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  • This used to be a good show until after the first 7 episodes.

    This show used to be good but now it's not. The episode ideas are getting to be crappy. Tucker has got to be the worst character on the show. He is a loser with PDA's and everything who wears big, geeky half-moon glasses. He provides pathetic humor to the show. the second worst character is Sam, she is some stupid goth girl who provides more pathetic humor. You get the idea. Plus, all the ghosts don't really look like ghosts at all, just green blobs with red eyes. And most of the ghosts don't come from any dead people either. So, in conclusion, don't watch this show! EVER!!!!!!!!!!
  • one of the best shows on nick

    A young boy named Danny Phanton, had a not so normal life. His parents were Ghost Hunters. He had never really been interested in ghost like his sister Jazz. But one day Danny, Sam, and Tucker had been mixing arpund through his parents stuff. Then Danny had walked into a machine called the "Ghost Portal" In there something amazing happened, Danny, had hit a button and some green rays came and hit him. Was he dead! No but he was a ghost, now by his obvious ghost name "Danny Phantom" will both be a regular 14-year old boy, and a ghost boy.
  • Danny Fenton, an average 14 year old high school boy who isn't so average. Sure he's got school, homework and girls to worry about. But, he also leads a seperate life as Danny Phantom!

    I love this show! It is so original! Sometimes there are those parts where you recognize something from spider-man or something like that, but other than those momoents it is totally original. You gotta love a teenage boy with ghost powers! Danny Fenton's alter-ego, Danny Phantom is a white haired, green eyed, ghostly superhero. But, there's that little bit of evilness *smiles darkly* in him that could be released at any time. it has been let loose a few times, and all of them were amazing. Especially, the Ultimate Enemy! Dark Danny is soooo awesome! Compared to Dark Danny, Plasmius is just a scared little kitty cat. We must stand together to fight Nickolodeon! They want to cancel our favorite teen hero! We can't let that happen! We can't let the phantom die so young! He's only 14!
  • Danny Phantom is a story about a normal teenage boy who is bearly getting by in school. The everything changes when his parents invent a "ghost portal." Danny walks into it and gets powers. Now he has to balance school, social life, and his ghost life.

    I absolutly love this show. The whole danny being ghost and the fact the Sam and Danny are just "friends" makes it better. This show catches the eye to a great fanticy world. This show is also good because it's not about so old man/woman the ate something for dinner, you know? It appeales to the teenage eye. And i think it is funny, like whenever jazz gets covered my ecto-goo. And "sometimes" there is a lesson to be learned, well most the time. I hope this show will keep going on the air and i also want to see what happens between danny and sam.
  • good show

    From Butch Hartman , the creator of the hit Nicktoon, The Fairly OddParents , unveils the funny, fantastic action-packed adventures of Danny Fenton, who straddles two worlds as a shy freshman at Casper High and a heroic phantom-fighter with ghostly superpowers. With his best friends, techno-geek Tucker and free-thinking Goth girl Sam, he thwarts the misdeeds of menacing ghosts; and stumbles through daily social hurdles. - Danny Phantom
  • such a great show

    Danny phantom is such a intersting a fun show to watch. i love all of the ghost he has to fight and I like how they slowly add in the rest of his abilities instead of him getting all of them at once.

    i like how his friends are always there for him and they always stick by his side.

    The one thing I don't like is the fact that nick shows the episodes out of order.

    Also they are only having three seasons of danny phantom when they should have more. The show is a very popular show.

    It is one of my favcorites and I will continue to watch it.
  • Great fun! Danny Phantom is one of the best cartoon shows ever!

    Danny Fenton is just an ordinary kid. You know! A kid who goes school, hangs out with friends, and plays video games. Except for the fact that he is half ghost super hero Danny Phantom! He fights the ghosts which plague Amityville Park and casper high. He uses all of his skills to fight the ghost hunters and other ghosts who trouble his home. Only his friends know who he really is for the fact that his family are ghost hunters! That really sucks! He just also wants to have a normal life but he knows he needs to use his ghost powers for good and of course to impress the girls he likes in school.
  • I dont really care much for danny phantom...i dont watch it anymore...ive gotten in too much trouble for watching it..so i dont watch it anymore its going downhill very very fast...it doesnt even deserve a good rating

    I dont care much for danny phantom as i use to! I dont watch it anymore. i care less and less for it...i could care less if it was cancled or not..i dont really care about it anymore...im just wasting time watching it...thats all im doing. i would rather be watching disney....But i know how people get sensitive about me saying stuff like this but oh well...i dislike it now..and unless there making new episodes i dislike it very much...I dont even watch nick anymore yet im gonna lower my rating...just for the heck of it! dont watch it!
  • "Danny Phantom" is the story of the ghost-fighting half-ghost Danny Fenton, whose alter ego is Danny Phantom, with his best friends loving-the-girls techno geek Tucker Foley and goth "just friends" Sam Manson.

