Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 17

Reality Trip

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 09, 2006 on Nickelodeon

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  • Freakshow is out to twist reality

    However it is up to Danny and his friends to stop him from doing so even though Danny's secret idenitity is exposed to the public. At first Danny just wants to enjoy his summer vacation and not have to worry about fighting ghosts. To get Danny, Tucker, and Sam to hand over the reality gems, Freakshow holds their families hostage. They cross the country from Florida, to Nevada, and to California in order to retrieve the gems. Sure they are easier to find once they are activated but harder to obtain because they create new obsticles. On top of that the Guys in White are pursuing them. Meanwhile Jazz figures out Freakshow's weakness even though he becomes the master of reality temporarly.

    It's not quite the way I expected it to be but it was a good way to end season 2.
  • A solid entry into the annals of Danny Phantom TV specials.


    Reality Trip (or Schools Out, or Ghouls Out, or whatever you want to call it), has a lot of things going for it. It was animated quite nicely, with the show's thick outlines not getting in the way of the action scenes and general flow of the episode. It also obeyed continuity very well, referencing other episodes like (Bitter Reunions), (Pirate Radio), and even (Micro-Management). The humor, as always, was brilliant. I found that it didn't detract from the drama of the episode and was really rather clever.

    The show tried to put a lot into this special and I think it did what it wanted to do very well. It showed how Danny's parents would have reacted to the knowledge of his secret identity. It also introduced a new concept (Ghost Envy), which seems like it might be the stuff of future plots involving Freakshow, the Guys In White, or other human villains that like hurting ghosts in general and Danny Phantom in particular.


    Unfortunately, this episode was not without its flaws. I personally thought that it was too short. It had a number of subplots (Guys In White, Ghost Envy, Danny's alterego exposed, and all the ramifications thereof), but it couldn't have possibly explored them all very well. If I were them, I would have cut the Guys In White's role a bit (or at least found a way to tie them into one of the other subplots).

    The only other bad thing that I could think of about 'Reality Trip' was the cop-out resolution of his 'identity crisis'. I knew it was coming since Danny had his alterego in episodes that happened later chronologically, but I really wished that he had left his parents still knowing his secret. He knows that they would have accepted him, so I don't see why he didn't just wipe out everyone else's memory and let the Fenton family share the secret instead of taking them out of the picture completely.

    All in all, I'd say that this was a great episode, along the lines of 'Reign Storm'.
  • I thought I had written a review for this episode already. I guess seeing how it is a movie my review needs to be extra long.

    Well a lot happened in this one. He is jail in the begining of the episode and ends up in there in the end. He did not get very far. Freakshow is jealous, that is easy to tell. It seems Jazz is also a jealous one. Not as much. I forgot the name of the ghost who was working for him. Anyway she is pretty good as a ghost. She doesn't say much. Freakshow thinks that being a ghost will make him more powerful. And he tries all the time to become a ghost. In actuality what he does not realize is that he is more powerful being his real self. Once, after all the work and effort he puts into becoming a ghost, he is immediately sucked into the Fenton Thermos and defeated. People who want what they can not have, have to be grateful for what they do have. (Coincidentally written the day before Thanksgiving.)
  • The ultimate power!

    What would you do if you had the power to control reality? That's what Freakshow is after and that's gonna cause some problems. Danny's identity gets revealed and things go bad for Danny's, Sam's, and Tucker's parents as they're captured. Sam, Tucker, and Danny go out on an adventure throughout the country as they're tracked by ghost hunters.

    Danny manages to trick the bad guy by having him turn into a ghost and he gets captured in the thermos. Danny gets the glove and restores reality, erasing the memories of everyone including his parents who actually accepted his ghost powers.

    The episode was decent though I felt it was drawn out too much for my taste. It should have been wrapped up in a half hour story with less stuff.

