Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 10

Shades of Gray

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • "This is why I'm a cats person"

    In My Brother's Keeper a character I didn't care much - Jasmine - became a character I want to see more of it. Shades of Gray does the same thing with Valerie. It's nice that she changes from a side character that works on small doses to a ghost hunter who looks awesome and is a threat. She gets a little development and I liked how the relationship between Valerie and Tucker advances. Cool action and music are again present in this episode. It's great to see Vlad return, making new moves. Valerie's father is not a bad character and in a future episode we'll care more about him. It's good to see and how Danny feels guilty of causing these troubles to Valerie's character. The jokes in this one are really good. Also Danny and Sam shippers may get excited in some part.

    Overall Shades of Gray isn't as good as My Brother's Keeper but do we really expect that. Last episode was top-notch, but this one is also top-notch in its own way. It makes me want to see more Valerie, while delivering Danny Phantom entertainment. The fourth 10 in a row becomes my fourth favourite episode so far after My Brother's Keeper (first), Prisoners of Love (second) and Bitter Reunions (third).
  • By an unlucky encounter with a ghost dog, a new enemy emerges and dedicates her life and passion to fighting and hunting ghosts with Danny as her main target.

    Valerie Gray once a popular and wealthy girl suddenly falls on hard times because a ghost dog Danny was trying to stop and it trashed the lab that her father was in charge of security and doing a demostration in front of a boss/head of a Axion Labs. Once Valerie's dad loses his job and career, Valerie loses her status and the fake friends that went with it. Seeing that Danny who was trying to control the dog Valerie assumes that the dog belongs to Danny and that all ghosts are the same as in annoying reckless troublemakers. Meanwhile Valerie receives some high tech ghost battle and tracking equipment (courtesy of Vlad) and Tuckers starts falling for her. Even more she returns the affections. Not only does Danny have to deal with another ghost hunter but have to find out why the ghost dog keeps returning from the ghost zone. Meanwhile Valerie's dad gets another chance and Danny risks the final remanent of Valerie's dad's chance, Valerie's fury with weapons, and possibly worse situation with the ghost dog along with having nothing to show for it.
  • This episode introduced Valerie, a girl whom Danny would soon find to be an enemy.

    Valerie was born lucky with her spoiled attitude, popularity, and beauty. However, a few accidents with Danny Phantom as the ghost boy causes her to lose it all, and she dedicated her life to hunting him down and destroying him as well as all other ghosts.

    The episode wasn't too good in my opinion, but I gave it a high rating because of the major DannyxSam moment. Anyway, Valerie over-reacted to the problems in her life, and she hadn't bothered to hear Danny's side of the story. She just figured that all ghosts were the same, and using her new ghost equipment, started hunting them down. She is a bit pushy and I don't think that it's a good quality in this case. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Valerie. I just don't like that she didn't give Danny a second chance.

    Moving on to the big reason as to why I reviewed this... The fake-out make-out! It actually took me a long time to finally get to see this episode, and I wound up watching it for the first time at my uncle's house. Anyway, the fake-out make-out took me by surprise, but I loved watching the way they reacted after it. Sam had taken the guns on this make-out, and she made Danny lose his mind as well as his control. If that hadn't been proof of their blossoming relationship, I don't know what would have been. YAY to DXS!
  • Valerie Grey, a student at Danny's high school, deticates her life to fighting ghosts and hunting down Danny Phantom.

    Wow! This was such a great episode. With such a greatly plotted story line and wonderful character changes, Valerie went from being Paulina's best friend, to depending on herself, and her new hobby; fighting ghosts and hunting down the ghost that she is sure ruined her life- Danny Phantom. I adored the Ghost Dog and how cute he was as a little puppy. It was so funny to watch poor Danny have to try and catch the little guy. I like the idea of Valerie getting more involved with the show, and she is no longer just the second friend of Paulina. Adorable and excting, I adore this episode.
  • Valerie Gray becomes Danny's new enemy when given ghost hunting gear by Vlad.

    This has got to be one of my favorite episodes ever! I love the idea of Vlad giving ghost hunting equipment to Valerie. This will definitely make the series more interesting and exciting. I especially loved the little ghost dog! He was sooooo cute (in his small form)!!!! I also liked the nickname Danny gave him, it fit him perfectly. I liked it when Danny and Valerie both had to go fight ghosts, so they asked to be excused in one scene, but were fighting in the next scene. It was funny seeing Sam and Tucker look from Danny to Valerie when they both asked to be excused and it was funny seeing them holding onto the tree and being dragged by the ghost dog. I thought that was funny.
  • Wow! Danny got a new enemy because Valerie held a grudge. I am so glad that "fake-out make-out" was in the episode, otherwise...