    I absolutely love this show. Although this is a cartoon, it is a very smart and funny show. It portrays the teenage life of crushes, bullying, grades, listening to parents, sibling "rivalry," the "best-friend" romance, and keeping secrets very well. My Avatar-loving friend makes fun of me for watching this because she says it's a "dumb cartoon" that her brother watches. Unfortunately she doesn't know what's she missing because "Danny Phantom" is an excellently drawn cartoon with real teen issues and some major ghost-butt kicking involved too.
  • Surprisingly, a really good show. It\\\'s about this really hot (haha) normal, 14 year old boy, Danny Fenton, whos parents are obsessed with ghosts, but little do they know, their son is Danny Phantom.... a good ghost who uses his powers for good.

    This really attractive boy, Danny is a normal 14-year old, until he goes and looks in his parent\\\'s machine, and somehow, his molecules get mixed with like ghostly DNA. Danny normally has black hair and blue eyes, but when he finds out he\\\'s a ghost, he has white hair and green eyes. Danny\\\'s two best friends, Sam and Tucker, (later his sister Jazz too...) are the only ones who know he\\\'s a ghost. Danny fears that if his parents find out, they\\\'ll want to disect and test him constantly, but during one of the movies, he finds out what they\\\'d really do.... they\\\'d love him no matter what, but he still doesn\\\'t let them know. He has many powers and enemies that he fights off.
  • I really think that this is a good show. It has that half-ghost kid Danny, and that goth chick Sam, and the techno geek Tucker. Danny fights ghosts with the help of Tucker and Sam. Sam likes Danny, its not so hard to figure out. And yeah...well thats all.

    I think that this is a great show. Its kinda\' funny, and a little actiony. Cause\' Danny shoots energy beams from his hands and he flies and fights ghosts and stuff. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . yeah. I really like this show. Danny's all like zap zap, and the ghosts are all like, shoved into the thermos! And then Sams all like, looking at Danny (she likes him) and Danny's all like lookin' at that Paulina chick (he likes her), and then sam's all like goin all spazzy. and thats all for now...
  • I'm not the biggest fan of this show, but it's pretty cool. It deserves a pretty high score.

    I'm not a television critic. Why am I telling you this? Mostly because I need 100 words (I can't write alot). Anyways, the show is about a 14 year old boy who is involved in a freak accident and gets ghost powers. He fights ghosts with his friends Tucker, a cyber geek, and Sam, a female, upper clas goth. The show would be a whole lot better it were to be continued after every episode (like Avatar). But to me, any show that has super powers involved deserves a high rating. I'll watch it when nothing else is on, but I would't cancel my plans to see it.
  • Danny Phantom is a very intelligent and funny show about a boy named Danny "accidentally" being transformed into half-ghost...

    Personally i really happen to like this show i must admit lately i have stopped watching it but only because it's never on. Many of the episodes are really cleaver and usually revolve around Danny capturing a loose ghost and stuffing him back in the thermos. In particular one very annoying and obnoxious ghost who keeps managing to come back through the portal known as the "box ghost" will keep you laughing and wanting more.

    All in all i would say Danny Phantom is definitely worth the view, and if you take the time to actually re-watch all the seasons you will enjoy it very much.
  • I've seen a lot better.

    At first I didn't see this because it was drawn the same way as the Fairly Oddparents are (afterall, both are created by Butch Hartman). Now, I'll occassionally watch it but not very often. This show still hasn't grasped me because they don't approach a serious matter such as monsters and ghosts seriously (unlike The Ghostbusters). The ghosts aren't designed all that well (the Box Ghost is a disgrace--sorry Rob); the action sequences need work; the humor is just a bunch of potty, unoriginal, and/or unfunny crap; and how Danny got his ghost powers is a bit cheesy (watch the theme song again and you'll see); his "disguise" in ghost form is also quite a giveaway. Tucker's also so annoying as a secondary character--as are a lot of the others. Overall, this show is quite overrated!
    I might stop by to watch this but I'd rather watch The Ghostbusters or Ben 10. Now they've got good designs and approach the matter seriously.
  • One of the most orginal Nick shows: A boy gets ghost powers and becomes a superhero. The problem is, he's half human and half ghost! Can he hide his ghost powers and be accepted in high school?