    I'm also very upset by the fact that he erased his parents memories after they accepted him. The point of secret identities is to protect people from facts they can't accept and to protect your family and friends. His parents knowing his secret identity would not put anyone at risk and they accepted him. So yeah, I felt that was a big flaw!
  • cool

    it was cool but where can i c it i saw it 1 and wanna see it again thx for helping already
    it was cool but where can i c it i saw it 1 and wanna see it again thx for helping already
    it was cool but where can i c it i saw it 1 and wanna see it again thx for helping already
    it was cool but where can i c it i saw it 1 and wanna see it again thx for helping already
    it was cool but where can i c it i saw it 1 and wanna see it again thx for helping already
    it was cool but where can i c it i saw it 1 and wanna see it again thx for helping already
    it was cool but where can i c it i saw it 1 and wanna see it again thx for helping already
  • Danny and his friends are pshyced about summer vacation. Then after a battle with Freakshow, his identity is revealed to the whole world. Danny and friends must find the reality gauntlet gems to save their parents from from Freakshow's wrath.

    Not a bad way to end the season. Danny's identity is revealed and he has to avoid the Guys in White who want to arrest him. Meanwhile Freakshow has kidnapped Danny, Sam and Tuckers' parents and is holding them hostage. And the only way to save them is if Danny, Sam, and Tucker find the gems to the legendary Reality Guantlet, which can control all reality. It was a pretty good episode but there was one thing I had hoped to see. I thought that Valerie would be in this episode since she wanted to kill Danny Phantom. I wanted to see her reaction to Danny's secret.
  • Danny, Sam, and Tucker are on a cross-country road trip to find 3 reality gems. Freakshow has Danny, Tucker, and Sam's parents hostage. But the journey will be more difficult when Danny's secret is exposed, ALL OVER THE WORLD!

    This episode is really exciting. You want to know what will happen next. Its nice to know what would happen if Danny's secret was exposed. How Paulina would react. How Danny's parents would react. And how the whole world would react. Also, its cool that each time they go to a place to get a gem, there is some challenge or obstical they have to go through. I think they should have had Valerie in this episode. I would like to know how she would react if she found out his secret. And there should have been more ghost enemies.
  • Danny Fenton is exposed to the entire school as Danny Phantom when Freak Show makes an unexpected expirence at the summer's Dumpty Humpty concert. It is now up to Danny, Sam, and Tucker to stop Freakshow and return everything back as it was.

    I really liked the plot/story line to this one. It was planned out fairly well and it was really entertaing. I loved the carnival scenes and the rides. Everything was so fun. The only problem is that if we already know the reactions of everyone else to Danny's secret, than there isn't such a suprise when the final episode premires. And, was Danny melting into orange slime a reaction to being cancelled? Probablly not, but still.. quite a similarity. Of course, Butch probably has something marvelous up his sleeve and he'll be able to pull whatever he has planned off brilliantly.
  • Freakshow's back and wants to rule the world! Danny's secret is exposed!!

    Wow, this was a really greatn and exciting episode!! I've seen it before, but never like this! I absolutely loved it, but not as much as The Ultimate Enemy. It was great that Freakshow showed up again! This time he was actually a threat! Danny and his friends have gotten more mature and stuff and he was really great!! There weren't as many puns, but I loved it still! in the end, it got really intense when Danny was trying to save his family and friends and he used psychology to beat Freakshow!! hehe!! I'm a ghost! With ghostly powers and everything ghost!! Half-ghost, but still WAY better than you!! In short, I LOVED it!!:D
  • When Freakshow returns with a plan to control all reality, Danny and his friends must alter their summer plans to stop him.

    This was an excellent episode! It was very interesting to see how everyone would react to Danny's secret, I just wish I could have seen Vlad's and Valerie's reactions. My favorite scenes include: the fight between Danny and Freakshow at the beginning of the episode, seeing everyone's reactions to Danny's secret, the house on high alert and beating up the Guys in White, the scene where Danny is trying to stop the rocket, and the ending scene where Danny's parents talk to him about his powers. There are two things I didn't like about this episode: one, the crowd at the end of the episode could have been the citizens of Amity Park (instead of clowns) and two, the episode was sort of rushed.
  • I loved this episode!

