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  • one of Butch Hartman's finest (a.k.a butch Hartman's best show),and one of nickelodeons best shows

    This show is simply amazing.Wayyyy better than T.U.F.F. Puppy and The Fairly oddparents.this show had an awesome plot to every episode,and if you like ghost and action this show is for u.And every ghost was good with awesome power's (beside th box ghost which is the most annoying ghost ever,)but other than that really good ghost ideas.The show is about a normal boy named Danny Fenton.His parents are ghostbusters that try to capture ghost who tries to make a "ghost portal".but fails.Then Danny took a look inside of it,and pressed the on button and his molecules got rearranged and he turnes into a half ghost half human person,and he has to fight all the ghost that are planning evil to amity park without reveling his secret identity!!!!!!!!!! this show also has a really cool theme:

    *he's a phantom
    *danny Phan- Danny phan- danny phantom

    Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very
    strange machine

    It was designed to view a world unseen
    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom )

    When it didnt quite work his
    folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it
    there was a great big flash
    every thing just changed
    his molecules got all rearranged

    (phantom phantom)

    When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair
    and glowin green eyes
    he could walk through walls
    dissappear and fly
    he was much more unique then the other guys
    and it was then danny knew what he had to do
    he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through
    he's here to fight for me and you

    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all
    cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's)

    * He's Danny Phantom
  • Why did this show end?


    Danny Phantom is not only funny, and action-packed, but it also took it's audience seriously, like Avatar: the Last Airbender, unlike My Life as a Teenage Robot, or the other shows in the Nicktoon action period. What is this Nicktoon action period I speak of? Let me explain (Note: if you don't want to read this part, just skip to the 3rd paragraph.)

    In 2004, after the cancellations of Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries, CatDog, Rocket Power and more, Nickelodeon wanted to do shows in a genre currently popular. So Nickelodeon noticed the tremendous success of films, like Mission: Impossible, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, among others, and decided to do something that hasn't been seen on Nickelodeon before: action cartoons. So with this came Teenage Robot in 2003, Danny Phantom in 2004, and Avatar: The Last Airbender in 2005. Not only were they a success, they were so strong, that other shows like Catscratch and Mr. Meaty. The X's and El Tigre tried to follow suit, but sadly failed miserably. And even right now, the action period seems to return, what with Penguins and T.U.F.F. Puppy showing action, and being more successful than Planet Sheen or Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    Anyway, back to the show. The story is about Danny, an average kid who gets picked on and ignored. However, in a mishap with his ghost-hunting parents ghost portal, which makes him half-boy, half-ghost. So with this, he has to destroy the ghosts invading his town, while also keeping his identity a secret from his parents, so they won't tear him apart molecule by molecule.

    The reason why this show is awesome is because of all the creative ghosts Danny must face, from lunch ladies, to pop singers, to genies. Also, with this, Danny gets help from his friends and sister, Tucker, a geek who tries to act cool, Sam, a goth who has a secret crush on Danny, and Jasmine, a 16 year old who thinks she's an adult, but still loves her dolls.

    Overall, action packed, amazing story, and fun characters. 10 out of 10.

  • teenage boy obtains the powers of a ghost to fight off the ghosts that threaten his town.

    This show wasn't perfect it had its down sides A lot of it was pretty generic, like the main character having two best friends one is a love interest the other is a wise cracking kid who thinks that he's cooler than he actually is. (Who hasn't seen that before?) Some of the lessons the show taught were just pinned on or were just obvious. Sometimes he would have to learn the same lesson again.

    However there were a lot of great parts to this series too. It pushed the envelope of what a kids show could do. It made references that only an older kid/adult would get and even get a little dark for its rating, actually talking about death. the villains some times came off as three dimensional and sometimes tragic.

    there were some parts of the series that I wish they went into deeper like how hard it must have been to be hated by the people whom you love the most like your parents who have no idea that when they openly talk about the horrible things they plan to do with ghosts they don't know they are talking about their own son. Or the discrimination that ghosts experience. We see that there are both good and evil ghosts and yet they are all treated like they are monsters deserving to be destroyed. Or just plain the emotional torment of many of the characters and the hardships they go through. So why does this show work. Well I'd have to attribute a lot of it to the fact that it was one of the last few works of 2d animation that nick has done in the longest time. If this was live actin or done in CG. It wouldn't have lasted as long as it did. when a show is cartoon and not live action your willing to give it some more leeway when impossible things occur and you aren't distracted by whether or not the effects look real, and 2d just gives it a feel and sets a mood that you can't get with CG. Sure CG is easier but that's the point. you can feel the hard work the animators put into it.

