Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 14

Public Enemies

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 04, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • After Walker left Dash's body, Bullet left Principal Ishiyama's body to overshadow him, but at the beginning of the episode, Principal Ishiyama was overshadowed by a guard.

    • When Danny was being chased by his parents, Bullet is sucked into the portable ghost portal, but he reappears at the end of the episode in the basement of the city hall.

    • Why would Danny smile for a prison shot?

    • After Danny captures the ghost in Paulina, he says, "1 down, 4 to go." But there were 5 left.

    • When Danny is in the classroom there are a whole room full of overshadowed people, but only 5 (Dash, Paulina, Mr. Lancer, Kwan, & Principal Isyima) chase him and the others aren't seen or mentioned again.

    • When Maddie says, in reference to the door Jack was trying to push open, "It's pull, Jack," there is no handle on the door to pull it open.

    • The kids at the assembly switch seating positions repeatedly.

    • The "safe area" that Mr. Lancer pushed Danny into is the same auditorium that everybody was running out of.

    • According to Principal Ishiyama, the students were to be escorted home directly after school, but when Jazz and Danny are walking home, no adult escort is in sight.

    • When Danny flew out of the school, his ghost sense went off because Dash was overshadowed by Walker, but all the other times when Danny encountered an overshadowed human, his ghost sense didn't go off.

    • Before the mid-commercial when Walker was holding Danny by the neck, all the ghost guards were floating in the air, but after the commercial, they are back inside their human hosts.

    • When Danny knocked the ghost out of Paulina, he was in front of her. After Paulina screamed, he was suddenly behind her.

    • When you first see Tucker's sandwich, it has lettuce. After Wulf breaks the shield, the lettuce disappears.

    • In the mass ghost attack scene, Sam is on Danny's right side and Tucker is on his left. After he's attacked, the two friends have inexplicably switched places.

    • Tucker is a carnivore, but his sandwich at lunch had lettuce inside. Carnivores only eat meat, therefore he shouldn't have been eating it.

    • Maddie marks the Fenton Bazooka with two red marks on one side. Later, on the same spot, it has a note from Jack and no red marks.

    • Maddie gave Danny a bag lunch, but Danny sat down with a school lunch tray.

  • Quotes

    • (Sam is forced to spend the night at Tucker's house)
      Sam: Next time, we take the extra-dimensional fugitive to my house.

    • (After Tucker removes Wulf's collar)
      Wulf: (Speaking Esperanto)
      Tucker: Of course you're free. And... (Wulf jumps out the window and breaks the glass) You're welcome!

    • Mayor Montez: (With Walker overshadowing him) All in favor of declaring martial law and allowing the completely competent Jack Fenton to mobilize a massive ghost hunt, please say...
      Danny: (In ghost form) I might be too young to vote, but I'm casting one anyway. (People in the crowd chatter in fear) You people have to listen to me. I'm on your side!
      Jack: You're not fooling anybody, ghost kid! You are going down! (Tries to throw Fenton Fisher at him, but sees that it's still tangled) As soon as I untangle this thing.
      Danny: My parents might be overshadowed, but this should harmlessly push the ghosts out of them. (Shoots ghost ray at them; they are knocked backward; everyone else screams and hides) Or they could not be overshadowed, and I could have totally ticked them off.

    • (As Sam reaches to touch Wulf's collar, Wulf snarls angrily at her; Sam backs away to Tucker)
      Tucker: He says not to touch that.
      Sam: (Sarcastically) Really? I must have missed the subtext.

    • Jack: (Sees Danny & Wulf) All right, nobody move! (Sees Fenton Fisher he's holding is tangled) As soon as I get this thing untangled, you two beasties are going down.
      Danny: (To Wulf) Don't worry. He's not much of a threat. Now, If my mom were here, then we'd be in trouble.

    • Sam: (Sees Danny eating frantically) Danny, are you okay?
      Danny: Why would I not be? Just because the town's on high alert, my parents are at my school... (Swallows spork) ... and I'm chewing so fast, I think I just swallowed my spork. (Phases arm through his stomach and pulls spork out) There we go.

