Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 17

Reality Trip

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 09, 2006 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • Look Closely: after Danny sucks Freakshow into the Fenton Thermos and he runs to save his friends & family. He presses the Gem Of Life (the red gem) but the effect that shoots out is the Gem of Form (the yellow pool)

    • When Danny pushes the emergency button and the house attacks everything using ecto-energy, it only targets him when he is in his ghost form. However, most other Fenton devices (such as the Boo-merang in "The Ultimate Enemy" or the Fenton Finder in "Mystery Meat") target him even in human form.

    • Whenever someone finds a gem in one of the hidden places, they always scream because the gem burns them. But when Sam, Tucker, and Danny touch the gems, this doesn't happen.

    • Freakshow: Au contrair. That's French for... I'll bet this hurts.

      In actuality, "au contrair" is French for "on the contrary."

    • There is no space for the power source gem shown on the Gauntlet in the title screen, only the three reality gems.

    • When Freakshow is wearing his earrings, they are shown to be orange. Yet when he puts one into the Reality Gauntlet as its power source, it is red throughout the episode.

    • At the beginning of the episode, one of the Guys in White states that Lydia is no longer under Freakshow's control. However, in "Control Freaks," it was hinted that she never was to begin with.

    • It seems too much of a coincidence that Freakshow's earring be the power source for the Reality Gauntlet, meaning that it may have been a power source for more than just the gauntlet.

    • Throughout the entire show, Danny & his friends are freshmen in high school, but this episode begins on the last day of school & continues through the beginning of summer. So when they return to school in future episodes, shouldn't they be sophmores?

    • During the opener when Danny transforms into Danny Phantom, both of the white transform rings travel up his body, rather than one going down & the other going up.

    • When Danny, Sam, and Tucker were at the transformed Goth-a-Palooza, Sam actually tore up some of the teddy bears, does this mean she just murdered someone? Those bears are all really Goths, as in flesh-and-blood humans.

    • At the end of this episode, Paulina and Dash look like a couple, but at the end of the pendant episode when Paulina turned into a dragon, she looks annoyed with him.

    • Now that Danny knows his parents will accept the fact that he's half-ghost, why did he erase their memories about it? Wouldn't be better for him to let them know it?

    • When Danny is hanging onto the outside of the space shuttle, he rips a huge hole in the side. He shouldn't have been able to do that; space shuttles have many layers of metal and other forms of insulation to protect it during the flight throught the atmosphere into space, and the flight back to Earth. You can see the metal is extremely thin, and Danny is able to dig his fingers into it. THAT is also not possible.

    • At the end, Freakshow uses the Gem of Life to change the world into his twisted version. Shouldn't he have used the Gem of Form, or the Gem of Fantasy?

    • When Sam folds up the page in the Reality Gaunlet book, and then covers up some of the lettering; it's supposed to just be "Freakshow". But what's shown is some of the "D" in Frederich is shown, and the "en" in Showenhower isn't covered up. So really, it says "Freakshowen".

    • This is the third episode in which Jack is seen without his trademark jumpsuit, the other two being The Fenton Menace and Masters of all Time. This time, however, it was simply because he was in the shower.

    • At the end, Danny says that no one will remember he is half ghost except for Sam, Tucker and Jazz. But what about Vlad?

    • Danny doesn't have a ghostly glow right after he, Sam, and Tucker come out from the boulder. Also, he doesn't have it when there is a close-up on his feet when he's landing the spaceship.

    • Look Hard: When Sam and Tucker are looking at Freakshow's book for the first time at the Humpty Dumpty concert, the diagram of the reality gauntlet showed the Gem of Life and the power source on opposite ends. However, when they show Danny the book, they're back in their original positions.

    • Look Hard: When Freakshow is saying that he needs more practice, the gem of form and the gem of fantasy switch places.

    • Danny's ghost sense goes off whenever there is a ghost around, so why didn't it go off when Lydia entered Danny's living room when the Guys in White were about to arrest Danny?

    • Even though Freakshow's earring is the power source to the gauntlet, many times throughout this episode he's still wearing it when it's still on the gauntlet.

    • Freakshow's earrings would have been taken away when he was admitted to the prison, and his normal clothes would have been switched out with the prison's inmate uniform, but the only reason he was able to activate the Reality Gauntlet was because he had the earring on him.

    • Near the end of the episode while Danny was wearing the Reality Gauntlet, the shape of the fingers keep on changing from its regular pointed shape to a squared shaped, and vise versa.

    • When Freakshow was yelling at Jazz for the second time that he doesn't envy ghosts, his ghostly glow was missing. Since he's human, that's the way he should have been the entire episode.

    • A few times troughout the episode, Danny's ghostly glow was missing. Mainly when Danny was in the space center in Florida when he was trying to land the space shuttle.

    • When Freakshow is explaining to the guys in white how the reality gauntlet works, he picks up the yellow diamond gem, which stays square for two scenes and changes back to diamond when it is placed in the gauntlet.

    • Freakshow isn't a ghost, so why does he have a ghostly glow throughout the movie, even before he put on the reality gauntlet?

    • If Danny was so sure that his parents will accept him no matter what, as he said in "Bitter Reunions," then why was he worried about them finding out his secret, then ripping him apart molecule by molecule?

