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  • Come on! Bring this show on Nick for a marathon! I want to see a repeat of Phantommania2! Do you? I sure DO!

    Danny as we know, just was discovered as the ghostboy and now there are statues of him in every country as we saw in Phantom Planet! Well, as we know of that season it's self. It was like a Figure Out Season. You know what. I want there to be another season. The New TO ME Ghosts season. I know nobody wants to see no more new ghosts it gets more exciting! This show is the best I ever saw of reideaed shows I ever saw! I want it back! I really Want it back. Agree with me! We need more DANNY PHANTOM! On DVD or TV!
  • Danny Phantom is a top notch show. Gets better with every episode, I just wish that Nick will show new episodes. Why would Nick end the show after its third season, it highway robbery!!!!

    Since Danny Phantom's been on i was impressed with this show. Danny had cool powers: Ghost Ray, Ice powers, you name it (way better than Vlad Plamius powers). Speaking of Vlad,the vilians on that show were tight as ever, Skulker, Ember, Technus, Pariah Dark, almost all the villians on that show(except the Box Ghost) was top notch. Danny's friends and family are cool, too. Danny's family being the best ghost hunters ever, him and Sam finally goin' out, how great of a friendship him and Tucker has, his (fake) cousin Dani Phantom, I bet Danny couldn't ask for a better group of peers. Over all Danny Phantom kicks butt, period.
  • Oh, so wonderful, it's the most cool story (ever?!) Danny is my favorite, before Toph!

    I remember when I saw it first, I think it's such an... odd? Then I continue watch it, from episode to episode, hey, I have one word to it, 'COOL'! Danny is awsome, freezing, and also stupid and thin, just like me! And he's cute, doesn't like me?! And one year past from the first time i saw him, I think that Danny's more (handsome, cool, ugly, odd, cool) when he... closes his eyes (nah!) in some episodes, Reign Strom? Aaaauch, I can't say anymore except 'still cool and still phantom, i love your story and your Danny oh, thanks Butch!!!'
    (nood good english - i'm not an american or someother speaks english)
  • Danny Phantom is very cool, folks.By cool, I mean so cool,it's awsome

    Danny Phantom is about a 14 year old kid who is half human, half ghost. Danny's parents are ghost hunters. They do not know that Danny is a ghost. But unlike most ghosts, Danny Phantom is pro-Human. Danny is mistaken by the residents of Amity Park (Amity Park is the place where Danny lives) as an evil ghost. Danny became a ghost because his parents built a Ghost Portal, A machine tat leads you to the Ghost Zone, a world of ghosts. He pressed a button in the portal that converted him to a ghost. His Ghost sense tells him if a ghost is near. When he detects a ghost, he hides and transforms to a ghost
  • Danny Phantom is one of the most brilliant Nicktoons to date!

    Words can not describe how much I love this show! When I first started watching DP over 3 years ago on the night it premired, I liked it immidiately, but I didn't become obsessed with it until about 2 years later when I learned it was ending. Now that it's done, the only Nick show I have left is Butch Hartman's other show, Fairly Odd Parents. Butch Hartman is truely a brilliant man and Nickelodeon is crazy for forcing him to end a great show like Danny Phantom. No other Nicktoon will ever be as good as Danny Phantom! The people at Nick are just plain stupid for ending DP in my opinion.
  • Danny Phantom is the new ghost busters!

    This show is one of the the best animated shows I've seen. It's got everything you need, action, adventure, comedy and a bit of romance. It's made by the creator who made the famous Fairly Odd Parents. Need I say more? It also teaches good morals, as well. It's your everyday teenager who gets ghost powers by a freak accident. The plot was fantastic, the characters where unique in their own aways, and it was a hit. It was on a hiatus in the U.S. until the late 2007, but now, we don't know what happened to our beloved Phantom. But there is just one slight downside to it. The series finale was kind of a disappointments, sure it covered nearly everything up, but it was too rushed in my opinion. They could have done a better job with the finale. But anyways here's my analysis: My analysis:

    Animation: 8/10

    Effects: 10/10

    Sound Effects: 9/10

    Backgrounds: 9/10

    Plot: 10/10

    Characters: 9/10

    Originality: 7/10

    Action: 9/10

    Adventure: 8/10

    Comedy: 7/10 Violence: 5/10

    Romance: 5/10

    Profanity: 0/10

    Creativity: 9/10

    Voice acting: 10/10

    Age range: All ages.

