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  • awesome!

    Love it especially the Danny and Sam lines. I didn't even know it was ending until I really got into it. Which is really annoying. Danny and Sam make the cutest couple and I can not wait for them to get together. Unless it means the end of the show. Which it probably does. Which is sad because it means you are waiting for the end of the show. I am dragging on a bit to make the limit. Anyway I like all the characters except Tucker. We get it he is a geek. He is the only over the top character.
  • This show is about a teenage boy who accidentally gets ghostly powers because of an accident in his parent's lab. He uses his powers to fight crime with the help of his two best friends, Tucker Foley and Samantha (a.k.a. Sam) Manson.

    This show is one of my top favorites. I love the villains and characters. There is not very much character development, though. But that's how it is with a lot of animated shows. I do like the creative storylines in each episode and the great dark elements it occasionally has, especially in the one-hour movie, 'The Ultimate Enemy'. It also has some really funny moments. The voice acting, in my opinion, is really well done. I like how the voice actors all look slighty like the characters they play! With a lot of shows, if you watch episodes again and again, it gets old and boring. But not with this show!
  • Danny Phantom is the best show ever. WHY DID NICKELODEON CANCEL IT??!!

    Danny Phantom is the best show ever made. But Nick canceled it for no reason, just because it had low ratings for the lower set. Danny Phantom has fans that are older, not just six and under . . . but they fail to realize that so they didn't take the time to view the older fans so it got canceled. Danny is "Nickelodeon's first kid superhero", how cool? Bring it back Bring it back!! Bring it back!! Why did Nick cancel it in the first place? FOP was going to be canceled, and it got saved, so maybe if we work really hard we can bring Danny back too. Save The Ghost We Love The Most!!
  • Danny Phantom is one of Nick's better shows.

    There is something about this show that has me hooked. I still enjoy episodes that I've seen a million times. The theme song is awesome. All the characters are great and have a special part in the show. DP is more funny than it is action packed and thats great. Butch Hartman is a genius and I wish Nick would let him produce more episodes. The villains in this show are great. My favorite villain is Skulker and my favorite character is Danny. This show has all the components to be considered classic one day. DP has many loyal fans and Nick should renew it and also release season sets. Gonna catch em all cause he's Danny Phantom.
    Man I love this show.
  • this is a good show it makes kids like danny phantom but i give it a great review this is a good review but it has a little violence i it but danny phantom is a good charcter because ids are very interested for kids but i pick out of<

    kids should like this how because it is edcational for
    little kids.i ike the chrismas special of danny phantom
    but. i really rate this show as a good show kids danny phantom is playedby David Kaufman this is a good show the creator is Butch Hartman. there are 53 epoisides
    original run isApril 3, 2004 – October 2006.produced by Billionfold Studios.here are the charcters 1.1 Daniel "Danny" Fenton (Danny Phantom) 1.2 Jasmine "Jazz" Fenton 1.3 Jack and Madeline "Maddie" Fenton 1.4 Danielle "Dani" Phantom 2 The Foley Family 2.1 Tucker "Tuck" Foley 2.2 Mr. and Mrs. Foley 3 The Manson Family 3.1 Samantha "Sam" Manson 3.2 Jeremy and Pamela Manson 3.3 Ida Manson 4 The Gray Family 4.1 Valerie Gray 4.2 Damon Gray 5 The Citizens of Amity Park 5.1 Mr. Lancer 5.2 Mrs. Tetslaff 5.3 Mr. Falluca 5.4 Dash Baxter 5.5 Paulina 5.6 Kwan 5.7 Tiffany Snow 5.8 Harriet "Harry" Chin 5.9 Mayor Ernesto Montez 5.10 Star 5.11 Principal Ishiyama 5.12 Elliot/Gregor 5.13 Nathan 5.14 Ashley 5.15 Irving "Third Degree" Burns 5.16 Several nameless characters 6 References 7 See also [edit] The Fenton Family
  • the show is about a bow called danny fenton and his two friends tucker and sam. danny is at home where his parents were working on their ghost portal a bridge crossing to the ghost zone.danny accidentally activates it and gets ghost powers.