    I am a HUGE DannyXSam fan (you can see that) and so I only liked this episode because Sam and Danny kissed even though it was only a fake-out make-out and still... This episode could have used a little more work, but all in all I'd say that this episode deserved a thumbs up. I'm also glad that Tucker gave up on his crush on Valerie because she is a snob and a stuck up jerk (no offense Valerie fans)! Please respond to this review by either agreeing or disagreeing. I need more words so...
    Danny and Sam forever!Danny and Sam forever!Danny and Sam forever!Danny and Sam forever!Danny and Sam forever!Danny and Sam forever!Danny and Sam forever!Danny and Sam forever!
  • Valerie Grey a student at Casper High becomes a ghost hunter and is determined to get Danny Phantom.

    A ghost dog breaks into a top laboratory and Danny Phantom tries to stop him.He manges to get the dog out of there he untentinaly caused Valerie Gray's father(who is incharge of security there) to be fired.Valerie's life is ruined she no longer has a lot of money she isn't populer anymore.she has lost most of her things,and she and her father had to sale their home and move into a low rent appartment.Valerie swears to make all ghost pay.Vlad Plasmius secrectly gives Valerie ghost hunting equipment.Danny has to figure out why the ghost dog wants to get into the lab so he can stop causing trouble for him to solve.Danny decides to train the dog since he keeps getting out of the Ghost Zone.Valerie attacks them while they are training,Danny is surprised by her attack Danny quickly gets the dog out of there,Sam helps Danny get out of the situation by kissing him which shocks him so much he turns back to human mode.It works and Valerie leaves.Danny and Sam try to figure out how Valerie became a ghost hunter Tucker(who has a crush on her)tries to get closer to her.Danny finally figures out that the ghost dog is looking for something that is in the lab so he helps him get it back.Valerie is there with her dad who is guarding the place so he can get his job back.While Danny fights Valerie he finds the dogs toy and the ghost dog leaves with his toy.Danny saves the day but he has a new enemy in Valerie Grey the ghost hunter.

    A good episode Danny gets a enemy that isn't villain,but a anti-hero who believes he is evil.Another great factor is the fact that Vlad Plasmius is the one funding Valerie with weapons,makes you wonder what he plans to use her for.Danny and Sam make-out-fake out thing will be cause some problems for them it also forshadows the Danny/Sam thing.
  • Valerie is so annoying and a brat.

    The only reason a give this episode a mere 70 is becuase when Danny "kisses" Sam, when Danny is responsible for a ghost pup (the dog was sooooo cute!!!)The dog was cute and was nice to Danny but not anyone else. Anyway, this episode was good but not the best. What else was I missing? Valerie? Whatever....
  • danny gets a new enemy without it being his fault

    This was a cool episode because we get to have valerie play a bigger role. I think valerie is a great ghost hunter or at least she has potential for now. It is pretty neat how a ghost gave a ghost hunter equipment to hunt ghosts. Danny obviously gets a little big mouthed in this episode because he totally underestimates the new ghost hunter. Tucker has a crush on this girl but she only likes him because he knows alot about ghosts. I am pretty sure Valerie breaks up with him pretty soon seeing as in the episode flirting with disaster she likes danny.
  • When Danny accidentally ruins the social life of a popular girl at Casper High, she begins hunting him with weapons sent anonymously to her.

    When a ghost dog with a split personality appears, Danny struggles on sending him back into the Ghost Zone. Not only can’t he get it to stay there, he accidentally ruins the social life of Valerie Gray, a popular girl at Casper High, and Tucker’s latest crush. She is then given weapons for fighting ghosts from Vlad Plasmius! Now equipped with dangerous technology, she sets her sights on annihilating Danny!

    Now, the first time this episode premiered, I didn't know it was on, so I missed the first half of it. But once I saw the whole thing on Sunday, that's when I fully understood it.

    I wasn't sure what to think for this episode. At the point it aired, "My Brother's Keeper" was the best episode so far. But I know cartoons well enough to know that it's very rare for one spectacular episode to be followed by another. "Shades of Gray" is far from spectacular, but it was still a pretty good episode.

    As for the parts I liked, seeing Danny having a villain who is all human for once is an interesting way to change the plot a little. And Valerie is a really stubborn one at that. Even when there were scenes when Danny showed signs of being friendly, she didn't listen. Some parts of her stubbornness bugged me a bit, but I guess all great heroes need to have at least one, and she doesn't act that way ALL the time.

