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  • Great Show!

    Bring this show back Nick! This was one of my favorite shows and they could have done so much more with it. I mean Amity Park was also the place that Jaws took place in I Would have defintly done a episode with a Shark in it. My favorite episode was the last one and my least favorite was the one with the Goth Cirrcus man that was creepy.Other then that I love ever episode that was shown. I say Nick should bring it back or I may just stop watching Nick enought said! Well I hoped you enjoyed goodbye!
  • I love this show!!! And I still do

    Danny Phantom is one of the best shows out there! It's what I call good quaility television, I love this show so much, it's a great show I can't get enough, even re-runs keep me up on it. But new episodes are the way to go! I like most of the characters, not Vlad or Skulker, nope. DxS Forever!!!!!!!!! I'm a big fan of that pairing! It's something you don't want to mess with, it's just so cute! People who think this show is a waste of time, you better watch out, the fan-girls will be after ya! They'll tear ya apart and I'll be one of them!
  • Danny Phantom is a normal teenager, but his world changes when he gets Ghost Powers from his parent's ghost portal machine. With the help of his two best friends, Sam and Tucker, he must do everything he can to save Amity Park from ghostly enemies.

    This show is so much better than the way Nick treated it. The plots and the friendships and the action withtin the show really makes it to be one of the best cartoons I have ever seen, and it is personally one of my favorites. The way Nick showed their episodes out of order, and just threw it away once it was over, is just abysmall. The show itself is funny, entertaining, and full of action. All of the characters have developed since the first episode, as well as some of the villains, which really makes for an exciting and amazing show.
  • Danny Phantom was a great Cartoon and I always couldn't wait for more! Why did it have to get Cancelled?

    I thought it was so cool! The Storyline and plots and Themes were great too! I mean, Danny turning into a Half Human and a Half Ghost and fighting and encountering all these different Ghosts was so fun! I find that it got Cancelled at least a little too soon...it should have at least gotten another Season! Was the Story for it getting Cancelled because of them Two New Shows...BArnyard and Tak? Well, I'm not criticizing them, I think Barnyard is pretty good, and as for Tak though...hmmm...not a big fan of that one...so I just wish there was a way they could renew this Show: Danny Phantom! It was such an interesting and action-packed Nicktoon! The Characters were Great, like Danny, Jazz, and Vlad! You can't find much better Cartoon Characters like them! Well, whether it's gonna be Renewed or not, For now...Rest In Peace, the Great Danny Phantom! (If he was the one who Created this Show) then I would like to say: Butch Hartman! You did a good job with this Show! Too bad it had to get Cancelled...but at least The Fairly Odd Parents is still running! Again, I really hope that this Show gets Renewed because I thought it was an Excellent Show!
  • Danny Phantom is the absolute best show ever! It's about a boy who is half ghost and must take on a super-hero role in his town. This is a great show and actually teaches us morals and it should totally continue! Save Danny Phantom!!!!!

    I love this show! It's my favorite forever and ever and for all of time! My friends all make fun of me for having this as my favorite show when I'm 15 but I LOVE IT!!!!! It shouldn't end; so many people love it and it is such a great idea for a cartoon compared to many others. Danny Phantom can't die and we have to save him! This show has so many funny quotes and has great story lines and the the characters are realistic (except for the whole ghost thing...). Danny Phantom must continue for all of the ecstatic fans like me out there. There is still so much that could happen with the show even though everyone already found out he was half ghost. I can't even believe it ended; it only had like four seasons and it could have gone on for so many more without people loosing interest. I love this show and there's no way it could have ended - SAVE DANNY PHANTOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • DP was awesome! It should come back!

