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  • Danny Phantom is one of the greatest shows that I've seen on Nick!!!

    Danny Phantom is great and the reason that I still watch Nick!! He is a misunderstood kid who becomes even more misunderstood when he comes in contact with one of his parents' ghost machines. This causes him to have unusual ghost abilites!!! With those powers he and hs two best friends, Tucker and Sam, alng with his know-it-all sister Jazz save their city from ghost evil. In every adventure and fight, he learns more and more about his powers and how to or not to use them. But is that really a good thing? Join Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz in protecting the world from being ruled by ghosts!!
  • This is about a boy who gets ghost powers and has to learn to control them. One of the best tv shows in history.

    Danny Fenton(David Kaufman) is just an average 14 yearold teenager, with two best friends, Sam Manson(Grey DeLisle),and Tucker Foley(Rickey D'Shon Collins). He has two "normal" parents,Jack and Maddie, who coincidently are ghosthunters....or at least they try to be. And he has one sister, Jazz. Sam is an ultra-recyclo-vegetarian and is also a goth. Tuck is a techno geek through and through. Sounds like just another kids show right...? WRONG! Danny stepped into one of his dads inventions called the ghost portal, and it was accidently turned on while he was inside. Thus he became a halfa, half ghost/half human. along with this change, he has gained some really cool abilities, like phasing through walls, shooting ecto rays/beams, and one of his newer powers is the Ghostly Wail, then of course you have his ability to harness the power of the cold inside of him, that before just served as a sign to him and his friends that a ghost was near. Danny Fenton also known as Danny Phantom to his friends, protects Amity Park(where they live) from the ghosts that escape from the portal all the time, with help from his friends. All the while dealing with the stress of everyday life like school, bullies, and avoiding his fathers inventions that are always trying to kill him. The only people that know Danny is a halfa are Sam, Tucker, and Jazz. Those are just a few of the reasons why Danny Phantom Totally and Utterly Rocks, and why you should watch it. But don't take my word for it, just go watch, you'll be addicted soon enough.And to conclude, as per my tradition, these are my favorites.

    My favorite people are as follows:

    My Favorite Ships are as follows:
  • When I first saw the commercials for this show, I was impressed.

    This really was a new idea for Nickelodeon. A ghost kid who fought ghosts and putting them back where they belong. This might actually be Nick's first real superhero! But this show isn't just about Danny fighting ghosts, it's about other things people in the real world can relate to. Danny is a 14-year-old who faces bullies, school work, and a lot of stuff teens usually face. Even if people think this show is so original, Danny will be my favorite show for a long time!
  • Teenage Danny Phantom through a sheer accidental sequence of events becomes half ghost, half human. He fights ghosts that come to Amity Park through his parents' ghost portal and tries to send them back to the ghost zone with the help of Sam and Tucker.

    Danny Phantom is highly original and one of the best shows Nickelodeon has on its lineup. I do not see, however, why this show was cancelled! It was doing great! Butch Hartman has an incredible imagination to creat a show like this, as well as Fairly Odd Parents. Most of the episodes are unsequencial, and it doesn't matter what order you see them in becuase most of the story is not continuous, except for certain character relationships. A few episodes get really old and boring after awhile, but others are completely outstanding and creative. Sure sometimes what Danny says before he is about to beat on a ghost is a little bit corny, but thats what the show is. Personally I think it should have been kept around a little while longer. The animation is good and the speech editing is really great. Its nice to watch on a boring afternoon, or a regular one for that matter.
  • This show is great!!:)^0^

    DANNY & SAM, SITTING IN A TREE, KISSING. Those are the words you always hear when you put Sam, Danny, K, I, S, S, I, N, G together. Anyways, This is a great show about a boy that gets ghost-powers when he walks into his Parents Ghost-portal. He uses these powers to capture all the ghosts that escaped from the ghost world and stop there havoc. Danny's Parents do not have a clue that danny is a ghost and his sister, Jazz, knows already. His friends, Sam and Tucker, were the first to find out. Sams a goth-like chick has feeling for Danny and has been turned around to hurt him and Tucker is the tecno-geek and helps danny out when he can. Thanks to Butch Hartman, The creator of Faily-odd parents, created this show and it was a smashing hit.
  • this show get better every seaseon

    this show gets better every season every episode i can get to watch i WACTH it is great it is fantastic. one of the best i hope that there is more great episode to come it is a great work and a very interesting show . danny phantom is one person with danny fenton how does nobody get that .
  • The show is about a boy named Danny Fenton who one day accidently gets ghost powers, thanks to his parents ghost portal. He then, along with his two best friends,Sam Manson and Tucker Foley, save the day from evil ghosts that escape from the portal.

