Danny Phantom

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)


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  • WTH was Nick thinking when they canceled this for Mr Meaty?!

    You guys know how much I hate Fairly Odd Parents,and how I find it one of the most repetitive shows ever right? Well,there's another cartoon created by the same person,but better and should've been given a chance. Danny Phantom is about a teenager named Danny Fenton who after seeing his parent's ghost portal not work,he decides to see the problem,only to turn himself into a ghost. Now he develops the powers of a ghost,and uses it for good to fight off the evil spirits. Now,what I like about this show is how original this is. It's way better than the Fairly Odd Parents,and actually had potential. Just think of this as the male version of Kim Possible, The characters are all likable,and actually can be funny. Danny is just a average teenager,but is not selfish. Sam is a girl who is gothic,but not in a bad way. Tucker is a technology nerd,but is super hilrailious. Danny's parents are opposite of each other,but they can also be funny at times. The villians are also great. We have Technus,a ghost who rules over technology,Ember,a pop rock star who controls everyone who listens to her music,Skulker,a blob in a robot suit who is nearly the strongest ghost,and my favorite,The box ghost,a weak villian who only has the power of boxes. Think of him as the male version of the Toiletnator. My only complaint with this show is just like Kim Possible,it's also repetitive,but unlike KP,it doesn't follow the same pattern,and actually goes by a different pattern at times. But overall,I really love this show. It seems a bit underrated,and needs more than 3 seasons. I'm wondering how the hell FOP lasted longer,and yet that show is idiotic and annoying to the max now. But just watch this instead
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