    Danny Phantom was (or is) a show about a 14 year old boy name Danny Fenton whose parents are ghost hunting fanatics. One day they build a ghost portal into the alternate universe named the ghost zone. To make a long story short, it doesn't work. When they give up, Danny investigates, hits the ON switch by accident, and becomes a half-ghost. I like this show mainly because it's original for an actual show, you'd think it'd only be used for halloween episodes, but Butch Hartman brought a creative twist to the idea of ghosts. When I fist saw the commercials, I thought it wasn't going to be good, but I saw the first episode and I instantly liked it. Danny Phantom gets a 10 out of 10! Bring it back Nick!!
  • This show is awesome.

    This used to be my favorite show on Nickolnian before it was canceled. I still remember how exctited I was when this show first aired. I liked the T.V movies, mostly Ultimate Enemy and Reign Storm. This show had the perfect combination of action, adventure, and comedy. I was shocked when I heard about the series finale, Phantom Planet. I really liked how they ended the series. they ended it with closure, Danny gets together with Sam, Danny helps most of his enemies, Vlad is ditched by Jack. Personally, I would have liked it if Vlad had somehow redemed himself. it was sad when Vlad was abandened in space.
  • Original concept for a show.

    What happened?? Why did Nickelodeon cancel this wonderful and original series?? The characters were great, the stories were very well done, and the animation was good though the artwork was a very simple style. I loved the characters in this series. The way they told the stories of having to deal with the peer pressure that teenagers go through was great. The action was also very good and kept me entertained throughout the show. With all the outstanding qualities that this show had, I cannot understand why this show was canceled. Look for this great cartoon series on Nicktoons (I think).
  • It was a great show

    Bucth Hartment has done it again. He made this awesome, adventourous, funny show again. But i have to say that the recent episodes were getting a little too serious, And i do not so serious when i see funny shows. Danny Phantom wasnt exactly the 'best show'. It was a great show. But i really didnt like the Sam and Danny pairing. I mean there are too much blushings and whatever hints about them like each other that i hated that couple so badly. I mean Avatar at least they dont overdo the whole 'I love you but i dont know how to say it thing'. But I really loved this show :)
  • This was truly Original and very Funny! Why did nick had to cancel it?!

    First Of all, Mad Props to Butch Hartman for creating another excellent cartoon! I watched this show from the very first episode "Mystery Meat" then I got interested then watched it! I fell in love! The humor made me laugh the concept of the show was very original! Come on, Half Ghost? it's just so unique and I love how realistic it is...and I like the cast too! I didn't know at first that Grey DeLise voices sam! David Kaufman (sp?) did a great job with danny! Danny Phantom is truly action packed and hilarious! And I love the danny and sam love! Their romance is the number one thing that mostly attracted me to the show! I'm happy their now together in Phantom Planet! I Completely CRIED when DP got canceled! Nick didn't even give a reason why! :( Personally I think a new season of DP would be awesome! There are still blank spaces left in the finale! How will tucker handle being mayor? what's life in high school now that everyone knows he is danny phantom and together with sam? How do you think valerie take it when she knew about danny's secret? (she was happy but still) and who are danny's new enemies? I think they should bring it back :)
  • Danny fenton is the son of 2 world-famous ghost fighters & when one of their invention backfired danny obtained ghost powers. so now he has to get through puberty, school friends, love all the while trying to maintain a secret identity & save the world!

    i love this show beyond all reason i would like to think of myself as an expert on the matter but truth be told i still have much to lurn. my personal favourite episode is fanning the flames because i love ember so much, however i still have not seen every episode or pretty much any of the t.v movies but i will eventually
    i also am always hoping that at somestage they wiil make a proper movie at the cinema with real people & fancy computer graphics & such like that i think it would be reall y cool & so many other ideas for episodes as well & i want to get a dp t-shirt.
  • I loved this show, so much!! Nick should keep airing this!!

    this was an awesome show!! I wish they could keep airing!! SAVE DANNY!!! Im very upset that this had to go. I barely watch nick, it was a terrific show. Now they have those really cheepo shows, and im very upset it is leaving. This has got to be one of the most senstive cartoons i have ever seen. Hopefully it will start airing again if Nick brings it back! This has got to be one amazing cartoon. And one of the BEST reveiws i have and will ever give. I really hope they can bring back the show! SAVE THE PHANTOM!
  • A good show that as my best friend for a long time.