    At first I wasn't really into the show. I never really took the time to sit down and watch it but after I did this show instantly became my favorite. The show itself is original, the jokes in it are usually funny, and the plots are usually good. The characters are different, there are some romantic moments *cough*DannyandSam*cough*, and even still some action scenes. What I like about this show is it's different it follows it's own beat and in it still can be enjoyable for all ages.
  • Not my cup of coffee.

    Like I said, not my cup of coffee. There are shows that I'd rather spend dollar upon dollar in merchandise, and that I'd rather watch on TV. I'm not looking to make anyone mad, but this show, in my opinion, gets, at the most, a 7, even though I gave it a 6. I watch very little on Nick, and spend most on CN, since that is where all, if not most, of mt favorite shows are. Even if Danny Phantom made it's way on CN, which I severely hope not, I wouldn't watch it anymore than I do now.
  • Whoooo!!!!

    When I first saw Danny Phantom (in 2004) I didn't really like it,
    but now I LOVE it.
    To bad there cancelling it.
    My favorite episode is Fanning The Flames.My second favorite is (Totally) Ultimate Enemy.
    And the list goes on anyway, my favorite characters in order are Sam, Jazz, Danny & Tucker. LONG LIVE DANIEL!!!!!!
  • GREAT SHOW!!!!

    I really like this show. . . . to me this is the second best show on the nickolodeon network right now. . . . I wish it wouldnt end. . . . it has a good plot and storyline it is a very very good idea and i just wish that they would not end the show though. . . . this show has many aspects that appeal to many different audiences.. i know of many people who watch this show and they vary from many many many ages. . . . . Please save the show.. it is really great
  • The adventures of a boy who gets ghost powers and his friends, fighting the evil ghosts on the loose.

    In this tv show a boy named danny has ghost hunting parrents that built a ghost portal thats deosnt work.... but danny tried it and accedentally sp? activates it and then the theam song explains the rest of what im talking about at this very hour, minute, and second. After that alot of EVIL ghosts got freed into the real world making Danny have to find them and catch them with a themast sp? along with his two friens Sam (gothic), and Tucker (Techno geek). Later in the series he gets a new logo put on his chest wich is a D with a P inside of it.
  • The adventures of a boy who gets ghost powers and his friends, fighting the evil ghosts on the loose.

    In this tv show a boy named danny has ghost hunting parrents that built a ghost portal thats deosnt work.... but danny tried it and accedentally sp? activates it and then the theam song explains the rest of what im talking about at this very hour, minute, and second. After that alot of EVIL ghosts got freed into the real world making Danny have to find them and catch them with a themast sp? along with his two friens Sam (gothic), and Tucker (Techno geek). Later in the series he gets a new logo put on his chest wich is a D with a P inside of it.
  • This is a show about a Danny Phantom who is a half human half ghost hybrid. He acidentally got his powers from a machine his parents were building. Now he goes around fighting ghosts with his friends Sam and Tucker.

    When i first saw this show i didn't take much noitce. But as the show progressed, it was off the wall. I was totally obsessed with this show. I even went to the point of singing the theme song in the shower and runing home after school so i wouldn't miss the episode. I highly recommend this show to everyone. Once you watch it, you wont be able to stop.
  • I'm not a big fan of ghosts but I still like to watch this show every now and then.

    This show is okay but I have a few questions. What made Danny's parents start believing in ghosts?, what made Danny's parents build that strange machine anyway?,. I guess all my questions will remain mysteries until someone answers my question's. On a percentage scale of 1 to 100 I rate this show 78.6%.
  • Great show.

    I don't know why but I like this show. I'm surprised it's getting cancelled. I wish it wasn't because I like this show a lot. My favorite episode is when Kitty (Johnny 13's girlfriend) runs away from Johnny and takes over Paulina's body. That was like a love rectangle. Danny, Paulina, Johnny 13, and Kitty. It was a great episode. My friend didn't like it at first but then he got into it. My favorite character is Skulker, second is Vlad. I am a Danny/Sam shipper. I really don't like Danny that much. I like Tucker, he's very funny. Overall I give this show a 9.1.
  • nickelodean may be going down the tubes, but Danny Phatom just may be able to save it.

    lets just admit it. we dont have any of the good shows anu more, like ahh real monsters, angry beavers, or cat dog. danny phantom is one of the only decent shows left on nickelodean.

    this show is about a half boy, half ghost who lives with his ghost hunter parents and his wacky but perfect sister. most of the time the show has a very good plot, though sometimes it can get a bit repetitive. good voice acting, good fight scenes for a cartoon.

    this is a show that i certainley dont change the channel on the second it shows up on the screen. i even have the catchy theme on my ipod!
  • This is mi fav show on nick, i love the plot!

