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  • Sorry, I don't get this show.

    This is basically about a boy who has ghost powers and helps fight ghosts and spend time with his friends. It has pretty neat action and I actually used to like it but now it's just a show with some decent action that's jam packed with bad jokes. That's exactly why I gave this show a 4.3, because it tries to be funny with all these old jokes and annoying characters that totally ruins the show. If it didn't try to be funny and it just had the action, it would be a lot better. Please don't delete this! I don't mean any insult to anybody who watches it, this is just my opinion.
  • Overall a corny show with no sense of humor and stereotypical themes.

    Can this show get any cornier?I mean seriously, A half ghost, half human hybrid?Sounds like some drunk babies idea of creativity.And did anyone besides me find it offensive to goths(no, I am not one myself).Think about it; it supports the stereotype that goths are dark hopeless people.The voices of the cast is another imortant topic.It sounds like a bunch of toddlers with soar throats.And if that wasnt enough,maybe I should mention the cheesey names they give the villains,name; names like Technis, Skulker ,and the Ghost writer.I had expected better from the creator of hit shows like the Fairly Odd Parents.I guess I need to lower my expectations of him a bit.
  • an unoriginal boring show.. why would anyone like it?

    So the story about this show is a boy named danny who has parents who are ghost freaks so one day he went to see if he could fix his parents ghost portal or whatever and the next thing you know it he turns into a ghost.and decides to prevent any ghost leaving the portal.The reason that it seems to bore me that its been done so many times( SPIDERMAN,SUPERMAN for example) they just change the plot a little and the humor on this show is so unfunny that it could put you to sleep.

    Im generous enough to give this show a 3.5 thats seems fair.
  • A fourteen year old boy gets ghost powers caused by an accident in his parents lab.

    A series about a ghost fighting superhero teenager. This is a awesome show. It is amazing how they can put together action, comedy, and fantasy into one show. The voice acting is also amazing, they always get perfect guest star actors to play the ghost villains. This show should always stay on the air just like SpongeBob.
  • After seeing it again, my reaction changed.

    Before, back in 05-06 I used to always see new episodes, I used to love it. I then saw it again in Nicktoons network last year, and my reaction changed. I noticed that the writing wasn't as good as I remembered. The jokes were horrible and some episodes felt rushed. I'm not saying I hate it, but I'm saying that it isn't as good as some other Nicktoons out there. The fighting is awesome however and so is the soundtrack. The animation/drawings is alright (Better then Butch Hartman's other creation, The Fairly Oddparents). I still think this is one of the best Nicktoons from the 2004-Present era. I'll give the show a 6/10.
  • An outstanding show from the person who brought us, and is better than, The Fairly OddParents.

    Danny Phantom was brought onto Nickelodeon back in 2004 from the same person who brought us The Fairly OddParents. The two shows were virtually identical and one might talk about this show in comparison to Fairly OddParents and in the case of this review, how it's better than Fairly OddParents.

    The story revolves around Danny Fenton, an ordinary teenager who one day receives ghost powers in an accident in his ghost-obsessed parents' lab. With his powers, he takes on the name Danny Phantom and aims to defend his hometown of Amity Park along with his friends/sidekicks Sam and Tucker. As with many superhero shows, there are a number of antagonists and the show delivers with a very diverse cast of mostly memorable characters.

    The show has a variety of plots. Each episode is different that the others in more than one way. The episode usually begins with the villain being introduced and then Danny and his team aiming for a way to go about their issue. Before the episode is out, the team confronts the villain and more often than not traps them in a containment thermos developed by Danny's parents.

    As with superhero shows, the main appeal is the action and Danny Phantom delivers. There are a variety of powers that are utilized in each fight by either character. Dozens of ghost beams and melee attacks being performed with dozens of innocent people being hurt in the crossfire, you gotta love it.

    The animation is great and smooth, even if some backgrounds need a little bit of work. The "Hartman style" is instantly recognizable to most fans of the show.

    There are a variety of actors and some renowned people have voiced a character once or twice. The music does a good job of keeping you in with the action and can really fit the situation.

    As with other shows, Danny Phantom is not without its flaws. One thing is that some episodes, namely the ones from the third season, are a bit rough around the edges. Things are left unexplained or can wrap up too quickly. You can tell that the writers thought of it, wrote it, and implemented it all in around ten minutes.

    Lastly, it pains many fans to see that Nickelodeon practically neglected this show. The network ended support for it after the third season and episodes had rarely aired with large gaps being between episodes.

