Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 4

Reign Storm

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 29, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

When Vlad Plasmius accidentally awakens the most powerful ghost of them all -- Pariah Dark, the King of all Ghosts -- Danny quickly finds himself the pawn in an action-packed, suspenseful game of chess. The only way to defeat the Ghost King seems to be a brand new Ecto-Skeleton battle suit that Jack and Maddie have constructed, but there's one big problem: wearing the suit can be fatal and only Danny can use it to defeat the Ghost King. With time running out, and the entire town of Amity Park sucked into the Ghost Zone, Danny Phantom must battle the all-powerful Ghost King to save his family, his friends, and even his enemies.moreless

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Michael Dorn

Michael Dorn

Fright Knight

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Peter MacNicol

Peter MacNicol


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Phil Morris

Phil Morris


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David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Samantha "Sam" Manson

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S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

Dash Baxter/Klemper/Box Store Owner

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (25)

    • Vlad unlocks the sarcophagus to retrieve the Crown of Fire, which is on Pariah Dark's head. But in the flashback of him being put there in the first place, he isn't wearing the crown.

    • When the ghosts attack Danny after leaving the Fenton Ghost Portal, the ghost dog (he's behind Desiree) from Shades of Gray is seen as one of them. This doesn't make sense, because the ghost dog is not one of Danny's ghost enemies.

    • Before Danny shoved Pariah back into his sarcophagus, he removed the crown of fire, but what happened to the ring of rage?

    • After Pariah Dark was defeated, his skeleton soldiers got vaporized, with some leaving behind their helmets, however a truck is seen sweeping away bones from the skeleton soldiers.

    • When Danny goes ghost on the roof in the battle suit, his logo is backwards.

    • When Vlad wipes the tea off his face, he takes his handkerchief out of his pocket, so the pocket's empty. In the next scene, the handkerchief is back in the pocket.

    • In "Splitting Images," Pointdexter said he was trapped in the ghost high school. How could he escape with the other ghosts?

    • When Danny and Valerie are standing in the Fenton lab (after everyone gets karate chopped), Valerie is glowing like a ghost, but after her dad comes in and they return to Valerie and Danny, she's not glowing anymore.

    • How can Technus be in this episode? He was trapped in level 0 in the Doomed program, so he should not have made an appearance in this episode.

    • When the town was plunged into the Ghost Zone, Damon sent a ghost probe into the Ghost Zone, but it was never seen for the rest of the movie. It's possible it'll return in a later episode.

    • This episode marks the second time in which Sam's Mom has her jewelry change from purple to white. It is tupically white, which can be proved in 'Control Freaks'-- in which this goof first appeared.

    • When Valerie tries to use her wrist rocket launcher, her glove came off, but when she launches the Ring of Rage on a rocket, her glove is back on. Then, when Vlad looks at Valerie's hand after she flies he and Danny to Danny's room, the glove is suddenly off again.

    • The skull design on the ring that Vlad gives Valerie is rotated throughout the episode.

    • The ring that Vlad gives Valerie is at first on her left hand, and on the football field, it's on her right, and in Danny's room, Vlad sees that the ring is gone, but looks at her left hand, even though it was last seen on her right.

    • In the previous episode, "Pirate Radio," when Danny tried to go ghost in the ghost shield, it shocked him, thus preventing him from doing so. Yet when he goes ghost in the shield in this episode, he does so with no problem.

    • When the Fright Knight says, "The Fright Knight lives!" after being freed from the pumpkin, Pariah Dark says, "To serve me," and his horns momentarily disappear.

    • The ring Vlad gives Valerie disappears several times throughout the episode.

    • When Danny falls after Dash threw a football at him, the football is lying on his stomach. In the next shot when Danny turns over, the football is nowhere in sight.

    • When Maddie is karate chopped by Jazz at the scene where everyone is fighting over who should use the Ecto-Skeleton, she is not wearing the hood of her hazmat suit. However, when we see her lying on the ground, she is wearing it.

    • In the last battle with Pariah Dark, Pariah would change size. He'd go from four times bigger than the Ecto-Skeleton to twice the size, then just a few feet bigger than the suit.

    • When in the Ecto-Skeleton, Danny's emblem would disappear from his chest and the white collar around his neck would go down to his shoulders.

    • At the first glance of the Soul Shredder, when it's in the pumpkin, it is missing the sad face on the sword handle.

    • Right after the first commercial, and after we see the title screen, when we get an overview shot of Casper High, the flag is missing.