    Honestly the show had a lot of potential that it ended up waisting, but it had a good cast of characters, even the generic ones, and ended up in my opinion one of the most unique things nick has done in a long time.
  • Really not that great in my opinion.........

    Its okay, i guess, really not the best show in the world. I dont know what is so intersting about this show, because I keep hearing "DP Fan" and people are saying "yeah, the only good shows are avatar, FOP, DP" and stuff like that. Avatar has a strong plot, FOP is pretty good. But a boy who fights ghosts in every episode with a tech and gothic friend, its like every episode is the same, and its pretty much predictable. You know Danny Phantom will win every time. He wont die. You just cant get rid of the main character. But anyways, I like how he has to keep this whole ghost thing a secret. It really adds flavor to the show. I kinda like it and kinda dont, so yeah.
  • Ohkayy i love danny phatom i dont care wat u think ohkay it Show more and read it all kayy Thanks!!(:hah

    Ohkayy i kno most people say danny phatom ohh thts gayy or lame or watever but to me it not i love danny phantom i kno im alittle old for it but watever rite!!like people dont even watch it and they say its lame but watch it then say it.i might be lame but i dont care(:danny phantom is a good series like it has its bad moment but other wise its really good,it has some humor and its realistic u kno wat i mean like the things they say is something tht people tallk bout idk its hard to explan like i hate shows where ur watching it and its says something soo lame and ur like umm NOONE says tht come on,well CALl me wat u want i dont care I love danny phantom soo get over it,(:hater will hate soo for all u haters out there HATE on this!!!(:hah
  • Everyone should watch it!!!

    People say, "This is a kid show" or "I don't watch cartoons", but really--have you even seen it? I love this show because I think people of all ages can watch it (and like it). I have a 2-year old brother and 9-year old sister, and Danny Phantom is their favorite show. My parents watch it, I watch it...seriously, even my grandma watches it. Just because it's animated doesn't mean it's only for kids.
  • can anybody tell me what i just watched

    i am probaly going to get alot of thumbs down for this but i dont care i can have my own opinon i hate this show with a passion its the most overatted tv show i have ever seen its about a teenager named danny phantom who fights ghosts okay who came up with that it seems cool but here is the main problem this happenes throughout the entire freaking show im serious this kid also is too mandly i just hate this show with a passion thank goodness nickelodeon canceled this show its the second worst tv show i have ever seen next to chowder i give this show a 2 kingnicky1 out
  • Watching Danny Phantom, it's really cool.

    Could possibly be a predecessor to Avatar, if not for some aspects of the show. Including the peer pressure Danny is going through in school, or the romance between him and Sam, or the fact that Danny's secret been revealed, which he had promised to keep in earlier episodes. Somehow they do irritate me at times.

    Nevertheless, I liked this show for its amazingly executed action, suspense, perhaps a bit of humour etc., which I believe is what Danny Phantom is about. I don't quite understand what's with the small number of people who despise this show, but come on, what is wrong with the concept of having a half-boy, half-ghost character? For ghost-related shows like this, I believe it's fine to open doors for such new ideas.

    I couldn't agree more for another season, really. But a few tweaks might suffice for even higher ratings.
  • Danny Phantom is the next generation of Ghostbusters

    There will probably not be another show like Danny Phantom. In this show, it centers around Danny Fenton, son of a family of ghost hunters and exterminators. One day he goes into his family's experimental ghost portal, but accidentally gets caught in a blast from it and gets ghost powers from it. Danny has to deal with ghosts that are now coming through the portal, work on his new powers, and live a regular life. The story may sound average, but this show proves to exceed the expectations of many. All the characters on this show are well developed. There is plenty of characterization to them, they have arcs, and all have interesting characteristics. The plots themselves are interesting. They are usually about catching a ghost, but in each episode there is characterization for one or more characters. The show also combines action, comedy, and drama and makes it excellent. The action scenes are fun to watch and can be adrenaline rushing. The humor this show has is minor, but what funny moments there are, they are very funny. There is also some drama added to and there are plenty of deep moments in this show. The show also got better with each season and there were never any dull moments in each episode. I also loved the fact that there would be episodes where the bad guy wins sometimes. I think it adds a nice feeling of the tension to the show. My only complaint with this show had to be is it only lasted 3 years and I think it should have lasted longer. There was a feature film in the works, but it got shelved. Personally, I think it was because of Spongebob, Mr. Meaty, and iCarly. Thanks a lot Nick for not letting this show air longer. Danny Phantom has everything that makes it an instant classic show, and was a nice way to combine superheroes and the Ghostbusters as well. Even though it's now being shown on Nicktoons Network, I think this show needs to be brought back for at least one or two more seasons. If you haven't seen this show yet, do everything you can to see this excellent show.
  • I loved it--until the third season.

