Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 9

Secret Weapons

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Dec 09, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • The position of Danny's bedroom door changes in this episode. When Skulker comes into his room, his door is where it has always been -- to the far right of his bed. But when Jack and Maddie come in to wake him up after Jazz runs away, when they open the door, the light floods in from right in front of Danny's bed.

    • When Tucker is laughing at Danny because he got sucked into the Fenton thermos and Danny gets Tucker stuffed into the locker Danny leans on that one but Sam opens the one beside him to let Tucker out.

    • Jazz mentions to Danny that she did not know Vlad Masters had a thing for Mom. However, in "Bitter Reunions", Jazz recongnized that Vlad was flirting with Maddie (although it didn't bother her).

    • When Danny and Jazz are driving home in the Specter Speeder, for a few moments, Jazz's eyes are two different shades of blue.

    • In this episode, Jazz drives a red convertible. However, in "The Ultimate Enemy," she drove a pink Beetle.

    • After the commercial, Danny goes ghost while wearing his pajamas and goes to Vlad's castle. Near the end, Danny is riding back in the Spector Speeder wearing his trademark clothes.

  • Quotes

    • Jazz: (After catching Danny in the Fenton Thermos by accident; to Tucker & Sam) Think I should work on my banter?
      Tucker: Start with your aim!

    • Klemper: (Throwing ice balls) Won't anyone be my friend?
      (Jazz charges up to Klemper with the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick)
      Danny: You're going up to him with the Anti-Creep Stick?
      Jazz: I know what I'm doing, Danny. (To Klemper) Give me your worst, friendly fiend! You haven't got the guts. (to Danny) Huh? Guts?
      Danny: Yeah, see the guts joke would've been better in the last fight.
      (Jazz slips on the ice and mistakenly send Danny flying into a wall of ice; Klemper escapes)
      Jazz: I'm helping!
      (Danny, Sam, & Tucker emerge from the ice with annoyed faces)

    • (In Danny's room)
      Maddie: It's not like Jazz to just take off without saying something.
      Jack: I know. She usually talks and talks and talks. Big words I can barely understand.
      Maddie: Danny, can you think of any reason she might be upset?
      Jack: Or why she might have taken the Specter Speeder?
      Danny: (To himself) She's after Skulker.
      Jack and Maddie: What?
      Danny: (Nervously) I said...I'm so upset about her leaving I'm going to skulk...her? Gotta go! (Danny runs down the stairs to the lab) I told her she was a lousy ghost hunter so of course she decided to prove me wrong and hunt Skulker. (Transforms in Danny Phantom and flies through Fenton Portal) But if anything happens to her...now it's my fault.

    • Danny: Look, Jazz, I know you're trying to help.
      Jazz: Trying?
      Danny: And please don't be offended but-
      (Jack grabs Danny)
      Jack: Hey, Danny! Check this out. Your mother and I have sooped up the RV with an Ecto-Converter.
      Danny: Ecto-Converter?
      Maddie: It converts a ghost's natural ecto energy into a constantly replenishing fuel source.
      Jazz: Does it hurt the ghost?
      Maddie: (Laughing) Oh, Jazz. You know your father and I don't care about that.
      Jack: If it's screaming, then we know it's working! (Goes back to work on the ecto-converter with Maddie)
      Jazz: Good thing there's no ghosts here. (Nudges Danny) Right, Danny? No ghosts here. (In a sing-song voice; to Danny, about Jack & Maddie) We know something they don't know.
      Danny: (Mocking Jazz) I get it. Can we let it die now?
      Jazz: (Hums in the sing-song voice and knocks Danny into the Ecto-Converter; The RV speeds away) You really need to work on controlling your powers.
      (Danny scowls)