    i like watching this show whenever a boring show, like whenever my sis finishes watching e entertainment or whenever i finish doing something boring. so whenever i get the chance to watch it when no one is i always get interupted that stinks. whenever i want to watch a show...'ding' someone comes to nagg at me.there was once when i was home alone and i thought no one would be able to riun my show 3 more minutes till the shoe=w starts, i finished my home work and nothing could go wrong and that was what i thought then i am interrupted by a driiler on the floor above me nooooooooooooo!!!!!
  • My 2nd fav show after Ben 10.

    I love Danny Phantom.It's awesome!!!!I like Danny's way of transforming into Danny Phantom.Sam loves Danny in secret but she's to scared to admit it.Tucker is a techno-geek.Probably a computer expert.Danny's dad,Jack is a little bit funny and absent minded.Maddie,Danny's mom is intelligent and kind hearted.His sister Jazz is so normal except for the Phantom thing.I like it when Danny Phantom goes ghost and beats those evil ghosts in the butt.AWESOME!
  • This show is awesome! I like that Danny has to beat ghosts and has to stuggle a bit but its awesome! The only thing i want is that Danny and Sam To be a couple I heard they were going to be in the next episode Showed in the U.S i love this Show its cool.

    I still love this show but why can't Butch Hartman show new episodes in the United States or in California. Is it because our family has not many channels or what It's totally unfair. Getting back on Danny Photom I always wondered his weakness is besides horomones, Embarrrassment, and love what is his weakness all super heroes have weakness I know that Teckness said his weakness is horomones but I think Its not. i think Danny should be with Sam more for reasons you know. i also like that Danny is a teenager with a girl friend instead of El tigre where manny is like 12-13 and danny is 14-15.
  • A teenage boy acquires ghost powers.

    I know I'm gonna get a lot of backlash from Danny Phantom fans for saying this but, this show is only okay at best. In fact, I'm not even sure why I watched this show on a semi-regular basis. I definitely didn't watch it for the comedy - the humor on this show consists entirely of really wordy one-liners and "witty banter" with the villains ala Spider-Man (the big difference is that Spider-Man is actually witty).
    While I'm on the subject of bad comedy, I should mention that Butch Hartman apparently doesn't know the difference between irony and sarcasm, as evidenced in several instances from Danny Phantom and the Fairly Odd Parents. Granted, sarcasm is a more precise form of verbal irony, but I think the people who write Danny Phantom simply don't know the difference.
    I certainly didn't watch this series for the action either. Danny is a horrible fighter, and he never seems to use his powers at the right times (What are you doing, Danny?!? Just use your flippin' intangibility!)
    And then there are those annoying little questions that this show brings up. Why can't Danny tell his parents about his powers? His enemies already know that Danny Fention = Danny Phantom. He even said himself that his parents would still love him if he told them. Why doesn't anybody notice the incredible similarities between Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom? They look exactly alike, only with different color schemes. (Suspension of disbelief worked for Superman, but it's just not that plausible in the 00's.)
    However, I gotta admit that the storylines were pretty good and were usually continuations of or made references to earlier episodes.
    All in all, I find Danny Phantom to be just average. I'm not a fan, but I'm not a hater either, but I honestly didn't care at all when the show got cancelled.
  • I don't get how I was in love with this show....and now I'm not....

    Yes, Danny Phantom was the best show ever....but they didn't show new episodes....that I know of...so....I grew tired of waiting and forgot the show...Now, it is just a thing of my memories....But it still has an excellent plot!! And story line!! It is just so amazing!! A half-ghost? How cool is that?! Danny fights ghost and it has romance, action, and slight humor, although the humor is not a huge part, there are some puns and such...Puns are always funny. So...I guess that's all folks...Why did I stop liking the show? Because it seemed like the show stopped! Ye ash. La weather.
  • It is about a 14 year old boy who is given ghost powers and he has to defend his hometown from all the evil ghosts and try to survive high school.