    • The first time that the Emergency Ham was mentioned, it was in the fridge in the house, but here, the Emergency Ham was in the op-center. It's possible that this is because Jack feels a need for multiple Emergency Hams.

    • Danny flew up and away from the stage, then he fell straight down back to the stage even though he was just flying away.

    • When Sam is wearing Paulina's cheerleader uniform, it's red. But in "Life Lessons," and "Beauty Marked," it was orange.

    • At the beginning of the episode, when Danny says "I'll just take the aerial route," his voice doesn't have the normal ghost-form-echo.

    • When Freakshow shows the Reality Gauntlet, the order is The Gem of Life (red), The Gem of Form (yellow) and the Gem of Fantasy (blue). But before Freakshow said "Let there be life"! its Red, then Blue, then Yellow.

    • For the majority of the movie, Freakshow doesn't have his earring on because he put it in the Reality Gauntlet. However, during the conclusion of the movie, his ear-rings are suddenly back.

    • Look hard: Throughout the episode, Danny's emblem briefly becomes a shade of turquoise, especially when he, Sam, & Tucker are with the teddy bears.

    • During the comic convention, the Fantasy Gem is on the floor when the fight starts. When the fight ends, one of the super-villain-geeks drops it--but never picked it up.

    • When Danny retrieves the first reality gem, he creates some damage to the outside of the rocket, right after he has the gem, the damage is suddenly gone.

    • Just as "The Ultimate Enemy" was aired before "Identity Crisis" and "The Fenton Menace" when it actually took place after, "Reality Trip" aired after "Double Cross My Heart" and "Kindred Spirits," but in the episode order "Reality Trip" comes before the two mentioned.

    • In this episode, it says that Danny gets out of school at 3:30 PM. However, in the episode "One of a Kind," it said on Tucker's PDA that they get out of school at 3:10 PM.

  • Quotes

    • Danny: The explosion for the gauntlet must have messed up my ghost powers.
      Sam: I'll get us out of this one...MOSH PIT!!! (throws Danny into the crowd)

    • Tucker: But Thursday's All-You-Can-Eat-Night!
      Danny: Not if we're in jail!

    • Sam's dad: (Tucker's dad) This is Fenton's fault, pass it down.
      Tucker's dad: (To Jack) This is Fenton's fault, pass it down.
      Jack: (To Maddie & Jazz) This is- WAIT A MINUTE!
      Maddie: Settle down now Jack, it's alright. This whole business about Danny being the ghost boy has got me baffled and confused as... you!
      Jack: Imagine... our own son has had ghost powers all this time and has kept then a secret from us, but we love him. I wonder why he didn't trust us enough to tell us?
      Jazz: Hmm let me think... (Does an impression of Jack) "Hey Maddie, let's destroy the ghost."(Does an impression of Maddie) "No Jack! Let's disect the ghost!" (Does another impression of Jack) "I know, let's catch the ghost and rip it apart molecule by molecule!" (Speaks in her regular voice) You guys are so understanding.

    • Danny: (After the Gem of Fantasy transforms three nerds) Awesome!! The Gem of Fantasy turned three regular nerds into superheroes! They can help us rescue or parents!
      Tucker: You need to read more comic books, those aren't superheroes! THEY'RE SUPERVILLAINS!
      (The three geeks start attacking)

    • (After Danny saves everyone on the roller coaster and changes everything back to normal with the Reality Gauntlet)
      Jack: Danny!
      (Danny gasps and sees Jack & Maddie walking towards him with stern faces)
      Maddie: Young Man....
      Danny: I...I'm sorry. (Jack suddenly hugs him)
      Jack: We're very proud of you, son.
      (Maddie hugs Danny)
      Maddie: Oh! Oh, my baby boy! (Gives him kisses on the cheek)
      Danny: But I lied to you. Over and over again for a really long time. If I were you guys, I'd be furious.
      Maddie: Well, of course you lied to us. We never gave you a reason not to.
      Jack: All this time, we've been yammering on about destroying and disecting ghosts. I'd have been terrified too if I were you!
      Maddie: We love you, sweetie. You.
      (Danny smiles warmly)
      Jack: Whether you're ghost, boy, or something in between.
      Danny: And I appreciate that. More than you guys will ever know. (Hugs both of them, then looks down at the Reality Gauntlet; frowns) Or will ever remember. (Erases their memories of him being half-ghost)

    • Danny: Finally! I've been looking forward to this summer vacation forever. The three of us, traveling together cross country, seeing the sights. Cape Canavarel Space Center in sunny Florida.
      Tucker: The Comic book Sci-Fi and Fantasy Expo in sunny San Diego.
      Sam: And Gothapalooza in the bleak Nevada Desert.
      Danny: But tonight, we rock out at the Dumpty Humpty concert.
      (Jazz walks by and accidentally bumps into Danny)
      Jazz: Geez Danny, watch it!
      Danny: Geez Jazz, watch it! (Danny picks up Jazz's book and reads the title) Ghost Envy for Dimwits? Ghosts are not the boss of me? What is this?
      Jazz: My college entrance thesis on ghost envy. College might be a year and a half away, but you can't be too prepared. In fact, did you know that ghosts often-
      Danny: Don't know! Don't care! Not listening. From now on, it's: no more pencils, no more books, and no going ghost so my parents can't tear me apart molecule by molecule.