    Also the fact that she's getting weapons from Vlad was a good way to juice it up. Shows Vlad seems to be wanting to get rid of Danny without the threat of exposing himself.

    Tucker...I can't say I liked the way his attitude was. It was a little like "What You Want", but I didn't mind it. It just shows that hormones are starting to bubble for him, the scenes of him talking with Valerie. He's Danny's best friend, but he has shown not to be very reliable (ex. releasing the ghosts from the thermos and losing his PDA's in OoaK, goofing around with another PDA in PoL).

    Danny and Sam...Yes! Their relationship is getting complicating now! I never though of a D/S romance prior to this, but the "fake-out make-out" really changed my mind. This may have bothered some people, but not me. When there is a crisis at hand, sometimes you just act without thinking. Sam was a perfect example. And the way they acted afterwards...oh, boy! Perfect foreshadowing for "Fanning the Flames".

    There were a few things I didn't like, but not too many. The animation from after Valerie's house to the commercial wasn't to good, but that doesn't really bother me. The action invloved pretty much made up for it.

    This episode also ends in terms of a cliffhanger in some ways. Normally I can’t stand when they end a whole episode like that, but this is actually in a different case, simply because although Danny’s problems with ghosts end early, he has another opponent out there. This is more along the lines of setting up future storylines and leaving things open for exploration when they are next the vocal point in certain future episodes. Important for the series, IMO.

    Overall, this was a very interesting and exciting episode. I give it 8.7/10.
  • First Fake-out-make-out.

    Because of the first fake-out-make-out, many DS shippers realized their potential. This was sudden warm-up for the next episode (which I am sure everyone knows of).

    Also in the episode was the introduction of Valerie Grey. She was known as part of the popular group, becoming more of a plot mix-up now.

    Random question: did they put the guard dogs to sleep? Why is the ghost dog from this episode dead?

    Another question no one else seemed to ask (although if I looked around I may find it, I'm not sure). If the Dog Trainer's Guide went through Danny when Sam threw it, shouldn't she have fallen through him when she tackled him?
  • After a ghost dog ruins Valerie Gray's life, she decides to dedicate herslf to ghost hunting. She blames Danny Phantom as well as the dog for messing things up and now she wants to destroy all ghosts including him. Danny must evade her without hurting her

    Makes the show even better by changing things up a little. Now not all of Danny's enemies are evil ghosts, but also a classmate who hates ghosts. This helps the showby not naking things too similar throughout the series. Also, Danny and Sam kiss for the first time in a so called "Fake-Out Make-Out." Now we know a couple to look out for in future episodes. This episode is really bringing heat. It also makes you think that Valerie might join Vlad Plasmius one day to get rid of Danny Phantom. It was comical with the ghost dog in this episode. Everything the ghost dog did made me laugh. Watch out for invisible dog doo!
  • Tucker: You guys KISSED? Sam and Danny: NO! It was a FAKE-OUT-MAKE-OUT!

    I loved this episode because of the fake-out-make-out. It was so cool! I loved the look on Danny\'s face while they kissed. This is another hint of the Danny and Sam relationship. Sam likes Danny more than Danny likes Sam. I mean, right after they kissed, Sam didn\'t react to that. But Danny did. And Sam\'s look on her face, totally comfortable. Danny\'s face: What are you doing?! Thats what it looked like.
  • Danny and Sam KISS!!!

    Danny and Sam KISS!!!I choked.
    I cannot beileve it. Finally because it should be but it was a "Fake out make out"
    But Valerie becoming a ghost hunter is a big thing. One more villan to add to Danny's villan list. This episode is defenitly on my top 5 because it's one of the best episodes
  • Thetables have turned. Read more..

    Adding another ingredient to the soup of ghost hunting. When ghosts ruine Valire Greay's life she is mad. Danny Phantom is the one she is mad at! Vlad somehow catches wind of her ghost troubles and sends her ghost hunting gear. Dannis trying to throw Cujo A ghost dog back into the ghost zone but keeps coming back. Sometimes the dog is cute and little at other times is is mean and ferocious. It is looking for something near Axum labs were Valerie's dad works. It destroys the security system that Valerie's dad said worked wonders. Val and Damien (her dad) have 2 move since he rdad got demoted in job statous. She starts hunting ghosts since they ruined her life. The dog finally finds what it is looking for. (a squeaky toy) them goes home. Leaving to fight ghosts from then on.
  • Episode 10 - Shades of Gray - My review

    As usual, Danny is in trouble with Dash, and is being chased by him. He escapes using his ghost powers and comes outside school, where he meets a ghost dog. The dog looks really cute when it’s happy and cheerful, but when it gets angry, it turns into a ferocious monster. The dog turns angry and runs into the Axion Company with Danny trying to stop it on its way.