    • Tucker: (To Wulf, after Danny leaves) So what's Walker up to? (Speaks Esperanto)
      Wulf: (Speaks Esperanto)
      (Tucker starts laughing)
      Sam: You have no idea what he just said, do you?
      Tucker: (Stops laughing) Not a clue.

    • Maddie: (To Danny, about Mayor Montez) Get your hands off our duly elected leader, you odd manifestation of ectoplasmic energy and post-human consciousness!

    • Jack: (Singing Ghostkateers song) G.H.O.
      Maddie: Oh, you've seen a ghost?
      Jack: S.T.K.A.
      Maddie: Eh, you've seen a Canadian ghost?
      Jack, Maddie, Paulina, Dash, & Kwan: A, T, double E, R... (Pause) S. (Jazz sighs)

    • Paulina: (To Danny) You saved me? So, you're like a friendly ghost?
      Danny: Yeah, with some friendly advice: RUN!!!

    • Danny: What are you doing?!
      Walker: There's all types of prisons, kid. I'm making sure your prison is the town where you live.

    • Maddie: (To Danny, with Fenton Bazooka to his head, about to shoot) By the authority invested in me by the city of Amity Park, I sentence you back from once you came!
      Danny: Oh man, I have got to start paying more attention in these fights.
      Maddie: (Finds note on Fenton Bazooka, reads it) "Honey, forgot to fully charge Fenton Bazooka. - Jack. P.S.: Can I have a cookie?"
      Danny: With that, I bid you a fair farewell. (Flies away)
      Maddie: You haven't seen the last of me!
      Danny: Duh, I'll see you at dinner.

    • (Maddie tries to shoot Danny with the Fenton Bazooka, Wulf gets in front of him with Walker in his hand)
      Danny: Wulf! No!
      Wulf: (While he and Walker are getting sucked into a portal to the Ghost Zone) Friend! We'll meet again...
      Walker: So will we, Punk! Feared on Earth and wanted in the Ghost Zone - you've lost, Ghost Kid! LOST!
      (Wulf and Walker disappear into the portal)

    • Jack: (Searching through weapons) Ghost Bazooka, Fenton Fisher, (Holds up strange object) whatever the heck this thing does...
      Maddie: (Takes object) Jack, what are you doing?
      Jack: Getting ready to hunt some ghosts. I'm gonna tear that ghost kid apart in a million different... (Pause) What?
      Maddie: Jack, I love you, but we don't have time for this. Who's the better shot?
      Jack: You are.
      Maddie: Who's better with the weaponry?
      Jack: You are.
      Maddie: Who's a 9th degree black belt?
      Jack: You are. You are?!

    • Baby Face Boyle: (Trying to escape from Walker's prison) You'll never take me alive, coppers!
      Bullet: You're a ghost.
      Baby Face Boyle: Well, you'll still never take me!

    • Danny: (To Maddie, after she tries to shoot him with the Fenton Bazooka) Oh, man! You are SO not getting anything for Mother's Day!

    • (Wulf gets shocked by a collar)
      Tucker: That collar! It's hurting him!
      Sam: What did you think it was, a fashion accessory?

    • Danny: (Ghost sense) Oh no, here again?
      Tucker: But we're chewing like the wind in an anti-Ghost Zone, where could the ghost be?
      (Fenton RV explodes)
      Sam: Survey says, behind us.

    • Paulina: (While possessed) You can't get away from me!
      Danny: Wow. I waited all puberty for a girl to say that to me, and now, it's a complete bummer.

    • Danny: (While Walker is holding him by the neck) Walker?! Lemme go!
      Walker: How does it feel? No place to run. No place to hide. I'm gonna turn your whole world against you, and by the time I'm done, you're gonna beg for the safety of my prison -- in the Ghost Zone, where you belong.
      (Danny uses his plasma blasts to break free)
      Danny: The only thing I'm begging for, is for you to try some mouthwash!

