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  • 10/10 means perfection, guys

    It's an enjoyable show, but I don't think it warrants the many 10/10s or 9/10s it had or a 1/10 simply because it doesn't appeal to you in the same way it did when you were younger. It's above average for me, but it falls little short when it comes to any plot or character development. That's not I came to the show for though, I came here for the bad puns, the fun times and Vlad Masters/Plasmius.

    What hampered my rating down was the many bad duds season 2 had (Masters of All Time, Urban Jungle, Phantom Planet, etc) I'm not holding out for season 3 because of how much the show was clearly stretching out its run near the end. Plus the fact that's been nearly a decade since it ended. I think the show could definitely do better, if it produced something like The Ultimate Enemy (which I think was Butch Hartman's best to this day) but I still largely enjoyed it.
  • This is one of Butch Hartman's best work

    When I first saw the show I hated it, but now I love it. I would love to fight ghosts that are only bad and evil. Sad to know the show got cancelled. That show would've been on Kids' WB instead of Nickelodeon a long time ago, for real.
  • My show

    I remember as a kid I used to watch this show with my little sister. And it's a way better show compared to the ones we have now.
  • danny phantom returns


    danny phantom is a good TV show. I would like to take out a fourth season please to follow that was what happened to sam, danny phamtom and familys , friends.

    my review is that the program I liked.
  • danny phantom is returning

    danny phantom is returning it has been hinted 3 times on twitter it was like this a fan asked when is danny phantom returning and he said this funny you should ask that 3 times on twitter and he also hinted other stuff that he might be returning just search it up everywhere on websites and images and videos it is obvious hes returning but as a movie first then the 4 season and episodes after
  • Amazing!

    Hi, I'm newbie here!!! I made this account because of Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom is amazing! I think they should make more episodes. My favorite thing is all in there. Romance, action, dreamy boy and everything to make this show perfecto! I have some questions to make.

    1 Are they're more fan GIRLS than fan BOYS or is it the opposite?

    2 And DP is back on Nick!!! Are they making new episodes or just playing them again?

    I am so interested in what will happen!

    3 Who like Danny Phantom here? I know I do!!!

    I also have a good idea for the DP show.

    Danny Phantom meets a woman (old or young) who has a memory that you can never forget. The woman had a lot of adventure and also pain, so she wants to forget the memory. So DP makes a deal that the woman (who is a ghost) would give all her powers but she would get DP's happy memory. But Danny gets sad and he never fights. So the city gets worse because of ghosts.

    But Sam has an idea that would solve the problem. I didn't think of it yet.

    Please with me luck!

    And please say I am creative cause I wanna be a cartoonist like Butch Hartman!!!

  • This has got to be the best Nicktoon, among the best super-hero shows ever, and one of my personal favorites. An awesome haunting. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

    I still keep watching this show, repeating certain lines, and even collecting great fanart from this amazing show. It is about a teenage boy Danny Fenton who gains ghost powers in an accident and fights menacing ghosts becoming Danny Phantom. He often uses his parents' 'failed' or forgotten inventions and gadgets. Danny Phantom deals with unique situations, well written plots, and characters are likeable and that is something that the audience can relate to. Even most of the villains/antagonists are cool and well written. It has so much depth in it. It has great humor with great action. The humor is more situational and sophisticate but is a little corny at times but never too dark. On top of that, the characters develop. Despite dealing with ghosts, fear, and even in a few cases death; it's really not that dark of a show. (Although some episodes and scenes are darker than others, but still worth Danny Phantom is overall a show about dealing with hero work and everyday issues and troubles plus major possible life altering problems.

    It is still way better than those disgusting, lousy, stupid, and repetitive shows that Nick replaced it with and continues to air to this day. As good as it is, not all episodes are the same in value. Some are better than others. It did started going downhill in season 3 when Butch Hartman the creator did some things that caused its quality to suffer. (Mainly he tried to make more like his earlier show Fairly Odd Parents which didn't use the same formula that made Danny Phantom a success. Hartman also forced off writer/fellow co-creator Steve Marmel who helped build up this show from the beginning and made the success it was recognized During that time, new management came in to power and cancelled it for other shows that paled in comparison. There was going to be so much for that this show could have done/covered.