    • In the beginning, when Vlad was knocked out of the Ghost Zone by Pariah Dark, while in ghost mode, he had the Ring of Rage on his finger. After he turned back into human mode and fell out of the Fenton Portal, the Ring of Rage was suddenly in his hand.

    • In the beginning of the episode, Vlad opened the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep to find Pariah Dark in it, wearing the Crown of Fire. However, in Skulker's story, it showed the group of ancient ghosts removing Pariah Dark's Crown before trapping him in the Sarcophagus.

  • QUOTES (53)

    • Pointdexter: (After seeing Pariah's skeleton army attacking the people) Those poor humans. They're being over run by ghost bullies.
      Ember: Oh who cares about them. That is the ghost king's crew. He's on his way here.
      Skulker: Which means we have to camouflage ourselves. Can you hear that? That's confusion and panic, which means it's the perfect time to find our hiding place.

    • Fright Knight: (Trying to slash through the Ghost Shield with his Soul Shredder) This... is... not... over!
      Pariah Dark: Actually, my loyal servant, it is! (Puts on the Ring of Rage, and, with the Crown of Fire, is mega charged with power; the Fright Knight bows down to him) Come. We have plans to make. (Stomps off while the Fright Knight follows) For soon this... human world... will also be mine!

    • Damon: You've been battling ghosts... all this time? Are you okay?
      Valerie: I'm... (Struggles to move, but quickly gives up) uh! I'm fine!
      Damon: (Sets Valerie down) Then, you are in so much trouble!!

    • (Jack is working on the Ecto-Skeleton while Vlad watches)
      Vlad: Any idea when this suit might be finished?
      Jack: Don't push me, V-man. I'm working on it!
      (The sound of the Fright Knight's horse comes from the Ghost Portal)
      Vlad: Can we pick it up a little bit?
      (Maddie comes from upstairs)
      Maddie: What was that noise?
      Jack: Could be me, I had huevos rancheros for breakfast.

    • Ember: (After taking over a guitar store) Hey, kiddies, this is a little ditty I'd like to call, "Get out of my new home!" (Plays a destructive note on her guitar and everyone runs out screaming)
      Boy: She rocks!

    • (Jack is becoming weaker as the Fenton Pants drain his life energy)
      Maddie: Vlad, help me get these pants off Jack!
      Vlad: (Walking away) Nope. Sorry, that's all you.

    • (On TV)
      Tiffany Snow: Well, the worst ghost crisis in the history of Amity Park is over. Clean up continues and a sense of normalcy has returned. And while we may never know exactly what happened -- (Scene changes to the box store where The Box Ghost was living in)
      Box Store Owner: Where's my bubble wrap?!
      (Scene changes back to Tiffany Snow's report)
      Tiffany Snow: One thing's for sure, Inviso-Bill... or should I say, Danny Phantom, has gone from villain to hero through the eyes of many in our town.
      (Valerie blasts the TV with an ecto-gun)
      Valerie: That depends on who you're asking.
      Damon: Valerie! Was that the ecto-gun?!
      (Valerie hides the ecto-gun)
      Valerie: No!

    • Pariah Dark: (About Danny & Vlad, after they go back to human mode from ghost mode) They're ghosts and humans! Is there no end to this day's surprises?
      Valerie: Hey, stone face, surprise! (Shoots ecto-goo into Pariah's face)

    • (Skulker is about to punch Danny)
      Poindexter: No ixney on the aitbay, Skulker. Maybe he can help us.
      Danny: Please, just tell me what's going on! Let me help you guys!
      (Skulker lowers Danny to the ground; pause, then Danny punches Skulker)
      Sam: How is that helping?
      Danny: (Massaging his wrist) It's payback. It helps me on the inside.

    • Danny: (To ghosts, after hearing Skulker's monologue) I'm gonna need all of you to help me put the Ghost King to sleep. I'll need you to battle against all odds, face untold danger, doom, and destruction with no guarantee of ever coming back! Who's with me?!
      (Pause, then the ghosts all laugh and walk away)
      Tucker: You should probably take that as a "No."

    • Vlad: Surely you and I can work out some sort of deal?
      Fright Knight: A deal?
      (Pariah Dark attacks Vlad)
      Vlad: Call me, we'll talk.

    • (Fright Knight knocks door off Fenton Portal and flies out; Vlad steps aside; door hits Jack)
      Jack: Aaah!
      Vlad: (Calmly, with smile) Jack, look out. The door.