    • Sam: A curfew?
      Tucker: An escort?
      Danny: Okay, who's the idiot security advisor who came up with these lame ideas?
      (Jack & Maddie enter the room)
      Jack: Fear not, young ones, we're here to make sure this school is prepared for any ghost emergencies.
      Maddie: (On megaphone) You must be cautious, at any time one of these ectoplasmic malefactors - (Sees Danny) hi sweetie! (Danny ducks down and blushes) - could appear out of no where.
      Danny: (To Sam & Tucker) Time to sit in the back where nobody can notice us?
      Sam: Time to sit in the back where nobody can notice us.

    • Sam: Next time, we take the extra-dimensional fugitive to my place.

    • Walker: (In Dash's body, about Jack & Maddie) I wanna keep an eye on these two. They may be of use to us.
      Jack: Come on! (Runs to the door, and bumps into it)
      Maddie: It's pull, Jack.
      Walker: Well, she might.

    • Danny: (Running) I'm going gho -
      Jazz: Danny, hi! Are you hiding here? I'll go hide over there. (Leaves)
      Danny: Okay... now I'm going ghost!

    • Sam: (While the ghosts are attacking Amity Park) Man! I've never seen so many ghosts attacking at once!
      Danny: I'm gonna need a bigger thermos!
      (Ghost attacks Danny and knocks him down)
      Tucker: And a paramedic!

  • Notes

    • Title Picture: Wulf slashing a wanted poster of Danny.

    • This is the first time Danny calls out the name of one of his attacks (Go ghost stinger).

    • Danny Phantom saving Paulina seemed to foreshadow her falling in love with him in the next episode.

    • This marks the most number of times Danny's ghost sense goes off in a single episode.

    • This episode marks the first time Danny's ghost sense goes off in his ghost form, and apparently, it is stronger then, since it sensed Walker and his henchmen while they were still overshadowing humans.

    • Mayor Montez (while possessed by Walker) gave Jack privileges to make all ghost policing and security decisions, while Maddie just became the Mayor's security advisor.

    • According to Bullet, all the escaped prisoners (except for Danny) have been captured, which means even the Lunch Lady Ghost, Skulker, Technus, and Desiree have been captured.

    • Additionally to making portals to Earth, Wulf's claws are also capable of removing ghosts out of people's bodies.

    • Maddie reveals that she's a ninth degree black belt.

    • We learn that the Fenton RV's ghost shield only lasts for fifteen minutes and that it's not totally impenetrable since Wulf was able to "drill" himself inside it.

    • We learn that Danny's ghost sense goes awry when there are many ghosts around him.

    • This episode marks the second time that Jack and Maddie have mistaken a human for a ghost; this time it's Mr. Lancer. The first time was Jazz in "Mystery Meat."

    • Apparently, when Danny was imprisoned in "Prisoners of Love," he took a mug shot and was ironically smiling in the picture.

    • This is the first massive city-wide ghost invasion in the history of Amity Park.

    • It is revealed that Maddie invents new types of cookies, such as "butterscotch caramel apple doodles."

    • Look Hard: The billboard that Danny throws Paulina, who was overshadowed into said, "Say yes to Amity," with Mayor Montez's face on it.

    • Look Hard: On the door of the police car in the opener, there is a logo that says, "APPD" (probably standing for Amity Park Police Department). More police cars with that same logo are shown again in "Control Freaks."

    • The Ghostkateers consisted of Jack, Maddie, Dash, Kwan, and Paulina.

    • The three ways that the Casper High students' freedom was restricted were:
      1) Students are to have no contact with the ghosts.
      2) All students will be escorted to their homes directly after school.
      3) All students are to have a 9:00 PM curfew.

    • It is revealed that when a ghost overshadows a human, it is possible for ghosts to retain the human's original voice and eye color.

    • After it was hinted by Vlad in "Bitter Reunions," it is confirmed that ghosts are still able to fly and become intangible, even when they are inside a human's body; because of this, possessed humans are unable to get past an anti-ghost shield.