    I spent ages waiting for this to air but it sure payed of! It was a phantastic ep! It was so full of action and adventure. Plus, all the DP merchandiese was really cool! (those kids are so lucky to live near Danny) I'm glad everyone (except the Guys in White) accepted Danny. It was a lot of fun to watch. The idea of "a Reality Godlet" was terrific (wish I had one) and Danny's secret being exposed added a great twist to the story board. I always hoped someone would find out, but I never thought it would actually happen. It was so exciting, I swear I wasn't breathing when he de-ghost himself. Loved it!
  • It was a Great episode but it is always the same thing.

    It always ends up being the same thing, back to normal sam tucker and jazz the only ones knowing his secret, someone else needs to find out about his secret, or there needs to be a twist that will effect or change the series a bit. It was good but could of been better.
  • It the best time of the year for any kid. Its SUMMER VACAUTION! All Danny wants is a fun ghost free summer with his friends and family. What are the chance that gonna happen? If Freakshow has his way Danny won't make to summer let alone the 10th grade!

    Danny late for school and not wanting detention on his last day as a freshman he takes to the air. Of course Jack spots and yells at him from the shower, Eww not really want to think about that! At the jail those totally rip offs of Will Smith and Tony Danza want info form ControlFreak on a werid glove and show they have caputue Lyida the Tattoo Ghost. He of course tricks them into giving him accues to the gaunlt wich gives the wearer power over all reality if the gems are press in the correct order. He leaves with what appers to be his Ghostly Girlfriend! Jazz is of couse worrying about colloge and Danny just wants fun. Soon though he wish that he wasn't alive when his screat is blown in foront of the whole school and the world by the six clock news! Danny is blacked mailed into get the gems back. WHile everything in this story was cool and the ending was great in own right there is a very good reason why Danny need to change things back even though his mom and dad said they were ok with it. Two reason. Every hero in all realitys or whatever needs time to be some what normal, if the whole world knew Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom were one in the same he wouldn't have much of a life would he? And if his parents should find out it should be from him and him alone not the news. It is his secret and he alone must chose when he tells them the truth! So its good could have been better still let hope they show some new episode and soon!
  • Amazing Episode!

    Reality Trip was a perfect end to season 2. The fact that it was spread out into an hour-long movie was really a plus. Usually danny phantom episodes are crammed into a 23 minute slot. My favorite part was when danny was rubbing in Freakshow\'s face how cool it is to be a ghost. It really really scared me when they figured out his secret. I screamed so loud when i saw the first commercial for it! Anyways, the episode was awesome, and the episode to remember! I just wish they could have started season 3 closer to the premeir of this episode.
  • Danny's ghost-free summer is put on hold when Freakshow turns his life upside.

    This movie has about the same feel as the series itself, but twice as long. It was interesting concept that kept me guessing. First shocker: Danny's secret is exposed across the whole country, and everyone except the police, Guys in White and Sam's parents think it's cool. I was on edge when that first commerical came and Danny was exposed, but it was cool how Dash and Paulina got the trio out of there.
    Then they went across the country to retrieve the three gems for the Reality gaunlet, including Cape Canveral, Goth-aopoolza, and Comic-Con.
    Comic-Con was probably my favorite stop because everyone was thinking Danny looked cool and Tucker was getting all bent out of shape because nobody was dressed like him.
    The end was also good, but lame when Danny was jelly and got run over and everyone thought he was dead, I mean, c'mon. Danny can't die... and the ultimate twist in the end, Freakshow making himself a ghost and getting himself captured.
    While I kinda wanted everyone in Danny's school and his parents to remember finding his secret, I guess it couldn't be helped.
  • it a pretty cool episode.

    This episode is so awesome with everyone knows his secret,Freakshow returns,Danny, Sam,and Tucker parnets are captured by Freakshow. Then Danny tries to save his friends and family.but when the Men In White tries to kill him when they found out.Danny must of care about everybody if he just destoryed the gaulet and have to suffer from being bullied by everyone,tried to get killed by his parents,It\\\'s a good thing that his friends and sister don\\\'t do it though.
  • Freakshow returns