    • (In closet)
      Jazz: Danny, calm down.
      Danny: Calm down? How can I calm down with you constantly butting your nose in where it doesn't belong?!
      Jazz: I was just trying to help.
      Danny: Nobody asked you to help! (People outside the closet are listening) You're a lousy ghost hunter, an overbearing sister, and an annoying, obnoxious know-it-all with no respect for her brother's privacy, so stop helping! (Everyone outside gasps; Jazz whimpers then runs off crying; Danny steps out; everyone glares at him)

    • (in broom closet)
      Tucker: You want us to say something to her?
      Danny: I'm perfectly capable of talking to my own sister.
      Sam: Which is why you're hiding from her in a broom closet?
      Danny: Am not.
      (Jazz knocks on door)
      Jazz: Danny? You in there?
      Danny: Hide me! (jumps into trash can)

    • (In the janitor closet)
      Jazz: How come you never told me Vlad Masters has ghost powers? And he has a thing for Mom?
      Danny: Because it's none of your business!
      Sam: If you don't mind, we'll be over there, doing the "glad I'm an only child" dance. (Sam and Tucker crawl out of the janitor closet)

    • (At the movie theater, Sam and Tucker are seen exiting; Sam is yawning and they are both stretching)
      Sam: I can't believe we sat through all three "Cyber Zombie Commando" movies.
      Tucker: I could've used a little less zombie, and a little more cyber. But that's me, I'm all about the cyber.

    • Danny: (After tricking Vlad into letting them free; imitating Jazz) "Oh, no, what have I done?!" (Chuckles) What was that?
      Jazz: (Imitating Danny) "Jazz, no! Don't, please!"
      (They both laugh)

    • Danny: Okay, on my signal, run.
      Jazz: You're not the boss of me. I'll run when I feel like it.
      Danny: (Frustrated) Fine!
      Jazz: Fine. (Danny starts to run, Jazz watches him for a while, then runs)

    • Danny: (Watches Skulker tear through the lab equipment in the basement) And here I thought you weren't hunting me.
      Skulker: Where is the Ecto-Converter?
      Danny: See, that's more like it. You make demands, I ignore them.
      Skulker: (Grabs him by the collar) Talk. Where is it?
      Danny: Ecto-Converter. Ecto-Converter. Hmm, Let me think. Oh, here it is... in my hand! (Shoots him with an ectoplasmic energy blast)

    • Jazz: (Runs over to Danny with the Fenton Thermos, after helping Skulker get away) Danny, are you all right?
      Danny: No, no. Here, let me save you the trouble. (Presses a button on the thermos, allowing himself to get sucked in)

    • Vlad: (To Jazz, after she and Danny trick him into letting them free) Oh, you think you know everything, hmm? Tell me, girl, did you expect this?! (Transforms into Plasmius) Ha, ha, ha, ha! Surprised?
      (Gets a confused look on his face when he sees that they are gone and the Ecto-Skeleton has a stick-note on it; leans in close to see that the note reads, "No. Not surprised.")
      Robot Voice: Self-destruct initiated. Activating in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1...
      Vlad: Oh, butter nuts. (A huge explosion occurs)

    • Jazz: (To Danny; about Skulker) I've taken the liberty of crafting, I must say, some funny witty banter for your next encounter with him. Bye!
      Sam: (Reading off the list) See you later, X? X marks the spot? You've been X-ed? None of these are funny!

    • Danny: (To Skulker, as he leaves) Come back here! You didn't even call me whelp!

    • Jazz: That was good night's work, Danny. We caught three ghosts!
      Danny: Actually, you caught one ghost, three times. All of them me!

    • Jazz: (To Vlad, in a serious tone) Keep laughing, we'll see who laughs last... (In a happier tone) Ooh, that's good. My witty banter is improving!

    • Tucker: (To Danny, after he sees Skulker flying above them) Skulker? He's hunting you again?
      Jazz: Again? As in more than once?
      Danny: Jazz, take it easy.There's a rhythm to these things. Ghost attacks, we exchange witty banter, I kick ghost butt, then we all go home having learned a valuable lesson about honesty or... some such nonsense.
      Jazz: (Taking notes on her clipboard) Attack. Banter. Kick butt. Lesson. Got it. So, why isn't he attacking you?
      Danny: (Sees Skulker fly right past them and into the Axion building) No attack? What? He's ignoring me?