    • Danny: (To Vlad, after he blasts a skeleton away) You're helping me? What do you want, my mom's cell number?
      Vlad: No! But, ooh, if you wanted to give me her number...

    • Danny: (After seeing Valerie hiding under table next to him) Find your own hiding spot. I've got dibs on under the nerds playing nerd poker.
      Valerie: Ease up, Fenton. You're not the only one who needs to hide, you know.
      Nathan: (Holding picture of Valerie) Valerie, where are you?! There's only three years until senior prom! Why won't you say yes?!
      Danny: Three years? We could be here a while.
      Valerie: Want to check over our book reports?

    • (Danny shoots the light out with a plasma blast, causing darkness)
      Vlad: Oh, sugar cookie!
      (Danny hits Vlad with another plasma blast through the dark)

    • Vlad: (In front of everybody; speaking about the Ecto-Skeleton) I was just, you know, passing through, and then I thought, "Since I can't just destroy Jack and take it, I'll just steal its secrets right out from under his nose!"
      (Silence, then Jack and Vlad burst into laughter)
      Vlad: Oh, I swear, I am such a josher. More tea, please. (Maddie pours tea on his head on purpose) Not there!

    • Danny: (About Jack & Maddie) It kills you, doesn't it? How much they love each other.
      Vlad: I have other things to worry about, and so should you.
      (Vlad sticks out his foot and trips Jack as he's walking)
      Vlad: And yet, I will always have time for that.

    • Sam: (About Danny pulling a prank on Dash) Nice. Using your powers to stuff toilet paper into a locker. He's going to find out it's you.
      Danny: Have you seen his grades?
      Danny & Tucker: Never gonna happen.
      Dash: Hey! This is Fenton Wipe!
      Sam: "Never" is karma's doorbell. Ding dong! It's for you.
      (Danny runs away after Dash starts chasing him)

    • Sam: (After all the parents show up in SUVs) Doesn't anyone in this town drive a compact car?!

    • Dash: Hey, Fenton. No teachers around to protect you. No nerds around to hide you.
      Tucker Hey! I resent that! I'm plenty nerd!
      (Dash knocks Tucker back with tray)
      Danny: Dash, take a hike will you? I'm way too tired to put up with you. Besides, shouldn't you be failing a test, kicking a puppy, or beating up somebody weaker than you now?
      Dash: Come to think of it, yeah!

    • Sam: (To Danny, after he is beaten up by ghosts) Are you okay?
      (Danny stares at her)
      Sam: Sorry. Standard question. (Helps him up) What was that about?
      Danny: I don't know, but I think Vlad Plasmius just became the least of my worries.

    • Tucker: Dude, you okay? (Short pause) Sorry. Standard question. Late night?
      Danny: Of course it was a late night. Every ghost I know -- and about a million I don't -- are loose!
      (Ecto-puss flies through floor, grabs Danny's lunch tray, and flies away laughing)

    • Valerie: Hey, Danny.
      Danny: Hey, Val.
      Tucker: "Hey, Val"? Isn't that the same Val that's usually on a jet sled trying to pace Danny?
      Sam: Yep. And apparently next week, we're having cookies with Skulker!

    • Danny: I couldn't get any sleep because my archenemy was in the guest room next to me.
      Sam: My parents sleep in the bedroom next to me. It's not the same, but I can't sleep either.

    • Danny: (After seeing ring on Valerie's finger) Oh, man. That's gotta be the ring the Fright Knight's looking for. Vlad must have given it to her.
      Tucker: Isn't he a little old for her?

    • (Danny is removing the Fright Knight's sword from the ground)
      Vlad: Daniel, no! The sword is a signal!
      Danny: A signal? (Removes sword) A signal of what?
      (Amity Park falls into the Ghost Zone; Pariah Dark and the Fright Knight appear)
      Pariah Dark: Of surrender!

    • Valerie: (To Tucker & Sam) You know how I said I didn't really like Fenton? I kinda like him now.
      Sam: (Angrily) Yeah, well, I...(Sees Tucker staring at her and calms down) I mean, we like him, too. (Threateningly) And we're watching you.
      Valerie: (Smiling) I accept your challenge!
      Sam: Then you leave us no choice.
      Sam & Tucker: NATHAN!
      Valerie: Aaah! (Runs away)
      Nathan: Valerie! Come back! Why won't you say yes?!