    I love this show! The characters are so cool and I can identify with some of them.Love it! Alot of the episodes deals with things that teens in high school go through,like being picked by the so called popular people.Only thing that gets to me is that the main character is so cute but yet he is considered a loser. I especially identify with Sam,the Goth girl. I went through a goth stage when I was her age.Overall,it is a great show and very entertaining.I also like the whole puppy love thing,it is so cute and not to over done.
  • Cool!

    It's an action-packed nicktoon that's most recommended for action fans! It features a boy who get's ghost powers by a freak accident, now he has to live part boy and part ghost saving Amity Park from fiendish ghosts. The plot is just to die for! Butch Hartman does it again! First The Fairly Odd Parents, now this! This show is really cool and at times it could be funny as heck! Even though it does have some fantasy violence, it's still great! What's not to love about Danny Phantom? It's a must see for anyone! This is most recommended for ages 7 and up.
  • Probably one of the best shows on Nick!

    Danny Phantom is probably one of the best cartoons Nickelodeon has ever made. What keeps the show going mostly is probably the relationship between Sam and Danny. The producers of this show always show or hint in some sort of way innumerable times that Sam and Danny has feelings for each other. However, both of them are too afraid to say anything. Other than that, it is sort of cool fighting ghosts. It also shows the peer pressure someone might face in high school but however it is sort of dramatized such as the beatings compared to some other schools.
  • Danny Fenton gets imbued with ghost powers and uses them to fight evil.

    Anything from Butch Hartman is guaranteed to be a classic. He is so talented at producing such impressive cartoons that everyone can enjoy. I find the contrasting characters an important part of this cartoon along with his dual identity that shows how much he cares about his family. This is a personal favourite of mine because anything supernatural peaks my interest. Not only that but the show incorporates his friends, Sam and Tucker, as superheroes in their own light. This is important for children and makes it a important cartoon to watch. I hope this show continues for a long time because of the themes it has that are important to everyone.
  • I love this show! It has a great plot and every episode has to do with another previous episode, kind of like a soap opera.

    I love this show! It is kind of like a soap opera how each has to do with another episode. It also has the kind of plot of some older shows. A super hero who has to keep his identity a secret and live two lives. Its classic!

    Along with the great plot, it is also funny. It has jokes for kids and parents! The jokes in Danny Phantom are not stupid like in many other Nick shows that are on now days. Danny Phantom is also action-packed. It has a lot of Ghost fights, but there is not blood, which makes it suitable for kids.

    Danny Phantom also has a lot to do with real life. such as: friends, family, school, grades, bullies, crushes, chores, and most of all secrets.

    I believe Nickelodeon is wack for canceling such a great show. So please save Danny, one of the only watchable shows on Nick
  • It's okay...

    This really isn't my favorite show but sometimes I watch it. It's about a boy who gets powers and hunts ghosts. It reminds of a few movies and shows but other than that it's pretty good. If you are a fan of humor, then this really not the show that you should be watching because it lacks humor. If you are a fan of animation and adventure, then this would be the perfect show for you. This isn't as good as The Fairly Odd Parents, but it's close I admit. If you like action shows, then you should watch it.
  • This is a great show that should not be cancelled...

    Okay, lets have a quick look at the show: a fourteen-year old boy who was in an accident in his parent's lab and got ghost powers as a result. Now he is the superhero of Amity Park, fighting ghosts, saving the world and *gasp* crushing on a girl. Now what could be better than that? It has all the elements of a good show, plus Danny, the star, has hundreds of fangirls trailing after him in mad pursuit. Sadly this show is being cancelled:-( But there is a chance! All of us can play a part in saving this totally awesome show by signing petitions and spreading the word SOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE OUR SHOW!!!!!!!
  • One of the better cartoon shows an T.V that makes sense and don't come with of the wall stuff like Spongebob Square Pants. I enjoy watching this show and Where's the new episodes, can't wait to see whats next, great cartoon try to catch it.