    Even though I became a fan while it was mid-second season, I instantly fell in love with the show. It was creative and original. It had something for everyone. Humor, action, romance, etc. It got better every season. The first season was okay. He was figuring himself out. Second season was better. He was still learning to master his powers, but he wasn't as awkward. Third season was the best. He mastered his powers and kicked butt. Secrets came out, friends became enemies and enemies became friends and best friends became more. I think the show has potential to go on to another seasona and hopefully, Nickelodion will be bring it back for another season eventually.
  • DAnny saves the world from the disasteroid, tucker becomes mayor, and Sam and Danny have kissed and are now going out!

    Im so glad that Danny and SAm are going out now! The March 29th rally might do something to save danny phantom. March 29th 2008 ppl, w david kufman (voice of danny) appering. I really enjoyed this show, they cant get rid of of it after wat happend, i mean we need to find out if tucker can handle being mayor, danny can spend alone time with sam instead of saving towns people from ghost, and i just wonder if they can have a prom, and Danny and Sam go together. Also i wonder if Tucker and Jazz get together. Dont Get Rid OF IT!!
  • It's too bad that Nickelodeon is a bunch of corporate idiots. Danny Phantom was probably one of their best appeals to older girls. Now it seems their audience are only kids and young boys. They're losing face, fast, especially after canceling this show.

    Danny Phantom, as I'm aware, is largely (and mostly) popular with girls anywhere from 8, to ten, and even 16 or older. There's something about it's humor and storylines that makes it more than the average cartoon on Nick (most of which are reverting to toilet humor and right-out dumb plot lines). Or rather, what draws many girls to this series is just the cute awkwardness that is Danny Fenton trying to keep his alter ego as Danny Phantom between he and his friends a secret, whilst keeping the city safe from ghosts. An enjoyable and humble comedy with an old-fashioned, yet modern twist on the teenage superhero genre, Danny Phantom will continue to be an enjoyable (and for some, a guilty) pleasure that will be greatly missed on the regular Nickelodeon line-up.
  • Why was it cancelled? IT'S MY FAVORITE CARTOON OF ALL TIME!

    Danny Phantom was the show that got me to say "I hope I can do that someday." The show is incredibly funny, playing off of Ghostbusters and Superman. It is one of the best Nicktoons ever created, funny yet it has an indescribable power of humanity to it. If you are thinking "Dude, this is just a cartoon," yeah, it is just a cartoon, but it shows Danny not as a overconfident superhero who does everything perfectly and worries about nothing, but instead has someone who worries about everything that he does, dosen't think he's good enough, that he doesn't deserve to be a hero. Butch Hartman has perfectly portrayed a normal teenager that has to walk down the road of a hero. He has made him into a human being. Very few characters have that kind of power. He doesn't deserve to be discarded so soon. Bring him back! Keep flying Danny... Keep flying.
  • i good show with good ation

    danny phantom is one of my favorites show to come out of nick and one of the only shows form america other than zim.
    danny is half ghost witch is alsome. you would't what to have suberpowers? its is just a loveble show. Sam is a goth, Jazz is danny's older sister, Tucker love technology
    Vlad is Evil. and danny being a high school freshmen trying to do well in school and ghost hunting makes you wounder if you were him could you do that to? i wish nick could air more episodes. a fouth seasons would be so cool. a good show to wacth
  • Bad concept of ghost, impressive on the show

    Well, in my opinion (as Eastern people), the ghost concept of western was different than Eastern concept. The ghosts in the show are similiar with ghosts in "Casper" or "Ghostbuster". Try to watch Asian horror movie, and you'll see the difference.