    I for one loved this show until the third season came around. When it came, and I knew it'd be its last, I watched the whole thing, and noticed the network screwiness as well. Nick needs to bring this awesome show back, focus a little more on the arcs that we've missed; and bring Dani and Valerie's arc, as well as Vlad and everyone's character derailment to a proper stop. They just derailed nearly everyone and left plots hanging. Curse you, Nickelodeon! You let the GhostBusters (my nickname for the haters of Danny) win! Shame! Fire the current president, fire her! Just bring everyone, (and Danny) back from the dead!
  • Good show.

    It's one of the best shows on Nickelodeon better than that very stupid The Fairly Oddparents show.Butch Hartman has done it again and he did it very better than The Fairly Oddparents.I mean,Come On.It's a bad idea to have Fairys instead of very cool phantoms.Who would do that instead of this idea for a kids show?It's should be one of the best ideas ever made on a kids show.I could say that it's very much a very good idea for a show that's fantasy.I can really say that I grade this show a C because I didn't like it,Like The Fairly Oddparents.
  • Definetely one of the best Nicktoons ever made!

    I loved this show. In my mind, this is one of the best Nicktoons ever made! This show is about Danny Fenton, a 14 year-old average shy boy, who hangs out with his best friends: Sam, and Tucker. One day, Danny's Mom, and Dad are working on an experiment to create to portal to the ghost world. The experiment fails, and Danny's Mom, and Dad gives up on the experiment. Danny then checks it out, and accidentaly presses a switch. Danny obtains ghost powers after the reacton, thus born "He's a phantom, Danny Phantom!". The music in this show rocks!!! I like the theme song alot, it just makes me want to sing it. The dialog in this show is awesome. It will keep you hooked on the series, and make you want to know what happens next in the show. Some of the lines the characters say are really funny. The characters in this show rock!! My favorite is Danny Phantom himself. I like his personality. Some girls wish that they could marry him! I don't blame them though because Danny is pretty charming. Overall, cute, memorable characters, awesome music, and dialog, funny humor. I would recommend this show to anyone who likes action, and comedy.
  • Gives ghosts a bad name.

    Is it just me or does anyone think Butch Hartmen(creater) overreacted with this show? Ghosts are supposed to be scary and spooky but in this show, they seem like evil villans who are wanted by FBI. Ghosts aren't really evil, they're just spooky and Butch kind of focused more about creating an action show that he seemed to have forgotin what ghosts realy are. The Fenton Ghost Catching Company is overreacting too! There's something else Butch didn't focuse on: the humer. The humer in this show is just too lame! And Nickelodeon is known for its humer! Does anyone agree with me?
  • An enjoyable Nicktoon from Nickelodeon's better days; however, there are some downsides.

    Danny Phantom is an animated show about Danny Fenton, a boy with ghost-hunting parents and an intelligent, slightly know-it-all older sister, who becomes half-ghost thanks to one of his parents' inventions. This causes him to develop a ghost-fighting alter-ego, Danny Phantom. His two best friends, techno-whiz Tucker and environmentally-friendly goth Sam, help him keep the town of Amity Park safe from all sorts of villainous spirits.

    I will admit, I liked the show when it aired on Nickelodeon. I thought the premise of the show was interesting: I don't believe there's any other show out there that's about a half-ghost teenager (if there is, I apologize). I also liked the rivalry between Danny Phantom and his arch-foe, Vlad Plasmius; Vlad, in my opinion, is a genuinely good villain (oxymoron alert).

    The only real problem I have with the show is this: there are a lot of cliches that I find overused. First of all, there's the fact that Danny, the main character, has two best friends to help him. That always sort of bugged me for some reason; what exactly is so special about a trio? What's wrong with having one or three best friends? Does it really make that much of a difference? Another irritation I have is the obligatory romance between Danny and Sam. Come on! Just because the main character has an opposite-sex friend, they have to get together in the end? One word: overkill.

    Also, the whole theme about having to be popular and fitting in with everyone else in high school is another problem I have with this show. Would it kill someone to make a show that was about high schoolers who didn't care about fitting in and conforming? Contrary to popular belief, high school doesn't have to be about 100% drama.

