Danny Phantom

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)


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  • My Favorite Nickelodeon Show

    Danny Phantom is about a 14 year old half-human and half-ghost named Danny Fenton. He lives in a small town called Amity Park with his ghost hunter parents Jack and Maddie and an intelligent 16 year old sister named Jazz. He had two best friends: a goth girl named Sam and a techno-geek named Tucker. Danny is witty, lazy, but somewhat strong, caring, and intelligent. He has problems at school like dealing with a jock named Dash, who always picks on him and dealing with his "cool" teacher named Mr. Lancer. Also he has a crush on the most popular girl in school, Paulina. Danny also has problems with ghosts and it's his job to protect the people of Amity Park. His arch enemy is Vlad Masters/ Plamius, who wants to get rid of his dad, still in love with his mom, and wants him to join with him. Also he's half ghost and half human like Danny. Also there's a girl named Valarie who hates Danny Phantom because it was his fault that made her dad to lose his job and went broke. It's kind of similar to Spiderman and Ghostbusters, but made it original and many shows kind of copy this show.

    Pros: Hilarious and witty jokes; amazing plots; unique characters; stunning animation

    Cons: Ended too early

    Overall, Danny Phantom is the best Nickelodeon cartoon ever (in my opinion). Season 1 was good, Season 2 was better, but Season 3 was the best. It's funny, smart, adventurous, romantic, and has cool action scenes. Danny Phantom is the best.