoners free. He uses Wulf, a ghost with the power to claw into the real world, to send his henchmen to Amity Park and wreak havoc. While Wulf then tries to escape Walker, Walker’s henchmen overshadow everyone Danny comes in contact with and attack him. As he gains Wulf’s alliance, Danny fights off his foes, but ends up getting a bad name for himself.

    When I saw this episode, I wasn't all that impressed to start with. But after going back through it a time our two, I saw that this was an episode definitely worth watching.

    Considering the summary, I was expecting Sam or Tucker or Danny's parents to be overshadowed as well. But the part they did play was pretty okay anyway.

    The opening was pretty funny, I thought. It felt like a good way to introduce Wulf and it was also funny when Baby Face Boyle went, "You'll never take me alive, coppers!" Eh, you know how it went after that.

    As for Wulf himself, he was a great character, a great ally for Danny. He doesn't have any other ghost allies. His language was funny and his power of clawing into the real world is really cool. It could come in handy for Danny provided they ever meet again.

    Jack was real funny as well, just being his usual goofy self, when he always had the Fenton Fisher tangled and also when he held up that one gadget and said, "Whatever the heck this thing does." Maddie's fighting abilites were cool, and that caused plenty of trouble for Danny.

    Walker was much more sinister than in PoL. I figured the only way his plan could have been more evil was if he revealed to the town that Danny was a ghost. But I don't want to jinx it in case it happens in a later episode.

    There was great action in this episode, surpassing OoaK as the episode with the most. There wasn't as much humor, but there was still a lot anyway. The action made up for it as well.

    The scene near the end where Danny saved Paulina was a good foreshadowing for LiL, even though that episode wasn't all that great. It was just a good way to foreshadow.

    Putting Danny as Public Enemy Number One is a difficult change for Danny, but it will surely motivate Danny to help the town more than before. Despite what Walker said, Danny did not lose. His plan was to crush Danny's dignity and make him want to abandon his job as Amity Park's protector. Even though Danny's reputation was wrecked, he was not swayed to change his ways to help the town. That is great morality for Danny, IMO.

    The ending I thought wasn't all that great. The animation was pretty bad, but I don't find that a big deal at all. Aside from that, the whole thing with Maddie and Jack chasing Lancer with their weapons wasn't impressive, after the events of TotY. It was still a little funny, though.

    All in all, a very good episode. There was a heck of a lot of action and a lot of humor as well. I also hope to see more appearances of Wulf in the future.

    PE ranks in my Top 5 and I give it 9.1/10.
  • Hilarious and dramatic.

    This is one of the best episodes I've seen so far. In this one, we finally get to see the parents in action fighting ghosts and the town is finally fully aware of Danny's existence. Also, the Spider-man similarities continue. The ghost sense/spider sense reference and being portrayed as a villain. It was nice to see Jazz trying not just to fool her parents but Danny as well, not to mention saving him from his own father's inventions. This is probably a key issue to the series and an important message. It is continully stated that 'not all ghosts are bad', yet people still fear them. Especially in Danny's case as he looks just like a regular boy, yet because of what he is, people still fear him and all he's trying to do is help. But like Peter Parker before him, Danny continues to protect those who hate because he cares about their safety. A wonderful addition to the phenomenon that is Danny Phantom.
  • Wlker is mad at Danny.

    I mean who isn't mad at Danny Phantom? Walker does not like how Danny let his prisoners go in Prisners of Love. His plan is to have wolf sniff out all the people Danny Phantom has been in contact with. Then Walker and his goons are going to overshadow those people. Walker wants Danny Phantom's home to be his prison. So at a town meeting Walker/Mayor says the ghost responsable for all the havic is The Ghost Boy. Danny has to go ghost and stop Walker and his goons while everyone is after him. Wolf ends up helping him. Danny's parents are in charge of ghost policeing.
  • Walker is back and he wants rebenge and danny. He decides to ravage Amity Park with his Ghost Zone police force to get him. He also sends a prisoner named Wulf after him. The ghosts overshadow the town and Danny must save himself without hurting the towns

    This was an awesome episode. Everyone is against Danny now that they, the civilians, have been overshadowed by Walker's goons. What makes it even more exciting is that this is the first huge ghost invasion in Amity Park. The way the people were shown along with the settings for the scenes in the episode made it look so real when they were after Danny after being overshadowed. It was inetresting to see how Danny would get out of this when the town is after him since he can't hurt them. Wulf was a cool chaacter. He made the episode better.
  • Why hurt Danny Phantom?

    Why hurt Danny Phantom? He didn't do anything but I guess some people are gullible and will believe anything someone tells you. Like when the mayor (Over shadowed by walker) told everyone that he was a threat. And made a seen. But I think why hurt him did he do anything to you.
  • Episode 15 - Public Enemies

    The episode starts with Walker trying to round up all the ghosts that escaped from his jail. He nearly captures all of them except Danny Phantom, the main reason why the prisoners escaped in the first place. Walker uses one of the prisoners, Wulf (who has the power to claw into the real world, but is in Walker’s control because of a collar that he wears around him controlled by Walker) to look for Danny, in return for freeing him. Suddenly in the real world, Danny, Sam and Tucker witness a military of ghosts creating havoc to their town. Danny knows he cannot do anything because of so many people nearby.