    It's about when a 14-year-old boy Danny Fenton who has ghost-crazy parents who don't even know that there own son kinda is 1. He 1st got his powers in an accident in his parents lab, where while exploring his parents' new ghost portal chamber invention which didn't work, he accidently triggers it on while inside and when he wakes up hes half ghost. I love this show! In each episode it just gets better and better. It's got action, comedy, a little bit of romance (I'm a DXS supporter). I can't wait to see more episodes! With some of the episodes I don't know why but I sometimes find myself rolling around with laughter! I love the jokes in it! A top show! It just gets better and better 4 me. You HAVE to watch this show, it's awesome!!! 10 out of 10!!!
  • one of the cartoons i like, funny and it has alot of action in it. it's a good cartoon for young and old. but i think its too bad only a few episodes of these air on the dutch tv.. i hope more of them will air soon.

    the cartoon of it is about a 12-yeared old boy who has strange ghost-adicted parents who made a ghost portral..
    in a acident danny becomes a half human half ghost and since then he offers himself to save the world from bad ghosts.
    his 2 best friends know of his secreat and help him as much as they can.
    a very good cartoon, i love to watch it.
  • Danny Fenten has ghost powers! Should you even care anymore?

    Ok, seriously I expected something ALOT different from Butch Hartman who created the hilarious FOP. The series is more action-packed more than a funny series. The show can be funny at times like with the Box Ghost and Jack, but the rest can be serious at times and like I said it's not funny just action-packed. What I look for in shows is comedy those are the kind fo shows I like. Spongebob Squarepants can have action in it but surpresses it in an intentially funny way which cracks people up. FOP had barely and action in it, but contained a quirky little 10-year-old slipping up when he makes wishes with his magical fairy god parents Cosmo and Wanda. Danny Phantom has all action and barely anything funny in it at all. The show is also to freakin' overated! I mean everywhere I look in stores, modern day towns, and malls they have a bunch of DP crap all over the freakin' place, I mean do they have to take it that far? Do they have to advertise for a show that's already popular as it? Also on areas such as Deviantart and Fanart Central, it's freakin' crowded with DP art with a whole bunch of characters people in real life create to show affection towards the ghost boy himself, Danny Fenten. Every freakin' place I turn at has a hell of a lot of DP stuff. The art in these sites show DP fan-characters, romance, yaoi/yuri, action, emo, etc. The whole plot starts out with Danny and his Friends, Tucker and Sam all go through their modern day lives in society while running into ghosts that just happen to appear out of no where. I'll admit the fights are cool, but when it carries on through out the frickin series it gets old very quickly and it gets boring seeeing him fight, after fight, after fight, after fight until I just can't take it anymore. The whole plot could not be anymore stock I mean how many times have you seen ghosts in a series? In my opinion... way to many. The only ghost I get crack out of is the Box Ghost his retarded powers with boxes and pathetic crap makes laugh everytime. Butch Hartman is a great guy, but this series just no... no freakin' way. Like I said I'd expect better out of the guy who created FOP seriously.
  • Good or bad....mostly good.

    This show is good and bad in different ways. This show is good because I enjoy watching the fighting scenes and I like how Danny always saves the world and all. But I don't like this show that much though. I don't really like this show that much because they use some forms of really cheesy comedy and most shows I like to watch have some sense of seriousness to them and they aren't all about, hey if I die I will come back in the next episode done worry fans. Yes, I know that isn't exactly what happens in this show but it comes close to that because he always either gets captured by a monster or something happens where his powers get taken away or something like that, and always you know that he is going to win no mater what which I don't exactly like in a show, I like knowing that some characters are real and might actually get defeated once, this just isn't the case with Danny. This show is good in its ways and also bad, but overall I do like the show and I wouldn't change the channel if it was on or anything like that because its ok and I like watching the fighting scenes.
  • The story about a boy and hes new gosth powers! ^o^ Nick has a wonderfull idea with this cartoon!! =3

    Danny phantom was the tipical boy, but...now he has superpowers! ^^ well...gosth powers but he can fly and so much things and the most important... he must keep his true identy from the others, so much to handle for only one boy XD

    you have to see it! this show is really awsome!! ^O^
  • Nick..nick..Nick...nick...Nickelodeon!