    One night I was watching tv and was flipping through channels and saw Danny carrying a girl as she stared at him as if she loved him (I later found out that girl was his best friend Sam). I started really watching it after Fanning the Flames. I mean, I did see the first episode when the show first aired, but it wasn't that good in my opinion. After other episodes were aired I started to love this show. If you love humor and ghost battles that keeps you wondering how will Danny defeat his enemies, I recommend you watch this show.
  • Have you heard the news? (you probably have.) Danny Phantom is gonna get cancelled after its 53rd episode!

    Talk about cruel and unusual punishment! Personally, I think Nick has lost their mind. Cancel the best f*ckin\' tv show ever in all of cartoon history? I think not! Butch Hartman, Danny\'s creator, announced that Danny Phantom would be canceled forever on this sad, sad day of January 24, 2006, forever to us known as Black Tuesday. This happened during Season 2! That is way to early to cancel it! *cries uncontrollably* My mom thinks I need help, \'cuz I\'m completly infatuated with a cartoon character, but I tell her that it\'s not just any cartoon character! It\'s the best damn cartoon character ever! So help Save Danny Phantom so that He may live on beyond 53 episodes!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Half of this show is good, one half of the show is bad.

    This show is about a boy who becomes part ghost after messing with his fathers portal. He attends school where he is an average kid. The characters are extremely cliched(sp?). One is a vegetarian goth girl, one is a computer nerd, and Danny is picked on by the Jocks. I can't think of a more unoriginal cast of characters. However the action part of the show is actually quite good at some of the villians are also quite interesting. The humor in this show is okay, since it was created by the creator of the Fairy Oddparents. Overall this show has characters like every other show but a good storyline.
  • When 14 year-old Danny Fenton accidentally acquired ghost powers in a lab accident, he made it his duty to save his town from ghosts.

    This is my absolute favorite show! There is nothing about this show I don't like. I absolutely love the story line and the characters. My favorite characters are: Danny (mainly because he is hot!), Sam, Jazz, Vlad, and Dani. My favorite episodes are: Kindred Spirits, Reign Storm, The Million Dollar Ghost, Maternal Instinct, Fanning the Flames, and Secret Weapons. I love any episode Vlad is in; it's because of him that I started to watch this show. This show is funny, entertaining, amazing, etc. I love the characters' personalities and the animation of this show. I can't wait to see what the new episodes are going to be about!
  • Best show in the world!

    Awsome show. Butch Hartman is a genius! DP has an amazing episodes. Great characters. So, why is it being cancled? I don't think anyone is sure of that. All we know is that it's ending at the 53rd episode (I think). So, SAVE DANNY PHANTOM. That all of my review. Yay!!!
  • This is simply the best show on television without a doubt! :)

    this is an extremely good show. i am extremelly upset about its cancellation but ill sadlly get over it. i think this show shouldnt be cancelled but those morons @ nickelodeon wont listen. i think DP is simply amazinglly good and original. nobody else has ghost powers it is just the coolest thing ever! What i dont get is all those morons that dislike DP, they have no reason for it. danny is one of the coolest characters ever.this show has a creative storyline with included humor,that is not inopropraite unlike some other shows witch make me tingle with anger to mention so i wont...
    to sum it up in a nut shell DP IS AWESOME!!!
  • This show is pretty good. It's one of those shows I turn to when there's a comercial or nothing else on.

    Danny Phantom is about a fourteen year old boy who has ghost crazy parents. He got ghost powers from one of their inventions and fights the ghost that escape through the ghost portal. He has an annoyingly smart sister who knows about is ghost powers, but does not tell their parents because they hate ghost and they don't know how they would react. I like this show. It's pretty good although it is not the best. It just get's kind of boring. All he does is fight ghost every episode. If it had some diversity, it would be a lot better and get a TEN in my vote.
  • This show is awesome, i absolutly love it. :)

    I love the fact that the show is about a young boy who accidentally gets ghostly superpowers from his parent’s inventions. When he realizes that he must protect his city from the ghosts that infest it…he also realizes that he must keep it a secret from his parents to. I love this show and I am going to be very sad when they stop making new episodes in February 2007.
  • Give Butch Hartman a break guys. It's a good show but I think he should stop from all the work he's done.

    This show focuses on Danny Phantom a normal teen in one accident he has ghost powers and turns into the super ghost that saves people from being "haunted". The "ghost" hero I think has been done on many shows already including Shaman King. And I believe it's even worse. To give you an idea the comedy in the show is not even funny. I'm not laughing from that. But I do like the action. Of course Sam is my fav. character and I like her style. But Danny(in normal form) has got to be one of the most boring person I even know. I like him in ghost form and of course the background music (that sounds similar to the theme song) adds to his fighting style is really well planned. It's a good show however there are stupid people who want the show back because they don't know what's right for Butch. It's a good show for teens who want action but it's not the best on comedy and I know what comedy is.

