Danny Phantom

Nickelodeon (ended 2007)


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  • Danny Phantom is a great show about teens for teens. And kids and parents. I can take forever to describe what this show has- drama, ghosts, funny, action... the list goes on. Butch Hartman has done his amazing work again.

    The second I laid eyes on Danny Phantom, I knew I was going to like it. I mean, finally! A Nickelodeon cartoon for TEENS, kids, and parents alike! And, I did. This show, as I like to say, is "a bunch of teen power, ghosts, drama, action, funny stuff, and more- but don't forget a drop of romance (Sam and Danny!)." I mean, not even I can think of a show of this kind! (And who'd think of half ghosts??) I think people came out with other shows, trying to rip off Danny Phantom. No offense, but Juniper Lee and American Dragon: Jake Long are two of the shows in that category.
    I think you'd like it. But, if you're making first impressions, avoid Mystery Meat. That wasn't the best a first episode can get.
    Also, This show has a lot of little events that trigger off things in future events. For example, Sam puts the emblem on Danny, and he has it for the rest of the episodes... I think. Also, in Public Enemies, Danny becomes the #1 Public Enemy. It's a great show.