Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 9

Secret Weapons

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon

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  • Jazz tries to help to Danny's dismay.

    After Danny reveals to Jazz that he's aware of her knowledge of his secret (and that he's cool with it) she begins to help him by pushing him to do a better job. Jazz has the right intentions but she's inexperienced and has been out of commission for a while and thus is not only an ineffective fighter but ruins the whole task by capturing Danny in the thermos and allowing for the offending or annoying ghost to escape. Skulker is meanwhile on a theft spree taking whatever he after and gets away because of Jazz's meddling. Danny then loses his temper and snaps at Jazz after she hacks into his personal ghost files. His criticism of her attracts other students. This drives Jazz to run from home and head to Wisconsin to go to a plan. Plus she finds out what Vlad is up to. Once Danny finds out she's missing, he goes looking for her thinking that she wants to prove him wrong by going after Skulker in order to prove him wrong. However Skulker captures Danny instead and hands him over to Vlad which makes Vlad suspicious and in turn Danny seems to have foiled Vlad's plan. In order to prove loyalty to Vlad, Jazz must fight Danny in the modified Fenton Ecto Skeleton. Danny and Jazz both make up on the field, fake the fight, and foil Vlad while destroying the Ecto Skeleton. They further make up on the way home.

    I found this to be one of the better if not the best episodes because of the great plot, character development, action, humor (like when Jazz keeps capturing Danny instead of the target ghost), and even sweet moments (like when Danny makes Jazz a reserved member of Team Phantom at the end of the eppisode).
  • my brotherhood

    Ilike toomuch the eipos abaut jazz and danny it make remember the relatinshe that i have with my sister shr is a little mad but i sill love her... well i like a lot this epi but i have to daid that jazz is simetime veryy inprudent and she give a lot of stress but she istill be goood girl that she only thing that she want to do is help.
    but sometime she has to undestant that danny is better working alone and be supportin by sam and tuker

    the thing is that i still thinking why she run away is true she she was traing to help danny fainding info how crush dow vlad but she does not help much in fact she just be a truble i loke so much the combat dress of jazz that was a machine create by vlad .the way that the work like a tem is good but jazz need more exp she stilll very nuub in the rat of hunt ghost. we now that jazz will protect danny for ever and she alway will help him that is cute but the best way that she help is not enter went danny is uinting someting important.
  • Jazz's meddling causes Danny accidentally push her away to Vlad's.

    This was really interesting and had a lot of great morals: love your family no matter how annoying they are, be observant and even seriously crazed up fruitloops have buttons that can be pressed! And Jazz called Vlad a fruitloop! She probably got the insult from Danny's computer. Poor Danny! Jazz must have been a real pain. But I loved the ending: tricking Vlad, laughing, explosion, family moments. Aw! Awesome animation also! I loved the lines:

    Jazz: Keep hugging! We'll see who hugs last! (that's so lame it's actually funny)

    Danny: 'Oh, no! What have I done?!?' What was THAT?

    Jazz: 'Jazz, no, don't! Please!' (both laugh)

    Vlad: Oh, you think you know everything! Tell me, girl, were you expecting...this! *morphs* Haha! Surprised?

    Note: No, not surprised

    Ecto-Skeleton: Self destruct sequence initiated in 5...4...3...2...

    Vlad: Oh, butter nuts. *BOOM! and Danny carries Jazz to safety* Awesome!
  • When Danny yells at Jazz about her trying to 'help' him, Jazz runs away to Vlad's house where she can prove to Danny what Skulker is up to.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. As I've said before, Vlad is my favorite villain and I love any episode he is in. My favorite parts of this episode include: Jazz sucking Danny into the thermos, Jazz trying to 'help' Danny and ending up making matters worse, Tucker getting pushed into the lockers because of Danny, Danny hiding from Jazz in the broom closet, and Vlad forcing Jazz and Danny to fight in the football field. Come to think of it, I like everything about this episode! I especially like the fact that Jazz now knows the truth about Vlad's identity and the fact that he is infatuated with Maddie.
  • the first episode after jazz tells danny she knows his secret...

    ah. this episode was crazy. jazz was such a pain and even tho she was trying to help, she was actually a negative asset to him.

    danny ends up in the Fenton thermos like 400 times, due to jazz's inexperience, and danny finally gets sick of it. and tells her to back off and leave him alone - in front of the rest of the school.

    in the end, jazz learns that she can help danny in other ways, not necessarily, right on the battlelines with him. and she lets danny know that she's always there to support him. they bond, and vow to keep the secret from their parents.

    yay! i loved this episode. it was important, and the charactes really developed.
  • Jazz joins in on the ghost fighting, but gets on Danny’s nerves when she does more harm than good.