    • Guy in White #1: The gauntlet is active. Bad news.
      Guy in White #2: Very bad. When I file a report, I shall be affixing blame to you.
      Guy in White #1: Not if I affix it to you first. FREEZE, FREAKS!

    • (The Guys in White are at their office, typing on their computers; an alarm goes off, and they stand up)
      Guy in White #1: What is it?
      Guy in White #2: A massive spike in ecto energy.
      (They turn around, and see Danny, with the Reality Gauntlet)
      Danny: That would be me.
      (They reach for their ecto weapons)
      Danny: (The Gauntlet is glowing yellow) Uh... Ah...Ah!
      (He turns their weapons into a tuba & a chicken.)
      Danny: Here, (Throws down the Fenton Thermos) a gift.
      (The thermos opens, and Freakshow pops out, in his ghost form; the gauntlet glows blue, and Freakshow turns human; the Guys in White cuff him; Danny flies out, then comes back)
      Danny: Oh, and from now on, you're gonna leave Danny Fenton, and his family alone!
      Guy in White #1: Why would we do that?
      Danny: Because... (Gauntlet glows blue, as he waves his hand) He's not the ghost you're looking for.
      Guys in White: (Glowing blue, and in a trance) He's not the ghost we're looking for.

    • Freakshow: Now then, the Reality Gauntlet. Hmm. Well, I don't know that much about it. (About the gems) But, I believe these things play a key role. Uh, May I try it on?
      Guy in White #2: I suppose so. (To other Guy in White) It doesn't work anyway.
      Freakshow: Joy! (He puts the gauntlet on and starts explaining) Each of these gems has a power. The red one: the Gem of Life. It can make anything come alive. (About the yellow one) And I believe this one is the Gem of Form. It can transform anything into anything else. (Nervously) Uh, So I've been told. (About the blue one) And this is the Gem of Fantasy. It can make your dreams real. These gems, if touched in the proper sequence, will allow the wearer to control all reality. But, the gauntlet is useless without its power source. (Guys in White stare) Which I just so happen to have right here! (Grabs his earring)
      Guy in White #1: Freeze it, freak!

    • (After Freakshow has failed to free Danny, Tucker, & Sam's families)
      Danny: Let 'em go, Freakshow! I brought you the gems! We had a deal!
      Freakshow: The deal was: bring me the gems if you want to see them alive again. Well, here they are! Alive! For now!

    • Danny: We are here to look for the reality gem.
      Sam: Which, according to Freakshow's book, are activated by touch. So as long as nobody found it yet, maybe this will be easy.
      (the gem activates, falls on the rocket ship, and the rocket becomes alive. The rocket ship is now flying towards the jet, mouth open)
      Sam: It's never easy, is it?

    • Danny: (After safely landing the space shuttle at the space center) Ladies and Gentleman, the Eagle has landed. Intact!

    • Auto Jack: Auto Jack activated. Please buckle up and pass the fudge.

    • Freakshow: (To Danny, Sam, & Tucker's families) Your beloved children have but a day to return my Reality Gems, and if they fail, well, let's just say I have plans.
      Jazz: So basically, we're just going to sit around here until you get your stones. Not much of a bad guy, are you?
      Freakshow: What's that?
      Jazz: Well, you don't have any powers, I mean, technically Lydia's much stronger than you, and without her...
      Freakshow: I will not...be upstaged...by ghosts! (His eye twitchs)

    • Jack: (Recording) Fenton Works Anti-Creep mode activate. Our special today is Fudge-I mean pain.

    • Guy in White #2: (To Danny) You're coming in for questioning.
      Guy in White #1: And experiments. Lots, and lots of really painful experiments.
      Danny: I don't think so! Tucker, Sam, grab hold of me! I'm goin' ghost!

    • (The trio is stopped at a country diner)
      Sam: Could you hurry it up, Tucker? We're on a deadline. Emphasis on "dead".
      Tucker: We have to eat, Sam. And I'm a meat conisseur in a land of barbecue and bacon fat. (Starts to eat a chicken)
      Lance Thunder on TV: (Interrupting) A nationwide search continues for this ghost-powered teenager. (TV corner shows Danny Phantom turning back into Danny Fenton) If you have any information, please contact your local authorities.
      (A cook, waitress, and customer turn to look at Danny, and then all pull out cell phones)
      Danny: Uh, sorry about this. (Shoots all three cell phones with ghost rays)
      Customer: Hey! I still have minutes left.
      Danny: You got to watch those roaming charges.

    • Freakshow: (To Danny; after knocking him down) I may be losing control of the crowd but I still control all of Realtiy!
      (Danny attempts to get up and sees the Fenton Thermos next to him)
      Freakshow: And if you think being a half-ghost is so cool...(Uses the Gauntlet to turn into a giant ghostly creature with a face on his chest that is roaring) What do you think of ME, now that I'm ALL GHOST?!
      Danny: I think this just got a lot easier.
      (Grabs the Thermos and sucks Freakshow in)
      Freakshow: What?! No! NOOO!!!(All of him except the Gauntlet is sucked in)
      Danny: (Puts the lid on the Fenton Thermos) Sucker!