    Hooray! Another review for me. I don't have any major gripes with this episode/TV movie, except that Danny's parents finally learn that Danny Fenton = Danny Phantom and they accept him for it, but Danny decides to change things back to the way they were? I seriously don't see why.
    When Gothapalooza was transformed into some sort of Care Bear land, Sam ripped the heads off of two teddy bears in her annoyance. When it was changed back into Gothapalooza, it was revealed that the teddy bears were transformed concert attendees. Now if Sam ripped the heads off of two teddy bears, doesn't that mean she murdered two innocent bystanders
  • pretty good.

    i liked this one i thought it was pretty good. freakshow broke out of prision and stole danny, sam, and tuckers familys intill they come back with the reality gems. and oh ya danny blows his secret in frount of a live dumpty humpty consert and now the hole world knows his secret. so now danny has to capture the reality gems, return all 3 gems in 3 days, go cross country to catch them, and stay clear of the guys in white. its not my favorite of the three tv movies (i like TUE better) but still its on my top 5.
  • Schools Out for Danny Fenton!!!As much as Danny wants(and needs)a vacation,Danny Phantom still has a job AND duty to fill out.So,when he finally gives up on books,homework,and ghost hunting,another ghost is haunting and threatening Amity Park.Freakshow...

    I REALLY liked this movie!!Maybe not as much as Ultimate Enemy,(Because Ive seen Reality Trip 15o0 times and Ive only seen Ultimate Enemy twice)but I really,really enjoyed it!!!Let me tell you,I could not WAIT for summer vacation to start JUST so I could that movie,Schools Out Ghouls Out!!!(thats what it was called at the time)I wanted to see what would happen if everyone knew his "secret"!!When my cable broke the day BEFORE it aired,I got my mom to drive me 3 hours JUST so I could go to my grandparents house(telling her I missed them alot,but I didnt)because they had cable,Sad,right?Not for an obsessed teen like me!Ha!!
  • It's summer vacation for Danny Fenton! At least, it is until Freakshow breaks free from prison with the reality gauntlet. Can Danny, Sam, and Tucker save their families, as well as the rest of the world?

    This TV movie was alright, but it hardly lived up to the standards set by “Reign Storm” and “The Ultimate Enemy”. Part of it is probably because it was aired out of order, which meant that we already knew Danny would somehow make everyone forget his secret identity. The ending was basically spoiled two months earlier when "Kindred Spirits" aired. Heck, even Danny's secret being revealed was spoiled in the commercials a week before it aired. Had I not known these things I think it would have been a bit more interesting, despite the fact that erasing his parents' memories seems like a bit of a cop-out. They said that they accepted him no matter what (and Danny even told Vlad in "Bitter Reunions" that they would), but he still felt the need to wipe their memories. If they accepted him the way he was, I felt that it needed an explanation as to why Danny changed things. I just feel that there could have been so much built off of that, and yet everything is as it was before the movie even started. Granted, I'm glad that the rest of the town forgot, because if he no longer had a secret identity, then it's almost as if a part of the show is lost. However, having his parents remember would leave the door open for new ideas. (When Jazz found out in "My Brother's Keeper", that idea was incorporated in "The Ultimate Enemy", and used in "Secret Weapons".) There was so much potential in branching off of that, but the writers decided to make everything as it was in the beginning.

    As for people's reactions to Danny Fenton being the ghost boy, they were pretty much in character. It was nice that the students at Casper High supported Danny Phantom, such as the one scene with Dash and Paulina helping Danny escape from the Guys in White. I liked the fact that there was a balance, because the kids accepted him and the Guys in White were still after him. (Plus, it added to the suspense when they were chasing him on his cross-country trip.) My only disappointment there was that Valerie and Vlad both weren’t present at all in the episode. I'm pretty sure that they just didn't have enough time to put them in there, because not only would they need more time, but it would shove Freakshow to the side a bit, but there wasn’t even an explanation as to why they were absent.

    Now for the villains. I’m glad that they kept Freakshow’s original voice actor and that he didn’t have any OOC moments, save the white outline around him when he isn’t a ghost. I also liked the depth that they gave to Freakshow’s character, and that the reason for his actions (and even his scheme in “Control Freaks” could fit with this) was that he envied ghosts. Seeing as he’s a human villain, and the “I want ultimate power and control of the all the world” is over-done, this was a nice change that I found interesting. Some more information on that idea (like a flashback, or having Freakshow talk to Jazz a little longer) would have been real interesting, though.
    As for Freakshow’s henchwoman, I loved that they named her Lydia. Someone had shown me a song called “Lydia the Tatooed Lady”, and the connection was great. I also liked how she was sort of the main ghost in “Control Freaks” that did Freakshow’s bidding. Continuity is a wonderful thing.