    In shorter words all I really can do is recommend this show whether you like super-heroes, action, sci-fi, fantasy, animation, ghosts, comedy, or any combination of the mentioned. Just about anyone of any age can like this show for a variety of reasons. I'm so saving this special show for my own children. All I can say now is "GOING GHOST!!!!"
  • Memories

    This was one of the best shows that ever aired on Nickelodeon when it was still good. It was still humorous like many Nicktoons but as it was still a superhero show, it had dark moments in the show, especially with the special The Ultimate Enemy with Dark Danny.

    It also showed a lot of character development during the run, with Danny starting out as a shy kid and becomes a confident young man at the end of the series.

    FUCKING HATERS! HATTING ON POOR DANNY! DANNY WAS WAY COOLER THAN ALL THE OTHERS NICKTOONS COMBINED!!! DP IS BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Top Shows

    Few ep (05-10)
  • Fantastic

    You can see how much effort the people went into the show and for that you get one of the best if not the best cartoon shows in media history, I'm a teenager and I still enjoy it.

  • Butch Hartman does it again

    With Fairly Oddparents, Butch Hartman had struck oil. With Danny Phantom, he's done it again, making a great show with a plot that seems simple, but goes deeper as the show progresses. There's not a lot of ghost superheroes out there, so what we have here is an original concept that doesn't get milked the crap out of or rebooted every year(Power Rangers), but something that took as much time as it needed, and created a series that may have been short, but we will never forget it
  • Beautiful

    I can go on and on about how amazing it is. The idea of "a fourteen year old in an accident in his parents lab gets his DNA infused with ectoplasm" is original and creatove. Not to mention the fact that you can relate to the characters. Danny and Jazz's relationship is great; its not the usual cartoon sibling hate.

    There is only one thing that bother me, though. Why is it the cliche idea Danny x Sam? I really dont like the two together.

    Apart from that, thank you, Butch Hartman, for creating some of the best shows in history!
  • Best show of my childhood!

    I first watched Danny Phantom on TV when I was around 10. Now, after 7 years, I finally watched the last season, and in doing so I realized what a great cartoon it really is. It's not just another juvenile TV show. It incorporates real life situations, an intriguing plot, mature humor, down-to-earth and believable characters and incredible themes that make the show enjoyable for all ages. The constancy and believability of the plot really made this show rise above all the others as unique and memorable. Personally, I thought the ending was too abrupt; however, it was still fulfilling, and gave me a heavy dose of nostalgia, bringing me back to times when heavy lines divided tech geeks and goths :) Danny Phantom really is something else, and deserves to be recognized!
  • The best show that ever existed.

    I've been a big fan of DP ever since I was a little kid. It is one of - or even the best - Tv show series to ever be produced. Danny grew to be one of the most unique heroes on Tv. He was never concerned with being rich or famous, and always just wanted to help people - even from the first episode -. This will always be one of my favorite Tv shows. I just wish it wouldn't have ended so abruptly.

    Danny Fenton will always be one of my heroes.

  • Danny Phantom

    This show has always been a favorite of mine, ever since I was little. It wasn't just because of the quality animation, great characters, awesome plots, and the supernatural in it though, even if that was a big part. Danny is a great role model. Just think about what he's done. He has fought a ghost king, dealt with a fruitloop archenemy, had his own parents AND ex-girlfriend hunt him, has fought an evil future version of himself, AND much more but hardly ever complained! He's able to get through the toughest of situations like it was a breeze. It's very admirable.

    The show is great for kids, teens, and adults. It actually has a deeper meaning to it that adults and teens love. It has just the right amount of comedy, romance, and drama.

    I do admit, some parts if the show give off a 'creepy' vibe like Ultimate Enemy, but that doesn't mean it's a bad show.

    Throughout the whole thing, there was NEVER a racist comment. The only 'sexist' parts were with Aragon and that one line in Lucky in Love, where the boys were simply behaving like boys.

    Overall, Danny Phantom is a great show that deserves to be renewed.
  • Only 2 words to say!