    • (Freakshow is changing the world into his own domain)
      Freakshow: (On voice over as buildings and monuments change) It's all mine now...My revenge...Your nightmare! There. A kingdom fit for a freak, and a freakdom fit for a king.

    • Tucker: (About the geek girl who has turned into a supervillain) That may just be the hottest geek I've ever laid eyes on.
      (Geek turns into a wolf)
      Sam: Yeah? How 'bout now?
      Tucker: Yeah, still hot.

    • Sam's dad: (To Jack; after Danny's secret is revealed) YOU!
      Jack: YOU!
      (Sam's dad & Jack face off and start glaring at each other)
      Sam's dad: We were watching "Extreme Nanny Makeover", when we found out YOUR son was a ghost!
      Jack: Why are you yelling at us?! YOUR spooky-yooky bat daughter HAS to be behind this!
      Tucker's dad: (Steps in) Now fellas, it's ok to point fingers as long as nobody's pointing them at my son.
      Maddie: (Exasperatedly) Okay! Maybe Danny IS the ghost boy. But it's not as though our ghost activities have ever put YOUR families in any danger!
      (Ground begins to quake; everyone gasps as Lydia's ghost tattoos come into the Fenton Works' kitchen and surround everyone; they glare at Jack)
      Jack: (Shrugs) Until now.

    • Freakshow: (To Danny; over monitor) Ah, hello. Hope I'm not interrupting the worst day of your life... EVER! But it seems I need your help.
      Danny: You miserable freak! Why would I ever help you?
      Freakshow: I'm sorry, did I say need? I meant demand! (Steps aside to reveal Danny, Sam, & Tucker's parents in a cage)
      Sam: (Gasps) He's got my parents!
      Tucker: He's got ALL our parents!
      Freakshow: Why, look. I have something you want...and you know the location of something I want. My gems...which you three fools will retrieve if you ever want to see your families alive again! Oh, and just to keep it dramatic... you have three days. (Laughs hysterically and screen goes blank)

    • Freakshow: (Talking to Jazz) Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts! I am so tired of ghosts! Do you know what it feels like to live in the shadow of ghosts?
      Jack: (Talking in his sleep) Ghosts... GHOSTS!!!
      Jazz: Oh, you'd be surprised.
      Freakshow: My parents loved ghosts more than me, my audience loves ghosts more than me, and deep down, I think... I love ghosts more than me!
      Jazz: Tell me about it.
      Jazz & Freakshow: Sometimes I wish I was a ghost.
      Freakshow: You really do understand me, don't you, child?
      Jack: (Thumping his foot) Ghost, ghost, ghosts, ghosts, ghosts...
      Jazz: More than you know.

    • Danny: (After Freakshow has taken the Reality Gems and trapped Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Jack, Maddie, & Sam & Tucker's parents on a roller coaster) You lied to me!
      Freakshow: Yes. Yes, I did. Goody for me. But, it wouldn't be drama if I didn't give you a sporting chance. (He frees Danny) And an audience. A big audience! (Danny is in an arena surrounded by clowns with his face on a giant screen then flies off to save everyone) Ladies and Gentlemen! Freaks of all ages! May I direct your attention to the center ring, where Danny Phantom, a.k.a. Danny Fenton, will attempt to rescue his friends and family from a ghastly doom of my own construction!

    • (Freakshow activates the Gem of Life)
      Freakshow: Have a little taste of the Gem of Life! (Guys in Whites' guns suddenly wrap around them) Now that's what I call living! (He stares at the gauntlet) Blast. If only I knew the sequence to activate all the gems, I could control all reality. Still...(He uses the security card and frees Lydia) This concludes our demonstration. Now, if you'll excuse us...(To Lydia; as they escape from jail with the Reality Gauntlet) What should we do with our newfound freedom? Dinner? Movie? Make myself ringmaster of all reality? (Laughs evilly)

    • Danny: (To Freakshow; comparing himself to him) Ghost powers, ghost energy, (Fires off multiple ghost rays) ghost, ghost, ghost!

    • (Danny turns the Fenton Rocket invisible)
      Guy in White 1: We've lost visual contact. Begin Operation White Fang.
      Guy in White 2: White Fang?
      Guy in White 1: I don't name this stuff.
      (Next day the rocket is still invisible)
      Sam: Danny, we lost them yesterday. You can stop now.

    • Freakshow: (While Danny is taunting him about ghosts being cooler than him) I-WILL-NOT-BE-UPSTAGED-BY-A-GHOST!
      (The clown audience and Danny throw food at Freakshow, while booing him)
      Danny: Uh, half-ghost technically, but still way cooler than you!

    • Danny: Show's over Freakshow!!
      Freakshow: Au, contraire! Which is French for: I bet this hurts!
      (Punches Danny incredibly hard)

    • Sam: (About the Guys in White) It's after five, why can't they quit like every other government employee?!

    • Tucker: (About the bar-b-que joint where Danny was reconized; as he's being dragged away) But, Thursday's all-you-can-eat night!
      Danny: Not if we're in jail!

    • Sam: (About the teddy bears) Destroy them, Danny! Find the Gem that did this, and rip the stuffing out of them every last one of them!!

    • Sam: Where are your parents?
      Danny: Probably looking for me...or a scalpel to dissect me with.