    And now for the general story. The overall plot seemed slightly cliché, with the search for the reality gems. I also thought that there could have been more things standing in the way. When Freakshow has control over reality too early in the episode, the Reality Gauntlet has a defense mechanism. At the Gothapalooza, all they had to do was say please. When they worry about the carts not traveling fast enough, we learn that they can fly. I understand that Danny has a lot on his shoulders, but could at least one thing not end so smoothly?

    Usually, a great action scene would make up for everything, and this is partially the case here. The action wasn’t as good as it has been other times, but I did like it when Danny turned into jello and was brought back, and when Danny puts the smiley face on Freakshow’s hat. Unfortunately, those were the highlights of the final battle, which is supposed to be a action-packed with a hint of drama. I just didn’t get that feeling here. However, I liked the fact that Freakshow had the upperhand most of the time, since he not only had the reality gauntlet, but he was holding the Fentons, Mansons, and Foleys hostage. (And on the subject of the Reality Gaunlet, I thought it was a bit too similar to Marvel's Infinity Gaunlet.)

    In short, there was so much potential here for a totally awesome episode that could blow me away. I'm sad that it didn't really blow me away, and I don’t feel as though it filled up the 45 minutes wisely.
  • The awesomest movie for Danny Phantom!

    An excellent movie for Danny Phantom!

    The scene begins with Freakshow, still in prison from his previous episode, and Lydia, his accomplice, being interrogated by the Guys in White. He is questioned about the Reality Gauntlet and denies any knowledge, upon which he escapes, grabs the Gauntlet (which is being held in the same room as Freakshow!) and implants the three gems the Guys In White have with them into it. The three gems are the triggers which make the Gauntlet work. They are: The Gem of Life; with the ability to bring anything to life, The Gem of Form; which can change the shape of anything, and The Gem Of Fantasy; able to make your dreams come true. Then, Freakshow states that the Gauntlet is useless without the Power Source and says that he has the Power Source with him at the time (his earring). He places it in the Gauntlet and activates it. However, the Gauntlet cannot be used to its full extent unless the wearer operates the gems in the correct order. As Freakshow does not know the order, he has limited power. He escapes with Lydia.

    Meanwhile, Danny, Sam and Tucker are preparing to go on their cross country summer vacation together. Danny is going to Cape Canaveral, Tucker is going to the San Diego Sci-Fi and Comic book Convention, Sam is going to Gothapalooza in Nevada. But first, they plan to go to a Dumpty Humpty concert. While there, Freakshow turns up. Danny swiftly fights Freakshow, but is put at a disadvantage by the Gauntlet. Lydia uses her animated tatoos to capture Sam and Tucker and take them to a deserted railroad. After a long fight, they return to the Concert, when Sam, Tucker and Danny grab on to Gauntlet, accidentally activating it\'s true power. As they struggle to hold on to the Gauntlet, Sam remembers reading that the Gauntlet has a self-defense mechanism- if someone who is touching a Gem thinks about hiding it, it will disappear and re-appear somewhere else. After Danny, Sam, and Tucker hide the Gems, they all fall to the floor. When this happened, Danny\'s ghost powers are weakened and is forced to transform back to his human state- in front of hundreds of people. Meanwhile, Lydia captures Danny, Sam and Tucker\'s parents and Jazz, then takes them to Freakshow.