    I “accidentally” found Danny Phantom while channel surfing while I was dog sitting. How's that that for irony? It was a Friday or Saturday saw more than one episode and I liked it. I was confused at first and wondered what channel I was on. Danny and his friends Sam and Tucker looked like Ron, Kim, and Wade from Kim Possible my favorite cartoon on Disney channel, but his hair looked like Cosmo from the Fairly Odd Parents. I think I like show Danny Phantom because it is two dimensional the form similar to what I "grew up" with and shows modern gadgets, for example, Danny and his friends Tucker and Sam instant messaging with a webcam. Sometimes, I can relate to Tucker and Jazz more than Sam and Danny at times....
  • I love DP!

    Butch Hartman is the most wonderful person for coming up with this show! it is honestly the best show that i have ever seen! absolutely beautiful! an awesome job done on this cartoon!

    The plot is simply amazing and v. original. And don't let me get started on the characters! each and every single one of them is very cool. my fav. one is sam. i love the way that her personality is. we must save DP and show nick that it is the best show that they have. the idea of cancelling Dp is absolutely preposterous. we will save you Danny!
  • Awesome Show

    Danny Phantom is about a 14-year old boy who gets ghost powers. Danny Phantom quickly became my favorite show from the first time I watched it. Its humor, animation and voice actors are top notch and it has a little bit of everything like I said humor, action, adventure, a little bit of romance mainly between the two main characters Danny and Sam. This is one show that I’m trying to tape every episode. It has been a while since I've been draw (no pun intended) to a cartoon as good as this one.
  • of all of the five current great nick shows tis one Is In LAsst but it is still pretty good

    of all of the five current great nick shows tis one Is In LAsst but it is still pretty good. I really like this show but i still wish Butch Hartman hadnt left Fairly Odd parents To come make this , because when he did Fairly Odd parents got worse and worse, I would rather have good Fairly Odd parnts tne new Danny phantom of all of the five current great nick shows tis one Is In LAsst but it is still pretty good of all of the five current great nick shows tis one Is In LAsst but it is still pretty good

    -I LUV THIS SHOW!!I luv this show,it's cute and full of action!My fav. kind of danny is goin to be,danny phantom,that my fav. danny!Well i luv this show,but what sad is that nick(>:()is goin to cancel it D'= It's a very poplure show and then nick. is going to cancell it.Nick it puting stupid shows on,the older ones are the best(well i like some of the new ones,like Danny Phantom,my fav show^_^)It's like nick. does not careno more.

    -Whats weird is that me and my sis like it then we have not watch it for bout 1 year then i want to watch it again and now i'm obessed about it!It's jest a aswome show!
  • AWESOME!!!!!!

    Danny Phantom is awesome! It is about a teenage boy named Danny Fenton who has ghostly superpowers and is a heroic-phantom fighter. His best friends are Sam Manson, a goth girl, and Tucker Foley, a techo-geek. Danny Phantom has a sister named Jazz. My favorite episodes are Urban Jungle, One of a Kind, and Identity Crisis. I`ve heard that Butch Hartman, the creator of the show, will cancel the show. I really hope that doesn`t happen. I think the show kinda stole the theme song from Pokemon. That is just my opinion. Overall this show is really fun to watch and I hope it doesn`t get cancelled.
  • A very fine show.

    'Danny Phantom' is an amazing kids show. It's very fun. But, some of the characters annoy me, like the "goth" girl Sam, and the "computer geek" Tucker. Other than that I really have nothing bad to say about this show. It's funny, and full of great action scenes. I hope it continues the way it's going now, because it's a classic! I give this show a 9/10 because it knows how to keep me interested, it makes me laugh, and it even makes me keep wanting more every time an episode ends. It's very good, indeed, and at the moment is one of the best cartoons around.
  • This used to be a good show until after the first 7 episodes.

    This show used to be good but now it's not. The episode ideas are getting to be crappy. Tucker has got to be the worst character on the show. He is a loser with PDA's and everything who wears big, geeky half-moon glasses. He provides pathetic humor to the show. the second worst character is Sam, she is some stupid goth girl who provides more pathetic humor. You get the idea. Plus, all the ghosts don't really look like ghosts at all, just green blobs with red eyes. And most of the ghosts don't come from any dead people either. So, in conclusion, don't watch this show! EVER!!!!!!!!!!
  • one of the best shows on nick

    A young boy named Danny Phanton, had a not so normal life. His parents were Ghost Hunters. He had never really been interested in ghost like his sister Jazz. But one day Danny, Sam, and Tucker had been mixing arpund through his parents stuff. Then Danny had walked into a machine called the "Ghost Portal" In there something amazing happened, Danny, had hit a button and some green rays came and hit him. Was he dead! No but he was a ghost, now by his obvious ghost name "Danny Phantom" will both be a regular 14-year old boy, and a ghost boy.
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