Danny Phantom

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)


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  • Amazing!

    Hi, I'm newbie here!!! I made this account because of Danny Phantom. Danny Phantom is amazing! I think they should make more episodes. My favorite thing is all in there. Romance, action, dreamy boy and everything to make this show perfecto! I have some questions to make.

    1 Are they're more fan GIRLS than fan BOYS or is it the opposite?

    2 And DP is back on Nick!!! Are they making new episodes or just playing them again?

    I am so interested in what will happen!

    3 Who like Danny Phantom here? I know I do!!!

    I also have a good idea for the DP show.

    Danny Phantom meets a woman (old or young) who has a memory that you can never forget. The woman had a lot of adventure and also pain, so she wants to forget the memory. So DP makes a deal that the woman (who is a ghost) would give all her powers but she would get DP's happy memory. But Danny gets sad and he never fights. So the city gets worse because of ghosts.

    But Sam has an idea that would solve the problem. I didn't think of it yet.

    Please with me luck!

    And please say I am creative cause I wanna be a cartoonist like Butch Hartman!!!