    Jazz tries to help Danny with ghost fighting when Skulker shows up to steal random items, but does more harm than good. Danny lets her help out in various battles so she might stop interfering, but she only ends up capturing Danny by mistake numerous times, rather than the ghosts they are attempting to capture. Furious, Danny yells at her, sending her running off in tears. She then runs away to Vlad’s castle in Wisconsin! There, she discovers that Vlad had sent Skulker to steal items to improve Jack’s ecto-skeleton. What happens when Danny arrives there as well?

    I enjoyed SW very much. The fact that I had a snow day that day helped as well; it brightened my mood and made me better prepared, although I wouldn’t have minded if we received the episode on November 18 like we were originally supposed to.

    The opener was pretty good. But I thought sitting through 3 movies in a row was pretty obsessive. But maybe that’s just me. I thought Jazz was just a wee bit pushy for comfort, but she wasn’t bad. And I found it funny that Danny seemed surprised that Skulker wasn’t after him at all. And it was also really funny to see Jazz accidentally suck Danny into the thermos, and I mean here and throughout. To this day I wonder, “What is it like in there?”

    I found it strange that it took six hours to get Danny out of the thermos. Hadn’t we learned in OoaK that there was a “release” button on it? But Tucker finding it humorous was nice, and the gag with him getting shoved into a locker was hilarious.

    I found Danny to be very much IC in this episode. From the events of TUE, he expected Jazz to be “meddling and over-protective”, but it obviously got on his nerves because she kept taking it to an extreme level and kept messing up. And while the way he screamed at Jazz at school was a bit harsh, it was understandable and also IC. Along with his worrying about her when he heard that she had run off. His ghost files password being “Paulina Fenton” was funny. At least here he is as Danny Fenton, keeping this to himself. In PR, he was Danny Phantom and said it to Paulina herself right out in the open. SW was much better for this.

    For Jazz, there were times when I didn’t like her that much, but other times she was very good. Messing up when trying to help Danny didn’t bother me; we’ve seen her to be a fine ghost hunter in MI, but she, as well as her parents, rely on weapons and show in fights with ghosts. Danny, on the other hand, relies on speed, skill, power, and quick-thinking, and when those styles meet each other, it doesn’t bode well. Her names for the ghosts were funny, especially the Box Ghost’s reaction to “Crate Creep”, but I didn’t like when she pushed aside the fact that Danny told her Skulker’s name. The segment after the three short fights that had Jazz wasn’t that good. Why would she say they caught 3 ghosts if they didn’t? Also, her little “We know something they don’t know” seemed foolish and OOC, along with her “You need to control your powers” and when she pointed out the ecto-converter.

    Some of her “witty banter” was good for a laugh, but it wasn’t well, good. The whole gag with the banter seemed a bit out of place. It seemed like they were purposely mocking the fun way they do this show. Anyway, she showed quick-thinking in going to Vlad’s to investigate, and buttering him up to avoid possible trouble. That, I felt, was done better than with Danny in MI and harder to buy. Especially “You were such a looker in college” and “I wonder why this never happened.” That also applies for hers and Danny’s “fight”.

    Vlad wasn’t perfect in this episode, but I could still see that cunning and evil guy that makes him such a great villain. I didn’t know what to expect when Jazz went to him, because he didn’t know her that well. And he was IC when he went “’Absolutely’?” to Maddie over the phone. It was also good that he made improvements to the ecto-skeleton (showed that he stole it, which was no surprise), but still evil in the fact that he could kill the user of it at his wish. Oh, and the gag with “in the middle” that we saw in MI was hilarious, as well as his short conversation with Klemper.

    The animation was brilliant, especially for the fight scene in the second half. The reflection of the lights onto Danny and Jazz in the stadium was magnificent, and very fluid. It seems that ever since Season 2 began and Kevin Petrilak has been directing, the animation and music have been wonderful. I hope it continues on.