    Cartoons aren't the same anymore and I love watching cartoons but haven't found any worth watching but Danny Phatom has help me enjoy cartoons again and it is way better then some give credit to so I am just waiting for the new episodes.We need more shows that are good and cut spongebob off.
  • its about a boy with ghost powers

    oh i love this show its one of my absolute favorite shows! i cant say enough how much i love watching Dannt Phantom!! I only got nick a little over a year ago and after we got it this is the first show i watched. at first it was my favortie show but i have run across a few others i like better but that in no way means its not a good show. even though i have other favorites i still adore this show to pieces. i love danny and sam they are so cute together!! this show is awesome!!!
  • When Vlad funds a new ghost hunting team and make danny look like an amatuer, danny decides to get rid of his powers but when the world needs him the most. when a asteroid heads towards the earth its up to danny to stop it

    Greatest episode ever!!!!
    Its sad that it was the last episode(hopefully not the last) but at least it went out wid a bang!!
    its great that danny and sam finally got together and when all the ghost made the earth translucent
    it overall was a good episode but it would be great to have a another season 2 follow it up and see what else happens with danny and sam and about everybody now knowing about danny's ghost powers
    Greatest episode ever!!!
    funniest bit-Jack saying that he cant be fooled easily and then starts talking 2 the danny robot thinking its him!!
    greatest bit-at the end when Danny and sam kiss again and finally fly off into the sky
  • A boy half-human,half-ghost.Brilliant.

    This show is extroidinary!!!I love it soooooo much!!!Danny Phantom is my alltime favorite show!!!Great plot,it has romance,comedy,action,and a very important thing called drama!!!I love almost every episode and when I hear a new one is coming out,I scream!!!And imagine it in my head!!!So good!!!!!!!Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom are so similar in appearence and name anyone could figure it out!But nobody does except his friends Sam and Tucker who see him get his powers.Its funny how he keeps it a secret and his dad is a complete idiot,but thatscwhy we love him XD!I could go on,but youll be here forever!Awsome show,should never be cancelled,evet.
  • It's actually a pretty great show.

    Well here I am writing a review for the show Danny Phantom. So this show is about a 14 year old boy named Danny Fenton who gets ghost powers(Danny Phantom). With the help of his two best friends he keeps his identity a secret and defeats the ghosts that escape from the ghost zone. I think this is actually a pretty great show. It had in depth fights, and shows the weaknesses of Danny and his adolesence. It had pretty great villains I guess, better than some shows. Personally my favorite character is Sam because she is Danny's best friend and I believe that they could be together. She is gothic and a down to earth person(literally). Her character is really nice inside and serious. So pretty great show, I heard that some people think that they were cancelling it and I don't think they should. That's my review.
  • An interesting unique show with pleasing characters, including an ultra-cool character as the star of the show.

    This is an an entertaining action/adventure show. The characters are alright for a show about a 14-year old, however, the titular character, Danny Fenton/Phantom, is very cool and likeable although he can be kind of a jerk sometimes. There are also hilarious characters like Jack Fenton(Danny's father) who thinks fighting ghosts is more important than anything else. There are also cool villains like Vlad Plasmius, Skulker, Ember, and many more! The storyline in the series is quite exciting as Danny's ghost powers seem to control Danny at first, but Danny learns to control them and they develop as he fights more and more ghosts. The animation is somewhat appealing, and while it's not the best looking animation, it fits quite well with the show. The series is really cool as Danny gets more ghost powers as the series progresses. The humor is somewhat dense, but there are times when there is a good laugh or even times when Jack or some other character does something hilarious. The main focus of the show is the action over humor, however. In my opinion, this is Butch Hartman's best piece of work as I just like it more than "The Fairly OddParents". Danny Phantom is not your average show, really. The information about people's past times such as how Vlad ended up hating Jack or how Danny got his ghost powers. All in all, it is a very pleasing show and is by far one of my favorite shows ever!
  • It is the Best Show I will ever see! The new episodes of season 3 will premire in......