    • Maddie: And while the Ecto-Skeleton can enhance your natural ability one-hundred-fold, using it could be fatal.
      Jack: Which is exactly why I'll be using it. Because if the suit's killing anybody, it's going to be me.
      (Jack is karate chopped by Maddie)
      Maddie: You're already weak from the first time you used the suit. I'll be going in.
      (Maddie is karate chopped by Jazz)
      Jazz: Forget it, Mom. Danny needs both of you. I'm doing this.
      (Jazz is karate chopped by Sam's father)
      Jeremy: I'll do it! (Sam's father is karate chopped by Sam's mother) Ow!
      Pamela: I'll do it! (Sam's mother is karate chopped by a woman) Ow!
      Woman: I'll do it! (Woman is karate chopped by someone) Ow!
      (Everyone is knocked out on the floor)
      Danny: I thought I was gonna have to blast everybody with the ghost ray, but this is much more efficient.

    • Valerie: (About Danny) Where is he running off to all the time? Only guys I see running off like that have a job. Or a girlfriend.
      Sam: He doesn't have a girlfriend, Valerie!
      Valerie: (Slyly) Mmm-hmm. Right.
      Sam: What are you talking about?
      Valerie: You like him.
      Sam: Uh, hello? He's my best friend!
      Valerie: I'm sure he is. But if you like him -- I mean, like him, like him -- make a move. Because if you don't, somebody will.

    • Pariah Dark: A little ragged 'round the edges, eh child?
      Danny: What do you say we ditch the snappy banter and get right to the part where I kick your butt?
      Pariah Dark: Very well! I accept your terms!

    • Sam: (Drinking tea) I'm getting worried. We haven't seen Danny or Valerie for hours.
      Jack: (Comes downstairs after checking on Danny and Valerie) Ah, they're fine. They've been up in Danny's room. Alone. For hours.
      (Sam drops the teacup, and it shatters)

    • (The Fright Knight grabs Maddie)
      Jack & Vlad: Hey! Let go of the woman I love! (Pause)
      Vlad: ... Like a dear friend.

    • (Skulker has just taken over a hunting goods store; Poindexter floats up from the floor)
      Poindexter: This is not on the square, Skulker. We're pushing these people from their homes. We're no better than the Ghost King.
      Skulker: Nobody lives here. It's a store! (Shoots Poindexter up against the wall by his shirt)
      Poindexter: This seems oddly familiar...

    • (A panicking man and his wife run into a box store)
      Man: We need boxes! And lots of them!
      The Box Ghost: (Floats down from the ceiling) Never!

    • (Danny is about to face the Ghost King with the potentially fatal battle suit)
      Danny: If there's anything you wanted to say to me, now might be an excellent time to do it.
      Sam: I... I...
      (Storm clouds gather, and Pariah Dark's face appears)

    • Pariah Dark: Surrender, child. You can't possibly win.
      Danny: I don't have to win. I just have to make sure that you lose!

    • Skulker: Now, go, defeat him, so I will be free to hunt you another day.
      Danny: (To Ember) Guy really knows how to motivate ya...

    • The Box Ghost: Beware! For my place of employment has given me a new weapon. The bubble wrap... of death!
      (Klemper breathes ice at some of the skeleton ghosts in Pariah Dark's army, The Box Ghost wraps them in bubble wrap, and Klemper rolls them down)
      Klemper: Now will you be my friend?
      The Box Ghost: Never!

    • Sam: (About Valerie) So, what's up with this? Why are you helping her all of a sudden?
      Danny: Oh, she hid me from Dash earlier today. I'm just returning the favor.
      Sam: Well, be careful. The last thing you'd want to do is invite your arch enemy into your own house.
      (They open the door, Danny gasps as he sees Vlad there)
      Vlad: Ah, hello, Daniel!
      Sam: Too late.

    • Valerie: (About her equipment) It's like you designed it just for me. Why would you do that? I'm, like, 14.
      Vlad: You're also the most capable ghost hunter I've ever seen. You're smart, you're fast, you're strong, and most of all, you're motivated.
      Valerie: (Smiling) Really?
      Vlad: Of course. Why else would I say such a thing? I'd have to be some sort of, oh, diabolical villain, to manipulate you like that.
      (Pause, then they both laugh)
      Vlad: (Laughing) I kill me! (Angry) Or, Jack!

    • Danny: How did they cram all of you into the Specter Speeder?
      Ember: Hey, you ever been inside your stupid thermos? Compared to that, it was the Taj Mahal in there!