    • Paulina: (Ghost animal tattoes attacking her) Ahh! Get away! (Danny shows up and shoots a ghost ray at one of the ghosts) He loves me! (Danny shoots another ghost) He loves me not! (Danny shoots last ghost) He loves me!

    • Danny: (After popular kids pull him, Sam, & Tucker into the locker room away from the Guys in White) You're...helping me?
      Dash: Well, duh! You've only been helping us for, like, ever!
      Paulina: (Runs over and kisses Danny on the cheek) Paulina Fenton. Heh, I've finally wrapped my mind around it.
      Sam: Okay, I'm feeling relieved and nauseated at the same time.

    • Freakshow: (After Danny is thrown by the robot) Hmm. That's odd. I commanded it to eat you. I need more practice.

    • Tucker: (To Danny, as they fly away; the students of Casper High are cheering for him) Dude, you're a rock star!
      Danny: (Inadvertantly transforms back into Danny Fenton) Who can't do anything!

    • Maddie: (After seeing Danny change from a ghost to a kid on television) Our son is the ghost boy?!

    • Freakshow: (Giving life to the giant robots after transforming them from train cars) And Freakshow said, "Let there be life!"

    • Sam: (To Danny & Tucker while she is holding onto the Gauntlet on FreakShow's arm) According to the book, the Gauntlet has a defense mechanism. Think of a place to hide the gem you are holding.

    • Freakshow: (About the Reality Guantlet) May I try it on?
      Guy in White #1: I suppose so. It doesn't work anyway.
      Freakshow: Joy!

    • Jazz: (To Danny; about Freakshow) He has ghost envy! Use psychology!

    • (Everyone's in either a Danny Phantom or Sam costume)
      Tucker: What, no Tuckers?!

    • Danny: May I have the Gem of Form?
      Teddy Bears: Say the magic word.
      Sam: "Die"?

    • Freakshow: I don't have ghost envy! (Lydia phases through the train and appears) Use the door like a normal person! (She raises her eyebrows, confused)

    • (The Guys in White grab Sam & Tucker)
      Sam: For those still counting, that's the third time we've been grabbed today.

    • (Danny, Sam, & Tucker have escaped in a football uniform, a mascot costume, and a cheerleading outfit)
      Paulina: (To Sam; who is in her cheerleading outfit) I want that back by Monday, minus the Goth sweat.
      Sam: We don't sweat; we simmer!
      (Danny grabs her and drags her away)

    • Sam: (While at the concert after Danny's secret is blown) I'll get us out of here. (Grabs Danny and throws him into the crowd; to the crowd) Mosh pit!

    • Guy in White 1: We're catching up!
      Guy in White 2: Of course we are! It's a blimp!
      (Fenton Blimp changes into a rocket)
      Guy in White 2: And now it's not.

    • Sam: (While being chased by the Guys in White) The Fenton Blimp? What are we gonna do, bore them to death with a slow-speed chase?
      Danny: Not quite (Hits a button and the blimp starts transforming into a rocket)

    • Paulina (after learning Danny's secret): He's totally infatuated with me, that makes things so much easier...for me!

    • Freakshow (To Lydia): We must flee! But dramatically.

    • Sam: Which reminds me, how did you convince my parents to let me spend an entire summer with your parents?
      (Danny smiles and thinks back to scene with Sam's parents in their house; Danny overshadows Sam's mom)
      Sam's mom: You know, I think the Fentons are wonderful. Sam should take a cross country trip with them. (Danny moves and overshadows Sam's dad)
      Sam's Dad: And I agree with you. Let's never speak of this again.
      (Back to present)
      Danny: Uh, let's just say I finally got under their skin.

    • Sam: Remind me again why we hang out with a kid who has ghostly enemies?
      Tucker: Because you have a crush on him?
      (Sam scowls at him)

    • Danny: (Scowling) Will this vacation EVER start?

    • Danny: Oh, crud! Of all days to oversleep. (In bathroom, grunts while putting his shirt on) Can't have Lancer keeping me after on the last day of school, so...(Goes ghost and then goes intangible flying out) I'll just take the aerial route.
      Jack: (Gasps while in shower and sees Danny out the window; to Danny) You! Ghost kid! I get my hands on you I'll tear you apart MOLECULE BY MOLECULE!! (Takes Ectogun and fires at Danny then misses)
      Danny: (Flies away) Which is a perfect example of why I won't be going ghost during my Fenton family vacation.
      Jack: (In the distance; to Danny) LISTEN TO ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!!
      Danny: It's summer! Starting at 3:30, I don't have to listen to anyone for a long, long time! (Flies over Amity Park Penitentiary)

    • Freakshow: Well, well. Look what the bats dragged in. With my reality gems!
      Danny: I don't think so! (Lydia's monsters snatch the thermos with the gems from his hands) What?! Oh no. (Freakshow takes the gems and ties up Danny, Sam, and Tucker)
      Freakshow: (As he puts the gems into the gauntlet) The Gem of Life, the Gem of Form, the Gem of Fantasy, input them with the power source. And, thanks to you, I now know how to activate the gauntlet! (He starts the sequence)
      Sam: Danny! Stop him!
      Danny: (Struggling) I can't break free!
      Freakshow: (To Danny after he finishes) Thanks to you, I am now ringmaster of all reality! (Freakshow changes the sky from blue to purple) Neato, huh?