    Total: 9.3/10

    Final comments: Danny Phantom is a show that anyone can enjoy!
  • This show is kindof weird. in a good way. it's really cool and funny.

    This show is really cool. it's kind of weird, but i mean that in a good way. it's really funny and has great catch-phrases (most of the time, sometimes they're really cheesy) and the action is really good for a cartoon. Danny's parents are compleatly clueless, they're not even suspicious that he's always not around when the "ghost boy" is. his sister kind of is too, until she sees him go ghost. and then Danny doesn't reallize that she knows! if you ask me it is kind of obvious. OK so the people on the show are all clueless alot of the time. but that's what makes it really funny. a great show for kids, and for adults
  • This is a good show. You should watch it.

    This is a story about a boy named Danny , who has ghost powers. He has 2 friends ; Sam and Tucker. He has a family of 3 ghost hunters. His father Jack , his mother Maddie , and his big sister Jazz. He has to escape from his ex-girlfriend Valerie , who is now a ghost hunter. He has to fight ghosts like Skulker , Vlad Plasmius , Desiree , Spectra , Bertrand , Ember , Dark Dan , Kitty , Johny 13 , Youngblood , Dora , Aragon , Vortex , Undergrowth , and more. With skills he can suceed.
  • A Great rcreation of GhostBusters, Keep it going.

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  • I like this show.

    This show is about Danny Fenton getting ghost powers. He goes into his father's new ghost portal and accidentally presses the on button and his molecules get rearranged, as said in the theme song. He tries to keep his secret from his parents because they are ghost hunters. His friends Sam and Tucker already knew he was a ghost since the first episode. His sister Jazz finds out he's a ghost in the episode My Brother's Keeper. His enemies are Vlad Plasmius, Skulker, Ember, Thechnus, The Box Ghost, and Johnny 13 and his Shadow. Danny can change into his human form whenever he wants, but when he has to change into a ghost, he says "I'm going Ghost!" That's my review of Danny Phantom.
  • Great for the whole family.

    Heh. I got my stepfather into this show when Vlad Masters mentioned the Green Bay Packers. My mother often watches it with me, but not as often. I remember when it first came out. I was a total fangirl. :P It just shows that even adults still like cartoons. Even I still like it at this age. I loved it when Danny would "go ghost" and I still do. It is one of the best cartoons ever aired by Nick. Hopefully it will not be cancelled.

    I recommend it to anyone who likes ghosts, the supernatural, Butch Hartman's works, and the Box Ghost.

  • This show is awesome.

    Ok this show is awesome and is quite possibly the second best show nickelodean ever had (avatar is the only nick show that beats it).
    The show centers around a teenage by name danny fenton (ok I know about the name thing but that doesn't mean this show isn't good). He got ghost-powers when he accidently turned his parents ghost machine on while he was inside it (how his parents missed the fact that it wasn't turned on is beyond me). Now he is a half-ghost who defends the world from evil ghosts that come from the ghost zone while struggling through his regular life. But he isn't alone in his mission he also has his best friends sam manson (a goth vegetarian who is rich and always tries to make the world a better place) and tucker foley (a techno geek that is kind of like the exact opposite of sam) and his sister jazz.
    This show-unlike most Nick shows has half-hour episodes instead of the two episodes crammed into one thing. Also this show has action, comedy, and a good storyline with returning villians who can always pull a new trick out of their sleeve. Anyway in conclusion (cause this review isn't turning out to be one of best) this show is awsome.
  • Awesome Occult Show!

    This is a really AWESOME show! (better than Oddparents) I love it; also I am interested in the Occult...you know ghosts (the key theme for this show),vampires and other ghoulish things. I like to say that the voice acting for this show is absolutely top notch (really goes the characters). My favorite ghostly villain is Desiree, the ghostly Genie (pardon me for the extra 'ghostly') and the medieval ghosts from the episode "Beauty Marked"; and on last thing, I think Danny & Sam would make a very cute couple (even though they deny it); So fans of the Occult, I highly recommended this show for all you to enjoy.
  • AWSOME!!!!!!!!! :D wow!i started watching it over half a year a go. it is one on my fave shows!.

    :D :D Danny Phantom centers on the life and adventure of curious, shy, naive 14-year-old Danny Fenton, an unpopular kid attending Casper High, living with eccentric ghost hunting parents, and dealing with an overbearing sister; clearly unsure about his life. Upon pressure of his best friend, Sam, he wandered inside his parent's Ghost Portal, accidentally pressing a button that zapped his entire body, coating his DNA with ectoplasm, transforming him into a half ghost boy.