    My verdict: Despite a few weak spots, minor blemishes if you will, Danny Phantom is a brilliant show and one of the best that Nickelodeon has ever produced. If you didn't get a chance to watch it, then you might have passed up one of the most entertaining shows the network has produced, or perhaps ever will produce.

    Animation: 9.0 - The smooth Hartman style proves it's popular and looks great.
    Sound: 8.5 - The character voices are great and the music is good.
    Fun Factor: 9.5 - If you're an action enthusiast, then this show will be very fun to watch.
    Appeal: 9.0 - It's one of Nick's most popular shows. A lot of content is family-friendly.

    Final Score: 9.0 - Excellent. If you haven't watched before, then you have missed out on a fantastic show.
  • good, not great

    the plot for this show is totally out-there. A ghost battling evil ghosts?! It has a nice concept to it and I liked most of the episodes I saw, but I think they dropped the ball eventually and that is why it got canceled. It started off nice but later on the plots became more crazy, with even weirder and somewhat scarier villains. I have not seen the final episode but I hope I do sometime soon. My overall grade is roughly a C or so, which as I have said I think is an average show. Good, not great
  • He's gonna catch them all.... (lol Pokemon reference)

    This didn't fail to disappoint, Danny Phantom was an awesome show that is engraved in my mind as a Nickelodeon classic. As Nickelodeon's first ever superhero series, this follows an unpopular teenager named Danny Fenton whose family is centered around capturing ghosts, with the exception of his overachieving sister. In an experiment gone awry, he gains ghost powers which he uses to secretly continue the family business of saving the town from evil spirits. With his friends Sam, the stereotypical goth, and Tucker, the stereotypical nerd, we follow Danny's conflicts with this family, powers, friends, and normal teenage problems, especially his crush on a popular girl.

    The idea of this is original and one-of-a-kind, as well as being interesting. The superpower of changing into a ghost is a step ahead of the regular powers of strength and such.

    This show is pretty funny with great child humor that is like Fairy OddParents(if you find that show funny, there is a high chance you will find this funny as well). There is the occasional odd joke and randomness.

    There is also drama with the shipping of Danny and Sam and Danny's many rivals, especially his ghost uncle Vlad. Some things I don't like is that this showcases stereotypes to the extreme: examples, Jazz the more known and hated sibling, the embarrassing parents, Dash the majorly popular jock, Tuck the geek, Sam the goth, and Lancer the evil teacher. These make the show less believable to me.
  • Great show needs a fourth season very badly

    Im not forcing a fourth season from Butch Hartman, i understand Nickelodeon didnt want to support the show anymore. But i just feel empty from the last few episodes. Some were very thought out and great like Torrent of Terror, i thought vortex was a great villain and the story was pretty good as well. Sadly for the others i felt as though they were rushed as if the creators had just given up on it. Phantom Planet was a good episode but not the best way i would have ended the show. Other then that i admit i really liked everything else about the show. Yes more then 90% of the jokes were very cheesey and every other sentance had some kind of a pun in it but i grew to see the show as more then ive seen any other cartoon in a long time. i found it to be original and that is something many cartoons are lacking in todays world
  • This is an action packed show, but the animation is sort of unorigional.

    Danny Phantom is about a high schooler who was involved in an accident and accidentily transformed into half ghost. He soon realizes that he must protect his town from ghosts who can willingly enter his world and cause chaos. The overall story of the show changes quite often, making it almost neccesary to watch every episode. The animation however suffers. The animation is that of what you would see on a much lower quality cartoon on Cartoon Network. Nicktoons should have unique animation such as Jimmy Neutron, Spongebob, etc. Overall, this is an excellent show that anyone who is blind should watch, I mean listen to.
  • Best show on Nickelodeon! I love shows where people have double lives, Fenton by day, Phantom by night.

    Danny Phantom is by far the best show on Nickelodeon. It is always action-packed. I just love how his name is really Danny Fenton, which sounds much like phantom. I love shows where people have double lives, Fenton by day, Phantom by night. I like how his friends are so diverse; a techno-geek guy and Goth girl. Has anyone noticed this besides me, how in shows with a guy as the protagonist, the sidekicks are always a boy and a girl. Danny saves the world form ghosts that enter through the ghost portal in his basement. His parents are so clueless though; very much like most teenagers think their parents are, but his actually are (especially his dad).
  • Best Show EVER!!!