    • Guy in White #2: (To Freakshow) I hope you've been enjoying your stay with us, Freakshow.
      Freakshow: Ooh! The Guys in White. Top secret ghost catchers who can't actually catch ghosts.
      Guy in White #2: (Taps button on remote revealing containment chamber holding the tatooed ghost)
      Guy in White #1: Care to revise that last statement?
      Freakshow: Lydia!
      Guy in White #2: No longer under your control.
      Freakshow: What do you want?
      Guy in White #1: Your knowledge of ghostly items. Anything you care to tell us about this? (Presses button revealing metal arm and the three reality gems)
      Freakshow: The Reality Gauntlet. Never heard of it.
      Guy in White #2: We know how you envy ghosts.
      Guy in White #1: And we believe this to be an object of enough spectral power to eradicate ghosts forever. Perhaps, including this one! (Shows picture of Danny Phantom)
      Freakshow: Ah, that Reality Gauntlet. I believe I've heard of it after all.

    • Freakshow: (Smirking) Are you kids ready to have a great summer? Cause Dumpty Humpty had a great fall! (Laughs Maniacally)

    • (After Danny's secret is revealed)
      Dash: Holy sweatsocks! Danny Fen-turd is Danny Phan-turd?!

    • (After Danny accidentaly transforms in front of everybody)
      Crowd: (Gasp in shock and start murmuring; TV helicopter is recording; Guys in White watching Danny; Tucker & Sam look horrified)
      Danny: Ummm... nobody saw that, right?
      (At home when Jazz, Jack & Maddie see Danny is Danny Phantom)
      Jazz: (To Jack & Maddie) You didn't see that, right?

  • Notes

    • Apparently, Jack has a ghost weapon with him at all times, even when he's in the shower.

    • Look closely: When Dash and Paulina ask Danny and his friends if they were supposed to be on a cross country trip at the end, Dash has his arm around Paulina. This could mean that they're a couple or really close friends.

    • George Goodchild uses a different style of drawing starting from when Danny, Tucker and Sam fall after being transported to Freakshow until Freakshow starts changing the world with the Reality Gauntlet.

    • Starting with this TV movie, each Main Villain of Season 1 has reappeared in the series at least once.

    • This is the first Danny Phantom TV movie, in which the main villain is both human and a main villain of a previous episode.

    • We learn in this episode that Amity Park is not Florida.

    • Look Hard: The robotic arms that attacked the Guys In White and their squadron look like the robotic arms of SkulkTech 9.9 from "The Ultimate Enemy."

    • The name of this episode must come for the fact that Danny, Sam, and Tucker are on a trip searching for the reality gems and that Freakshow can control all reality with them.

    • We learn at the beginning that Freakshow and Lydia may have a relationship despite Freakshow's ghost envy.

    • Sam's crush is revealed, but by Tucker. Also, Sam scowls at Tucker, which could mean that she wants Tucker to think that she DOESN'T like Danny.

    • Look Hard: Every time that Danny breaks free from bindings, his muscle mass temporarily increases. This is a possible indicator of enhanced strength.

    • This is the first TV movie that Danny is in the opener, not counting Dark Danny in "The Ultimate Enemy."

    • It is revealed that Freakshow's skin is pale because he's anemic.

    • First aired June 29, 2006 on YTV.

    • Apparently, Danny really was bluffing in "Bitter Reunions;" he is not confident that his parents will accept his ghost half.

    • There is a transporter to the op-center in Jack and Maddie's bedroom.

    • Title picture: Freakshow with the Reality Gauntlet with Danny, Sam & Tucker's face on the Reality Gems.

    • This is the first Danny Phantom TV Movie in which none of the scenes took place in the Ghost Zone.

    • When Paulina discovers who Danny Phantom is, she likes the idea of Paulina Fenton.

    • In Butch Hartman's other show, "The Fairly Odd Parents", Mr. Crocker turns Mount Rushmore's heads into his various expressions. Freakshow does the same thing in this episode.

    • Look Hard: The order to activate all the gems goes: The Gem of Form, The Gem of Fantasy, The Gem of Form, The Gem of Life, and then The Gem of Fantasy.

    • We learn the Mansons watch a show called Extreme Nanny Makeover.

    • It may not have been brought up by Danny, but apparently, Danny was right when he said that his parents would accept him no matter what in the episode "Bitter Reunions."

    • The Emergency Ham also contains a button beneath it that converted the Fenton Blimp to a jet.

    • Just like before, Jack's Emergency Ham is still spoiled.

    • The Emergency Ham in "Pirate Radio" was mentioned by Tucker and seen as well.

    • Danny's secret gets out to the whole world in this episode, but Danny changes reality with the Reality Gauntlet so nobody remembers.

    • Ironically, this was the first episode in which someone out-and-out said that Sam has a crush on Danny, and yet it did not focus on their relationship.

    • You see Danny muscular when he falls on top of the Super-dweebs.

    • The events of this episode were erased from everyone's memories except Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, & apparently, Freakshow.

    • Listen hard:
      Freakshow: Are you kids ready to have a great summer? Because Dumpty Humpty had a great fall!
      In "Kindred Spirits", "Great Fall" was the name of the Dumpty Humpty album that Danielle was looking at in Danny's bedroom.

    • Valerie does not appear in this episode; therefore, we don't get to see her reaction to the fact that Danny is half-ghost.