    Panicked over his powers at first, after the defeat of a bipolar Lunch Lady Ghost, Danny now turned to a life of superhero-ism, using his powers to rid his hometown of Amity Park from the various ghosts (either entities/monsters or spirits from the deceased from another dimension) that plague it, teamed with his best friends, techno-geek Tucker Foley and gothic-minded Samantha (Sam) Manson. Aside from a variety of ghosts, he faces other threats of many caliber, including vengeful ghost hunter Valerie Gray, other half ghost/rival Vlad Masters/Plasmius, and even his own parents--being ghost hunter extremists, they view Danny Phantom (and any ghosts) as a menace to society. Throughout it all, Danny slowly realizes his own potential and what his purpose is while his worlds - both the Ghost Zone and Earth - slowly begin to accept him as their defender.

    Daniel "Danny" Fenton/Danny Phantom (): The titular character of the show. Danny is a 14-year-old boy who gained ghost powers from a lab accident. He later chooses to use these powers to fight against malevolent ghosts, which have begun to regularly escape the mysterious Ghost Zone and plague his hometown of Amity Park. Aside from ghosts, he deals with ghost hunter Valerie Gray who likes Danny Fenton, but hates his ghostly counterpart, Danny Phantom, whom she is trying to eliminate. Tucker Foley ( A lighthearted African-American teenager obsessed with technology and one of Danny's best friends along with Sam. When not obsessing over gadgets, he obsesses over girls. Like Sam, he shares in Danny's secret and often helps battle ghosts back into the Ghost Zone. He generally provides comic relief. Samantha "Sam" Manson Danny's other best friend. Though wealthy, (her great grandfather Izzy made the machine that twirls cellophane around Deli toothpicks) she chooses to hide her family's monetary success for quite some time, in favor of being liked for who she is. A strident individualist, Manson is a practitioner of an overly dramatized fictional form of vegetarianism called Ultra Recyclo-Vegetarianism, a frequent protester for such things as animal rights, and a self-proclaimed Goth who prefers heavy metal music and favors an all-black, Gothic-influenced fashion. Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton Danny's know-it-all (and somewhat overprotective and perhaps overly helpful) older sister; a smart and highly sociable overachiever. Jazz considers her parents' obsession with ghosts as a sign of needing psychological help. She discovers that Danny has ghost powers in the episode "My Brother's Keeper", but she does not reveal her knowledge of it until "The Ultimate Enemy", in favor of waiting until he is ready to talk about it with her. Jack Fenton Danny's father. Jack has an obsession with destroying ghosts and expresses hate for them. He is generally incompetent in nature, but when provoked, can be an effective fighter. He spends nearly all of his time in an orange jumpsuit. Jack cares about his family but is oblivious to Danny's powers. He also spends his time inventing gadgets that do not always work. Madeline "Maddie" FentonDanny's mother. Also a professional ghost hunter, Maddie is more interested in studying ghosts than simply destroying them. She is much more competent both as a parent and a ghost hunter than Jack. Valerie Gray A once popular kid whose life was accidentally turned upside-down by Danny's ghostly alter ego, Danny Phantom, and a ghost dog. She bears a grudge against him (although has a bit of a crush on Danny Fenton) and has vowed to hunt him down, mostly using equipment given to her by a mysterious benefactor (who turns out to be Vlad Plasmius) before donning a different gear later on. Vlad "Vlad" Masters/Vlad Plasmius Danny's arch-enemy and a multi-billionaire. An old acquaintance of Jack and Maddie Fenton and one other known human-ghost hybrid like Danny. Vlad's ghost powers were thrust upon him by an accident with a Ghost Zone Portal prototype, which hospitalized him for many years with ecto-acne. He blames Jack and is resentful that his old "friend" married the love of his life, Maddie. Unlike Danny, his ghost powers are considerably more developed, and he has used them for personal gain.
  • This show is decent, but it receives way too much credit.