    Nothing can beat this show. One reason is all the different ghosts you see on the show, from the hero of the show, a halfa named Danny, to the halarious to watch Box Ghost, the evil fulture Danny (Dark Danny/Dan Phantom), and the popstar ghost Ember. Another is the whole Danny's life in general, a technoligy geek-meat conisiour friend (Tucker) and the Goth-ultura recycluo vegetarian (however you spell it) friend with a crush on him (Danny is clueless), a sister (Jazz) who thinks she is a adult, and two ghost hunters for parents. All and all this is my favorite show.
  • My explaination for the portrayal of the Ghosts At the beginning of this series they were portrayed as you would expect. the spirits of deceased people. Ex: poindexter lunch lady Desiree dairy king and so on. but as the story went on it sort of changed.

    The main reason i believe was for the sake of the target audience. seven to fourteen year olds. The idea of having ghost villains was good in theory, but it was beginning to become to Death-oriented for such a young demographic.
    the change happened somewhere around the episode fanning the flames. it this episode a ghost called ember sings parts a song called "Remember". The full song was not allowed in the show because of the lyrics. take a look.

    It was, it was September,
    Wind blow, the dead leaves fall.
    To you, I did surrender,
    Two weeks you didn't call.

    Your life goes on without me,
    My life, a losing game.
    But you should, you should not doubt me,
    You will remember my name.

    Ohh Ember, you will remember.
    Ember, one thing remains,
    Ohh Ember, so warm and tender,
    You will remember my name.

    Your heart, your heart abandoned,
    You're wrong, now bare the shame.
    Like dead trees, in cold December,
    Nothing but ashes remain.

    Ohh Ember, you will remember.
    Ember, one thing remains,
    Ohh Ember, so warm and tender,
    You will remember my name.

    Ohh Ember, you will remember.
    Ember, one thing remains,
    Ohh Ember, so warm and tender,
    You will remember my name.

    holy crap... its a teen suicide song!
    well i guess i shouldn't say that, i don't really know for sure. but heck, dosent it sound like her boyfriend dumped her so she offed herself? strangely that would cover a lot that went unexplained in the show. she gains and loses her power depending on how people think of her. when they all love her and are chanting her name she's invincible. but when people stop cheering, when they leave- she's powerless. it's almost like a metaphor for her mindset in life. All of her self worth hedged on what her boyfriend thought of her. but when he left her she feels abandoned and powerless, willing to commit atrocities. So i think Mr. Hartman changed the ghost thing to avoid plot lines that might not be suitable for children. scary; yes, appealing; heck yeah, but child friendly? no. so "ghost" in this show is really just a broad term for a ghost-like supernatural creature. Heck it's Butch Hartman after all, he always makes his own rules. all in all its a great show. I'll admit its a bit corny at times, but thats part of its appeal. I've made a lot of speculations in the review so take them with a pinch of suger they're just opinions. until next time.

  • Good and unique show

    This shows follows a 14 year old freshmen named Danny Fenton who gets ghost powers. His parents are "ghost-hunters", and created a portal to "Ghost Zone". They tried it but it didn't work, then Danny stepped inside and pushed a button, and all the ghost energy ran through him and now ghost energy is in his DNA. Now with his ghost powers, he must save his town Amity Park from evil ghosts such as another half-ghost, half-human named Vlad Plasmius. This was definetely one of my favorite shows when it first came on. Danny gets help from his sister Jazz, and his two best friends Sam and Tucker. Also, he gets help from his parents inventions to capture ghosts.
  • I love this show! It's hilarious and awesome and the characters remind me of random people!

    Oh, I love this show, Danny Phantom. The only reason I cannot rate it a 10 is because some episodes are the best things ever while others are all "Vlad, shut up and leave Maddie alone!" A lot of the characters in this show remind me of people I know in real life. I really love watching this show ever time it comes on. I'll even get up at 2 in the morning to watch it sometimes (believe me, I do) This show is a bit better than the Fairly Oddparents, but I still lov both of Butch Hartman's creations. Danny Phantom rules, it ended in a good place, and we can still watch the reruns on Nicktoons Network :)
  • Danny is just a normal boy dealing with normal boy problems. Ok so he's not quite normal if you think about the whole ghost thing.

    Danny Phantom, from Butch Hartman, creator of the Fairly Odd Parents, is about a 14 year old boy who got in an accident in his parents ghost zone portal and now has ghostly abilities. This show is one of the best Nicktoons of all time. It blends humor with action and is very enjoyable. The characters are likeable and the humor top-notch. It also has a great host of villians like Vlad Masters/Plasmius, the clooege buddy of his parents who loves Danny's mom and hates his father while also being a half ghost. another that is hard to miss is the Box ghost, BEWARE!. so if you want as good show with action and humor this is a great choice.
  • PLZ bring it back!!!....

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!I think they should bring it back!!!I know some of the theme song.