    It is the Best Show I will ever see! The new episodes of season 3 will premire in June! We have to save it!
    If danny is the best show on nickelodeon, then we have to do our best to stop nickelodeon from canceling it. Go to DPOFPA for more information.

  • Danny phantom is not your avarge show (will it is kind of)

    A boy gets ghost powers I think this must be dvd by now.His parents don't even know I think they would like to put Danny's powers to good use (I mean to other evil ghosts).

    I'am still wait for Dan phantom to come back I mean you never know he might escape the termose and come back to animy park via Vald's ghost potal.
  • Actsually a pretty good show

    I will admit I used to think this show was so dumb but then I ended up watching it one day and found out Danny Phantom was actsually a decent show much better then half the shows Nicklodeion currently has like they call Mr.Meaty one of their great shows whatever Nick Danny Phantom should be on Nick more then their shows that they think is their future but are reallt driveing them into the ground Nick is ending Danny Phantom to bring more shows that are dumb or to push their disgusting shows that they think are good I rate Danny Phantom a 8.6
  • This is why I love "Danny Phantom."

    I think that Danny Phantom is the most awesome show ever! The plot is so perfect! I love shows where the main character has a secret, expecially when it is such a cool secret like being half ghost. I think that his parents disliking his other half, but not knowing that it is their actual son, is great because it gives even more of reason to keep his powers a secret. It's awkward, his parents being his enemies sometimes, although he never really seems to see them as enemies. The friend grouping is classic. Basically all shows seem to have either two girls and one guy or two guys and one girl. The main reason, I think, is so that they can hook up the main character and his/her best friend. Although, the suspense is killing me. How much longer can they hint at the relationship before they hook Danny and Sam up. Overall, this is the best show ever!!!!!
  • This show rocks!!! Why did they cancel it?! It was awesome!

    Danny Fenton was a normal 14 years old teenage boy. His parents were ghost hunters and invented a ghost portal, where Danny exadently pushed a wrong button what turned him into a half-ghost and half-human. From that day on he became Danny Phantom. He knew he should save his city Amity Park. He fought ghosts with his friends: techno-maniac Tucker and a goth girl Sam which are the only people who know that he is a half-ghost. Danny has a sister too. Her name is Jazz. She is the smartest girl in town. When Danny was fighing ghosts Jazz realises that his brother is ghost and helps him while their parents which don't know that their son is a ghost want to kill Danny Phantom.
  • Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom. Half Boy, Half Ghost! AWSOME!

    I can honestly say that there was a time where I was obsessed with Danny Phantom as much as I am with Avatar currently. I love Danny Phantom. The show is completely original. Have you ever heard of a teenage boy that has professional ghost hunters for parents, and is part ghost himself? I didn't think so. I don't what happen. I don't why I don't watch it and often as I use to. Guess it's 'cause they don't show it as often. I loved the little sparks between Sam and Danny, and I am just waiting for them to finally admit that they have feeling for eachother!
  • A 14 years old teeange named Danny Fentom through a sheer accidental sequence of events becomes half ghost, half human. He fights evil ghosts that come to Amity Park through his parents' ghost portal and tries to send them back to the ghost zone.

    A 14 years old teeange named Danny Fentom through a sheer accidental sequence of events becomes half ghost, half human. He fights evil ghosts that come to Amity Park through his parents' ghost portal and tries to send them back to the ghost zone tarping them in a Fenton Thermos with the help of two friends: Sam, a goth girl and maybe his girlfriend and Tucker, a techno geek. This show is great, is the best, why Daany Phantom has to be cancelled, noooo... Butch Hartman said that new episodes will be airing, but there isn't true, there isn't any new episode until now.
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