    Danny Phantom is an average show from Nickelodeon in my opinion, it has a fresh plot, something you would not witness in many of the nicktoon shows today, but the show is just not my cup of tea, there are some good action episodes, but the whole comedy value is pretty lame, so why even give comedy if it is going to suck? The kid Tucker tries so hard to be funny, but he does not come so close. I do like the animation and some of the episodes are in fact good to see on maybe a Saturday night, but I would definitely watch some other shows over this.
  • This is a great show it can't be over we Danny Phantom fans need to ban together and tell Nickelodeon to BRING DANNY PHANTOM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danny Phantom is a great show. Its my favorite cartoon Butch espically needs to make a fourth season so we can see Danny and Sam as a couple and if they'll last. I love this show and even though Phantom Planet is a perfect ten they still need to keep showing this show. If Butch Hartman can make six and a half seasons of Fairly Odd Parents then Butch can make four or more seasons of Danny Phantom. Even though Fairly Odd Parents is a funny and good show I think Danny Phantom is better which is why I say it should go on.
  • Going Ghost!

    This show is very popular and has a lot of fans including me. I love this show a lot. It is one of my top five favorite shows. This show is about 14 year old Danny Fenton who gains ghost powers by pressing a button within his parent's ghost portal. Danny Fenton then becomes Danny Phantom and fights ghostly crime all over the ghost zone. He fights villains such as Vlad Plasmius, Box Ghost, Walker, Skulker, Technus, Undergrowth, Vortex, Nocturne, Ember, Johnny and his shadow, the ghost king, Controlfreak, his future self, and many other villains mainly ghostly. Overall this is a very good show and I wish it could have more seasons.
  • scifi

    I personally love this show.Its about danny fenton a normal 14 year old boy. His parent attempt to build a portal to another world. Unforetunetly it didnt work. Dannys friends dare him to walk in to it. He accidently activates the portal fusing his dna with that of a ghost. His suits color scheme was reversed and his his hair turned white and his eyes green. He soon learned he had ghost powers like flight walking through walls and invisibility. He decided to protect his town from ghosts coming from the ghost zone. He soon learns new powers like concussive blasts. this show is epic.
  • oh my god where do i start on this one well a love just about every episode of this show each season gets better and better and i just cant get over it

    this show has great chaters stories and i have ways of wanting to tape every episode know to mankind i would just die if this show got cancled but i know everyone will make sure that this show wont get cancled even i know sadily danny phantom will get cancled so lets make sure he stays around for more years to come here is how i would rate the seasons so far

    season 1- 8.9

    season 2- 9.0

    season 3- 9.3

    see you all later! and you all need to help and give the show a 4th season or at least a new movie
  • So you are the ghost

    Went a looser boy felt in a gate that let enter creatures of other world that boy get power but not that powers that the classic no no no it is MIX .he can fly ,take the control of body create pure energy and all thoes things and stuff of the ghost can do but now can you really control them or the control you every episo he get a new power it make the show great it is one of my favorite the humor ,is true it no a big LOL like the the other show of casmo and wanda with timmy but it is have his sense of humor and accion.

    My favorite epi is went jazz discover the little sicret of hie little brother.well in the end sometime they work like a band of brothers or i thing like that so je je.
  • I think they should keep the Danny Phantom show on because 1. the tv shows they have replaced for it are so stupid. 2. the tv show has so many fans they should of kept it!

    I love the show all my friends like it and the shows now they have are stupid like Mr. Meaty,Tak and the power of juju,Back at the barnyard,and so many others they replaced. I just want Danny phantom back I really liked that show a lot all kinds of other tv channels don't replace tv shows the keep them and just add more shows. and they should have episodes if sam and danny get together and if you go to www.photobucket.com and search sam and danny you can find good pictures of them together and if you go to www.nick.com you can play great games!!!!
  • This show is really cool! It's about a 14-year-old boy named Danny Fenton who gets ghost powers from an accident in his parents lab and only his friends Sam and Tucker know about his powers.

    This is the best nickelodeon show i've ever seen! I think that Danny Phantom is AWESOME!!! If i were to give out grades for tv shows, this would get an A++++! I watched almost every episode of this show out there! Including all the movies! I believe that everyone should what this show! At one point, I thought this show would be boring, but now it's almost the only thing i watch! Every time both Kim Possible and Danny Phantom are on @ the same time, i try to watch both of the shows! Plus, i love the theme song! *He's gonna catch 'em all, 'cuz he's Danny Phantom*
  • So cute!

    So I was quickly changing the channels one day,like seriously fast... And then suddenly I stop and go back a few channels because something caught my attention, something really cool. Its was this cartoon of some kid that suddenly just turns into some kind of a phantom/ghost and kicks other phantom/ghost/etc butt. So I started to get really interested at first, and soon, I'd try to catch the show whenever it was on TV. This didnt turn into some crazy addiction, but the characters and animations are so cute! Who could resist the action and adventure of this wonderfully creative show?
  • This show is interesting and funny, a real great one!