    But I have my nitpicks. I personally didn’t like that the ecto-skeleton was destroyed, but I don’t lose hope completely. The series is still young; perhaps it will be rebuilt. I wish Tucker and Sam appeared more; after Sam said her thing about the only child dance, that was the last we saw them. But I don’t mind, since they weren’t very important. Also I didn’t like when Jack went, “I’ll get the checkerboard!” That joke was clichéd and silly. It’s been done way too many times.

    The ending was very nice. I liked that Danny and Jazz both realized their mistakes and Jazz chose to leave the fighting to Danny. It’s better that way, IMO, with Jazz helping out on occasion. I didn’t think the final scene with Jack and Maddie was that great, but it was still good for a laugh.

    Overall, a very good episode. It ranks in my Top 10 and I give it 9.1/10.
  • Jazz's secret should stay a secret. Mabye..

    When Jazz was helping, by covering for Danny, that was better. She was not in the way then. The episode was aired out of order. It was supposed to come directly after the episode Ultimate Enemy. Because in Ultimate Enemy Danny realizes that Jazz knows his secret. Also in that episode Vlad steals the Ecto Suit. Then two episodes passed where Danny felt he had to hide his secret powers from Jazz and she felt she had to hide her secret from him. Then finally Secret Wepons Aires and Jazz is like Danny I will help you fight ghosts. And Vlads like I will use this Ecto Suit to defeat Danny. Jazz does a bad job of helping Danny and Danny gets mad. They defeated Vlad and work out the helping thing in the end.
  • A great Jazz episode. A not so good Vlad episode.

    After Danny finds out Jazz knew his secret, Jazz becomes his new sidkick, a horrible one at that. As Danny tries to capture ghosts, Jazz keeps interfering and accidentaly capturing Danny instead. Soon Danny blows off at Jazz, and Jazz runs away crying.

    Jazz runs away to Winsconsin and stays with Vlad. Little does Vlad know, Jazz is secretly trying to find out what is happening with these random items being taken by Skulker to Vlad. Danny goes off to find Jazz but is captured by Skulker. After being dropped off to Vlad, Danny and Jazz are forced to fight, but try to make it look convincing.

    Jazz is put in the ecto-skeleton Though Jazz really lets her anger out on him. When Danny appears unconsious, Vlad comes up to congratualote Jazz. Then Danny gets up and takes the controle away controlling Jazz's suit. Danny takes Jazz and sets the suit on self-destruct and it blows up on Vlad. Jazz and Danny escape.

    This is an awesome episode for more Jazz and Danny bonding. It was really hilarious with Jazz trying to help Danny with his ghost fighting.

    Though what I found really dissapointing was how Vlad was portrayed. He was easily fooled by Jazz and Danny. It's proven in the episode with Jazz and Danny mocking him on how easily fooled he was.

    Overall, it was a good episode and very funny.
  • I think this episode was pretty good,it was very funny.

    This episode is were Jazz tries to help Danny with ghost fighting.She doesn't help,but make it worse for Danny.Then danny yells at her and she takes the spector speeder to Wisconsin to stay with Vlad for a while.At the same time skulker is collecting materials for a secret weapon he is building.Later Danny and Jazz have to fight.They trick Vlad and Danny flies off with Jazz.Then Danny and Jazz are going home in the spector speeder.
  • The first thing I thought when I saw this episode was: Does Vlad have to do EVRYTHING liek Slade?

    I was picking up some major deja vu here. Slade and Vlad played the exact same game with the bloodstream nanobots. Still, it was a great, hilarious episdoe. Loved it when Jazz called Vlad a froot loop. Wonder hoe she knew :lol: Funny quotes... FROOT LOOP!!!



    I'm done now...
  • This was an episode that was important in the sense that quite a few loose ends were tied up, but was delivered poorly throughout. We see Jazz do her best to help Danny, but just making it worse.

    One thing I WILL hand to this episode is that it explains why average, and normally sceptic people shouldn't be superheroes. Jazz lacked the tact, timing, dialogue and minor control that a sidekick/partner should have. I would rather have listened to Burt Ward (the Adam West-era Robin from Batman) than listen to some of her 'witty banter'. And come on, ?Lunch-abelle? ?Ghost X? Although I will admit that I liked the Crate Creep idea, it sounds more personally descriptive and spooky than just Box Ghost.

