Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 10

Shades of Gray

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2004 on Nickelodeon

Episode Recap

Dash failed on an exam, so he takes his anger out on Danny. He chases Danny, so Danny accidentally bumps into Paulina and spills her drink on Valerie. Valerie tells Kwan to go after him, so Dash and Kwan are both chasing Danny. Danny goes intangible, then goes outside the school. He sees a ghost dog, with a company's symbol on it.

The dog turns into a huge monster, and goes back to the company, which Valerie's dad, Damon, works in. The dog thrashes it, so Damon's fired. Valerie becomes poorer, and she has to sell her stuff in a garage sale. The ghost dog appears once again, in his bulky form and destroys the things that Valerie's selling. Danny goes ghost and calms him down. Valerie sees Danny in ghost form and thinks it's him that's ruining her life.

Later, at lunch in school, Valerie has to sell her ticket for the concert she was going to. Paulina, Dash, and Kwan reject her from their table at lunch, because she was getting poorer and less popular. The ghost dog, again, appears in his monstrous form and ruins the school cafeteria, so Danny has to calm him down again. Tucker tells Valerie that it's a ghost, so she blames it for ruining her life.

Valerie has to move into a smaller apartment, because she's poor. She then receives a package from her dad, telling her it came for her at school. It was sent from Vlad Masters! He sent her some weapons for ghost hunting. Later, at the park, Danny is training the ghost dog to be obedient. Valerie, in a special suit, fires a shot at them. Danny immediately takes action. Valerie shoots some blades at him, and nails him with one. Danny manages to escape to Sam, with Valerie right on his tail. With quick action, Sam starts making out with Danny and Valerie leaves.

The next day at school, Tucker is talking about it, and Sam and Danny claim it to be a "fake-out make-out." Just then, Tucker bumps into Valerie, dropping all her books. He tells Danny and Sam to leave. He picks up her books and notices that she's hunting ghosts. Tucker tells her that Danny's parents are ghost parents. Danny and Sam are angry that Tucker has a crush on a ghost hunter.

Later, at a Casper High basketball game, the ghost dog interferes again. Danny immediately goes after it, then Valerie puts on her outfit and gets her equipment and hunts them both, Danny puts her in the basketball hoop.

The next day, in Chemistry, Danny's senses a ghost, and Valerie hears it. They both leave school and go to the park, Valerie once again hunts them both. Danny follows the dog back to the company. Val's dad gets a second chance at his job. Valerie has to stay at the company. Danny has to find what the dog is looking for to calm him down. Tucker and Sam are watching from a tree, the dog is tied to it so he doesn't go crazy.

Danny is in the building, and Valerie starts hunting him again, while his dad is getting food. The dog escapes from being tied to the tree. Danny gives him the toy he was looking for, so he disappears. Valerie comes after Danny with her weapons, she accidentally misses him with the blast she fires, and hits the fire alarm instead. Danny tries to help her, but she doesn't fall for it. Tucker then takes the blame for it, so Damon gets his job back for his good security system.

The next day, at lunch, Valerie gets another package from Vlad, but we don't see what's inside. Sam does something nice, and buys the concert tickets that Valerie was selling. The episode ends with Danny, Sam, and Tuck, Dash, Kwan, and Paulina at the concert.