    It's about a 14 year old named Danny Fenton and his parents who built aghost portal[though in the theme song they say "a very strange machine"]And they try it out and FAIL so Danny looks inside and his "genius" parents forgot to turn it on._.So then he turns it on and gets electrified and he gets knocked out.Then he wakes up and discovers his powers.Then in a later episode he discovers he has ice powers to which was awesome!!!!!So overall I love the show A+!!!
  • The show follows the life of a shy 14 year old boy named Danny Fenton, who transforms into a hero through the use of his parents Ghost Portal.

    Danny Phantom is a personal favourite of mine and has been the top of my fandom list for a number of years now. The episode storylines really show a great deal of creativity displaying action and comedy, which appealling to all ages. Each episode is interesting keeping the auidence hooked each time. The show is successful on all parts it has many amazing characters, sinister and threating villians, great overall plot, and a fantastic style which can only be Butch Hartman's.

    One of the things I love mostly about Danny Phantom is it ability to display adult situations, such as in Ultimate Enemy, Danny makes the choice which all of as much face of cheating and how he experiences the death of his friends, and family through the consequences of his action. It's not childish like most cartoons we see today on television, this is what I believe makes it so interesting. The characters also adds to this as they show great character development throughout.
    I can honesty say I've never experienced a show like it before. It's amazing. It is greatly missed after being cancelled but congratulations Butch on the great ending, Phantom Planet was so brillent and heartwarming. Also it was great to see Sam and Danny finally get together!
  • Danny Phantom has done great things to viewers everywhere! Fairly Odd Parents got a second chance! Why can't Danny?

    Danny Phantom is the story of young nobody Danny Fenton, brother to the school's smartest psychologist to be, and son the world's worst ghost hunters. As Jack and Maddie Fenton prepare to present their greatest invention - the Ghost Portal - it short-circuits and fails, leaving the two hunters dejected, and Danny curious.

    When his two friends Tucker Foley and Samantha "Sam" Manson convince him to go exploring, the Portal activates via an On switch on the inside. Since Danny is inside, he gets the shock of his life - in more ways than one.

    Waking up, he finds himself as a ghost; white hair, green eyes, ghostly aura, and an echo to his voice. After a bit of mayhem... okay, a lot of mayhem, Danny finally realizes that the ghosts coming out of the newly activated Ghost Portal will try to take over Amity Park, if not the world. As a halfa (half-a-human, half-a-ghost), he takes it upon himself to protect his town, friends, and family as Danny Phantom!
  • Awesome Nick show about ghosts.

    Danny Phantom is so awesome and I'm so sad to see that its canceled and I don't even see it air on Nickelodian at all anymore, what up with that? This show deserves better than that. Danny Phantom is a very cool show with some of the most greatest and impressive characters and plots for each episode. I liked the main theme of the show where Danny Fenton accidentally gets his DNA scrambled up in his parent's ghost portal, it is his destiny to become a half-human and half-ghost to protect Amity Park from evil spirits! His greatest enemy is Vlad. But there's also the TV movie in which a greater evil rises who is the ghost king or something like that. Anyway this is a really cool show and Jazz was cool and the show did swell, next in line to Avatar in my opinion! That is all folks.
  • This is one of the best Nickelodeon Action series yet!

    I first watched this show when it first aired and I liked it alot. It's cool, funny and awesome. It's about a good ghost verses evil ghost. I liked the action scenes alot. I also like the funny moments like Dash's locker is full of teddy bears, Mr. Lancer getting sprayed, Mr. Lancer getting locked in his closet, and many others. I like how the first villan was the Lunch Lady ghost. It felt like she colud have appeard in a later episode. And I like Skullker's design, and also Deserie was pretty cool, and I like how the Box Ghost tries to defeat Danny Phantom with boxes of whatever was in it. He's more funny. I will still like Danny Phantom for always.
  • It needed to die sometime.

    This show was very good. I liked it way better than the other Nick show that were showen on the channel. It had the story that was great to watch and develop. But it had to go away. He gave his sercert away and everyone knows, how is it going to work. I have to say I would love for it to come back, but where do you go from here? I can't think of any way of bring it back. No matter, I don't like Nick any way. They just don't have it any more. No matter how many re-runs of my favorite shows they show. It won't make a difference.
  • bring this show back!

    Danny Phantom was an awsome show! if Nick has any common sense, they'd put this show back on tv at a decent time(like in the late afternoon). I loved the movie "Phantom Planet."It was soo cute when Sam 7 Danny kissed. Tucker is hilarious with his obssession with technology lol When I first saw ads for the show back in late '03(i think), i knew i was gonna luv it=D thank goodness i hav most of the eps on tape. Nick must've been braindead to have cancelled this show! i want it to come back w/ a season 4! DP had the best humor,characters,storylines EVER!
  • Ok, well Danny Phantom is about a teen named Danny fenton! He went into his parents ghost portal and actualy turned have ghost! Hes able to turn into a ghost and use theses cool ghost powers! He also has help from his great Friends Sam and Tucker!!

