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Nickelodeon (ended 2007)


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  • Man! This was an awesome Nicktoon!

    I hadn't seen Danny Phantom in years, and now that I've finally started watching it again, I have to say... This is one of the greatest cartoons ever!! Yeah, I know that in my Invader Zim review, I said that no other Nicktoon had come close to being as awesome as Zim, but now that I've seen Danny Phantom again, I can admit that I jumped the gun on that one. Seriously, This show rocked! It had likable and funny characters, nice animation, well thought-out plots, and plenty of action.

    Let's start with the characters. Danny rocks, as a kid and as a ghost, and so do Jazz, Sam and Tucker. Danny parents are obviously supposed to be embarrasing, but their still really cool parents. His dad is especially funny. Hell, Danny Phantom had cool villains as well. Baddies like Vlad, Skulker and Desiree were all pretty menacing, but they could also be funny. The Box Ghost in particular cracks me up everytime I see him. The only character in this cartoon I can honestly say I hated was Dash, for pretty obvious reasons. I hate bullies so much!

    The animation and art style was amazing. Yeah, I know it's the same as Fairly Oddparents, but that sort of style just looks really good. As for the whole series, it was incredible from beginning to end. Like Kim Possible, Danny Phantom never got old. And it ended with a proper, if not completely perfect, ending. I'm definately happy that Danny and Sam finally hooked up (Is it just me, or do these two have a relationship similar to Kim and Ron's? Hmmm). I hear that many fans want this show to continue, but why? Honestly, I don't see what more Butch Hartman could have done. I think the show ended as good as it could have.

    Danny Phantom is right up there with the greatest cartoons to ever exist. Hell, it's hard choosing between Danny and Zim for the best Nicktoon ever. This cartoon was awesome! Cool characters, creative plots, and a good sense of humor amounted to a really good show. In closing, Danny Phantom is definately tied for the best Nicktoon ever, and it's definately one of the best animated shows ever made.
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