    • Paulina: Go get him, Inviso-Bill!
      Danny: It's not Inviso-Bill! It's Phantom! Danny Phantom!

    • Pariah Dark: (After he is awakened) Who dares?
      Vlad: Oh, hello. Plasmius, Vlad Plasmius. Uh, did I mention I'm a huge fan of your work?
      (Pariah Dark blasts him out of his castle)

    • Tucker: Dude, you can't blame yourself for this. It's not your fault.
      Danny: Maybe not, but it is my responsibility.

    • Vlad: Sneak attack? Very good, Daniel. You're getting more like me with every battle.
      Danny: I am nothing like you!
      Vlad: Oh, you're not? Using your powers to get back at people you don't like? Throwing the first punch? You're more like me than you know.

    • Vlad: (Danny has just figured out what Vlad's up to with the Ring of Rage) That's pretty good. It's almost as though I barely consider you a threat.

    • Fright Knight:
      The Sword is Sunk,
      Your Die now Cast,
      The Sword Removed shall Signal Fast,
      Make Reappear the Ring Thou Hast
      Or Your Next Day shall be Your Last!
      (Fright Knight turns into bats, and they fly away over Danny and Vlad)
      Danny: "The Ring Thou Hast"?
      (Vlad shrugs innocently)

    • Fright Knight: Fools! All I wanted to do was to seize the ring and return to Pariah's Keep. But now you give me no choice. By the authority vested in me by my lord and liege, I claim this town, now and forever, under the banner of Lord Pariah, the King of all Ghosts!

    • Jazz: Danny... please be careful.

    • Fright Knight: (Before an assembly of commanders) Your armies are amassed? (The commanders salute) Then, on my orders...
      Pariah Dark: On my orders! Go to that world. Bring the ring to me. And to those who stand in your way... show no mercy.

    • Vlad: (Thrown out of the Ghost Zone, beaten) Jack... my fat old friend... help me... (Passes out)

    • Fright Knight: (Freed from his rest) The Fright Knight lives!
      Pariah Dark: To serve me.
      Fright Knight: (Bows on the ground) Lord Pariah! (Lighter tone) You're up!

    • Danny: I don't understand...
      Vlad: What? That I used two fourteen year old pawns to turn a knight and topple a king? It's chess, Daniel. Of course you don't understand. But then, you never really did.

  • NOTES (76)

    • Danny's misuse of his powers in this episode foreshadows the events of the next TV Movie, The Ultimate Enemy, in which Danny almost grew up to be the most evil ghost in the world.

    • Starting after this episode, Martin Mull, the voice of Vlad, is no longer credited as a special guest.

    • Originally, this movie, along with "The Ultimate Enemy" and "Reality Trip", were each two-part episodes, but were changed into TV movies.

    • This is the first episode where the main villain, which is Pariah Dark, was never in an episode until the movie he starred in as the main villain.

    • The name of this episode is a play-on to "rain storm" with Pariah Dark "reigning" the earth.

    • This is the first we've seen or heard of Poindexter since "Splitting Images," which was his first and only appearance until now.

    • The word "pariah" means an outcast, or one despised by society. This makes sense to have a villain with this name, as he was both an out casted villain and despised by the people he rules, and the people he's taken over now.

    • Look Hard: When Danny is getting beaten up by Desiree in the beginning, you see the ghost dog from "Shades of Gray."

    • Apparently, Danny had previously sent Ember and Skulker back to the Ghost Zone, and finished a book report for Mr. Lancer.

    • Apparently, Valerie's suit doesn't give her much protection since she was badly beaten when her suit shut off.

    • Apparently, the Fright Knight can telekinetically pull the Soul Shredder out of someone's hands.

    • It is revealed that when Valerie is hurt badly enough, her suit will automatically shut off.

    • Ember is back in her original outfit and not her pirate outfit from the previous episode, "Pirate Radio."

    • First aired in Canada on YTV on March 13th, 2006.

    • King Pariah & The Fright Knight-- The relationship between the two is similar to that of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader in the "Star Wars" movie, "Return of the Jedi". While it seems that Vader is totally loyal, in the end he betrays his master. It's the same with the Fright Knight, as he teams up with Plasmius at the end.

    • References to "Shades of Gray," "Maternal Instinct," "Splitting Images," "Fright Night," "Life Lessons," and "The Million Dollar Ghost" were made in this TV movie.