    Freakshow then blackmails Danny into giving the Gems back, as he and his friends know where they are. Danny reluctantly agrees, and begins to journey to find them, however not before he stops off at his house, only to find the Guys in White waiting for him. Triggering the house\'s automated defenses, he and his friends narrowly escape in a jet, but still have the Guys in White on their tail. They go to Cape Canaveral, where Danny hid the Gem of Life, then to Gothapalooza where Sam hid the Gem of Form, then the Sci-Fi/Comic Book convention where Tucker hid the Gem of Fantasy, and comes upon an obstacle at each location- the gems are already active, creating new threats with their powers (as well as having to dodge the Guys in White each time). However, after getting the Gems, The trio gets captured by Lydia and taken to Freakshow, who activates the Gauntlet and tortures Danny by putting Sam and her parents, Tucker and his parents, and Danny\'s parents and his sister Jazz on a deadly rollercoaster sure to kill them. However, Danny fights off most of the obstacles, and saves the people on the rollercoaster.

    Jazz tells Danny to make Freakshow more jealous of ghosts (seeing how Jazz discovered Freakshow has \"Ghost Envy\"). As he does so, Freakshow becomes more jealous and, using the Reality Gauntlet, turns himself into a pure ghost. Then, Danny easily captures him in the Fenton Thermos, and using the Gauntlet, returns everything to the way it should be by erasing everyones\' memories. Danny then destroys the Gauntlet and its gems.
  • one of the best episodes of the season hopefully there will be more like this

    this is prpbably the best episode i have seen yet. the fact that everybody in the world finds out his secret makes you so nervouvs.although for my opinion it would have been more excellent if valerie found out to ever if it was just her reaction it would have been awesome.if he never eresed dash and paulinas memory they prpbably would have treated him better also his parents accepted him i hope that when the third season arrives valerie will find out his secret because im just dying to see her reation and dash, paulina and his parents find out to.

  • Don't get me wrong - I love Danny Phantom - but this episode was clearly not anywhere near up to DP standard.

    Okay, so the day of its premiere, I was extremely excited for it, especially after a busy week of AP exams. I made sure that there was no basketball on that night that would cause me to be unable to watch it. And in the absence of basketball, my dad decided to watch it with me, as it was just the two of us at home that night. He had never seen an episode of Danny Phantom before.

    He couldn't understand why I loved the show so much. And to be honest, I couldn't have either, if that were the only episode I had seen. After it was over I immediately went back and watched "Reign Storm" in order to remind myself about what the show really is like.

    This movie was just one giant deus ex machina. The characters acted completely outside of themselves, the jokes weren't funny, and the plot was rushed, underdeveloped, and weak (as well as completely devoid of Vlad, but that's beside the point).

    The whole movie relied upon random Fenton technology that we have never seen before (Sam and Tucker just happening to escape unscathed from the missile? The cars just happening to hover?) as well as this tangentially-related "reality gauntlet" that really seems to be unnecessary, seeing as you can do pretty much anything you want with the gems separately without the gauntlet and even without the power gem.

    Which brings me to another thing - the reality gems themselves. Danny's world is not a fantasy world. Ghosts exist in it, yes, but otherwise it has always been a place exactly like our own communities. The reality gems bring the show almost into a kind of fantasy realm where objects of such power exist (outside of the mysterious realm of the ghost zone, as we have seen that there are such objects like the skeleton key and the amulet). Okay, so it was Freakshow's thing, and Freakshow controls ghosts. I'm fond of Freakshow myself (although I wish they would do something about that ghostly glow of his, seeing as he's a person), but I don't think there was much basis for his reappearance, especially since his ghost-controlling orb was destroyed, and the reality gauntlet was a bit of a side interest of his, apparently.

    Overall, this show was, indeed, painful for me to watch, only because it has fallen so short of the shows standard both in normal episodes and in hour-long specials. Sorry, Danny, I love you, but please, Butch, make the third season as awesome as it is promising to be, because the season two finale was extremely disappointing.
  • Speechless.

    After the episode. I wanted to just Punch Danny so hard!!! To put some sense into him. Why did he make them all forget!!! The world could actually respect him as a hero and so can the bullies and Paulina at school. From where I stand: Danny Phantom has proven himself to be " The Milkman " - Wild n Out.
  • This, i must say was a complete masterpiece.

    When i first saw the adverts for it i thought wow this looks splendid but i must say i was a little dissapointed.

    Although it was magnificent , i felt there was something missing , maybe a deeper plot or storyline , because it was a bit to basic . It was a fantasic instalment don't get me wrong , but i do feel there was more material which could have been convered and included.