    And speaking of the blue bungler, I was actually happy to see him in this episode. First off, he was back in one of his usual haunts, the warehouse; second, he actually seemed to be bearing a reasonable threat to Danny in hand-to-hand combat, and third, my brothers and I got a kick out of how, for the first time, really, the BG spoke out of is usual, bold tone to inquire, "Seriously, though, who is she?"

    The only other good moments were Vlad's dramatic transformation (at the end of the episode, BOOO!!) where he believed that he would freak Jazz out when she already knew the truth about him. The other good one was Jack's innuendo which you knew would be interpreted differently by Jack himself; that, and his reaction to losing to Maddie were hilarious.

    That was the good, but unfortunately, it didn't outweigh the bad. First off, Vlad and Skulker, the main villains for this episode, really had little part in this ep. In my bloated opinion, they are both characters who need a good amount of spotlight to make a good impression, otherwise they come off as too casual. After all, they both had a decent shot in RS, with Skulker escaping, taking over the Hunting store, telling of Pariah and later fighting, he got in his screen time and made me really appreciate the villain (probably for the first time since KMR took over his voice from MSP in LL). And Vlad did the same there with starting the whole pain-staking ordeal, tricking Valerie, working with Fright Knight and actually fighting with Danny.

    But here in SW, the two seemed sparse and grossly unexplained in the end. They should've had some secondary villains like Ember, Johnny 13 or Walker be the main villain, or else make it a 2-parter to give some more time for 'Ghost X' and 'Uncle Vlad'.

    Oh, and Tucker really learns to keep his mouth shut, ticking off a guy with ghost powers is not a good idea. You'd think he'd have learned after Danny had Dash stuff him in the locker the first time! But, that's Tucker, kinda reminds me of my 11-year old brother.

    And then there be Jazz; even more overbearing than usual, makes me glad I'm an oldest sibling. She was pushy, overbearing, meddling and self-righteous (and corny in dialogue) for the entire first half of the epiode which, although creates sympathy for Danny, got on my nerves pretty quick. Sam's right, if Danny's been fighting ghosts all this time, he can take care of himself.

    Now I'd like to say that the second half of this ep saved the episode, but due to the aforementioned lack of true villainy, it was really only saved by the last two minutes where Vlad (finally!!) transforms, Danny and Jazz make up and she gives him his space and Maddie celebrates a checkers victory over a less-than-thrilled Jack.

    Overall, I thought it'd be much better, and given the different things that happened, it should've been better!

  • Another very great episode.

    Another very great episode really well written and it has alot of action. I think this episode is one of the best yet. It just is really cool and awsome. I don\'t know how to explain it. All I know is that this was one of another great episode of the season.
  • A little out of character for Jazz, but I loved it!

    Secret Weapons was pretty good with being in character, but Jazz seemed a little too OOC. Other that that, I loved it! I hadn't expected Jazz to go to Vlad. But it was a good plot in general. It's one of my all time DP favorites! I suggest it highly! So it gets a 9.5!
  • Some good parts, but Jazz was just NOT Jazz in this episode...and neither was Danny.

    I know that a lot of you liked this episode, but I'm sorry, from what I've seen of Jazz she did not act like herself at ALL in this episode. I mean, I know that Jazz always wants to be right about everything and is concerned about Danny, but seriously--attempting to join him in his ghost-fighting? Acting like a complete and total clueless, silly klutz? Saying really cheesy--not to mention really stupid--lines? That's not the Jazz I know and love. And Danny was acting out of character in a few sequences, too...I know that he gets mad at Tucker from time to time, but come ON, already. Doing something to one of his worst enemies and framing Tucker for it, causing him to be shoved into his locker--twice?! Give me a break, already.

    However, there WERE some good scenes in the episode that made up extra brownie points--such as the adult innuedo checkers joke, the battle between Jazz and Danny (even though it was fake), and, of course, the classic sequences with Danny accidentally getting sucked into the Fenton Thermos. I don't know why, but I found that oddly amusing for some reason.

    Overall, it had the potential to be a great episode, but Jazz and Danny acted WAY too out-of-character for me to thoroughly enjoy it. Sorry, guys.
  • this episode was ausome

    i love this episode well i love all of them and i think that it was nice of jazz to try and help but it just got in dannys way in fighting skulker... i think that jazz was a little irresponcible because she sucked danny into the fenton thermus but thats just me

    (ps this is my firts review)
  • After finding out Danny's a ghost Jazz tries to help Danny in the ghost hunts, making more damage than help. Danny gets angry with her and causes her to run away, to Vlad's. He soon forces her to fight Danny in the ectosuit

    I could not love this series anymore than I already do.