    Later, in school, an emergency assembly is held to caution the students on what to do, due to the recent ghost events. New rules are made, such as curfews and escorts, and Danny is embarrassed to find out that his parents are in charge of their safety. Just then, he senses a ghost nearby, and Wulf, along with the ghost police, start invading the assembly hall. Everyone starts panicking and running, and Danny waits for them to leave so that he can change into his ghost mode. Unfortunately he never gets the time and is forced to stay in the hall where they can be safe by Mr. Lancer.

    Meanwhile, some of the ghost officers take the body of Dash, Paulina, Kwan and Mr. Lancer to keep a watch on Danny’s parents. In school, Danny notices Wulf nearby, being chased by Walker’s men. Danny saves Wulf from the officers, knowing that anyone that Walker is after can’t be that bad. After saving Wulf, Danny goes to school to investigate, when he finds out that Walker and his men have been taking over everyone’s bodies to get him.

    Danny escapes Walker, but will he able to escape from the rest of the citizens who are controlled by the ghost officers, including the Mayor who is destroying Danny Phantom’s image?

    This was one of the most exciting episodes of Danny Phantom that I saw! It is also a very important episode because this is where Danny Phantom gets a bad image to the society, even though it was out of his hands. Walker wasn’t much of a villain in his first appearance in ‘Prisoners of Love’, but he certainly proved what a bad guy he could be by spreading as much evil as he could to get Danny. Probably the only downside to this episode was lack in character development, but it’s hard to fit everything into a half hour episode. I give this episode a 10/10 rating just for its action!
  • When the ghost sheriff Walker seeks revenge on Danny Phantom, he plots to turn Danny into “Public Ghost Enemy #1”.

    “Public Enemies” is one of those interesting episodes that significantly changes the story arc of the series. Walker succeeds in his goal and our hero is placed in a difficult position. Not only must Danny faced the dangers of the Ghost Zone but also has to deal with his ghost-hunting parents in the real world. The story is solid and well placed and the ending is amusing and somewhat uplifting. The introduction of the character “Wulf” and notion “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” was nicely used. There is plenty of action and some clever quotes throughout this episode. Overall, “Public Enemies" is certainly one the best episodes of the series.
  • the best episode in the whole season

    this is my favorite episode and it has its really funny parts like when maddie gives jack a cookie and he shoves it in his face ha!:)
    its very well writen and......you know its a really good episode
    w h a t a g r e a t e p i s o d e!!!
  • the best episode in the whole season

    this is my favorite episode and it has its really funny parts like when maddie gives jack a cookie and he shoves it in his face ha!:)
    its very well writen and......you know its a really good episode
    w h a t a g r e a t e p i s o d e!!!
  • One of the best episodes of season one. The animation was at it's best in this one. The plot line was brilliant. Walker was at his best in this episode, great plan he came up with. The action, and the fights wonderful. It's just an exellent episode. Pure

    One of the best episodes of season one. The animation was at it's best in this one. The plot line was brilliant. Walker was at his best in this episode, great plan he came up with. The action, and the fights wonderful. It's just an exellent episode. Pure genius. A++
  • Excellent! The best episode so far! I can't wait for more!

    I love this episode. It is a great new plot theme, as before Danny was simply being a ghost in secret, while now he is being hunted by most of the mortal world. It just makes his job more interesting.

    I also loved the interaction between Danny and his mom in this episode. The look on his face when she was pointing that bazooca at him!

    And though it was a large plot in itself, you can tell this episode is leading up to future episodes, building on the Paulina/Danny plot and the Fenton/Phantom sides of Danny.

    But I do have a few problems with this episode, the biggest being that it lacks Valerie. If ghosts are invading the human world, you would asume she would be fighting them with Danny.

    All in all however, this is my favorite episode in the series and I will be looking foward to more episodes like it.
  • Finally Danny gets a useful allie. Wulf rocks.

    This episode marks what Danny needed from the beginning, a powerful allie. The Dariy King kind of helped, but he only freed Danny than flew away.

    Wulf started out as a villain, but that only made it more enjoyable. Seeing all his awsome powers only makes me wish that he was free.

    Him speaking esperanto was kind of confusing, but his powers more than makes up for it.

    The best thing about him is his awsome abilities. Making portals, breaking through barriers, and pulling ghosts out of people makes him have the best abilities of any ghost.

    If only he would come back.

    I give this episode a 9 for Wulf alone.
  • With Walker rounding up the last of his prisoners, there's one left on his list; Danny Phantom. Revenge on his mind, Walker stages an invasion of Amity Park with his guards. The plan; overshadow Danny's inner circle, beat the living daylights out of him,

    The first new episode in many a day, "Public Enemies" marks the beginning of the new batch of aired eps for "Danny Phantom" and gives us another twist to the story. It is not a move into a fourth act for Season One, but takes Act III to a new level.