    • We learn that Jack and Maddie will accept the fact that Danny is a half- ghost, even though Danny wiped their memories.

    • Look Hard: In the background of the comic convention, there is a person dressed like Flash, a superhero that runs very fast. There are also a lot of costumes of characters from Star Trek present in the mix.

    • Look Hard: After Danny was hit by the roller coster, you can see that the Mansons and Foleys were very sad, and Jazz looked like she was about to cry.

    • The World Inquisitor, the newspapers in the truck Danny, Sam, & Tucker hitch a ride on, has the pictures of Danny Phantom, Sam, & Tucker on it found in the April 2004 issue of Nickelodeon Magazine when the show was first introduced.

    • This is the second time Tucker was in the Casper High Raven mascot costume.

    • This is the second time that someone has tried to kill Danny's family and friends. The first time was in "The Ultimate Enemy," attempted by Dark Danny.

    • This is the fourth time Sam and Tucker have appeared on the opening screen. The first episode Sam and Tucker both appeared on the opening screen was "Mystery Meat." The second episode Sam was on the opening screen was "Beauty Marked," and the third episode was "Double Cross My Heart." The second episode Tucker appeared on the opening screen was "What You Want," and the third was "King Tuck."

    • Apparently, Freakshow was wearing the power source of the Gauntlet on his left ear the entire time.

    • Apparently, Danny has a space shuttle simulator on his computer.

    • It is hinted at in "Control Freaks" that Lydia was never under the spell of the crystal ball Freakshow was using in that episode, like Danny and the other three circus ghosts (when the crystal ball smashes and the other ghosts are waking up and fighting back, she is nowhere to be seen). That means she must have been working for him the whole time willingly. It seems that Lydia likes Freakshow because he was talking about a trip to the movies with her in the beginning.

    • At the Comic Convention in San Diego, many people were dressed up as Danny Phantom and Sam. No one was dressed up as Tucker. Also, apparently there is a Danny Phantom comic book.

    • It seems as if Jack thinks Sam is spooky since when Mr. Manson came to Fenton Works, he thought his "spooky ooky bat" daughter had something to do with the fact that Danny was half-ghost, which is coincidently true.

    • Freakshow's real name is supposed to be Fredrick Isak Showenhower, unless he made that name up from his show name.

    • A reference to the episode "Pirate Radio" was made when Paulina claims she has wrapped her mind around "Paulina Fenton".

    • The Reality Gems are activated by touch.

    • Lydia did not have any speaking parts throughout the movie, but she did scream.

    • Mr. Lancer is absent in this episode, despite being mentioned at the start.

    • Opener: Danny Phantom gets to school, with Jack attacking him, then passes the penitentiary. Inside, Freakshow is forced to help the Guys In White with the reality gauntlet. He puts the gems in and escapes with Lydia. He plans on becoming Ringmaster of all reality.

    • A reference was made to "Lucky in Love" when Sam re-stated to Paulina that goths don't sweat; they simmer. She had said that to Danny in that episode.

    • It seemed as if Freakshow wrote the information blurb on the Reality Gauntlet in the book Sam had been reading.

    • This is the second time we see Danny's favorite band, Dumpty Humpty, with the first time being in the episode "Shades of Gray." It's also the second time we see the emergency button next to the emergency ham, the first time being in the episode "Pirate Radio."

    • It is revealed that Freakshow has "Ghost Envy". He envies ghosts because of their powers and how they always took his spotlight as a child and as a performer.

    • This is the very first Danny Phantom TV movie in which Vlad has played absolutely no part.

    • Apparently, Sam finds cute teddy bears and bright colors both frightening and sickening.

    • Apparently, Tucker's a furry fan, since he thought She-Wolf looked hot.

    • This is the third episode where Danny's parents learned his secret, with the first being in "The Ultimate Enemy," and the second being "Masters of All Time." They accept him, although Danny erases their memories about knowing his secret at the end.

    • The Reality Gauntlet and its four gems are destroyed at the end of the episode.

    • Jazz is apparently jealous of Danny for his ghost powers.

    • When the Reality Gems were activated:
      The Gem of Life (red): Made a rocket come to life
      The Gem of Form (yellow): Turned the Gothapalooza into a teddy bear land
      The Gem of Fantasy (blue): Turned 3 geeks into comic book villains

    • Running Gags:
      1) Someone having ghost envy
      2) Jack yelling at Danny Phantom from the window
      3) The Guys in White appearing right after Danny finds a Reality Gem
      4) Freakshow getting angry and denying he has ghost envy when told he does
      5) Someone grabbing Danny, Sam, & Tucker
      6) Someone saying how Jack & Maddie want to rip a ghost apart molecule by molecule
      7) Freak Show wanting to make things "more dramatic"

    • When each of the kids teleported a gem, Danny sent the Gem of Life (red) to the Space Camp in Florida, Sam sent the Gem of Form (yellow) to the Gothapalooza in Nevada, and Tucker sent the Gem of Fantasy (blue) to the Comic Book Convention in San Diego, California. These are the locations where the trio were describing and planning to go to in the beginning of the episode.

    • Look Hard: When Danny erased the memories of Freakshow and the Guys in White, Freakshow doesn't have the same blank expression as the Guys in White did, meaning his memory wasn't erased.