    • Apparently, Valerie's father, Damon, knows a lot about ghost-related technology.

    • Vlad makes fun of Danny's anger-induced green eyes again. He did this before in "Maternal Instinct."

    • Maddie confirms that Jazz is single, although in "Maternal Instinct," it seemed as if she was involved with a boy.

    • Jack calls Vlad "V-Man" and "Vladdy" in this TV movie, which are the nicknames that he called him by in "Bitter Reunions."

    • It is confirmed that all of Vlad's interjections have to do with food. In "The Million Dollar Ghost," Vlad exclaimed "fudge buckets" (when his ghost portal exploded) and "butter biscuits" (after he was swallowed by the Behemoth) . In this TV movie, he exclaimed "sugar cookies" (after Danny shoots an ecto-blast at the lamp post).

    • Skulker, Ember, The Box Ghost, Klemper, the Lunch Lady Ghost, and Poindexter are the only non-villain ghosts that appear in this episode that have dialogue.

    • The Ecto-Exitus Alarm is the fifth Fenton invention that has Jack's face on it (not counting Danny's ghost suit or the "Go Fentons" banner). The first invention was the Jack-A-Nine-Tail in "Maternal Instinct," the second was the emergency op-center blimp in "Pirate Radio," the third was the ghost shield generator, also from "Pirate Radio," and the fourth was the "Fenton Wipe" toilet paper in this TV movie.

    • We learn that Valerie's Ectogrenade Launcher also has an ectoplasmic goo mod, as well as a dual laser mod, a rocket mod, and an ectoplasmic energy mod.

    • Valerie's weapons that were featured for the first time in this TV movie include:
      1) Wrist rocket launchers.
      2) Twin backpack ectoplasmic energy launchers.

    • In this TV movie, Valerie uses the ghost bombs that were seen hanging on her wall of ghost weaponry in "Life Lessons."

    • Nicknames(s) Dash Gives Danny: Fentony.

    • Look Hard: While Jack and Vlad are playing chess at the Fenton household, you can see two black chess pieces: a knight and a king. Also, there are two white chess pieces: two pawns. This symbolizes Vlad's plan to "Use two fourteen year old pawns to turn a knight and topple a king."

    • In "Bitter Reunions," Vlad says that it took him "years of practice" to replicate himself, a trick that Danny masters in this episode, only a few months after his own accident. However, the ecto-skeleton may have helped.

    • Major Human Debut(s): Nathan.

    • Mr. Lancer is absent in this episode.

    • Danny does not catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode.

    • Up to date, Vlad's powers include:
      1) Flight.
      2) Invisibility.
      3) Intangibility.
      4) Overshadowing.
      5) Ectoplasmic energy blasts.
      6) Ectoplasmic force-field projection.
      7) Ectoplasm solidification into a glass-like substance.
      8) Go ghost stinger.
      9) Duplicating.
      10) Teleportation.
      11) Ectoplasmic energy absorption and projection.

    • This one-hour TV movie counted as two regular episodes.

    • Opener: Vlad goes to Pariah's Keep -- which is currently the Fright Knight's Lair, with the Skeleton Key. He uses it to obtain the Ring of Rage, thinking he will become all-powerful. However, nothing happens when Vlad wears the Ring of Rage, and he remembers he must also wear the Crown of Fire to become powerful. He uses the Skeleton Key to unlock the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep to get the Crown of Fire, but to his surprise, he accidentally awakens Pariah Dark -- the King of all Ghosts. Pariah Dark blasts Vlad out of his castle, but Vlad still has the Ring of Rage. The Ghost King awakens the Fright Knight from his sleep and makes him serve him. Vlad tries to escape, but Pariah Dark catches up to him. The Ghost King grabs Vlad, but notices that he is a duplicate. The real Vlad is still in Pariah's Keep, trying to make a deal with the Fright Knight. Pariah goes back to his lair and Vlad quickly tries to make a run for it. Pariah Dark fires a blast while Vlad is trying to escape. Vlad is injured, and turns back into human mode. He lands in the Fenton lab, where Jack and Maddie have just completed the Fenton Pants (besides fixing a few bugs) -- part of the new Ecto-Skeleton battle suit that they're making. In desperation, Vlad asks Jack to help him.

    • Sam reveals that Valerie used to be mean to her and Tucker, although in the history of the series, there has not been a time in which Valerie was directly mean to Sam.

