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  • Waste of time!

    This show is a waste of time. I mean, what's the plot? I don't see how a show like this would be interesting. The show itself made me just want to turn my TV off. I just don't see how this show is funny or interesting. I died of boredom!
  • Am I the ONLY one who doesn't like this show?

    This has got to be the STUPIDEST show EVER. The characters suck, the whole point SUCKS, and the script is dumb. And Danny's just freaking stupid. It's like "Hmm...I'm unsupervised and I'm about to go into a potentially dangerous place. I'LL GO IN ANYWAYS! =D" I mean, SERIOUSLY. That was DUMB. I HATE this show.
  • This Show Is On Too Much.

    This show is on too much. I think it even replaced My Life As A Teenage Robot.

    The song starts by saying "Yo", and nobody says yo..at least not all the time...(There is this other show that says "Yo" every other word and you can tell that it's fake.)

    There are no chalkboards in computer labs and technology labs. The computer equipment couldn't handle the dust.

    The phrase "I'm going ghost" got old the first time that they used it, and they use the theme music as the background music in all the episodes,

    But there are some good characters, like "The Box Ghost", which suggests that the ghosts are not all that evil...

    My god, this show is really, REALLY terrible. It's about some kid who got turned into a ghost and now he kicks ghost butt. HOW STUPID! I feel as though this kind of storyline has been done too many times. All the ghosts are stupid, and Danny's parents are annoyng! PLUS, they (well, at least the dad) acts like some moron! I hate this show, and you should too. Don't waste your time.
  • One of Nick's worsts shows!

    Danny Phantom is so unoriganal that theres no reason to watch it! Its been done too many times!! You know, the whole kids saves the world hooplah. Every once in a while theres an episode thats looks semi-interesting and I say to my self, "Hey maybe I will give the show a chance and watch it." And let me tell you something I never end up watching the episode because the show is so darn boring! I can't see how this show could hold any ones interest. The same thing happens in every episode! Danny finds a ghost, and him and his friends help him to capture it... boring! The only good part of the show is the theam song.
  • Its ok, but thats it!

    Its ok, but thats it! The plot is not very good. Its very confusing. Just like 1 episode is good and the rest stink! Sometimes I don't know how people can watch this. I mean my sister is in love with that show, but I don't see how she can like it.
  • uumm... this show is realy dumb, the only reason it wont be cancelled by tommorrow is because little kids are watching it, but other than that, its a waste of time

    A kid with ghost powers?! Two dumb parents?! And a caste of ghosts that dont even know how to scare people?! This show is horrible, the plot is not interesting and so many things happen in one show that you have to have A.D.D. in order to keep up! Really c\\\'mon this Phenton kid\\\'s name is so stupid he has got to be the worst idea for a super hero ever!
  • I simply LUV Danny Phantom. See what i mean?

    Danny, Sam, and Tucker are good friends. The have been since Kindergarden. Some people say that danny and sam should be w/ eachother. I AGREE. ;) Some say tucker and sam would be good for eachother. :( i DISAGREE. But thats my opinion. There have been a COUPLE of episodes where danny and sam kiss or hug but only one where tucker and sam kissed. But that was on accident. :) (THANK GOD!)
  • Revolting it should be rated 0 but this stupid rating thing won't let me

    This is a show Butch Hartman made? This is one of the WORST shows I've ever had the displeasure of watching or knowing exists. The plot is stupid, and the characters are retarted. Butch Hartman is losing his touch. He left Fairly Odd Parents (Which now isn't good-to put it nicely-because he left and now Sarah Frost writes it) for this? How can anyone like this show? I still can't believe my brother and sister like this show like this show. I hope this show will soon be cancelled soon. That's my critizing review of the show Danny Phantom.
  • i hate this show it is the worst nicktoon ever!!!!!!!

    I dont like this show at all. reasons being it made the people that liked fairly odd parents stop watching it and now they watch danny phantom.And this show made fairly odd parents get kicked off of nick.I think the whole idea of a teenager having ghost powers is just plain stupid!!!!!!!!!!
  • Needs to end.

    Go back! what was that? Oh that's right. A show about 14 year old guy who sneaked into his parents lab and now he has ghost powers WTF is that? He goes through a ghost portal he is fighting ghosts?! You may hate me but now I hate Danny Phantom I got to admit it was okay at first but when people post crap about Danny and Sam forever I get tipped off. To be honest a lot of people like this bullcrud making it one of Nick's best shows but I don't.-- Sensei Help me! My Sig, I am out.
  • Nick is brilliant cancelling this. I don't know why I ever watched this stupid show in the first place.