    • The main characters that were possessed by Walker and his guards were Dash, Kwan, Paulina, Mr. Lancer, and Principal Ishiyama.

    • Running Gags: 1) Jack interrupting Maddie for a cookie. 2) Maddie saying, "Hi, sweetie!" to Danny through a bullhorn. 3) Jack trying to use the Fenton Fisher, but can't, since it's tangled up.

    • The woman who explained why Tucker was excused from the Cramtastic session in "Fanning the Flames" is revealed to be the principal of Casper High, Principal Ishiyama.

    • According to Maddie, ghosts are not actually dead people, but rather "manifestations of ectoplasmic energy and post-human consciousness."

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who does not officially debut until "Reign Storm") makes a cameo in this episode: when Jack asks Maddie for some butterscotch caramel apple doodles, Nathan can be seen on the far left, although he is completely purple.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Tucker's mom, Tucker's dad, Mayor Montez.

    • Look Hard: In the auditorium during the assembly, there are many posters of the Amity Park mayor and his name is revealed on the posters to be "Mayor Montez."

    • Wulf is the second ghost that befriends Danny.

    • This is the second episode to begin in the Ghost Zone. The first was in "Fanning the Flames."

    • Opener: Walker's henchmen round up the last prisoner who tried escaping the prison. Walker turns to a wolf-like ghost named Wulf. Wulf tries to claw into the real world, but Walker stops him. Walker explains that he wants revenge on Danny by turning his world into the prison he escaped. He then makes a deal to let Wulf go if he brings his henchmen into the real world and cause havoc. Wulf agrees, and the henchmen go to the real world and wreck Amity Park.

    • This marks the second time that Danny uses his ectoplasmic blasts to remove ghosts from people's bodies. The first time being in "What You Want."

    • Look Hard: Star (who plays a much larger role and officially "debuts" in the next episode, "Lucky in Love") makes five cameos in this episode. The first one is on the TV, when Shelley Makamoto was talking about the ghosts attacking Amity Park. In the flashes of the scenes from the prior night: Star can be seen on the television running away from one of Walker's guards. The second one is when Danny, Sam, and Tucker leave their seats in the assembly to sit in the back of the auditorium: Star is on the left of Jazz. The third cameo is when the camera focuses on the kids saying, "Yikes, it's a ghost attack!": Star can be seen screaming it while standing. The fourth one is when the kids are eating their lunch in the anti-ghost shield: Star can be seen at a table on the far left eating mashed potatoes with a boy. The fifth and final cameo is when the people are running away during the town meeting: Star can be seen running right before Walker (in Mayor Montez's body) phases Danny through the floor.

    • It is hinted that Danny can be put in the Fenton Thermos, even though he is half ghost. When the principal and Dash (possessed by Walker and a guard) held the Fenton Thermos at Danny, charging it up, Danny looked scared.

    • This is the first episode in which Maddie successfully fights a ghost on her own.

    • References to "Prisoners of Love" were made in this episode.

    • This marks the second time Jazz actively helps Danny in his ghost fighting. The first time was in "My Brother's Keeper."

    • Danny Phantom gains a new mortal nemesis in his mother - Maddie Fenton. His first was Valerie Gray from "Shades of Gray."

    • The character Baby Face Boyle is based on producer and art director of the show, Bob Boyle. He also made a brief appearance as a prisoner in the Ghost Zone, in the episode "Prisoners of Love." The character has Bob's head, a wolf's teeth, and Frankenstein's body.

    • Paulina is the only known citizen besides Sam, Tucker, and Jazz who know that Danny's a good ghost and doesn't mean any harm.

    • Danny's "going ghost" cry finally returns, it was last used in "Bitter Reunions."

    • Title Screen Caption: "It's Fang-Tastic!"

    • Look Hard: When Danny fights an overshadowed Dash near the Nasty Burger in one scene, there's a car that has a license plate that reads "040304," the date that Danny Phantom premiered on Nickelodeon (April 3rd, 2004).