    Meanwhile, Valerie is inside the company where her father is giving a tour of his latest security equipment that he has worked on. Just then the ghost dog breaks in and wrecks the entire facility. Valerie’s dad gets fired and Valerie blames the ghost boy and his dog.

    Later Sam, Tucker and Danny walk past Valerie’s house where they are having a yard sale of all their stuff and moving the rest inside the mover’s van. The ghost dog appears again and Danny changes to get a hold of him. He is unsuccessful and while chasing the dog, destroys Valerie’s furniture inside the van making her more frustrated.

    Danny gets the dog and throws him through the portal, but the dog comes out again and scampers away. At school, everyone is raving about the new Dumpty Humpty concert, and now that Valerie is poor and not cool anymore, her friends ditch her. Valerie gets a package from an unknown person (Vlad) and finds weapons, gadgets and costumes to destroy the ghost boy and his dog. Danny finds the dog again and starts bonding with it. Since it’s already trained, he doesn’t have any problem getting it to obey him. Valerie changes into her costume and starts looking for Danny. She starts attacking him while he is with Sam and the dog, and Sam recognizes her voice and finds out that it is Valerie.

    Now that Valerie is unpopular, Tucker finds his way in to become her boyfriend, and Valerie pretends to be interested in him to get more info on Danny’s parents who are ghost hunters. Danny must now find out why the dog keeps coming back, and how to stop Valerie and not hurt Tucker’s feeling at the same time.

    While this is not the most action packed episode, since there are no villains (except for a dog and Valerie which I am not counting), this episode would have been really boring, had we not seen Danny and Sam kiss. I see the other reviewers also felt that THAT one scene made up for this whole episode. The dog is more funny than scary, and Valerie becoming Danny’s new enemy felt more like a joke. All in all, this was an entertaining episode, not for its action, but for all its other aspects.
  • "Fake-Out Make-Out" yeah right.

    This episode has alot of revealing moments, and some things that where obvious like the fact that Tucker liked Valerie, and that even thought the are always denieing it Danny and Sam like each other to, I mean a "Fake-Out Make-Out" nobody is going to believe that was fake, and the look on Danny's face after Sam kissed him, I don't think he tought is was fake I think he enjoyed it. I liked this episode very much it seemed to forshadow things that are to happen in the Future.
  • yey~~~~~!!!!!! The first danny and sam\'s kiss! Gotta watch this eppi!

    How can I describe this episode! Is so cool! but the part of the kiss is the best. Yeah, like we would believe that \"make out- fake out\", thing is obvius that there is somthing blossoming and like Mr. Butch Hartman say \"you have to wait and see\" for the relationship development of this couple (..if there is something..)
  • Danny and Sam finally kiss! What kept them so long?

    Much of this episode revolves around "ghostbusting" and technology cross-bred with parapsychology.

    That's how it seemed to go, just your average ghost hunter trying to take down Danny as usual, but that didn't seem to be the case.

    Of all the surprise turns, it stunned me when Sam kissed Danny just as a distraction to lead Valerie on a false trail, one would think that this story would mean something completely different, and judging by the look Danny gives, it probably does: Sam obviously doesn't want Danny to get caught, and so does the most disgusting thing just to help him.
  • Yay D/S!!!

    This episode rocked! I thought the animation was really good, actually. Danny looks better with messy hair ^^;. But anyway, the plot thickens! Danny's got a new human enemy! Not that it's a good thing O_O;. Cuz it's not, but it was a great episode. Danny getting blamed for everything that happens now...Sheesh, poor kid. The ghost dog made it really funny altogether.

    And then there was the fake-out-make-out...okay, now that was just AWESOME!! And then Danny's reaction when Sam was kissing him was priceless. And so was Danny's expression after Valerie flew away...Come on, you could tell he loved it ^^.

    All in all, it was a great episode, and I hope to see more Danny/Sam ^____^
  • Eppisode about Valerie Gray, whose life gets ruined by a ghost dog, and Danny who ends up getting blamed for the whole thing...