    About the show, it's like another Nick's show. The storyline is okay. I like episodes with one story (usually those are special episodes). Because the adventure will be longer and more exciting. Little or more amount of jokes won't make any sense for me. Only in several episodes the jokes were funny.
    In some episodes, Danny has double trouble. First with the ghost. Second, with his own teenager side. I like such kind of episodes. not only for Danny Phantom, but for another shows.

    Overall scores: watch it when you have time !
  • A great show that ended before it was ready, but at least there's closure.

    Danny Phantom is about your average awkward teenage boy who accidentally gets ghost powers. (Who doesn't accidentally get their powers?) After that, each episode is action and more action. He has two best friends named Danny and Sam, and in later episodes Danny and Sam start to harbor feelings for each other. This show uses the same basic plot structure in every episode, but it hearkens back to shows that did the same thing when today's older television fans were coming up. Yes, a ghost always gets unleashed on the town of Amity Park only to get sucked into a Fenton Thermos at the end, but it doesn't take away from this show just plainly being a whole lot of fun for kids to older teens who can relate to Danny.
  • Awsome show that needs to be brought back

    this show has been a favorite of mine since it came out.just becuz its unorgininal doesnt mean it cant be good for all u danny phantom haters.my favorite episodes are masters of all time,double cross my heart,and phantom planet.the danny sam relationship didnt make much since considering sams a goth and dannysg a ghost which doesnt really match but i guess thats the point :p.we all need to save danny phantom from going exnict and being forgotten forever like doug and ren and stimpy.this show is definetly better than butchs other show fairly oddparents atleast in my opion.my score is a 9/10.Bring DP BACK!
  • why did they stop showing it? it an awsome show!

    why did they stop showing DP? sure it has lots of action, adventure and tidbits of romance every few episodes but thats no reason to stop showing it. if not start showing it again, maybe at least bring it out on dvd so we can watch it over again when we want to. although that might cost us a bit of money to buy..... ok so they shouldnt put it out on dvd, unless everyone is willing to pay for the dvds. maybe they should make a few more episodes or something. i think Sam and danny are made for eachother.
  • Danny Phantom is a halfa, half ghost, half human. He has two best friends: Tucker Foley, the techno-geek and Sam Manson, the goth girl. The three of them have many adventures while ghost hunting. Danny and Sam may become something more than just friends.

    I love the show Danny Phantom, its my favorite show along with a few others. We must help save Danny Phantom peoples! if we don't....I don't want to think what could happen. This show is one of the best shows I have ever seen and I know many other people would agree with me. I'm also a DannyxSam fan. In Phantom Planet the finally get together, which I was happy about. Anyway I have many reasons to love this show, so many I don't know if they would all fit in here. To anyone who reads this: Save Our Ghost Boy! Please!
  • Im so Mad They ended it They Made Like 1 last movie and ended it But i think its gonna come back it was a great show that i enjoyed IT BETTER COME BACK

    Im so Mad They ended it They Made Like 1 last movie and ended it But i think its gonna come back it was a great show that i enjoyed it better come back. It Is not right when they end shows ppl like or enjoy. This was 1 of my favorite shows on nick. It was really dumb of them to end it i wonder y they made a movie like couple of months ago then end it its just ****** retarded to cancel it im so pissed off. The last movie they made was very good but i dont understand y end it??????
  • its cancelled but bring it back

    this is and will always be a great show of nick but not as great as avatar the last airbender (the legend of aang). it takes place more in modern times and is great. it has action, adventure, and romance. what else can i say? why did they end the show with that movie. th movie has to be a lot longer very longer. the fiction within the show was nice too. so people should bring back the show. i still need more words until one hundred words for this danny pham review. why is sam goth? YES 100 words.
  • I love this show more than any other!