    With Walker rounding up the last of his prisoners from "Prisoner of Love," there's one left on his list; Danny Phantom. With revenge on his mind, Walker stages a hostile invasion of Amity Park with his guards. A prisoner, Wulf, is brought out to sniff out and distract Danny while Walker handles the dirty work. The plan; overshadow Danny's inner circle, beat the living daylights out of him, and turn Amity Park against him. As the invasion wears on, it appears Walker will succeed; Danny is labelled Public Ghost Enemy #1!

    This episode stared out a bit of a tricky one. As one of my "Must-See Four" ("Public Enemies," "Lucky in Love," "Maternal Instinct," and "Million Dollar Ghost") it pretty much lived up to my expectations. I at first thought it was a bit bland. But in light of "Lucky in Love" and a few extra viewings, I feel compelled to raise my rating for this one. It really was a wonderful episode.

    The opening was really amazing. I had not expected Wulf to be tied to Walker, or the ghosts in the invasion to necessarily be Walker's guards. Bullet was interesting as the Number 2 man and Wulf was a really lovely character. This is one of the most complex plans laid out by a villain on *any* network, made even more notable by the fact that Nickelodeon rarely allows all this detail, and the fact that Walker didn't want Danny back in his prison struck me as very interesting coming from his character and was a pleasant surprise.

    The handling of Walker's plot was very well done. I had expected Sam and Tuck to be overshadowed when I read the episode description, but the fact that so much damage was done by people that weren't as close to Danny as immediate family and friends made it seem all the more sinister and incredible. The fact that Walker and company could use the voices of the people they ruled over and disguise their eyes shows just how much Danny has yet to learn. On the flip side, the fact that he quickly took care of Walker's guards shows his developing powers, though I get the feeling that ghosts aren't as strong when confined to human form. By the time the ep was over, we see that Walker did not win. Danny's town is against him, but his spirit is far from crushed. That seemed to be his intent, and he failed. This seemed like a more important victory than stopping Walker's plans, and Danny's resolution to stay the hero was very noble.

    The animation in this episode was *amazing*. The keyer from the park scene in SoG and the second half of FN is back, but he seems like he's managed to end the choppiness in his sequences. His animation is now very fluid and easy, and his fight sequences were *incredible*. However, his way of drawing Walker didn't really work. I like his slimmer, sharper, more angular designs for most of the characters, but his work with Walker really rubbed me the wrong way. But watching all the wonderful fight sequences, that became very easy to forget. I feel it's the best piece of animation on all of Nickelodeon now.

    The colouring in this episode varied a lot. From the theatrical blues and muting reminiscent of BR to the blood-red skies of MBK, and finally to the stylised blues and pinks of the park fight in SoG. This felt a bit uneven to me at first. The colouration has never bothered me before except in FN, because besides FN, the colours always seemed to match the episode and change and style themselves as the story and the scenes demanded. Here, there did not appear to be any such reasoning behind the colour scheme's jumpiness at first, but at hindsight, it did seem to have some pattern to it and worked out really well.

    The action sequences, as I said, are *incredible.* They've stolen the title of "Best Action" from OoaK in my opinion. Cinematic camera tricks, pans and zooms abound, quick-cutting, loads of energy, and so many different elements to the fights really shine in this episode. Kudos to the storyboard artists, keyers, animators, and to the directors for a job well done!

    The character work here was really wonderful, with the trio going into full work and Jack and Maddie really putting their talents to use. Well, Maddie anyway. There was a little hint of set-up for "Lucky in Love," and the villains and Wulf were very well done. Jazz was very well-done as well. I would have liked to see Tucker and Sam around a bit more this time, though. For some reason they seemed absent for too long in the story. And like the scenes in FN, the trio's behaviour to Lancer's being chased down by the Fentons after eps like TotY really bugged me.

    Speaking of Lancer...the voice actors in this ep were excellent for the most part, with David Kaufman really giving Danny his all and Walker having some genuine menace to his voice. However, Lancer's and Maddie's voices seemed really off for the entire episode, Lancer especially. It was almost like there was another actor doing his voice instead of Ron Perlman. Tucker's voice bugged me once or twice, but these two really seemed off.

    The dialogue also seemed pretty bad in a few spots. "Go Ghost Sting?" Cheesy "hero" lines by Maddie instead of Jack? (Jack actually seemed a bit *too* stupid, actually) This really annoyed me. I guess superhero cliches in dialogue were bound to show up eventually. This is also the first time Danny has said "Going Ghost!" since BR. Guess the sting from Vlad's little insult wore off ;)

    All in all, I'd say it was a really good episode, with an excellent plot, tremendous photography and action, and an excellent mover for the show's plot points. Little things in the animation, the VAs, the character behaviour, and the dialogue kept bugging me at first, but now, those are easy to overlook, and this has become a wonderful episode for me.

    9.8 out of 10.