    Danny Phantom Is and Awesome show! I think Butch Hartman did a great job on this show! Em I right or what? I got really bummed out that they took it off Nick, but I'm glad I can still watch it on Nicktoons Network! Danny Phantom is basicly about a boy whos 14 named Danny Fenton, whos got Ghost powers and Awesome friends by His side! He uses his ghost powers to help save his town from all the evil ghosts! Sam, Danny, and Tucker hang out and do everything any other teens do, besides fighting Ghosts that is.. Danny-Phantom-Rules!
  • One of the best shows sicen Farliy Odd Parents!

    Butch Heartmen has done it again! Danny Phantom, Butch Heartmen's second show since. I's about a teen age boy named Danny Fenton with one little difference form other teens his age, he has ghost powers. Unlike other ghost who use their powers for evil, Danny uses his for good. This action packed and funny show is Butch's best work. No cartoon on tv lately has had the same good comedy as DP. Danny Phantom is a great show with funny jokes, tons of drama and action, and a great cast. One of Nick's best shows ever, I got so depressed when they took it off. To all DP fans Reading this review pleas help me get DP back.
  • Danny Phantom get two ghost thumbs up out of two

    Well what can I saw Butch has done it again made a awsome T.V. series about a teenage boy dealing with teenage problems but has more stuuf than that. He also has to fight evil ghost, get back at bulls, get the girl, hang with friends, and do homework all on a 9 o'clock curfue. And he is one of the only cartoon charecters to actually have five count'um five fingers. Amazing detail and some of the episodes are acually clever unlike alot of T.V. Shows now a days. A awsome T.V show and is one of Nicks best shows ever.
  • This is another great Nick show that really needs to be brought back!!

    Danny Phantom I can't believe does not even seem to be on air on Nickelodian anymore, so Nick really needs to at least start showing it again since this is an extroardinary and creative show made by the great Butch Hartman where now it looks as if it is REALLY becoming neglected. Danny Phantom was awesome for having Danny and his sister watching over him who is Jazz (I'm sure that's her nickname, so her real name is likely to be Jasmine.) Next we got his parents who have interesting out of the ordinary jobs of being ghost hunters and exterminating all forms of enemy ghosts! So they built a ghost portal which Danny got sucked into altering his DNA making him a half-human and half-ghost! But now he needs to hide his seret from his family! This show was another awesome one where there was cool episodes where many of them featured different villains or returning villains, so that makes a wide variety of ghost enemies! Danny's biggest trouble started though when he found out about Vlad, so he became one of the biggest villains. If this show is out there like on Nicktoon's Network or something then try and get that channel if you haven't gotten it already and watch it to see if you can catch it! Enjoy the reruns of this awesome show and try and tape your favorite episodes. One of my favorites would have to be the one that shows Ember! Danny Phantom rocks!
  • An extraordinary show! Bring it back Nick! ~XD~

    This show was one of my favorite shows all of time. I think they should have continued it because a lot more episodes could have been created. Bring it back Nick! I do not think it was fair when they canceled it and made a finale movie just like that. I did love the finale movie; It was definitely epic! I know there are numerous people who concur with me. I do hope they bring it back even though it seems very unlikely this moment. I would recommend it to anyone, anytime, anywhere because it is an amazing show to watch. It is also very funny to watch.
  • Best's show ever bring it back bring it back bring it back bring it back nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow.

    I'm mad at butch hartman ever sense he ended Danny phantom.
    he sould of never ended the show alot of people got really mad afther it. he sould just bring it back with the same style. please bring it back please bring it back please bring it back please bring it back please bring it back please bring it back please bring it back please bring it back please bring it back pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease. That was the best show on nick i hardy watch the chanle anymore so all im saying is bring it back for all use DP fan please.
  • Fantastic show.

    I don't know why but I like this show. I'm surprised it's getting cancelled. I wish it wasn't because I like this show a lot. My favorite episode is when Kitty (Johnny 13's girlfriend) runs away from Johnny and takes over Paulina's body. That was like a love rectangle. Danny, Paulina, Johnny 13, and Kitty. It was a great episode. My friend didn't like it at first but then he got into it. My favorite character is Skulker, second is Vlad. I am a Danny/Sam shipper. I really don't like Danny that much. I like Tucker, he's very funny. Overall I give this show a 9.1.
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