    I've watched this show since Day one. Even though it got off to a rocky start, but I stuck with it. Danny Phantom is the coolest show (next to Kim Possible) I've ever watched. I can't believe it was cancelled! This show is about a boy named Danny Fenton who accidentally receieves ghost powers and he becomes ghost-fighting superhero, Danny Phantom. Only his best friends, Sam and Tucker, know about his secret. Personally, this show is really original. My friends and I love to watch it. Since it got cancelled, we wrote stories and drew pictures about Danny Phantom. Over all, Danny Phantom rocks!
  • ....

    This show was awesome and I'm really sad that it ended, even though I am way pleased with the results. Sam and Danny getting together was a definate 'thumbs up' for myself. I love this show so much ... xD

    This show, though with the occasional bad puns, was pretty funny overall. The plot was pretty good, though it just seemed like he fought a different ghost in every episode ... oh wait ... he did xD

    Oh well ... ah ... okay I miss this show now :cry: Well, I hope everyone who likes this show wishes this show a happy ending xP
  • It got better every season.

    Why cancel it, Nickelodeon!?!? I loved this show when it premiered and I've watched it since! I loved Reality Trip, The Ultimate Enemy, and mostly Phatom Planet! Well, I think I know why it's cancelled, it's because Butch Hartman kept on making deals with Nick sayng, "This is gonna be great in sales!" I mean, it got it's own DS game! I guess it didn't do well, because thats what caused the cancellation. Bad merchandise sales. If none of that happened, we might still have Danny! I know the ratings have been good, with almost 1 million viewers everytime an episode airs. Even re-runs. Yeah. But it wasn't enough for Nick, so they cancelled it.

    I miss it so much.
  • I liked it a lot.

    Great Job, Hartman! You've have created another well put Nicktoon! Danny Phantom is probably one of the best Nick shows I've seen in a while! This show has a great cast with funny characters, wonderful but repetitive plots, great memorable villains like Skulker & Ember, & great voice casting with some of the best voice actors around Nowadays, Nick shows are just plain dull, boring, & stupid, but this show, along with The Fairly Oddparents & Spongebob Squarepants, this is truly a great show & I would recommend this show to anyone who loves a good cartoon. . . . .
  • Danny Phantom is easily one of the boringest cartoons ever in TV history.

    My 30th review after a god AWFUL nicktoon: "The X's."

    This cartoon is very poor and very boring at best. Unbeilevebly, Did I ever metion that Outside the US this show was Irrationally Descripted by Nelvana? One of the most boringest cartoons ever in TV history, for my Opioion. It's so boring and It's the only thing on TV. They show it like 15 times a day! Ir's so annoying! This cartoon is going to get a D. Here the results:

    Voice-acting: A++ 10.0/10.0 The Voice-acting is perfect and fine.

    Animation: B+ 7.5/10.0 The Animation is pretty decent, and It's very clean and very Colorful.

    Graphics: C 6.0/10.0 The graphics are Average. Umm... That's it.

    Sound: C-- 5.4/10.0 Some music are good and some music are just awful.

    Dialouge: A- 8.0/10.0 Good scripts are the show and really matches with the theme of the cartoon.

    Lasting Appeal: E- 3.5/10.0 This cartoon gets mega boring once you watch like 10 mintues of it.

    Overall: D 4.6/10.0 One of the most boringest cartoons ever on TV history like I said before. I wish this cartoon would just be cancelled and take it off the air on TV forever....
  • Come on! Bring this show on Nick for a marathon! I want to see a repeat of Phantommania2! Do you? I sure DO!

    Danny as we know, just was discovered as the ghostboy and now there are statues of him in every country as we saw in Phantom Planet! Well, as we know of that season it's self. It was like a Figure Out Season. You know what. I want there to be another season. The New TO ME Ghosts season. I know nobody wants to see no more new ghosts it gets more exciting! This show is the best I ever saw of reideaed shows I ever saw! I want it back! I really Want it back. Agree with me! We need more DANNY PHANTOM! On DVD or TV!
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