Danny Phantom

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)


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  • One of the nice cartoons. Some reused things from FOP or TFOP.

    This was cancelled because of Mr.Meaty. It has some potentials.

    Plot: Danny Phantom, a 14 year old boy living with his parents in Amity Park. His parents are a whiz when it comes to sciences, dimensions, and mostly ghosts. They made a ghost portal in their basement leading to the borderworld also known as "The Ghost Zone" When his parents tested it, it failed. He went to take a look. When he pressed a button inside the portal chamber, something flashed! His appearance, DNA, has changed into a ghost-like appearance! Now he has the powers of ghosts. Amity Park is always attacked by a ghost, so he thought to be the defender of the city!

    Characters: They have good designs, mostly the enemies. The humans are designed just like Hartman does. Some of the characters' personalities are reused from TFOP.

    Humor: Some good humor, some are also reused from TFOP.

    Art: It's how Hartman does it. I like Hartman's designs so it's great.

    Overall: 7. They should have collected a fresh new ideas for this show, but the action and a little good humor makes the show spark. They shouldn't have canceled it.