    One of the worse shows I have ever seen. Villains that are dorks, females that dominate over males, males that act like morons, and a hero that gets his butt kicked on a daily basis. Put it all together and you got the worst show on Nick.

    All these Danny Phantom fanboys are going around screaming their heads off Save this Pathetic Show. I don't know why it seems to get worse every episode.

    For starters the villains look like something that a four year old made. Especially the so called Ultimate Enemy who is as evil as a teddy bear.

    Then there is the lame subplots that take up more time than the actual episode.

    And last there is the action. Problem. There is none. The so called hero Danny Phantom is so weak he has to shove his opponents in a thermos. At least the Ghostbusters had Proton Packs.

    I know Danny Phantom fanboys are going to be disagreeing. But us mature, sophisitcated Avatar and Mr. Meaty fans will agree.

  • Danny Phantom just read my review to hear what I think.

    Ok I'm sorry to say this but I don't like this show because it's just a stupid superhero show with a lot of corney puns. At first I thought it would be good but noooo! It's really stupid Butch should just give up on this show just to make new episodes of FOP instead. Besides I like FOP more than DP he would be a lot better to make that show really.

    Where do I start with this show? From the creator of a rather quirky show like Fairly Odd Parents I was expecting a more interesting plot line than the overused 'kid with super powers' idea. But hey, I thought I might be able to deal with it. Not so. The charecters drive me up the wall. Danny spends so much time complaining about being unpopular its not a wonder he only has 2 friends: Tucker, a stereotypical nerd, and Sam, a girl who seems to believe that a few black clothing items will cover her cheerful attitude and make her a 'goth'. Not to mention the fact that you know whats going to happen in every episode before your 10 seconds into it: Danny will meet a ghost, fight it, and win. You sure don't need to be psychic to know that. I'm beginning to assume the only reason this show got on the air was because of the creators previous sucess with Fairly Odd Parents.
  • This used to be a good show until after the first 7 episodes.

    This show used to be good but now it's not. The episode ideas are getting to be crappy. Tucker has got to be the worst character on the show. He is a loser with PDA's and everything who wears big, geeky half-moon glasses. He provides pathetic humor to the show. the second worst character is Sam, she is some stupid goth girl who provides more pathetic humor. You get the idea. Plus, all the ghosts don't really look like ghosts at all, just green blobs with red eyes. And most of the ghosts don't come from any dead people either. So, in conclusion, don't watch this show! EVER!!!!!!!!!!
  • An embarrassment to Nickelodeon...

    Okay here we go, a teenager was snooping around his parents' invention called the "Ghost Portal." It malfunctioned and messed with the kid's DNA giving him ghost-like qualities. He uses his powers to save the town from the ghosts that escape from the portal, blah, blah, blah. I soon realized that this show was garbage.

    First of all, the humor is poor in this show. I don't remember any funny moments in this show. The jokes and puns mentioned in this show are lame and not funny.

    Next, we have the action. Generally its crap. Once a battle starts, Danny just has to say, "Going ghost" before engaging the fight. Basically, all you see are a few laser beams flying around, a few cheesy punches and kicks, and the battle ending with Danny sucking in the ghost with his silly thermos. There are no memorable action sequences that caught my attention. The enimies got old after the first few episodes. The Box Ghost, Skullkor, they were all just stupid.

    In the first few episodes, Danny was trying to get used to his powers, but once he got used to them, the series just went downhill fast. All he did afterwards was hunt down more ghosts... boooring. I wish that there was a ghost that could just kill Danny.

    So overall, it's just junk on the t.v. I wish Nickelodeon would just bring back their good ol' shows and replace crap like Danny Phantom.
  • Oh MY GOD!!

    This show is just so lame.Its not that its a bad cartoon, its just that its so similar to everything else on nick.So he\'s half human and half ghost, big deal.Thats not gonna make me whatch the show.For a cartoon to really stand out it has to have something that really shows the audience it has what it takes to make you not turn the channel.And another thing; I thought cartoons were supposed to be funny?All those lame puns and one liner jokes in this show just don't cut it.Just your typical out of the monkey pen cartoon.
  • Danny Phantom was already a bad show. But in that episode they made fun of the Packers, they went too far... SCREW YOU BUTCH HARTMAN!!!!!

    Danny Phantom was already a bad show. But in that episode they made fun of the Packers, they went too far...


