Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 10

Shades of Gray

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 24, 2004 on Nickelodeon

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  • Valerie Grey a student at Casper High becomes a ghost hunter and is determined to get Danny Phantom.

    A ghost dog breaks into a top laboratory and Danny Phantom tries to stop him.He manges to get the dog out of there he untentinaly caused Valerie Gray's father(who is incharge of security there) to be fired.Valerie's life is ruined she no longer has a lot of money she isn't populer anymore.she has lost most of her things,and she and her father had to sale their home and move into a low rent appartment.Valerie swears to make all ghost pay.Vlad Plasmius secrectly gives Valerie ghost hunting equipment.Danny has to figure out why the ghost dog wants to get into the lab so he can stop causing trouble for him to solve.Danny decides to train the dog since he keeps getting out of the Ghost Zone.Valerie attacks them while they are training,Danny is surprised by her attack Danny quickly gets the dog out of there,Sam helps Danny get out of the situation by kissing him which shocks him so much he turns back to human mode.It works and Valerie leaves.Danny and Sam try to figure out how Valerie became a ghost hunter Tucker(who has a crush on her)tries to get closer to her.Danny finally figures out that the ghost dog is looking for something that is in the lab so he helps him get it back.Valerie is there with her dad who is guarding the place so he can get his job back.While Danny fights Valerie he finds the dogs toy and the ghost dog leaves with his toy.Danny saves the day but he has a new enemy in Valerie Grey the ghost hunter.

    A good episode Danny gets a enemy that isn't villain,but a anti-hero who believes he is evil.Another great factor is the fact that Vlad Plasmius is the one funding Valerie with weapons,makes you wonder what he plans to use her for.Danny and Sam make-out-fake out thing will be cause some problems for them it also forshadows the Danny/Sam thing.