    But all in all , Utter perfection.
  • Good idea Wrong execution

    When I saw the first trailer for this movie I imagined a really emotional, really adventurous moive to top the Ultimate Enemy. Which was the best Danny Phantom movie in my opinion!
    But what the viewers got was just a plain episode where everything is covered up at the end. I guess Valerie must have dropped of the face of the earth for the past few days. You'd think after such an emotional episode where Valerie gets a new uniform and weapons and develops more than a friendship with Danny, you'd expect a series classic between Valerie, Sam, and Danny (who has the mind of a 5 year old). But sadly, we get this. Hopefully there will be another episode where Valerie knows Danny's secret, I just hope it's better than this.
  • We get to see how Danny's parents really react to his half-ghost satus.

    Reality trip: an hour long episode that has been patiently expected by many DP fans, that has been one of the more 'personal' episodes in this show's history, and has been renamed more times than I have fingers.

    School's out, and Danny and the gang are finally taking a long awaited vacation... a trek across the country. They're going to be visiting their favorite sights... Gothapaluza for Sam, Space Station for Danny, and the Comic-con for Tucker. However, before anyone can even start packing, Freakshow breaks out of Jail. And he has a new weapon... One that can control reality. Danny, Sam, and Tucker each effectively hid parts of the new weapon... the 'gems' that power it, but in the process, Danny's secret has been Revealed.

    This episode was both everything I expected it to be and hardly scratched the surface of what I HOPED it would be. Danny's secret being revealed? Everyone had/has their own version to how it might happen... and what might happen afterwards.

    First off, Yes, I was entertained by the parents' reactions. Sam's parents totally loathed the idea of their 'perfect little child' hanging out with the ghost boy, The Fentons were a bit dazed and confused, but ultimately forgave Danny, and Tucker's parents tried to be neutral. "Now fellas, it's ok to point fingers as long as no one is pointing them at my son." That seems like the thing he'd say.

    Also, I loved how they brought back several old jokes. 'Goths dont sweat, we SIMMER!' and 'Paulina Fenton. Hey! I've finally wrapped my mind around it!'. there were some other jokes that were new as well.

    Freakshow was pretty well explored this chapter. We found that he's extremely envious of ghosts and their powers, ("I will not be upstaged by a ghost!!") and very concious to what others think of him; "we must flee. But dramatically!" We also see his manipulative side when he's talking with the Guys in White. Freakshow makes a startling and very well thought out reappearance.

    The Guys in White also make a new appearance. They went from bumbling idiots in their first appearance 'million dollar ghost', and now have upgraded to 'stupid government employees--who got alot better' while still retaining their little quirks. They're trained spies, and have more common sense than all the adults on the show combined. "We're catching up!" GIW#2: "Of course we are! It's a blimp!"

    There was more D/S in here too. 'why do we hang out with a kid who has ghostly enemies?' 'be...cause you have a crush on him?' I imagine that pleased many D/S shippers. And Sam Freaking out at the sight of Teddy bears in place of Gothapaluza was totally in character for her.

    Speaking of Female characters... WHERE is Valerie?! Of all the reactions I was looking foreward to, Valerie's reaction was the one I wanted to see the MOST. But she just seems to have dissappeared from the show. She hasn't even been present in the last few shows, excluding kindred spirits, and her last BIG show was in FWD. I'm seriously dissappointed about how they handled that.

    Also, Paulina's reaction was a bit sudden. In my Mind, she'd be shocked to learn the whole Fenton/Phantom connection, she wouldn't just jump into the idea with an open mind out of nowhere. Dash's shock was more of what I had in mind, especially since he routinely beats up Fenton, and Phantom is his idol. Man, that would be scary.

    Reality trip was everything I was expecting, but I wish it could have covered a few more loose ends. Still, Freakshow has been recaptured, the Gauntlet destroyed, and memories erased. It was as good as a single show could be expected.
  • I danced around like a monkey after watching this.