    I may be a little one dimensional, but once you mock the Packers, you go too far. But now about the show itself.

    Created by the maker of "Fairly Odd Parents" a already crappy show, Hartman thinks it would be alright to reuse crappy jokes from a crappy show in another crappy cartoon. Well it's not. THIS SHOW IS...(insert insulting word here)

    I hate Danny Phantom. And I cannot belive why so many people are giving it 9's and 10's.

    Sure I may be a little one dimensional seeing three episodes, but when you mock the Packers, reuse jokes from a crappy cartoon, and add sappy teenage romance, you can only get one thing...

    (which is a bad show)
  • Boring

    this show is so boring it focuses to much on the plot instead of actually putting humour in there.I just find it boring how it is always based on him defeating a ghost its always the same.i will say though it is original but then again so is thats so raven and yet even though in every episode she has visions i dont get bored of it.
  • This show... is lacking...

    This show is really dumb to begin with. The whole ghost idea is decent but they messed that up too. Humor's lacking, not even funny and it doesn't even match with the show. The whole story behind ghost-boy is really typical. Boy gets lab accident. Boy discovers powers. Boy decides to be a superhero. Boy doesn't know much about powers. Boy saves dang world. Not to mention a bully, family who are totally dumb to notice his son, a frekin' genius, and of course (which occurs almost every teen cartoon I know) a goth chick. Why call that a story? This show does not interest me one bit. Of course, they need fine-tuning.
  • Good God. Do we not have enough of these super hero kid shows? If you try to ignore the recycled plot line, its still hard to enjoy this show with the repititive episodes and annoying charecters.

    Where do I start with this show? From the creator of a rather quirky show like Fairly Odd Parents I was expecting a more interesting plot line than the overused 'kid with super powers' idea. But hey, I thought I might be able to deal with it. Not so. The charecters drive me up the wall. Danny spends so much time complaining about being unpopular its not a wonder he only has 2 friends: Tucker, a stereotypical nerd, and Sam, a girl who seems to believe that a few black clothing items will cover her cheerful attitude and make her a 'goth'. Not to mention the fact that you know whats going to happen in every episode before your 10 seconds into it: Danny will meet a ghost, fight it, and win. You sure don't need to be psychic to know that. I'm beginning to assume the only reason this show got on the air was because of the creators previous sucess with Fairly Odd Parents.
  • Overall a corny show with no sense of humor and stereotypical themes.

    Can this show get any cornier?I mean seriously, A half ghost, half human hybrid?Sounds like some drunk babies idea of creativity.And did anyone besides me find it offensive to goths(no, I am not one myself).Think about it; it supports the stereotype that goths are dark hopeless people.The voices of the cast is another imortant topic.It sounds like a bunch of toddlers with soar throats.And if that wasnt enough,maybe I should mention the cheesey names they give the villains,name; names like Technis, Skulker ,and the Ghost writer.I had expected better from the creator of hit shows like the Fairly Odd Parents.I guess I need to lower my expectations of him a bit.
  • I Hate This Show More Then Catscratch

    This Show is The Absolute Worst Show Ever to Air on Nickelodeon. I Hated It Since The Start I Never Liked These Kind of Shows. You Know What I Call This Show Awful, Appauling, and Just Plainly Weird. A Kid Gets a Bunch of These Weird Ghost Powers From a Machine. I Dont Get This Show One Bit.
  • can't get into it

    this show is about a boy named danny fenton who can change into danny phantom a super hero. his friends are noe tucker foley the science geek and sam manson the goth, his enemies are vlad plasmius, the boxghost and others. this show has made new episodes until feb 2007 when it cancelled production but still airs reruns throughout nickalodeon.
  • this is absolout bull shi-(yeah, i know i am going to get a hundred thumb downs by danny phanton fanboy sayin "l0l!!!!!!!!!!!!! d4nn3h ph4nt0m r0xxorz m3h b0xxx0rs !!!!!!!!!! l0ll0l0l0l!!!!!!!!11111oneoneoen h3s h0t!11111

    I hated this the story was cheap and crappy its all stolen and has been seen befor a million time seen it donet and dont wanna see it again l0l d4nny ph4nt0m p0wnzorz w1t h1s p0wzor ghost p0werz!!!!,see what i mean this show in my opinion is realy when there trying to be funny its just cheap and lame the scenes when there atempting to be cool and r0ckz0rz 3h b0xz0rz, its 100% nerdy,100 words? now? no not yetz0rz? is this coolzorz? in a p00lz0rz?man 0, man 100 words ok bla bla bla bla bla bla bla bla yay 100!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I dont really care much for danny phantom...i dont watch it anymore...ive gotten in too much trouble for watching it..so i dont watch it anymore its going downhill very very fast...it doesnt even deserve a good rating

    I dont care much for danny phantom as i use to! I dont watch it anymore. i care less and less for it...i could care less if it was cancled or not..i dont really care about it anymore...im just wasting time watching it...thats all im doing. i would rather be watching disney....But i know how people get sensitive about me saying stuff like this but oh well...i dislike it now..and unless there making new episodes i dislike it very much...I dont even watch nick anymore yet im gonna lower my rating...just for the heck of it! dont watch it!
  • can anybody tell me what i just watched

    i am probaly going to get alot of thumbs down for this but i dont care i can have my own opinon i hate this show with a passion its the most overatted tv show i have ever seen its about a teenager named danny phantom who fights ghosts okay who came up with that it seems cool but here is the main problem this happenes throughout the entire freaking show im serious this kid also is too mandly i just hate this show with a passion thank goodness nickelodeon canceled this show its the second worst tv show i have ever seen next to chowder i give this show a 2 kingnicky1 out
  • I really don't see highly of this show.

    The concept of this show is really farfetched even for itself. Ghosts are the image left by people wo have passed away. Yet, it seems that most of the ghosts are not dead people. Second, how can two ghosts create another ghost(as boxlunch) ? The idea of danny being half ghost boggles my mind. How can he insist that he is half dead, changing between forms? How about sam. She is not even goth. She thinks acting that way is goth and it isn't. I also wonder how danny's parents are able to support their family with a job of ghost hunting? Another thing is that Danny wishes tat he is popular. Why does he have that kind of view? It's telling little kids not act like themselves just to impress upperclassmen for false pride. Those are the questions I have.
  • nickoleoden stinks

    From Butch Hartman, the creator of the hit Nicktoon, The Fairly OddParents, unveils the funny, fantastic action-packed adventures of Danny Fenton, who straddles two worlds as a shy freshman at Casper High and a heroic phantom-fighter with ghostly superpowers. With his best friends, techno-geek Tucker and free-thinking Goth girl Sam, he thwarts the misdeeds of menacing ghosts; and stumbles through daily social hurdles. - Danny Phantom Press Kit. "It's a great comedy/action show that I think you and all the other Nickelodeon animation fans are really going to love. And it's a bit different than anything Nickelodeon has done before. They're 22-minute stories, which is a different storytelling format for us." - Butch Hartman a another useless show from nickolodeon!
  • Yes, who thought of this because it most certainly wasn't the writers. It might mildly look like something interesting on the surface, but upon further inspection, you find that it is vapid.

    In my case, Danny Phantom disappointed even for a show that I expected nothing from. The music sequence alone made me cringe. Ripping-off the ghost portals and orange jumpers from Ghost Busters, you already have the forewarning, but even by rip-off standards this show is horrible. How many times are we going to see the half-human and half-some-other-thing central ploy? Something that overdone has to be done well. Sadly, it is not.

    Every time I've watched, I immediately can tell that the writers haven't made up their minds as to what they want to happen. There is no overall scheme. There is only what they think will be cool for the moment, but they have no clue. They've just let this story meander all over the place with predictable and painfully contrived arcs, much as what has been done in FOP. I honestly think the writers just made up a bunch of crap and put it on the show.

    The characters are so far from three dimensions that if they turned to the side, they would disappear. If only. I imagine Sam's description being "love interest" and then, they decided quite "brilliantly" to make her a Goth, something they probably know nothing about. I, for one, feel so sorry for her because no character should ever come out that butchered, phony, and one-dimensional.

    Crime on top of crime, they decide to reduce the one character who had any interesting facet, Jazz Fenton, to trifles. The only character not plagued by angst or stupidity has, predictably, been ruined.

    The FOP style animation does not work for this "action" story. How does one bend knees, pause for about a second, show a pained or angry expression and then leap into the air fists first. I'm supposed to buy this. I'm not asking this show to display Naruto-esque fighting or action sequences, but I would like more than a pallet of mixed and matched recycled facial features and played out (since the 90's) fighting stances.

    The worst sin is that the writers write down to their target audience. As if those watching would not be able to see the billowing smoke and muddy mirrors this show utilizes. People who watch cartoons should be insulted by this mockery to their intelligence.
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