    I have only 2 words to say: GOING GHOST!
  • Best Nickelodeon Show Ever

    I love this show. It's funny, witty, romantic, adventurous, dramatic, has cool action scenes, and actually has mortals. The characters are amazing, stunning animation and amazing plots. I wish they made more episodes and put it in Cartoon Network, instead of Nickelodeon. It's Butch Hartman's best work due to date. It's way better than FairlyOdd Parents and Puppy. Overall, it's the best show ever.
  • I love Danny Phantom

    I know that for fans, it's painful to see Phan-haters on here dissing the show we like/love, but it's their opinion and I will have to respect it, because there's nothing much we can do about it. I'm sure you all know what the show is about, so I won't bother saying what it's about. But what I will say is that Danny Phantom, while it is a kick butt awesome show, it also keeps you wondering what will happen in the near future. . Where do Danny and Sam go on their first date after becoming an official couple in Phantom Planet?) or other stuff like that. I like to refer to Butch Hartman as the Grandfather Of All Cartoons just because The Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom and TUFF Puppy are just a few of the greatest shows out there. The characters are well drawn and well designed. I give this show a 10/10 for performance, settings and so on.
  • My Favorite Nickelodeon Show

    Danny Phantom is about a 14 year old half-human and half-ghost named Danny Fenton. He lives in a small town called Amity Park with his ghost hunter parents Jack and Maddie and an intelligent 16 year old sister named Jazz. He had two best friends: a goth girl named Sam and a techno-geek named Tucker. Danny is witty, lazy, but somewhat strong, caring, and intelligent. He has problems at school like dealing with a jock named Dash, who always picks on him and dealing with his "cool" teacher named Mr. Lancer. Also he has a crush on the most popular girl in school, Paulina. Danny also has problems with ghosts and it's his job to protect the people of Amity Park. His arch enemy is Vlad Masters/ Plamius, who wants to get rid of his dad, still in love with his mom, and wants him to join with him. Also he's half ghost and half human like Danny. Also there's a girl named Valarie who hates Danny Phantom because it was his fault that made her dad to lose his job and went broke. It's kind of similar to Spiderman and Ghostbusters, but made it original and many shows kind of copy this show.

    Pros: Hilarious and witty jokes; amazing plots; unique characters; stunning animation

    Cons: Ended too early

    Overall, Danny Phantom is the best Nickelodeon cartoon ever (in my opinion). Season 1 was good, Season 2 was better, but Season 3 was the best. It's funny, smart, adventurous, romantic, and has cool action scenes. Danny Phantom is the best.

  • Danny Phantom is a great show about teens for teens. And kids and parents. I can take forever to describe what this show has- drama, ghosts, funny, action... the list goes on. Butch Hartman has done his amazing work again.

    The second I laid eyes on Danny Phantom, I knew I was going to like it. I mean, finally! A Nickelodeon cartoon for TEENS, kids, and parents alike! And, I did. This show, as I like to say, is "a bunch of teen power, ghosts, drama, action, funny stuff, and more- but don't forget a drop of romance (Sam and Danny!)." I mean, not even I can think of a show of this kind! (And who'd think of half ghosts??) I think people came out with other shows, trying to rip off Danny Phantom. No offense, but Juniper Lee and American Dragon: Jake Long are two of the shows in that category.
    I think you'd like it. But, if you're making first impressions, avoid Mystery Meat. That wasn't the best a first episode can get.
    Also, This show has a lot of little events that trigger off things in future events. For example, Sam puts the emblem on Danny, and he has it for the rest of the episodes... I think. Also, in Public Enemies, Danny becomes the #1 Public Enemy. It's a great show.
  • I love this show!

    Does anyone know what episode Danny and Sam went to a dance and danced together?
  • WTH was Nick thinking when they canceled this for Mr Meaty?!

    You guys know how much I hate Fairly Odd Parents,and how I find it one of the most repetitive shows ever right? Well,there's another cartoon created by the same person,but better and should've been given a chance. Danny Phantom is about a teenager named Danny Fenton who after seeing his parent's ghost portal not work,he decides to see the problem,only to turn himself into a ghost. Now he develops the powers of a ghost,and uses it for good to fight off the evil spirits. Now,what I like about this show is how original this is. It's way better than the Fairly Odd Parents,and actually had potential. Just think of this as the male version of Kim Possible, The characters are all likable,and actually can be funny. Danny is just a average teenager,but is not selfish. Sam is a girl who is gothic,but not in a bad way. Tucker is a technology nerd,but is super hilrailious. Danny's parents are opposite of each other,but they can also be funny at times. The villians are also great. We have Technus,a ghost who rules over technology,Ember,a pop rock star who controls everyone who listens to her music,Skulker,a blob in a robot suit who is nearly the strongest ghost,and my favorite,The box ghost,a weak villian who only has the power of boxes. Think of him as the male version of the Toiletnator. My only complaint with this show is just like Kim Possible,it's also repetitive,but unlike KP,it doesn't follow the same pattern,and actually goes by a different pattern at times. But overall,I really love this show. It seems a bit underrated,and needs more than 3 seasons. I'm wondering how the hell FOP lasted longer,and yet that show is idiotic and annoying to the max now. But just watch this instead
  • What the Heck was Nick thinking By Taking to Show Off! its one of the best