    Anyway, cliches aside, Danny Phantom is a good show. It deals with parents, school, attempting to balance one's life ("normal" teenager things) in a somewhat non-conventional way. I definitely think this show was one of Nickelodeon's higher points.
  • Revolting it should be rated 0 but this stupid rating thing won't let me

    This is a show Butch Hartman made? This is one of the WORST shows I've ever had the displeasure of watching or knowing exists. The plot is stupid, and the characters are retarted. Butch Hartman is losing his touch. He left Fairly Odd Parents (Which now isn't good-to put it nicely-because he left and now Sarah Frost writes it) for this? How can anyone like this show? I still can't believe my brother and sister like this show like this show. I hope this show will soon be cancelled soon. That's my critizing review of the show Danny Phantom.
  • i don't know why nickeledeon hasn't canceled this show yet it's a bunch of crap

    danny phantom is about a dude who is half ghost who uses his
    powers to destroy evil ghosts. please danny has wasted his life fighting this ghosts dudes who apear through a portal his dad created. instead of this he could have just destroy the portal. that way he will be done with this ghost once and for all. And besides he's suposed to be a hero yet almost all of his victories are because of sam and tucker.
    That's so pathetic,anyway sam is supossed to be gothic and yet she doesn't act like it. instead she's gothic and ecovegeterian,co'mon either you're goth or ecovegeterian. And what about his dad wasting his life searching for ghosts instead of getting a real job,and i know he's obsesed with using this latex suit all the time but must he force his wife to do it too. and tucker is supossed to be danny's best bud,yet in a few episodes he has shown to be jealous of danny.My conclusion change the channel
  • This i just plain boring and not fun at all!

    This is a show about a tennager who becomes a ghost he is spooky and uber.He has uber friends and hims is spooky powers like hims fly.Hims batles spooku uber ghosts that like boxes and lunhc.`Hims uberness will not fali.nananannananananananeeeeeeeeeer!!!!! dany pantom is an uber show! and uber game is incredibly uber hard!
  • i hate this show it is the worst nicktoon ever!!!!!!!

    I dont like this show at all. reasons being it made the people that liked fairly odd parents stop watching it and now they watch danny phantom.And this show made fairly odd parents get kicked off of nick.I think the whole idea of a teenager having ghost powers is just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!
  • Needs to end.

    Go back! what was that? Oh that's right. A show about 14 year old guy who sneaked into his parents lab and now he has ghost powers WTF is that? He goes through a ghost portal he is fighting ghosts?! You may hate me but now I hate Danny Phantom I got to admit it was okay at first but when people post crap about Danny and Sam forever I get tipped off. To be honest a lot of people like this bullcrud making it one of Nick's best shows but I don't.-- Sensei Help me! My Sig, I am out.
  • This show is very stupid. I loved it at first and so did my friends, But then it started getting really stupid, and the plot was ridicules, and the jokes are so dimwitted and pointless its not even funny. So its not that cool anymore.

    This show used to be great, but now its so stupid. Danny Phantom is the dumbest, weakest, and pointless superhero ever. He never uses the only cool powers he has, intangabilty, invisibility, and the story is meaningless. x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
    I can understand the whole ghost portal thing, but it's stupid now, Sam and Tucker are the pointless sidekicks that don't do anything but sit there, make things worse, and give dumb jokes.

    Im sorry but this ranks to one of the dumbest shows on tv. Good job Nick for canceling it.
  • Nick is brilliant cancelling this. I don't know why I ever watched this stupid show in the first place.

    One of the worse shows I have ever seen. Villains that are dorks, females that dominate over males, males that act like morons, and a hero that gets his butt kicked on a daily basis. Put it all together and you got the worst show on Nick.

    All these Danny Phantom fanboys are going around screaming their heads off Save this Pathetic Show. I don't know why it seems to get worse every episode.

    For starters the villains look like something that a four year old made. Especially the so called Ultimate Enemy who is as evil as a teddy bear.

    Then there is the lame subplots that take up more time than the actual episode.

    And last there is the action. Problem. There is none. The so called hero Danny Phantom is so weak he has to shove his opponents in a thermos. At least the Ghostbusters had Proton Packs.

    I know Danny Phantom fanboys are going to be disagreeing. But us mature, sophisitcated Avatar and Mr. Meaty fans will agree.

  • I used to like this show, but I don\'t anymore.