    • Jazz: (Referring to The Box Ghost) I've got him, I've got the Crate Creep!
      The Box Ghost: Crate Creep? I am The Box Ghost! Who are you? (To Danny, in a much softer voice) No, seriously, who is she?

    • (in the football stadium)
      Jazz: Uncle Vlad, is this necessary.
      Vlad: Why Jazmine, you didn't expect me to take you in without first testing your loyalty.(Jazz only blinks) I've improved Jack's Exoskeleton using the lightning rod and Ecto-Converter as an endless power source. Meanwhile the nanobots will control your breathing and heart rate.
      Jazz: So the suit won't waste me?
      Vlad: No. So I can if you betray me. But that needn't happen so long as you behave like a good little adopted daughter to me.
      Danny: Let her go, Vlad. She's clearly just some clueless know-it-all who got in way over her head.
      Jazz: You're toast.
      Danny: Oh, yeah? You and what toaster?
      Vlad: And that's my cue. (Presses button to release the two so they can fight)

    • Jazz: (Crying) Oh, Uncle Vlad! I've run away from home, my father's an idiot, my brother hates me, and I wanna live with you!
      Vlad: Wait, what was that?
      Jazz: I've run away from home?
      Vlad: N -- no, after that.
      Jazz: My brother hates me?
      Vlad: No, in the middle.
      Jazz: My father's an idiot?
      Vlad: (Happy) That's the one! Come to Uncle Vlad!

    • Vlad: Ah, Jazz, you sweet perceptive child. Give Uncle Vlad a hug.
      Jazz: (While hugging him) That's right, keep hugging. We'll see who hugs last.
      Vlad: What?
      Jazz: Nothing.

    • Vlad: (To Klemper) If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, I will not be your friend!

    • (in Specter Speeder)
      Jazz: I messed up, didn't I?
      Danny: Actually, I messed up. I was so busy being angry at you that I couldn't see you really can help.
      Jazz: But just because I can doesn't mean I should. Ghost fighting's your thing Danny. I'll always be there for you. Just in different ways.
      Danny: (Smiles; puts his hand on her shoulder) Consider yourself a reserved member of Team Phantom.
      Jazz: Don't you still need to go and fight Ghost X...I mean Skulker? I can totally cover for you.
      Danny: Nah. I'd rather ride home with my big sister. If that's okay. Besides, I'm sure Mom and Dad are enjoying their time alone.
      (Scene cuts to Maddie moving a checker)
      Maddie: (To Jack) Ha! King me!(Jack throws the checkerboard across the room) Nobody likes a sore loser Jackie!(starts dancing) I won! I won! That's right! It's my birthday!

    • Jazz: (After "defeating" Danny) Danny? Oh, no, what have I done? Can you ever forgive me?
      Vlad: Of course I forgive you, Jazmine, now that you've proven your loyalty.
      (Danny becomes intangible and goes through the ground)
      Jazz: Guess again, fruit loop. (Blasts Vlad)
      Vlad: Oh, so that's how it's going to be, eh? (Takes out his remote) Have you forgotten that with a press of a button, I can end your resistance once and for -- (Danny suddenly phases upwards and takes the remote from Vlad's hands) Oh, cheese logs...

    • Jazz walks into closet)
      Jazz: Cool secret meeting place.(sits between Sam and Tucker and opens laptop) So, I've pieced it all together. Ghost X is obviously using the technology he stole to build some sort of super weapon. So I've compiled a list of his known associates.
      Danny: Wait. Where'd you get this?
      Jazz: From your computer.
      Danny: (To Jazz) You hacked into my private ghost files? How'd you get the password?
      Jazz, Sam, & Tucker: It's Paulina Fenton.
      Sam: Seriously, Danny, it's not that hard to figure out.