    This is a great example of Danny Phantom and it's magic and the wonderful work Mr. Butch Hartman does. I laugh all the way through, stare amazingly at the motion of animation the colors and especially at the way I'm sitting at the edge of my seat by a cartoon.

    This is a wonderful show for young and old and with each episode I continue to look forward to new ones and cherish the old, all the while sad that it might end. I will definatly own any box set that might come out even if I've seen them all. The show is lovely and has earned top spot on my T-vo.
  • This was a great episode that focuses on Danny and Jazz as siblings.

    The episode was very good. The whole Danny getting caught in the Fenton Thermos act was very funny. Even Tucker getting stuffed into the locker was great. Danny freaked out and took it out on Jazz. She left to Vlad's pad. Then when Danny and Jazz see each other at Vlad's they stage a fight to trick the senile man. It ends in a humorous explosion, in which Danny and Jazz get away. But I have to question their judgement, why the heck did they destroy the Ecto Skeleton? What would they do if Pariah Dark came back? Nonetheless, it was a great episode.
  • This was a great show with Jazz and Danny.

    This was a great show with Jazz and Danny. Although Jazz kept sucking Danny up in the thermos, and they had a big fight with each other...they proved that in the end, they still love each other and look out for each other. Vlad was a bit degraded though. But it was a all around good episode.
  • very funny

    Ever since Jazz found out Danny fights ghosts she has been more overprotective so she trys to help Danny fight ghosts which results in him getting sucked into the Fenton Thermos 3 times accientally by Jazz, every time Jazz whould try to hepl she would make matters worst either buy sucking him in the thermos of accientally hitting him with the anti creep stick or the jack-o-nine tails. I laughed the whole time during this episode, Its to bad the ecto-suit was destoyed, but I still enjoyed this episode.
  • With her knowing Danny's secret out, Jazz tries to join the trio on ghost-hunts. Unfortunately, she's doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, Skulker has been pirating Amity Park, and gives no clues as to why...

    With her knowing Danny's secret out, Jazz tries to join the trio on ghost-hunts. Unfortunately, she's doing more harm than good. As the injuries keep mounting, Danny finally loses his temper and chews his sister out. She pretends to run away in sorrow, but is really trying to prove her worth by figuring out why Skulker has been pillaging Amity Park. It turns out that Vlad Masters has hired him to improve Jack's old ecto-suit from "Reign Storm," using an unlimited power source and bloodstream nanobots to both prevent the suit from killing the user and to give Vlad the ability to do so if the user isn't to his liking. This proves a problem when Vlad, after taking Jazz in, grows suspicious, and has her use the suit to fight a captured Danny.

    I liked SW. It was a lot of fun, had me laughing throughout, and helped me feel better Friday night when I was really worn out.

    Jazz's interfering with the trio's ghost-catching was what had me fearing Jazz discovering Danny's secret. I thought it would permanently add a fourth character to the centre stage and throw off everything. But I actually enjoyed seeing Jazz's meddling here, and one reaso was because she threw them off so much. I found that pretty IC, actually. We've seen Jazz, Maddie, and Jack all prove themselves as good ghost-fighters before, but they don't fight ghosts the way Danny does. Danny has his own way of fighting ghosts, and apparently, the two styles don't mesh well.

    Seeing Jazz be proven wrong and have some clumsiness was refreshing IMO, because it showed she's not perfect or brilliant at everything. There were times when I thought she was a bit too OOC childish ("We know something they don't know!" and the funky dance when she found Vlad's lab), but for the most part, I liked seeing her at her best and worst. Her uncovering Vlad and Skulker's plot was very cleverly done, and showed more of the clever, quick-thinking Jazz from TUE and other eps. And I'm really glad she decided to step back and leave the ghost-fighting to Danny and the trio.

    Danny's frustration with his sister made perfect sense, and I felt bad for both of them - Danny when he kept getting injured, and Jazz when Danny chewed her out. His immediate regret and rush to save Jazz was very IC and noble of him, I thought, and the way the two worked together at the end was really nice to see. With so many shows having siblings at war with each other and providing no help whatsover, Butch's way of working Danny and Jazz's relationship is really unique and very touching, and I'm glad he's stuck with it.