    Butch Hartman Created the Funny Action Filled Tv Series Danny Phantom When they took it Of nick I thought that was a big mistake Becaus ethe Show They Have Now A days Like ICarly And Victorious Are for teens I find theres to much Kissing And Dating It's A bad infulence My Five Year old Cousin THinks its Okay To have a Boyfriend at her Age Because Of show like this Yes yes i know there Are A Few "Kissing" Sences In this Series But At least The Plot of the Show Is Ghost Fighting And Saving Amitiy Park From Danger And i find its A shame For Kids who where Born After this show ended Beacase they never Got to exsperience Danny Phantom\Fenton Ghost Boy with A Goth girl and Techno Geek As Best friends And His Parents Alway trying to Catch Him I think Butch hartman Shold Make 2 or 3 new Seasons Of this Series
  • One of the nice cartoons. Some reused things from FOP or TFOP.

    This was cancelled because of Mr.Meaty. It has some potentials.

    Plot: Danny Phantom, a 14 year old boy living with his parents in Amity Park. His parents are a whiz when it comes to sciences, dimensions, and mostly ghosts. They made a ghost portal in their basement leading to the borderworld also known as "The Ghost Zone" When his parents tested it, it failed. He went to take a look. When he pressed a button inside the portal chamber, something flashed! His appearance, DNA, has changed into a ghost-like appearance! Now he has the powers of ghosts. Amity Park is always attacked by a ghost, so he thought to be the defender of the city!

    Characters: They have good designs, mostly the enemies. The humans are designed just like Hartman does. Some of the characters' personalities are reused from TFOP.

    Humor: Some good humor, some are also reused from TFOP.

    Art: It's how Hartman does it. I like Hartman's designs so it's great.

    Overall: 7. They should have collected a fresh new ideas for this show, but the action and a little good humor makes the show spark. They shouldn't have canceled it.
  • why end it

    Danny phantom is and was great it is a shame it ended so soon but it does not have to be like this there r other station especially cartoon network it just look like a cartoon that belong on cartoon network
  • Danny Phantom was and IS the best!!!

    I love this show!!!I always did and still do!!! I heard it might be returning soon...I really hope it's true! Someone please tell me if it is true!!! my email is hatesrude@aol.com or you can email voorheesfan11@youtube.com...Please give me feedback!!!<33
  • Danny Phantom

    I liked this show, it was a shame that it ended so soon.
  • An interesting Super Hero


    What can I say this show is awesome. It's got the right mix of action and comedy. Danny's powers are very interesting and unique which is more than I can say for most Heroes. This show is even better than Fairly Odd Parents and Tuff Puppy. Sure it is old but I'd be happy to get the entire series on DVD some day or at least purchase it on iTunes.

    I have to say this is one of Butch Hartman's best animated shows.

  • one of Butch Hartman's finest (a.k.a butch Hartman's best show),and one of nickelodeons best shows

    This show is simply amazing.Wayyyy better than T.U.F.F. Puppy and The Fairly oddparents.this show had an awesome plot to every episode,and if you like ghost and action this show is for u.And every ghost was good with awesome power's (beside th box ghost which is the most annoying ghost ever,)but other than that really good ghost ideas.The show is about a normal boy named Danny Fenton.His parents are ghostbusters that try to capture ghost who tries to make a "ghost portal".but fails.Then Danny took a look inside of it,and pressed the on button and his molecules got rearranged and he turnes into a half ghost half human person,and he has to fight all the ghost that are planning evil to amity park without reveling his secret identity!!!!!!!!!! this show also has a really cool theme:

    *he's a phantom
    *danny Phan- Danny phan- danny phantom

    Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very
    strange machine

    It was designed to view a world unseen
    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom )

    When it didnt quite work his
    folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it
    there was a great big flash
    every thing just changed
    his molecules got all rearranged

    (phantom phantom)

    When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair
    and glowin green eyes
    he could walk through walls
    dissappear and fly
    he was much more unique then the other guys
    and it was then danny knew what he had to do
    he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through
    he's here to fight for me and you

    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all
    cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's)

    * He's Danny Phantom
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