    Where to begin? Well, its' about time that they needed a break from school and it's all like , "finally yeah, whatever" but it's not is it? NO! I liked the cross country thing and the end where Jack zaps his butt. hahah to that. The entire thing was all around good. I was happy that it wasn't all hype. I hate when that happens. Freakshow is here again and so is Lydia, She's so cool! bUT I don't get why he still trusted her after addmitting to being envious. My main thing; IS there Ever gonna be an other movie with ds in it besides Reign storm? Anyway, Not bad for a series finale. and One More thing, In season 3, will they all be 10th graders and will Mr. Lancer Loop classes? Oh well. GO LYdia!
  • A fantastic movie, but with a couple of small faults...

    Reality Trip, the third installment in the fantastic line of Danny Phantom TV movies, is something I could spend a whole week watching with no breaks (if it wouldn't totally kill my health, XD). Butch Hartman and Nickelodeon have really touched the skies with this awesome, tear-jerking, nerve-wracking masterpiece.

    It was great to have Freakshow return, since he hasn't been seen since the Season One finale Control Freaks. He was just as much of a fearsome, yet amusing, villain without his scepter, which was something I hadn't been expecting. It was also surprisingly good to see Lydia again. Although she never talks, and is a minor character, she's one of my favorite ghosts. It was a very cool feeling for me to be seeing her again; and the slight Freakshow/Lydia hints were........ interesting.

    I also enjoyed the cross-country idea. It was very cool to see the ways the background painters crafted the backgrounds and settings of Amity Park, an abandoned railroad station in the countryside, San Francisco, Mount Rushmore, the White House, San Diego, Hollywood, the Nevada Desert, and the Cape Canaverel Space Center in Florida. It was also awesome to see some classic superheroes featured at the comic book convention, even if they were just geeks in costumes. :-)

    The jokes were also very good in this movie-- better jokes than in both of the others put together.
    Reign Storm was a beginner movie, when they were just kicking off in the movie groove, and had good jokes and a good conclusion like most episodes, but dragged on for two parts of it.
    The Ultimate Enemy was the most dramatic of the three, wrought with emotion, thrilling suspense, and amazing animation. It had few jokes, and was more on the dark side of the show, and was the only one that had a "to be continued" type of ending. It also had several emotional moments, causing me and my family to cry every time we view it.
    So, sum up both Reign Storm's humor and action; plus The Ultimate Enemy's emotion, gorgeous animation, fantastic theatrical feel, and tear-jerking moments, and you get the one and only Reality Trip.

    HOWEVER, despite the fact that this movie was wonderful in almost every way, it still had a couple of flaws.

    1. What the heck did Danny make his parents forget his powers for?! It made the whole movie completely and totally pointless. I really hate it when they do this in episodes. Basically it's this big, revealing, amazing adventure, and one character or another made it so no one remembered except Danny, Sam, Tucker, and perhaps Jazz. This makes it seem like the episodes never even happened, which is a terrible strategy, I must say. Danny was perfectly fine with everyone knowing about his powers. If had had made only The Guys in White (his only acutal threat) forget the situation, then that would have made more sense. Instead Butch and the writers decided to make it completely and utterly drop dead pointless.

    2. This is the first episode where someone actually points out that Sam has a crush on Danny, but it doesn't at all focus, even a tiny bit, on their relationship. Another example of complete pointlessness! I mean, come on, Freakshow was saying the movie was all about drama; well this dramatic moment only lasted about seven seconds! It's stupid to really, solidly say something, and then act like it didn't even happen! Terrible form, you guys! Come back down from Space Cadet land!!!

    All in all, though, this was a FANTASTIC movie-- a complete winner in my eyes. But then again, aren't they all?
  • For Danny Fenton, school out. But for Danny Phantom, the ghouls are out.

    This episode was very exciting to say the least. But I expected a bit more fighting on Danny's part since I had been playing the Danny Phantom computer game on Nick which had a lot of butt kicking. Oh well, I definitly enjoyed it! It was kinda lacking in humor, there was definitly a lot of sarcasm, but no humorous parts. Lydia was kinda flat, which I didn't like seeing as she's the only ghost in this episode. There was a lot of repitition from other episodes like the button near the ham, the Guys in White, and Sam's comment about how Goth's don't sweat but simmer and those made it fun to watch.
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