    And the running gag of Danny's lack of luck with Jazz's Fenton Thermos was a lot of fun.

    Vlad was in fine form for most of the episode. He was a bit too trusting of Jazz IMO, but it wasn't as bad as in MI. I thought it was really interesting to see him pursuing Jazz as a daughter and apprentice instead of Danny. Looks like he wants the entire Fenton family at his side (minus Jack.) I was also surprised that he injected Jazz with those nanobots and threatened to kill him. I'm just not sure how far that man is willing to go anymore, as we've seen him threaten Jazz and sick animals on Danny, and then invite Danny in as a son and feel sympathy for him. He's an interesting arch-enemy, and I'm not sure where that storyline is going. I await his next appearance with much anticipation.

    I really liked seeing Skulker back under Vlad's employement. I loved that scene between them in BR, and I've been waiting for another one like it for a long time. And the improved ecto-suit they put together was very cool. I liked that closure to that particular loose end from RS, and even though the suit was destroyed, I still don't know if I feel safe. Did those nanobots ever get removed from Jazz or stop working after the suit fell apart?

    All the ghost cameos were a lot of fun. There were three of those moments where I just fell over laughing - The Box Ghost asking Danny who Jazz was, Vlad yelling at Klemper that he wouldn't be his friend, and Technus being robbed of his electro-staff. Those were priceless!

    Sam and Tuck defending Danny in this ep was nice to see, and the gag with Tucker being put in a locker was really funny. And the Fentons were hilarious, as always. Though Maddie's dance really creeped me out.

    This season of DP has had phenomonal animation throughout, and this ep was no exception. That final battle in the second half was nothing short of brilliant IMO. The fluency of the animation, the staging, the camera angles, the effects...it was all just brillaint. RS, TUE, TFBC, and SW have been rising the bar for animation on the series, and IMO, it hasn't gone down yet. The guys at Rough Draft and the storyboard artists and keyers have no peers.

    I would give this ep an 8, but there was one thing that really, really bugged me, and that was that the characters discussed snappy banter and common trends throughout the series in such a blatant and self-conscious way. The way they talked about such things made it seem like they were mocking and insulting their own show, and it really detracted from the episode IMO. There's some times where I like some breaking of the fourth wall, but I didn't find this fun at all.

    But all and all, I found it to be a very fun and enjoyable episode. 7.5 out of 10.
  • Danny gets annoyed when Jazz tries to help him catch ghosts. Instead of catching villains, she accidentally catches Danny instead.

    This episode topped Identity Crisis which was my number 1 favorite episode. Very funny/entertaining! When Danny gets sucked in the Fenton Thermos, it reminded me in Reign Storm when Ember said, "Have you ever been inside your stupid thermos?" Well, he has now! And for some reson in this episode when Danny's at school he doesn't seem as short in height.
  • A hilarious episode! Better than I expected.

    Good to see that Sam and Tucker had a small part in this one. The episodes more about the ghost fighting are a lot better. I never really did like Jazz but this episode showed me how umm interesting she could be. The fact of her being such a lousy ghost hunter in this one was pretty funny. After Danny gets mad at her and totally yells at her she runs away to Vlad's house. Here I see Jazz wasn't a complete idiot in this episode after all. She tricks Vlad like a bunch of times and then when she tries to "prove her loyalty" to him she fights Danny. Of course it's a pretend fight which Vlad didn't realize at first. Danny and Jazz win that one and then there was a scene when they were returning home. I liked the whole brother/sister thing with Danny and Jazz. The episode also contained some great jokes. Overall I gave this episode a 9.2. Definetely one of my favorites.
  • So Funny!

    In this episode Jazz tries to help Danny with ghost fighting, but she ends up making things worse for him, so Danny yells at her, making her run away to Vlad Masters house!

    Overall, I really liked this episode! I laughed most of the time at most of all the parts! Jazz trying to help Danny but ends up sucking him into the thermos every time is priceless!

    But yet Danny is so mean to Jazz, all she was trying to do was help, even though it was never working! Jazz and her non-funny witty banters was funny, the fight at the end where Danny thought that she wasn't doing it to convince Vlad but she was! Plus now Jazz knows about Vlad being a halfa and Danny's Arch Nemisis!

    Then there's Jack & Maddie, now they were funny espically when after the kids left and Jack started saying some things that sounded totally different than what he said when he was finshed and the look on Maddie's face after he finshed was funny as heck and then at the end where Maddie won and then pushed it in Jack's face was hillarious!