    • Jazz and Freakshow both reveal that they would sometimes want to be a ghost too.

    • This is the first time Danny catches a ghost with the Fenton Thermos since "The Fenton Menace." This is also the first time Freakshow was captured with the Fenton Thermos.

    • The Powers of the Reality Gems:
      Red: The Gem of Life
      Yellow: The Gem of Form
      Blue: The Gem of Fantasy

    • In the first Freakshow Episode, "Control Freaks," Freakshow had no ghostly glow around him, like all ghosts have. In this episode, he has a ghostly glow.

    • Title Screen Caption: "Are we there yet?"

    • Freakshow is the main villain in "Reality Trip", the last episode airing in Season 2. Freakshow was also the villain in the last episode that aired in Season 1, "Control Freaks," which was his first and only appearance until now.

    • This is the first Nickelodeon TV Movie event for Summer 2006.

    • This is the third appearance of the Guys in White, with their first being in "The Million Dollar Ghost," and their second being in "Double Cross My Heart."

    • We learn that the tattooed lady ghost is named Lydia.

    • We learn that Danny gets out of school at 3:30 pm.

    • The nickname given to this episode to promote it on Nickelodeon was "School's Out-Ghouls Out".

    • Main Villain(s): Freakshow

    • This is the third time where a villain captures adults; the first two were Walker in "Public Enemies," and Ember and Youngblood in "Pirate Radio."

    • This is the third TV Movie. the first two being, "Reign Storm," and "The Ultimate Enemy."

    • This episode takes place from the last day of the school year into the first few days of the summer.

    • The title of this episode was originally "School Spirit".

    • This TV movie counts as two regular episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Danny:Now to finish of the rest of the Legion of Super-Dweebs! This is a reference to The Legion of Superheroes.

    • Danny: From now on, it's: no more pencils, no more books, and no going ghost so my parents can't tear me apart molecule by molecule.
      This is reference to the famous summer vacation chant "No more school, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks."

    • Mr. Manson: We were watching "Extreme Nanny Makeover" when we found out your son was a ghost!

      This is probably a parody to Extreme Makeover.

    • Freakshow & Lydia: The Joker & Harley Quinn
      These two have a partner ship similar to that of The Joker and his female partner, Harley Quinn, from Batman. Both Lydia and Harley dress in a similar manner to their male employers and are questionably loyal to them.

    • Auto Jack: Appearance
      This is a reference to the auto pilot in the movie Airplane, when an inflatable pilot flew the plane.

    • Dash: Hey! Fen-Tony, Orlando, and Dawn!
      This is a reference to the popular (though notoriously cheesy) '70s band Tony Orlando and Dawn. This possibly refers to Tucker's horrible singing ability and/or Sam's voice-over Grey Delisle's professional singing career.

    • Danny: Stuck to large Spider web
      In Spider-Man, he often webs his enemies to walls like that.

    • Tucker: (About the geek girl who has turned into a supervillain) That may just be the hottest geek I've ever laid eyes on.
      (Geek turns into a wolf)
      Sam: Yeah? How 'bout now?
      Tucker: Yeah, still hot.
      This is a reference the nerd subculture known as "furries", where one is attracted to half animal, half human hybrids.

    • Guys in White: "He is not the ghost we're looking for."
      The is a reference to the classic line in Star Wars: A New Hope, where Obi-Wan did a mind trick on stormtroopers.

    • Reality Gauntlet: Power
      The Reality Gauntlet is modeled after Marvel Comics' Infinity Gauntlet, a glove with six power gems that, when all the gems were activated, gave the wearer complete omnipotence and control over the whole universe.

    • Fenton Op-Center Jet: Appearance
      The Op-Center jet looks a lot like the Black Bird, the jet from the X-Men comics.

    • Freakshow: Let there be life!
      This is an allusion of God's famous Biblical qoute: "Let there be light."

    • San Diego Comic Expo: Title and Appearance

      This is a play off the San Diego Comic Con.

    • Guys in White: Technology
      One of the Guys in White mentioned White Fang techology an allusion to Blue Tooth technology.

    • Comic Book Convention: Clothing
      You can see several kids dressed up like Dr. Spock and Captain Kirk from the original Star Trek TV series.

    • Title Screen Caption: Are We There Yet?
      "Are We There Yet?" is a 2005 movie starring Ice Cube, and is also something people ask on a long trip.

    • Comic Book Convention: Clothing
      When Danny, Sam, and Tucker are in line for the train to the Comic Book Convention, you can see a kids dressed like Harry Potter in the line.

    • Freakshow: (Becomes full ghost)
      When Freakshow is tricked by Danny into making himself a full ghost because he thinks it means becoming all-powerful, and Danny sucks him into the Fenton Thermos, it is very similar to the climax of Disney's Aladdin. In the climax of that film, Jafar wishes to become an all-powerful genie. Aladdin tricks him to do this because he knows that Jafar will be sucked into the magic lamp.

    • Character: Lydia
      The tattooed ghost's name is revealed to be Lydia. This is a reference to the song "Lydia the Tattooed Lady", made famous by Groucho Marx.

    • The 3 "Reality Gems": Appearance and Powers
      The Gems are very similar in power to the 3 Secret Jewels in the PlayStation game Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven