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  • bring this show back!

    Danny Phantom was an awsome show! if Nick has any common sense, they'd put this show back on tv at a decent time(like in the late afternoon). I loved the movie "Phantom Planet."It was soo cute when Sam 7 Danny kissed. Tucker is hilarious with his obssession with technology lol When I first saw ads for the show back in late '03(i think), i knew i was gonna luv it=D thank goodness i hav most of the eps on tape. Nick must've been braindead to have cancelled this show! i want it to come back w/ a season 4! DP had the best humor,characters,storylines EVER!
  • Ok, well Danny Phantom is about a teen named Danny fenton! He went into his parents ghost portal and actualy turned have ghost! Hes able to turn into a ghost and use theses cool ghost powers! He also has help from his great Friends Sam and Tucker!!

    Danny Phantom Is and Awesome show! I think Butch Hartman did a great job on this show! Em I right or what? I got really bummed out that they took it off Nick, but I'm glad I can still watch it on Nicktoons Network! Danny Phantom is basicly about a boy whos 14 named Danny Fenton, whos got Ghost powers and Awesome friends by His side! He uses his ghost powers to help save his town from all the evil ghosts! Sam, Danny, and Tucker hang out and do everything any other teens do, besides fighting Ghosts that is.. Danny-Phantom-Rules!
  • Teenage boy tries to help out his disappointed ghost catching parents and becomes part ghost himself.

    Although not in my usual 'Anime' category, this show is pretty good. You normally don't see shows about ghosts, a little too scary perhaps. Danny is a normal kid who has a secret that only his two best friends know about. He turns into a ghost and save the city, just like any superhero. But, again, the thing that sets ‘Danny Phantom’ apart from other animated shows is the fact that there are ghosts. The animation is great and so are the voice actors.
  • Danny Phantom is, at its heart, a superhero show. It’s also kind of a dopey mess, but it’s the most fun I’ve had with a superhero cartoon in quite a while.

    Danny Phantom is, at its heart, a superhero show. It’s also kind of a dopey mess, but it’s the most fun I’ve had with a superhero cartoon in quite a while.

    The plot isn’t anything you haven’t seen before; Danny is a picked on 14 year old who gains superpowers through an accident in his parent’s ghost lab. Now, if you put your mind to it, you could think of at least 15 different shows, past or present, that use something similar. It’s tried and it’s true, but it’s nothing spectacular.

    No, but this show shines in quite a few other ways. For one thing, it completely reinvented the concept of ghosts living with people. While some shows might have used a variation or a direct adaptation of some religious view or another, Danny Phantom presents a concept I haven’t seen before; that there is a different world parallel to our own which houses ghosts that are (presumably) given powers that mirror the way they lived. What’s more, the show has commented loudly on the fact that Danny is half-ghost, half-human. This raises some great questions: If Danny’s a hybrid doesn’t this suggest that ghosts are a different species then humans? Does somebody rule the ghost zones? A council or a monarch? What will happen to Danny if he were to die? Or will he live forever because he’s half ghost? The list goes on, but you get my point.

    The show also shines in its characters. Now, because this show involves teenagers in High School, you can bet that the characters will be stereotypical as heck. I think this is because High School is stereotypical as heck. But anyway, our three heroes are a Goth, a Computer Nerd, and an Unpopular Kid. Supporting Characters are a Jock, a Diva, and an Overbearing Teacher. Now for most shows revolving around High School this would be all you need to know about the characters. However Danny Phantom takes most of these characters and makes them just a little deeper. This makes me very happy because when was the last time you actually had to take a character in a show about High Schoolers at more then face value.

    The only thing that stops me from giving this a perfect ten is my two major complaints with the show: The Danny/Sam romance, and the fact that the show goes to the well for cheap laughs one too many times.

    The latter is fairly self-explanatory (Jack in Bathroom running gag, Mr. Lancer in a dress, etc.). It also doesn’t happen all that often, but it does it often enough to be annoying.

    However the former irks me to no end. For one thing, any romance between them seems to be forced in with a crowbar, often with romantic things out the wazoo in one episode, and nothing at all in the next. Plus, romance between two friends is a ridiculously overused plot device used to trap fangirls in to behaving like the bubble headed stereotypical fangirl.

    Despite these flaws, Danny Phantom is a great show that’s worth watching, and if you can get around the cheap jokes and cheesy romance you might get a new favorite show, like I did. Not a bad deal.
  • one of Butch Hartman's finest (a.k.a butch Hartman's best show),and one of nickelodeons best shows

    This show is simply amazing.Wayyyy better than T.U.F.F. Puppy and The Fairly oddparents.this show had an awesome plot to every episode,and if you like ghost and action this show is for u.And every ghost was good with awesome power's (beside th box ghost which is the most annoying ghost ever,)but other than that really good ghost ideas.The show is about a normal boy named Danny Fenton.His parents are ghostbusters that try to capture ghost who tries to make a "ghost portal".but fails.Then Danny took a look inside of it,and pressed the on button and his molecules got rearranged and he turnes into a half ghost half human person,and he has to fight all the ghost that are planning evil to amity park without reveling his secret identity!!!!!!!!!! this show also has a really cool theme:

    *he's a phantom
    *danny Phan- Danny phan- danny phantom

    Yo Danny Fenton he was just 14 when his parents built a very
    strange machine

    It was designed to view a world unseen
    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom )

    When it didnt quite work his
    folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it
    there was a great big flash
    every thing just changed
    his molecules got all rearranged

    (phantom phantom)

    When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair
    and glowin green eyes
    he could walk through walls
    dissappear and fly
    he was much more unique then the other guys
    and it was then danny knew what he had to do
    he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through
    he's here to fight for me and you

    (he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all
    cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's)

    * He's Danny Phantom
  • Why did this show end?


    Danny Phantom is not only funny, and action-packed, but it also took it's audience seriously, like Avatar: the Last Airbender, unlike My Life as a Teenage Robot, or the other shows in the Nicktoon action period. What is this Nicktoon action period I speak of? Let me explain (Note: if you don't want to read this part, just skip to the 3rd paragraph.)

    In 2004, after the cancellations of Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, The Wild Thornberries, CatDog, Rocket Power and more, Nickelodeon wanted to do shows in a genre currently popular. So Nickelodeon noticed the tremendous success of films, like Mission: Impossible, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, among others, and decided to do something that hasn't been seen on Nickelodeon before: action cartoons. So with this came Teenage Robot in 2003, Danny Phantom in 2004, and Avatar: The Last Airbender in 2005. Not only were they a success, they were so strong, that other shows like Catscratch and Mr. Meaty. The X's and El Tigre tried to follow suit, but sadly failed miserably. And even right now, the action period seems to return, what with Penguins and T.U.F.F. Puppy showing action, and being more successful than Planet Sheen or Fanboy and Chum Chum.

    Anyway, back to the show. The story is about Danny, an average kid who gets picked on and ignored. However, in a mishap with his ghost-hunting parents ghost portal, which makes him half-boy, half-ghost. So with this, he has to destroy the ghosts invading his town, while also keeping his identity a secret from his parents, so they won't tear him apart molecule by molecule.

    The reason why this show is awesome is because of all the creative ghosts Danny must face, from lunch ladies, to pop singers, to genies. Also, with this, Danny gets help from his friends and sister, Tucker, a geek who tries to act cool, Sam, a goth who has a secret crush on Danny, and Jasmine, a 16 year old who thinks she's an adult, but still loves her dolls.

    Overall, action packed, amazing story, and fun characters. 10 out of 10.

  • Danny Phantom is personaly my favorite show on Nickelodeon. It was nice for them to bring in a cartoon that was based on teens for a change, and that was action packed. Who couldn't like that?

    I Think Danny Phantom is the best show ever! Not only does it have regular twists and turns, but there is tons of suspence that follows it! For every new eppisode, you are wonder \"What is going to happen next? I HAVE TO KNOW!\" These things for me occur because i am thinking, Who will be paired up? WHo will find out about Danny\'s secrets? What is going to HAPPEN!?!?!? Also, to top it all off, Danny is totally hot, and makes it easy to watch no matter what! Also this is a show that leaves you \'glued\' to the TV because it is impossible to not watch! I think this is my personal favorite show, and I say that anyone should like it!
    Another thing about this show, is it's relation to teens, because the main characters go through a lot of the same things teens can relate to. Family problems, problems with friends, and those secrets that you want no one to know about, although, none of us have ghost powers. They have made this show mostly enjoyable for teens, and above, but some parts could still be aimed at a younger age group.
    Everyone can relate to one of the characters in at least one way or more, and you can put yourself in their position easily, which also makes it a joy to watch.
    WHat is there not to like about it?
  • WTH was Nick thinking when they canceled this for Mr Meaty?!

    You guys know how much I hate Fairly Odd Parents,and how I find it one of the most repetitive shows ever right? Well,there's another cartoon created by the same person,but better and should've been given a chance. Danny Phantom is about a teenager named Danny Fenton who after seeing his parent's ghost portal not work,he decides to see the problem,only to turn himself into a ghost. Now he develops the powers of a ghost,and uses it for good to fight off the evil spirits. Now,what I like about this show is how original this is. It's way better than the Fairly Odd Parents,and actually had potential. Just think of this as the male version of Kim Possible, The characters are all likable,and actually can be funny. Danny is just a average teenager,but is not selfish. Sam is a girl who is gothic,but not in a bad way. Tucker is a technology nerd,but is super hilrailious. Danny's parents are opposite of each other,but they can also be funny at times. The villians are also great. We have Technus,a ghost who rules over technology,Ember,a pop rock star who controls everyone who listens to her music,Skulker,a blob in a robot suit who is nearly the strongest ghost,and my favorite,The box ghost,a weak villian who only has the power of boxes. Think of him as the male version of the Toiletnator. My only complaint with this show is just like Kim Possible,it's also repetitive,but unlike KP,it doesn't follow the same pattern,and actually goes by a different pattern at times. But overall,I really love this show. It seems a bit underrated,and needs more than 3 seasons. I'm wondering how the hell FOP lasted longer,and yet that show is idiotic and annoying to the max now. But just watch this instead
  • Best Nickelodeon Show Ever

    I love this show. It's funny, witty, romantic, adventurous, dramatic, has cool action scenes, and actually has mortals. The characters are amazing, stunning animation and amazing plots. I wish they made more episodes and put it in Cartoon Network, instead of Nickelodeon. It's Butch Hartman's best work due to date. It's way better than FairlyOdd Parents and Puppy. Overall, it's the best show ever.
  • I love Danny Phantom

    I know that for fans, it's painful to see Phan-haters on here dissing the show we like/love, but it's their opinion and I will have to respect it, because there's nothing much we can do about it. I'm sure you all know what the show is about, so I won't bother saying what it's about. But what I will say is that Danny Phantom, while it is a kick butt awesome show, it also keeps you wondering what will happen in the near future. . Where do Danny and Sam go on their first date after becoming an official couple in Phantom Planet?) or other stuff like that. I like to refer to Butch Hartman as the Grandfather Of All Cartoons just because The Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom and TUFF Puppy are just a few of the greatest shows out there. The characters are well drawn and well designed. I give this show a 10/10 for performance, settings and so on.
  • Still a Nicktoon. A bit darker, but still a Nicktoon: The best one yet!

    It may be a cartoon, something very few adults that I know seem to care about anymore, but I still consider it one of the best animated programs ever devised. It has the same humorous essence as Fairly Odd Parents, but in a darker, more teen-based environment. Let me just say that Butch Hartman has done it again.

    The animation style itself is amazing. The lines are flowing and smooth, giving the characters an almost realistic touch. Especially the fact that the characters actually have five fingers, which is something that many cartoons lack.

    Also, the plot lines are suberb, featuring secret crushes, revenge, and how simple it is to destroy the hero from the inside out. Take the episode "Fanning the Flames," for instance. When Danny, the main character, is forced to fall in love with Sam, one of the co-main characters, he can think of nothing else, and refuses to leave her side, even when a ghost threatens to control the entire Earth.

    This, in conclusion, this is the best show ever. Watch it. You will not regret it!
  • Danny Phantom get two ghost thumbs up out of two

    Well what can I saw Butch has done it again made a awsome T.V. series about a teenage boy dealing with teenage problems but has more stuuf than that. He also has to fight evil ghost, get back at bulls, get the girl, hang with friends, and do homework all on a 9 o'clock curfue. And he is one of the only cartoon charecters to actually have five count'um five fingers. Amazing detail and some of the episodes are acually clever unlike alot of T.V. Shows now a days. A awsome T.V show and is one of Nicks best shows ever.
  • This is one of the best Nickelodeon Action series yet!

    I first watched this show when it first aired and I liked it alot. It's cool, funny and awesome. It's about a good ghost verses evil ghost. I liked the action scenes alot. I also like the funny moments like Dash's locker is full of teddy bears, Mr. Lancer getting sprayed, Mr. Lancer getting locked in his closet, and many others. I like how the first villan was the Lunch Lady ghost. It felt like she colud have appeard in a later episode. And I like Skullker's design, and also Deserie was pretty cool, and I like how the Box Ghost tries to defeat Danny Phantom with boxes of whatever was in it. He's more funny. I will still like Danny Phantom for always.
  • It needed to die sometime.

    This show was very good. I liked it way better than the other Nick show that were showen on the channel. It had the story that was great to watch and develop. But it had to go away. He gave his sercert away and everyone knows, how is it going to work. I have to say I would love for it to come back, but where do you go from here? I can't think of any way of bring it back. No matter, I don't like Nick any way. They just don't have it any more. No matter how many re-runs of my favorite shows they show. It won't make a difference.
  • My Favorite Nickelodeon Show

    Danny Phantom is about a 14 year old half-human and half-ghost named Danny Fenton. He lives in a small town called Amity Park with his ghost hunter parents Jack and Maddie and an intelligent 16 year old sister named Jazz. He had two best friends: a goth girl named Sam and a techno-geek named Tucker. Danny is witty, lazy, but somewhat strong, caring, and intelligent. He has problems at school like dealing with a jock named Dash, who always picks on him and dealing with his "cool" teacher named Mr. Lancer. Also he has a crush on the most popular girl in school, Paulina. Danny also has problems with ghosts and it's his job to protect the people of Amity Park. His arch enemy is Vlad Masters/ Plamius, who wants to get rid of his dad, still in love with his mom, and wants him to join with him. Also he's half ghost and half human like Danny. Also there's a girl named Valarie who hates Danny Phantom because it was his fault that made her dad to lose his job and went broke. It's kind of similar to Spiderman and Ghostbusters, but made it original and many shows kind of copy this show.

    Pros: Hilarious and witty jokes; amazing plots; unique characters; stunning animation

    Cons: Ended too early

    Overall, Danny Phantom is the best Nickelodeon cartoon ever (in my opinion). Season 1 was good, Season 2 was better, but Season 3 was the best. It's funny, smart, adventurous, romantic, and has cool action scenes. Danny Phantom is the best.

  • Danny Phantom is a great show about teens for teens. And kids and parents. I can take forever to describe what this show has- drama, ghosts, funny, action... the list goes on. Butch Hartman has done his amazing work again.

    The second I laid eyes on Danny Phantom, I knew I was going to like it. I mean, finally! A Nickelodeon cartoon for TEENS, kids, and parents alike! And, I did. This show, as I like to say, is "a bunch of teen power, ghosts, drama, action, funny stuff, and more- but don't forget a drop of romance (Sam and Danny!)." I mean, not even I can think of a show of this kind! (And who'd think of half ghosts??) I think people came out with other shows, trying to rip off Danny Phantom. No offense, but Juniper Lee and American Dragon: Jake Long are two of the shows in that category.
    I think you'd like it. But, if you're making first impressions, avoid Mystery Meat. That wasn't the best a first episode can get.
    Also, This show has a lot of little events that trigger off things in future events. For example, Sam puts the emblem on Danny, and he has it for the rest of the episodes... I think. Also, in Public Enemies, Danny becomes the #1 Public Enemy. It's a great show.
  • Danny Phantom was and IS the best!!!

    I love this show!!!I always did and still do!!! I heard it might be returning soon...I really hope it's true! Someone please tell me if it is true!!! my email is hatesrude@aol.com or you can email voorheesfan11@youtube.com...Please give me feedback!!!<33
  • Danny Phantom

    I liked this show, it was a shame that it ended so soon.
  • Danny Phantom is the next generation of Ghostbusters

    There will probably not be another show like Danny Phantom. In this show, it centers around Danny Fenton, son of a family of ghost hunters and exterminators. One day he goes into his family's experimental ghost portal, but accidentally gets caught in a blast from it and gets ghost powers from it. Danny has to deal with ghosts that are now coming through the portal, work on his new powers, and live a regular life. The story may sound average, but this show proves to exceed the expectations of many. All the characters on this show are well developed. There is plenty of characterization to them, they have arcs, and all have interesting characteristics. The plots themselves are interesting. They are usually about catching a ghost, but in each episode there is characterization for one or more characters. The show also combines action, comedy, and drama and makes it excellent. The action scenes are fun to watch and can be adrenaline rushing. The humor this show has is minor, but what funny moments there are, they are very funny. There is also some drama added to and there are plenty of deep moments in this show. The show also got better with each season and there were never any dull moments in each episode. I also loved the fact that there would be episodes where the bad guy wins sometimes. I think it adds a nice feeling of the tension to the show. My only complaint with this show had to be is it only lasted 3 years and I think it should have lasted longer. There was a feature film in the works, but it got shelved. Personally, I think it was because of Spongebob, Mr. Meaty, and iCarly. Thanks a lot Nick for not letting this show air longer. Danny Phantom has everything that makes it an instant classic show, and was a nice way to combine superheroes and the Ghostbusters as well. Even though it's now being shown on Nicktoons Network, I think this show needs to be brought back for at least one or two more seasons. If you haven't seen this show yet, do everything you can to see this excellent show.
  • The show follows the life of a shy 14 year old boy named Danny Fenton, who transforms into a hero through the use of his parents Ghost Portal.

    Danny Phantom is a personal favourite of mine and has been the top of my fandom list for a number of years now. The episode storylines really show a great deal of creativity displaying action and comedy, which appealling to all ages. Each episode is interesting keeping the auidence hooked each time. The show is successful on all parts it has many amazing characters, sinister and threating villians, great overall plot, and a fantastic style which can only be Butch Hartman's.

    One of the things I love mostly about Danny Phantom is it ability to display adult situations, such as in Ultimate Enemy, Danny makes the choice which all of as much face of cheating and how he experiences the death of his friends, and family through the consequences of his action. It's not childish like most cartoons we see today on television, this is what I believe makes it so interesting. The characters also adds to this as they show great character development throughout.
    I can honesty say I've never experienced a show like it before. It's amazing. It is greatly missed after being cancelled but congratulations Butch on the great ending, Phantom Planet was so brillent and heartwarming. Also it was great to see Sam and Danny finally get together!
  • Danny Phantom has done great things to viewers everywhere! Fairly Odd Parents got a second chance! Why can't Danny?

    Danny Phantom is the story of young nobody Danny Fenton, brother to the school's smartest psychologist to be, and son the world's worst ghost hunters. As Jack and Maddie Fenton prepare to present their greatest invention - the Ghost Portal - it short-circuits and fails, leaving the two hunters dejected, and Danny curious.

    When his two friends Tucker Foley and Samantha "Sam" Manson convince him to go exploring, the Portal activates via an On switch on the inside. Since Danny is inside, he gets the shock of his life - in more ways than one.

    Waking up, he finds himself as a ghost; white hair, green eyes, ghostly aura, and an echo to his voice. After a bit of mayhem... okay, a lot of mayhem, Danny finally realizes that the ghosts coming out of the newly activated Ghost Portal will try to take over Amity Park, if not the world. As a halfa (half-a-human, half-a-ghost), he takes it upon himself to protect his town, friends, and family as Danny Phantom!
  • One of the best shows sicen Farliy Odd Parents!

    Butch Heartmen has done it again! Danny Phantom, Butch Heartmen's second show since. I's about a teen age boy named Danny Fenton with one little difference form other teens his age, he has ghost powers. Unlike other ghost who use their powers for evil, Danny uses his for good. This action packed and funny show is Butch's best work. No cartoon on tv lately has had the same good comedy as DP. Danny Phantom is a great show with funny jokes, tons of drama and action, and a great cast. One of Nick's best shows ever, I got so depressed when they took it off. To all DP fans Reading this review pleas help me get DP back.
  • If they are canceling it...

    This show is great, come on, a kid with ghost powers! I will be so mad if they cancel it, the sons of a-
    uuuh, well my favorite episode is ultimate enemy because the story line is just great, I wish they would show it more on nick.
    Lately I have been having dream that I am danny phantom, its actually pretty cool, but a bit creepy. Maybe I have been watching too much of the show, but how cant I, its so great. You can never get enough danny phantom!
    One last little thing I need to say...
  • An outstanding show from the person who brought us, and is better than, The Fairly OddParents.

    Danny Phantom was brought onto Nickelodeon back in 2004 from the same person who brought us The Fairly OddParents. The two shows were virtually identical and one might talk about this show in comparison to Fairly OddParents and in the case of this review, how it's better than Fairly OddParents.

    The story revolves around Danny Fenton, an ordinary teenager who one day receives ghost powers in an accident in his ghost-obsessed parents' lab. With his powers, he takes on the name Danny Phantom and aims to defend his hometown of Amity Park along with his friends/sidekicks Sam and Tucker. As with many superhero shows, there are a number of antagonists and the show delivers with a very diverse cast of mostly memorable characters.

    The show has a variety of plots. Each episode is different that the others in more than one way. The episode usually begins with the villain being introduced and then Danny and his team aiming for a way to go about their issue. Before the episode is out, the team confronts the villain and more often than not traps them in a containment thermos developed by Danny's parents.

    As with superhero shows, the main appeal is the action and Danny Phantom delivers. There are a variety of powers that are utilized in each fight by either character. Dozens of ghost beams and melee attacks being performed with dozens of innocent people being hurt in the crossfire, you gotta love it.

    The animation is great and smooth, even if some backgrounds need a little bit of work. The "Hartman style" is instantly recognizable to most fans of the show.

    There are a variety of actors and some renowned people have voiced a character once or twice. The music does a good job of keeping you in with the action and can really fit the situation.

    As with other shows, Danny Phantom is not without its flaws. One thing is that some episodes, namely the ones from the third season, are a bit rough around the edges. Things are left unexplained or can wrap up too quickly. You can tell that the writers thought of it, wrote it, and implemented it all in around ten minutes.

    Lastly, it pains many fans to see that Nickelodeon practically neglected this show. The network ended support for it after the third season and episodes had rarely aired with large gaps being between episodes.

    My verdict: Despite a few weak spots, minor blemishes if you will, Danny Phantom is a brilliant show and one of the best that Nickelodeon has ever produced. If you didn't get a chance to watch it, then you might have passed up one of the most entertaining shows the network has produced, or perhaps ever will produce.

    Animation: 9.0 - The smooth Hartman style proves it's popular and looks great.
    Sound: 8.5 - The character voices are great and the music is good.
    Fun Factor: 9.5 - If you're an action enthusiast, then this show will be very fun to watch.
    Appeal: 9.0 - It's one of Nick's most popular shows. A lot of content is family-friendly.

    Final Score: 9.0 - Excellent. If you haven't watched before, then you have missed out on a fantastic show.
  • Danny Phantom

    This show has always been a favorite of mine, ever since I was little. It wasn't just because of the quality animation, great characters, awesome plots, and the supernatural in it though, even if that was a big part. Danny is a great role model. Just think about what he's done. He has fought a ghost king, dealt with a fruitloop archenemy, had his own parents AND ex-girlfriend hunt him, has fought an evil future version of himself, AND much more but hardly ever complained! He's able to get through the toughest of situations like it was a breeze. It's very admirable.

    The show is great for kids, teens, and adults. It actually has a deeper meaning to it that adults and teens love. It has just the right amount of comedy, romance, and drama.

    I do admit, some parts if the show give off a 'creepy' vibe like Ultimate Enemy, but that doesn't mean it's a bad show.

    Throughout the whole thing, there was NEVER a racist comment. The only 'sexist' parts were with Aragon and that one line in Lucky in Love, where the boys were simply behaving like boys.

    Overall, Danny Phantom is a great show that deserves to be renewed.
  • What the Heck was Nick thinking By Taking to Show Off! its one of the best

    Butch Hartman Created the Funny Action Filled Tv Series Danny Phantom When they took it Of nick I thought that was a big mistake Becaus ethe Show They Have Now A days Like ICarly And Victorious Are for teens I find theres to much Kissing And Dating It's A bad infulence My Five Year old Cousin THinks its Okay To have a Boyfriend at her Age Because Of show like this Yes yes i know there Are A Few "Kissing" Sences In this Series But At least The Plot of the Show Is Ghost Fighting And Saving Amitiy Park From Danger And i find its A shame For Kids who where Born After this show ended Beacase they never Got to exsperience Danny Phantom\Fenton Ghost Boy with A Goth girl and Techno Geek As Best friends And His Parents Alway trying to Catch Him I think Butch hartman Shold Make 2 or 3 new Seasons Of this Series
  • An interesting Super Hero


    What can I say this show is awesome. It's got the right mix of action and comedy. Danny's powers are very interesting and unique which is more than I can say for most Heroes. This show is even better than Fairly Odd Parents and Tuff Puppy. Sure it is old but I'd be happy to get the entire series on DVD some day or at least purchase it on iTunes.

    I have to say this is one of Butch Hartman's best animated shows.

  • Danny is just a normal boy dealing with normal boy problems. Ok so he's not quite normal if you think about the whole ghost thing.

    Danny Phantom, from Butch Hartman, creator of the Fairly Odd Parents, is about a 14 year old boy who got in an accident in his parents ghost zone portal and now has ghostly abilities. This show is one of the best Nicktoons of all time. It blends humor with action and is very enjoyable. The characters are likeable and the humor top-notch. It also has a great host of villians like Vlad Masters/Plasmius, the clooege buddy of his parents who loves Danny's mom and hates his father while also being a half ghost. another that is hard to miss is the Box ghost, BEWARE!. so if you want as good show with action and humor this is a great choice.
  • Great Show!

    Bring this show back Nick! This was one of my favorite shows and they could have done so much more with it. I mean Amity Park was also the place that Jaws took place in I Would have defintly done a episode with a Shark in it. My favorite episode was the last one and my least favorite was the one with the Goth Cirrcus man that was creepy.Other then that I love ever episode that was shown. I say Nick should bring it back or I may just stop watching Nick enought said! Well I hoped you enjoyed goodbye!
  • PLZ bring it back!!!....

    I LOVE THIS SHOW!I think they should bring it back!!!I know some of the theme song.

    It's about a 14 year old named Danny Fenton and his parents who built aghost portal[though in the theme song they say "a very strange machine"]And they try it out and FAIL so Danny looks inside and his "genius" parents forgot to turn it on._.So then he turns it on and gets electrified and he gets knocked out.Then he wakes up and discovers his powers.Then in a later episode he discovers he has ice powers to which was awesome!!!!!So overall I love the show A+!!!
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