    • Look Hard: When Sam is holding a newspaper near the end of the episode, you can see the name "Amity-Park-Angle," it is probably the official Amity Park newspaper. The headline read "Public Enemy Number One."

    • The Fenton Ghost Fisher from "Parental Bonding" and the Fenton RV from "Bitter Reunions" both return. The Fenton RV is destroyed and the Fenton Fisher was tangled throughout the whole episode.

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Go Ghost Stinger.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Ghost Bazooka, Anti-Ghost Shield.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s): Wulf - A werewolf-like ghost that became Danny's friend. He speaks very little English. Wulf sacrificed himself to save Danny from being sent to the Ghost Zone. He has the power to make a portal to the real world by using his claws. Bullet - He seems to be Walker's head henchman. Not much is known about him, except that he is just as strict as Walker and also after Danny.

    • Wulf mostly speaks a language called Esperanto. Walker's the only one who can understand this language in any way. Tucker also seems to understand his language a bit.

    • Main Villain(s): Walker.

  • Allusions

    • Baby Face: You'll never take me alive, coppers!
      Bullet: You're a ghost.

      The opening joke of this episode was also once used in the beginning of The Real Ghostbusters episode "The Boogieman Cometh":

      Louie: You'll never take me alive, coppers!
      Egon: Of course not - you're a ghost.

    • Wulf: Ability
      Wulf's ability to open up a portal to get to the human world could be based on the Golden Tiger Claws from Xiaolin Showdown.

    • Danny: My ghost sense is going crazy.
      This is similar to Spider-Man who would often say, "My spidey sense is going crazy."

    • Amity-Park-Angle: Public Enemy Number One
      The newspaper headline stating that Danny is a villain seems to be an homage to the numerous front page covers of the "Daily Bugle" regarding Spider-Man, where the editor, J. Jonah Jameson, used the newspaper to make Spider-Man seem like a villain in the New Yorkers' eyes.

    • Mr. Lancer: Bridget Jones Diary, Fenton! Stop your screaming and get into the safe area!
      Bridget Jones's Diary is a novel by Helen Fielding that was published in 1996. It is about the life of Bridget Jones, a thirty-something single woman living in London who is surrounded by a "surrogate family" of friends. In the novel, she tries to make sense of life and love in the 1990s. This book was made into a movie in 2001, and another movie in 2004.

    • Ghostkateers: Name
      The name "Ghostkateers" seem to be a combination of the names, "Ghostbusters" and "The Three Musketeers."

    • Wulf: Name
      The spelling of Wulf's name is the Old English spelling of the word "wolf."

    • Wulf's Language: Esperanto
      Esperanto is an auxiliary language largely based in Latin. It is considered the international language. It was invented in 1887 by Dr. Ludovic Lazar Zamenhof, and it is the most widely used of auxiliary languages today. More Info

    • Danny: (Shoots possessed Kwan)
      Once again, a ghost (Kwan while possessed) does a lot of fancy moves to which Danny responds to by just shooting him, like Indiana Jones did in Raiders of the Lost Ark (Danny last did this in "My Brother's Keeper").

    • Danny & Kwan: (Fighting on the wall)
      When Danny and Kwan are fighting on the side of a building, it is similar to the fights between Spider-Man and Doc Ock in Spider-Man 2.

    • Sam: Survey says, behind us.
      This is likely taken from the popular game show, Family Feud, in which the host always says "survey says" after a person answers the question asked.

    • Fenton RV: (Explodes)
      When the Fenton RV explodes and Wulf jumps over the flaming wreckage, it is similar to a sequence in Van Helsing, where The Wolf Man attacks Van Helsing by leaping over fire.

    • Danny: I'm gonna need a bigger thermos!
      This is a parody of a line in the famous movie, Jaws: "I think we're gonna need a bigger boat." Coincidentally, the name of the town in Jaws is "Amity."

    • Paulina: (To Danny) So, you're like a friendly ghost?
      This is inspired, of course, by the popular friendly ghost, Casper.