    • This episode features the third color that Vlad can shoot ectoplasmic energy beams in: purple. In "Bitter Reunions," it was shown that Vlad can shoot a red ectoplasmic energy beam, in "Maternal Instinct," it was revealed that Vlad can shoot a blue ectoplasmic energy beam. In this episode, Vlad can shoot a purple beam. Vlad has also created defensive walls of green ectoplasmic energy in "Bitter Reunions," so he has now demonstrated the use of every color of ectoplasmic energy shown thus far on the series.

    • Valerie tells Sam that she thinks that Sam likes Danny as more than just a friend, after she indirectly told her in "Shades of Gray," that she always thought that those two would end up together.

    • Up to this point, Danny can make himself invisible, intangible, overshadow people's bodies perfectly (he can match the person's eye color and voice), turn his eyes green, and shoot ectoplasmic energy beams, all without going ghost.

    • Apparently, Sidney Poindexter found a way to escape out of his Spirit World, since he appears in the real world in this TV movie. Either that, or the Spirit World is indeed part of the Ghost Zone.

    • In this episode, Tucker considers himself a nerd, although in "Splitting Images," he seemed insulted when Poindexter called him a nerd.

    • The backpack in which Valerie stores her ghost hunting equipment is exactly the same as Danny's.

    • A nerd named Nathan has a crush on Valerie but she does not like him back.

    • It is revealed that the flying disc Valerie rides on is called a "jet sled."

    • Look Hard: In the scene where Danny is running away from Dash and goes to the cafeteria, there is a banner that says "Ultra-Recyclo-Vegetarian Week." The banner was first shown in "Mystery Meat."

    • Sam was under pressure to admit whether or not she likes Danny as more than a friend. When Danny prepares to face the Ghost King in the potentially fatal Ecto-Skeleton, she begins to say something that sounds like a confession, but is interrupted by the Ghost King.

    • Valerie reveals that she now "likes" Danny Fenton, although she hates Danny Phantom.

    • Apparently, Danny did not fully learn his lesson in "Splitting Images," since he was still using his ghost powers to "bully" Dash.

    • When the ghosts are claiming their new "homes" in Amity Park, the Lunch Lady Ghost takes over the Nasty Burger, The Box Ghost takes over a box store called Boxes U-Ship, Ember takes over a guitar store called Guitar Palace, and Skulker takes over a hunting store called Hunting Goods.

    • This marks the second time that Danny made a truce with his ghost enemies, knowing that they will turn on him afterwards. The first time was in "Prisoners of Love."

    • The truce between Valerie and Danny Phantom that they made in "Life Lessons" breaks in this episode, seeing as how Valerie is more determined to destroy Danny Phantom more than ever now.

    • 64% of Amity Park citizens now believe that Danny Phantom is a hero, while 36% still think he's an enemy.

    • Vlad was mainly a villain in this episode, but at some times, he was an ally to Danny.

    • Sam and Tucker finally encounter Vlad, but they don't speak to him.

    • At the end of this episode, Vlad walks away with Maddie's grudge against him from "Maternal Instinct" gone. He has also obtained the Crown of Fire, the Ecto-Skeleton battle suit, and the services of the Fright Knight. Also, the Skeleton Key is still in his possession.

    • Amity Park now officially knows "Inviso-Bill" as "Danny Phantom."

    • This is the second episode that Danny doesn't appear in before the opening theme song. The first being "The Million Dollar Ghost."

    • Vlad calls Danny a "little badger," which is exactly what he called him in "Bitter Reunions."

    • Vlad tells Valerie that he gave her the weapons. However, Valerie doesn't know that Vlad is part-ghost.

    • The Specter Speeder from "Prisoners of Love" (later seen in "Fanning the Flames") returns.

    • This episode's title screen caption, "The King Of All Shows!," is very similar to "Maternal Instinct"'s title screen caption, "The Mother Of All Shows!"

    • Apparently, Ember got a new guitar, since she has it in this episode, yet it was destroyed in the previous episode, "Pirate Radio."

    • Pariah Dark awakens the Fright Knight from the pumpkin he was trapped in (in "Fright Knight"), by removing the Soul Shredder from it. We learn that the Fright Knight was the Ghost King's servant.

    • It is revealed that Vlad obtained the Skeleton Key in "The Million Dollar Ghost" to receive the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire to become all-powerful. However, his plan backfires and he awakens Pariah Dark.

    • All of Danny's main enemies return, except for Youngblood, Kitty, and Freakshow.

    • Jazz once again hints that she knows Danny's a ghost.