    When I saw the comercials announcing a new show was coming to Nickelodeon called Danny Phantom, I thought, hey cool, a new show, but i wasn't sure if i was going to check it out. Fate was shinning on me that day, because i did. The first episode was great! And I was glad that the reason Danny got his powers wasn't completely lame, and actually made sense. It was fun to see the characters i love from the beginning and see them mature. There is also always a funny sense of humor in the show ever sinse the first episode. I really enjoy this show, and how Danny had to learn to control his powers, and had the success of sending those bad ghosts that were threating Earth, back to the ghost zone. I think the prospect of Danny's new ice powers really intresting! Lets see where that goes now...
  • Danny Phantom is the best show ever!!

    Danny Phantom is the best show ever to be on Nick! The people that work at Nick must have lost their brains if they are really thinking about canceling DP! I mostly hate that they are canceling DP, and putting in stupid shows like mr. meaty, wayside, and some others I can't think of right now. When I first saw the preveiw for DP I thought to myself "Oh great, there's gonna be another stupid show on nick!" But I decided to watch the first episode and I have loved it ever since!! I think Nick needs to use more then half a brain cell when deciding which shows to cancel! I believe we can save Danny Phantom, if we don't lose hope first. Save the ghost we love the most!
  • A cartoon about a young boy who suddenly finds himself with ghost powers. This show chronicles this boy's life as he struggles to balance his new secret life as a hero, his school life, his social life, and his family life. A wonderful show for all ages.

    This show is the most incredible show I've ever seen. Even though it is a cartoon, it is a show to be enjoyed by all ages. I am 18 and it is my favorite show on TV. It is clean, which is rare among tv shows today. It has a good sense of humor. The creator seems to have an uncanny ability to slip in political and pop cultural jokes that only the older audience would understand, while still making the show enjoyable for kids. It is the only show I've seen that is appealing on all levels to adults and children alike. The characers are also extremely diverse. It delves into the lives of the poor, the rich, high class, and middle class. It boasts a racially and socially diverse cast of characters. Each episode teaches a good moral lesson while still being entertaining to the audience. Cancelling this show would make me worry for the future of society and children's shows. This show is more than mindless entertainment. Cancellation is a big mistake.
  • I dont relly know if this is true.

    hey people i dont knoe if this is true but i wen ton dannyphantomonline.com and went to the rumors and saw that some people found out episodes 51 and 52. 51 is called Phant-astic Task and 52 is called Evil Dan's Back. but remember it is a rumor so i not so sure about this but i still have some fath and i beleve that danny phantom will live! So please go and check this stuff out please and thank you. I hope this is true and if it is i hope 52 will be a big screen movie. yay! happy day!
  • Spoilder for Phantom Planet. If you haven't seen it, dont read this until AFTER you've seen it

    Danny Phantom is the best show on Nick. It's a shame they have to cancel it though. Danny is SOOOOOO cute!!! You just gotta love his voice!!! And same goes with Dark Dan. Danny should have just told Sam how he felt before Phantom Planet. At least there would be more eps with DXS. They say they're not making anymore eps. They still left alot of things out. We dont know whats gonna happen next. So...HELP SAVE DANNY PHANTOM!!! WOOT!!!! So check out the Danny Phantom Forums. We have alot of ideas on how to save Danny. Save DP! Woot!! Save danny phantom! Save Danny Phantom! Woot!
  • This is a Great Show!

    This is the most Original, most Fantastic show they have ever shown on Nickelodeon. I mean, who ever heard of a Ghost Powered Child Super Hero? Man, This Would Have Been The Most Popular Show on Nick (Right Behind Spongebob Squarepants), if Nickelodeon Studios Hadn't Gone and Stopped It's Production. Getting it Back is Going to be VERY Dificult, But not at all Impossible. I realy Hope Nick or at Least Viacom Lisens To us and realise How Important this Show is to us. well That's all I can say for now. Adios, Sionara, So Long, See ya, and Bye-Bye, and all That.
  • This show is about a boy named Danny that has ghost powers!

    I love this show! This show is about a boy named Danny that has ghost powers! It has action, comedy, and a little bit of drama. It's a really awesome show and the voice actors are really good. The first time I watched this show, I reconized some voices right away. Most of the actors are very talanted and they make the show even better!

    Overall, it's a exalant show. It has everything for everybody. I would recomend it to people that are into anime, people that like comedy, and people that like action movies and shows. It's an exalant show to watch!
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