    This eppisode being one of my favorites, would be a perfect example to show someone who has not yet seen Danny before. I would use this for one of the first ones to show them, because of it's well written plot, and good way to introduce Danny's new enemy, and first human enemy, Valerie Gray.
    In this eppisode, a 'ghost dog' ruins Valerie's dad's chance at a good job with security, by ruining everything in the building her dad is securing, and showing that his plans to keep it gaurded, didn't work at all, which leads Valerie to loose her popularity, and her money.
    After this event, Valerie blames it all on Danny PHantom, since he was there at the scene of the crime. He ends up making friends with the dog that got him his new enemy though, and tries to find it's reason for being there.
    Danny has to go through with both trying to avoid Valerie, keep the dog out of trouble, and try to find out why the dog was there in the first place.
    This eppisode has a nice way of showing Valerie as a new enemy to Danny, as well as showing a stronger bond between DannyxSam, in which I enjoy a lot, and I think a lot of D/S fans would have to agree for this matter.
    Also, it has a good plot to it, sticking to the idea of the dog, and to the fact that Valerie has become his new enemy, which was one of the main points.
    I give this a score of ten, because of it's humor, excitment, D/S and more! This eppi rocks!
  • When ghosts ruin the social life of Valerie Gray, she becomes a ghost-hunter, setting her eyes on Danny Phantom. Unfortunately, Valerie happens to be a girl Tucker has a crush on.

    The first new episode in over a month, "Shades of Gray" introduced the first human villain to the series and became the second major turning point in the series, the first being "Bitter Reunions." The difference was that here, the change was much more obvious and not nearly as well recieved.

    Though not my favourite and with its share of problems, "Shades of Gray" seemed to get the short end of the wedge by most people. After the phenomenol "My Brothers Keeper" expectations were likely to be high, but this episode didn't do so bad.

    This episode's plot is different from all others in terms of pacing. Whereas every other episode is very linear and srtuctured, "Shades of Gray" almost seemes broken down into several mini-episodes itself. This episodic pacing was a bit awkward, but I didn't mind. It's good to break the conventions to keep things fresh every once and a while.

    Basically, the plot shows how the antics of a ghost-dog and Danny's attempts to control it accidentally destroy the fortune and social life of Valerie Gray (remember Tucker's almost-date from "Parental Bonding?") She becomes bent on destroying ghosts. Unfortunately, Tucker still likes her, and, learning that Danny's parents are ghost-hunters and knowing how close Tuck is to Danny, Valerie soon starts invading on the trio. She also recieves ghost-hunting supplies from none other than Danny's arch-nemesis, Vlad Plasmius!

    The animation seemed to really bother people in this episode. I don't mind it. There is a noticeable difference in character design and style of animation between the rest of the animators and whoever did the fight scene in the park. His way of animating movement is very choppy, and his character designs are sharper and slimmer. I like the designs, but the choppiness I can live without. This episode also wasn't the *most* daring with cinematography, though there are several cinematic effects employed. But I didn't mind the animation. At the very least, the energy was still there in the action sequences.

    I also like the growing and changing character dynamics. Tucker's smart with technology, but when it comes to controlling his mouth, hormones, or common sense, boy does he need work! I like how, despite his loyalty to Danny as a friend, Tucker's not completely trustworthy or reliable. It makes for another dimension to his friendship with Danny. It was nice to see that Valerie may actually have some real affection for him at the end. Valerie herself was an interesting villainess and one of the more interesting to watch. Hopefully her role as Tucker's girlfriend and an enemy will keep going throughout the series.

    Danny and Sam...the ice has been broken! The fake-out make-out bothered some people, but not me. No matter how smart you are or what else you can do, when you have a crisis at hand, sometimes you just act without thinking. And boy, did Sam do that! This explains the awkwardness between them in "Fanning the Flames" very well and really gets this particular story arc going fast. I can't wait to see more of D/S in the future!

    The third major story arc here is the game being set up by Vlad. We learned in "Bitter Reunions" that he was behind the ectopusses, Skulker, and several other ghost attacks and what his motives are. Now he's equipping Valerie against the boy he deems his future apprentice. Looks like he's becoming the Slade to Danny's Robin; sending trouble his way to test his skills and train him (in an odd way). I'm looking foward to what else the arch-villain of the show has planned.

    Aside from minor points on pacing and movement of animation, my only problem with this episode is that it just doesn't hit me the same way other episodes have. It also feels a bit incomplete, but this is probably because it's meant to move along, introduce, and set up future storylines and didn't need to be too developed itself.

    All in all, I don't find it a bad episode at all. I give "Shades of Gray" 6/10.