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Fenton Pants, Ecto-Skeleton, Ecto-Exitus Alarm.

    • The Fenton Ghost Shield has the capability of expanding its radius to a size of about 3/4 of an entire city's limits. Due to this, it can also be used as a weapon as it would destroy all ghosts in its path as the shield expands.

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Duplicating.

    • When Danny transformed into ghost mode while he was inside the battle suit, the suit transformed with him.

    • Title Screen Caption: "The King Of All Shows!"

    • Major Ghost Debut(s): Pariah Dark - The King of all Ghosts. Only he could control the energies contained inside the Ring of Rage and Crown of Fire, and when he wore both, he was all-powerful and he could do anything. In a last effort to remove Pariah Dark from his throne, a group of powerful ancient ghosts banded together to defeat him. They removed the Ring of Rage from his finger and the Crown of Fire from his head. They then trapped him in the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep and locked it with the Skeleton Key. He was reawakened when Vlad Plasmius went into Pariah's Keep -- which currently is the Fright Knight's Lair, in hope of getting the Ring of Rage and the Crown of Fire and becoming all-powerful. However, when Vlad opened the Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep with the Skeleton Key, his plans backfired and he accidentally awoke the powerful Ghost King, who now wanted to once again rule the Ghost Zone with an iron fist.

    • Main Villain(s): Pariah Dark, Fright Knight, Vlad.

    • Damon, Valerie's dad, now knows that his daughter is a ghost hunter.

    • Running Gags:
      1) People tripping other people.
      2) Vlad yelling out his motives, and then claiming that they're jokes.
      3) Vlad tries to get the Fright Knight to join forces with him, but gets interrupted every time.
      4) Somebody asking, "Are you okay?," followed by, "Sorry. Standard question."
      5) Someone destroys the TV screen with an ecto-blast.
      6) Villains saying they will always have time for hurting their enemy.
      7) Nathan screaming to Valerie, "Why won't you say yes?!"

    • Technus is in his Doomed video game mode in this episode.

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Danny:It is my responsibility.
      The sub-plot of Danny learning to be responsible with his powers is the main moral of the Marvel comic's Spider-man.

    • Pariah Dark: Physical Appearance

      Pariah Dark's look seems to have been partially inspired by the Norse God, Odin. Most depictions of Odin show him as a muscular old mad with large, shaggy hair and an eye patch.

    • Pariah Dark: Name
      Pariah means "banished" or "unwanted". Pariah was banished to the sarcophagus of forever sleep.

    • Episode Title: Reign Storm
      "Reign Storm" is a reference to a rain storm.

    • Pariah Dark: Appearance
      Pariah appears to be a combination between two comic book villains: Darkseid of DC Comics, and Galactus of Marvel Comics. Like Darkseid, he has a stone like face and is an evil king. Like Galactus, he is a giant with horn-like features and similar body structure.

    • Pariah Dark's Footprints: Appearance
      When Pariah Dark stomps away after getting the Ring of Rage, he leaves giant footprints with a red ectoplasmic-like glow inside of them, which is similar to The Hulk, who often leaves footprints with a gamma-like glow.

    • Pariah Dark: History
      Pariah Dark seems partially based on Dracula. Pariah was the king of ghosts, while Dracula was the king of vampires. Also, both were defeated by a group who put them in a sarcophagus/coffin in their castle.

    • Ember: Hey, you ever been inside your stupid thermos? Compared to that, it was the Taj Mahal in there!
      The Taj Mahal is a famous monument located in Agra, India. It measures 1000 ft. times 1000 ft. and is one of the seven wonders of the modern world. More Info

    • Pariah Dark: Character
      There is an album called The Day of Pariah by a now defunct Swedish metal band known as Dark Opera. Several of the songs have lyrics that are spookily applicable to Pariah Dark. The songs are: "The Day of Pariah," "Jonas Last Escape," "The Song of Sadness," "The Firs Infinite Words," and "Traveller in Time." Click on the following link to see the lyrics. More Info

    • Ecto-Skeleton: Appearance
      The Ecto-Skeleton seems to have been based partially on Doc Ock's mechanical arms from Spider-Man. Note the spine "interface."

    • Card Game: Nerd Poker
      The card game that the geeks were playing in the beginning is similar to the card games on such shows as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Duel Masters, which both are loosely based on Magic: the Gathering, which are all card battling games that, using the card's properties, either attack or protect another user's card's HP. More Info

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