  • Notes

    • Danny: Oh, yeah? You and what toaster?
      This is a variation of the retort "You and what army?", typically used when someone doesn't feel that their opponent poses a very big threat.

    • Look Hard: The year book that Jazz was reading says "1981", meaning that Vlad, Jack and Maddie were in college around the early 80's.

    • The other ghosts that made an appearance was the Box Ghost, Lunch Lady, Klemper, and a brief shot of Technus

    • When Jazz lists the three things she's done when she arrives at Vlad's Mansion Vlad asks her to repeat them. First, she repeats the first one, then the last one, then the middle one which is what Vlad wanted to hear. The same thing happens in "Maternal Instinct" when Maddie asks Vlad to repeat the three things he lists off.

    • Although he transforms twice in this episode, this is the first time Vlad has ever acted as a villain in his human form.

    • This marks the first and probably only time that the Box Ghost has a reason to call out his name.

    • Danny sums up the general plot flow of a standard episode as follows: "There's a rhythm to these things. Ghost appears, we exchange witty banter, I kick ghost's butt, and then we all go home having learned some valuable lesson about honesty or some such nonesense".

    • In addition to ice breath, Klemper can shoot small chunks of ice out of his hands.

    • This episode marks the second time that Skulker has assisted Vlad in one of his ploys. The first time was in "Bitter Reunions."

    • The ecto-skelton was improved by attaching the ecto-convertor and Technus's electric staff giving it a never ending supply of power and using the blood stream nanobots to monitor the users heart and breathing control.

    • First aired in Canada on YTV on April 10th, 2006.

    • Hinted in Bitter Reunions, Vlad and Skulker are friends.

    • The Fenton Eto-Skeleton is destroyed at the end of the episode by Jazz, being used only by three people. The first is Jack in "Reign Storm," although he only used the incomplete bottom half, known as the Fenton Pants. The second was Danny, also in "Reign Storm," he used it in it's complete form. The third was Jazz in this episode. She used the completed weapon modified by Vlad.

    • Danny's wish to marry Paulina, first mentioned in "Pirate Radio" is mentioned again.

    • Why was Danny trapped in the thermos for 6 hours. The thermos has a realease button on it, so he should have been freed within a few minutes.

    • This is the second time in the Title screen we see a sillouete of Vlad, the only thing we can see is his teeth and his red eyes with something either in front of him or in back of him, the first time was in Maternal Instinct.

    • The Fenton Ecto-Skeleton is destroyed (via it's self destruct system) at the end of the episode. It had been used three times: first by Jack (who used only the bottom part, the Fenton Pants), then by Danny, and finally by Jazz.

    • The name of the movie that Danny, Sam, and Tucker went to see in the beginning was called "Cyber Zombie Commando."

    • References to "Maternal Instinct" and "The Ultimate Enemy" were made in this episode.

    • Danny has now dubbed his ghost-fighting crew, consisting of himself, Tucker, Sam, and now an "honorary" member, Jazz, as "Team Phantom."

    • Apparently, ghosts can bathe, since Technus was wearing a bath towel in his cameo in the Ghost Zone.

    • Apparently, Sam is a good safecracker. She uses safecracking skills to free Tucker from Dash's locker twice in this episode.

    • This episode marks the second time that Danny, in ghost mode, has attacked Vlad in his human form before gets a chance to transform into his ghost mode. The first time was in "Reign Storm."

    • When Jazz calls her home in Amity Park, we learn that Vlad lives in Madison, Wisconsin, when it pops up on the caller ID. We also learn that his area code is 608.

    • Jazz calls Vlad a "fruit loop" in this episode, which is what Danny called him in "Bitter Reunions."

    • The company that Skulker loots the bloodstream nanobots from is called Axion. This is the company that Valerie's dad, Damon, worked for in "Shades of Gray."

    • Vlad now has a ghost shield that works on humans as well.