  • Danny Fenton is a 14 year old kid who has ghost powers. Danny's parents fight ghost with no knowledge their kid is half ghost. Danny protects Amity park from ghost and sends them back tho the ghost zone with the help of his friends Sam and Tucker.

    The first time I watched this show it seemed that I was drawn to it. This show is an excellent example of a creative story line. A regular 14 year old kid always in the shadow of his brainy sister Danny one day accidently makes himself half ghost. Hiding his identity from everyone except his nerdy friend Tucker Foley and goth/vegiterian friend named Sam Manson Danny strives to protect Amity Park (with his new ghost powers) from ghost. Danny also must deal with his goofy ghost hunting parents as well as the pressures of school. Overall this show is a classic mixture of everyting that makes a show great.
  • When Danny Fenton was 14 his parents built what they called a ghost portal. It didn't work so his parents quit. Danny went inside and turned it on, thus fussing ectoplasim into his blood strea, making him half ghost.

    Woah. I love this show. I am a truly obssessed fan girl. I cant stop tghinking about this show. He is by far, the coolist show ever. He saves the world from people like plasmeuis and dessire and ember. He is an awsome huy, and because of him i wish i was a halfa. He rocks my socks. I think that Vlad and Jazz should be together just like danny and sam should. He is cool and should not, i repeat, NOT be pulled off the ai. He gives people hope, and thats awesome.

    DannyPhantom_14 is so way signing off.
  • Okay I changed my review I dont watch this show anymore now I hate this show.

    This show is just obnoxios I mean I have seen better ghost hunting than this the ghosts in this show are just stupid they dont even look like ghosts why are they blue ghosts are white and the ghosts where did they get theses powers from did they get them before they died I dont think so and plus why cant they posses people this show im sorry I dont like this show at all sorry fans.
  • Danny Phantom rocks and I\'m totally in love!

    I keep my Danny Phantom watching on the down low because, well I\'m a bit embarresed due to the fact that it\'s a cartoon and I\'m older but I think think the show can appeal to all ages. It\'s totally original and I\'m in love with Danny Phantom (his voice sounds so diffrent and hott! I\'m a freak, I know...)But I love the whole plot setting and story lines. It\'s a great cartoon. (God...never thought I\'d say that...)
  • Danny Fenton is a seemingly average 14 year old who not only has to deal with normal problems. Danny's half ghost and has to spend his spare time fighting other ghosts and keeping his powers a secret.

    I think this show needs to be kept on the air because there are millions of viewers and everyone here loves this show. Sure, there are some rabid fangpeople who need to kept behind plexiglass, but most of us have a life. It's just that Danny Phantom is too good to be canceled.

    I think that the show is copied occasionally. Like with American Dragon: Jake Long. They copied Danny Phantom somewhat, but I still like American Dragon: Jake Long. But nick is somewhat merging both together in "El Tigre", which should be scrapped before it is aired.

    So in short, Danny Phantom is the second coolest show on earth, next to Avatar! Hehe!
  • Danny Fenton is the average 14-year-old. Awkward, clumsy and embarrasing parents. But, there is more thatn meets the eye. He can transform into a ghost at will, fighting ghosts and keeping Amity Park safe.

    This show is unique as it is brilliant. How many shows these days are about a fourteen year old boy who can fight ghosts? Over every episode the overall story unfolds and complicates. We learn more and more about the characters and their relationships. The first episde was basic and slightly awkward, but aren't all first episodes like that? Despite the awkwardness it was a good opener, and the episodes improved from there. Danny is constantly finding more enemies and has ongoing rivalries with them all so far. My personal favorite is the Danny-Vlad rivalry. I hope to see more Vlad in season 3. I am dissapointed that this amazing show is ending after the third season, and hope that eventually Nickolodeon gives in and continues it. The show must go on!!!
  • Danny Phantom is about a boy who mysteriously obtained ghost powers and now has to fight off ghosts trying to rule/destroy the world or just causing problems.

    At first, I hated this show. I thought it was boring and going no where at all, but I was wrong. Danny Phantom is an average show that has its good and bad points. The plot seemed to be moving along, being how he got new powers, but it still annoys me when they have to keep a secret identity from their families. I think they should of focused more on less villians that having a lot, but they seemed to fix that later on. I also love this show because Grey (voice of Sam) is on it. She rocks, but anyway overall its a show worth watching.
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