    I actulle used to like this shoe a lot. I have no clue why, but I did. The music in the background is kind of anoying. (In my opinion) The person that created Danny Phantom is the same person that created Farly Odd Parents. (I think.... I am not sure, though.....) I like Farly Odd Parents way better

  • Danny Phantom just read my review to hear what I think.

    Ok I'm sorry to say this but I don't like this show because it's just a stupid superhero show with a lot of corney puns. At first I thought it would be good but noooo! It's really stupid Butch should just give up on this show just to make new episodes of FOP instead. Besides I like FOP more than DP he would be a lot better to make that show really.

    Where do I start with this show? From the creator of a rather quirky show like Fairly Odd Parents I was expecting a more interesting plot line than the overused 'kid with super powers' idea. But hey, I thought I might be able to deal with it. Not so. The charecters drive me up the wall. Danny spends so much time complaining about being unpopular its not a wonder he only has 2 friends: Tucker, a stereotypical nerd, and Sam, a girl who seems to believe that a few black clothing items will cover her cheerful attitude and make her a 'goth'. Not to mention the fact that you know whats going to happen in every episode before your 10 seconds into it: Danny will meet a ghost, fight it, and win. You sure don't need to be psychic to know that. I'm beginning to assume the only reason this show got on the air was because of the creators previous sucess with Fairly Odd Parents.
  • what the ???

    let me tell something i use to like this show alot but the then nick stop showing new eposide. then it stared to get boring and boring boring boring boring boring boring boring boring. then i started to see how stupid this show is. like the way they fight it is so stupid. they stop every second and every moment when. they are so stiff and dannyn alway seem like the bomb. but what what is really stupid is danny name like how can no in the world not know they have exactly the same name. this show is dumb.
  • can't get into it

    this show is about a boy named danny fenton who can change into danny phantom a super hero. his friends are noe tucker foley the science geek and sam manson the goth, his enemies are vlad plasmius, the boxghost and others. this show has made new episodes until feb 2007 when it cancelled production but still airs reruns throughout nickalodeon.
  • nickoleoden stinks

    From Butch Hartman, the creator of the hit Nicktoon, The Fairly OddParents, unveils the funny, fantastic action-packed adventures of Danny Fenton, who straddles two worlds as a shy freshman at Casper High and a heroic phantom-fighter with ghostly superpowers. With his best friends, techno-geek Tucker and free-thinking Goth girl Sam, he thwarts the misdeeds of menacing ghosts; and stumbles through daily social hurdles. - Danny Phantom Press Kit. "It's a great comedy/action show that I think you and all the other Nickelodeon animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything Nickelodeon has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us." - Butch Hartman a another useless show from nickolodeon!
  • I really don't see highly of this show.

    The concept of this show is really farfetched even for itself. Ghosts are the image left by people wo have passed away. Yet, it seems that most of the ghosts are not dead people. Second, how can two ghosts create another ghost(as boxlunch) ? The idea of danny being half ghost boggles my mind. How can he insist that he is half dead, changing between forms? How about sam. She is not even goth. She thinks acting that way is goth and it isn't. I also wonder how danny's parents are able to support their family with a job of ghost hunting? Another thing is that Danny wishes tat he is popular. Why does he have that kind of view? It's telling little kids not act like themselves just to impress upperclassmen for false pride. Those are the questions I have.
  • this is absolout bull shi-(yeah, i know i am going to get a hundred thumb downs by danny phanton fanboy sayin "l0l!!!!!!!!!!!!! d4nn3h ph4nt0m r0xxorz m3h b0xxx0rs !!!!!!!!!! l0ll0l0l0l!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoen h3s h0t!11111

    I hated this the story was cheap and crappy its all stolen and has been seen befor a million time seen it donet and dont wanna see it again l0l d4nny ph4nt0m p0wnzorz w1t h1s p0wzor ghost p0werz!!!!,see what i mean this show in my opinion is realy when there trying to be funny its just cheap and lame the scenes when there atempting to be cool and r0ckz0rz 3h b0xz0rz, its 100% nerdy,100 words? now? no not yetz0rz? is this coolzorz? in a p00lz0rz?man 0, man 100 words ok bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla yay 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sorry, I don't get this show.

    This is basically about a boy who has ghost powers and helps fight ghosts and spend time with his friends. It has pretty neat action and I actually used to like it but now it's just a show with some decent action that's jam packed with bad jokes. That's exactly why I gave this show a 4.3, because it tries to be funny with all these old jokes and annoying characters that totally ruins the show. If it didn't try to be funny and it just had the action, it would be a lot better. Please don't delete this! I don't mean any insult to anybody who watches it, this is just my opinion.
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