    • Opener: Jazz finds Danny and his friends at the movies, until Skulker appears and Danny wonders why he's being ignored by Skulker. He tries to stop Skulker from stealing nanobots, but ends up getting captured in the Fenton Thermos by Jazz, who was aiming at Skulker.

    • Look Hard: Jazz gives names for the ghosts she encountered. She gave the following ghosts these names:
      1) Skulker - Ghost-X.
      2) The Box Ghost - Crate Creep.
      3) Lunch Lady Ghost - Lunch-A-Belle.
      4) Klemper - Friendly Fiend.

    • After being hinted in previous episodes, it is confirmed that Maddie and Jack have no care for a ghost's well being.

    • Jazz accidentally catches Danny in the Fenton Thermos three times in this episode, making this the first time that Danny has been inside the Fenton Thermos.

    • Dash and Kwan appear in this episode, but have no dialogue.

    • The Jack-A-Nine-Tails from "Maternal Instinct" (later seen in "The Million Dollar Ghost," "Memory Blank," and "Pirate Radio"), the Specter Speeder from "Prisoners of Love" (later seen in "Fanning the Flames" and "Reign Storm"), the Fenton Anti-Creep Stick from ""13"," Technus's lightning rod from "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale," and the Ecto-Skeleton from "Reign Storm" all return. The Ecto-Skeleton is destroyed at the end of the episode.

    • Danny does not catch another ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode; however, he does catch himself.

    • Title Screen Caption: "Beware The Twisted Sister!"

    • As hinted in previous episodes, it is confirmed that Sam and Tucker are both only children.

    • Vlad learns that Jazz knows his and Danny's secret identities.

    • Paulina and Mr. Lancer are absent in this episode.

    • Vlad's computer is full of pictures of Maddie.

    • Jazz calls Vlad "Uncle Vlad" throughout this episode to butter up to him, which is what Danny called him in "Maternal Instinct" to do the same thing.

    • Look Hard: Before Danny knocks Kwan's books out of his hand and pins the blame on Tucker, Star and Kwan are seen talking to each other. The is the first time they're seen talking to each other since "Doctor's Disorders."

    • Jazz learns that Vlad has ghost powers.

    • It is revealed that Danny's computer ghost files password is "Paulina Fenton."

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Ecto-Converter.

    • The Floody Waters water park from "Lucky in Love" is seen in this episode when Jazz and Danny fight Klemper.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Danny knocking a bully's books out of their hand and pinning the blame on Tucker.
      2) Jazz trying to catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos and accidentally catching Danny instead.
      3) Jazz constantly calling Skulker "Ghost-X."
      4) Danny stating that a line would have been better in the last fight.
      5) Someone talking about witty banter.
      6) Someone doing a victory dance.
      7) Tucker reminding Danny about getting sucked in the Fenton Thermos.
      8) Tucker getting stuck in a locker.
      9) Someone else taking a blast meant for Skulker.
      10) Skulker commenting on how people inadvertently help him.

    • Main Villain(s): Vlad & Skulker.

  • Allusions

    • Title Screen Caption: Beware the Twisted Sister!
      this is allusion the 1970s Rock Band with the same name.

    • Vlad's Control

      Vlad's remote control in the battle looks similar to the one Control Freak from Teen Titans uses in his battles.

    • Sam: See you later, X? X marks the spot? You've been X-ed? None of these are funny.
      When Sam is reading the witty banter suggestions Jazz has written up for Danny's next fight against "Ghost-X" (Skulker), one of them is, "You've been X-ed." This was a tagline used on the short-lived hidden-camera prank show, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, hosted by Jamie Kennedy himself. Jamie would appear in a wide variety of disguises, getting his "marks" involved in an equally wide variety of bizarre predicaments. When a joke has run its course, he delivers the show's tagline: "You've been X-ed!"

    • Computer Symbol: Appearance
      If you look on the back of Jazz's and Vlad's laptops, there is a pear symbol on them, like there was on Danny's computer in "Identity Crisis." Once again, this is likely spoofing the Macintosh computer brand apple symbol. More Info