  • Skulker's on a looting spree, snatching up a number of seemingly unrelated items. it turns out Vlad , no surprise there....

    this episode was, YAWN another poorly-done jazz episode. This episode gets a 3 for funny bits, but not the best when it comes to plots. Vlad shows his gullibility oncemore and Jazz's character is miswritten again as a screw up, when in previous episodes, she is an excellent marksman. And where did jazz's hatred of what her parents and ghostfighting go?
  • This one wasn't the best, but it was good anyway ^_^

    This was good, I really liked it. Jazz trying to help Danny, but always messing things up, then Danny get's sucked into the Fenton Thermos XD And he even put himself in that one time! XD (again). This one was totally funny, and the fight thing was really good, but it could have been better and longer. It would have been much better if Danny actually ended up what he looked like in the Title page after he fough Jazz or something. I liked that a lot, but that's only because I'm a gory person. Lol, don't mind me. But anyway, this could have been a little better, but other than that, this was a really great episode ^_^
  • it could of been better, but that's just my opinion...

    i'd have to say that out of all the episodes of danny phantom, this one isn't exactly the best. I wasn't looking forward to the Danny and Sam stuff, but i was hoping there would be a turn-around for Jazz. None of the fans have ever seen her as a villian, and I thought it would of been better if Jazz was evil for at least one episode. instead, butch and the gang created it so Jazz was only faking her fight with danny. But I have to say, the humor was hilarious, and the brotherly / sisterly love made me go "awwwww...."
  • Jazz starts helping with Danny's ghost hunting and Danny does not want the help. Danny makes Jazz cry and Jazz runs away to Wisconsin to live with Vlad. Vlad then forces Jazz and Danny to fight with Jazz in the Ectoskeleton.

    This episode was awesome! I watched it 2 more times right after it premeired. Yes i got it taped! The fact that Danny kept getting sucked into the fenton thermos, histarical! And I loved when danny smacked Dash's books out of his hands and blamed it on Tucker. In the locker you go Tuck.
  • Not the best, but it was a good one to show the bro/sis relation between Danny and Jazz...

    I give it a 7/10 for lack of D/S, Out of characterness for Jazz and Vlad, and from Danny being such a jerk. I mean, sure he is a 14 year old kid and of course a lot of 14 year olds are a little on the grouchy side a lot, but I like seeing the fun, caring Danny ^^ And Jazz was way to loopy and weird in this eppi. SHe just didn't seem like the Jazz we knew before, and she wasn't really caring for Danny to much or else she would have stopped while she was sucking him up in the thermous...

    Good pointers are that it did have a good bro/sis relation between them in some parts and kinda showed a little more on how they act together and all, and I guess we might have learned a little more about Jazz, except she wasn't really being herself, so ya know, that kinda takes away from learning more about her.

    Other than that I guess it was just a little less of what I expected and all, and I dunno. Somthing about it just didn't give the full feel of Danny Phantom at all.
  • They destoryed the Ectoskelton. I hate Butch!!!!!!!!

    They destreoyed the coolest weapon ever. It made Danny so powerful. And they destroy it. And Vlad was so stupid in this episode. He acted like a Juniper Lee villain. and that is bad. How can he make up part of Dan. I honestly don't know Butch anymore. Butch you should be ashamed off yourself.
  • Jazz thinks Danny needs her help to fight ghosts.

    Jazz is researching skulker. she acts so grown. why doesn't she stop bothering Danny and join somethink where she helps the principle.She can't do anything right.She is catching Danny over&over instead of the ghost they r supossed to be catching.She can't even catch the box ghost.Skulker is trying to get a ecto converter and Jazz practicly hands it to her.I have never until now seen a show where they say one word in just about every sentence.i have just began to watch this and i am sick of the word "HELP."
    I thought she had acted stupid before but now she went to "uncle" Vlad's house.oh she's clever,she is tricking Vlad.Finally,she does something right.Danny&Jazz fight(pretend).Vlad wants Jazz to prove her loyalty so he makes them fight.he believes their act and is "betrayed."Vlad says you think u know everythink but this will come to a surprise.He turns to his ghost form and says r u suprised.when he looks they r already gone but Jazz leaves him a note on the suit&triggers self destruct.The note says"no,not surprised" then it blows up in his face!!