Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 5

Splitting Images

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 23, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

After a series of humiliating run-ins with Dash, the school bully, Danny uses his powers to get revenge and triggers the ghost of Poindexter, a kid who was shoved in his locker so many times, he haunts it to this day. Danny must battle this ghostly defender of nerds and geeks, while proving he's not the bully Poindexter thinks he is.moreless

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Peter MacNicol

Peter MacNicol


Guest Star

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

The Box Ghost

Recurring Role

S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock


Recurring Role

Dee Bradley Baker

Dee Bradley Baker

Band Kid/Punk

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (17)

  • QUOTES (22)

    • The Box Ghost: (To Danny) Now, prepare to be crushed by ... (Reads box) props and costumes from the Broadway classic, "My Fair Lady!"

    • Danny: No, you don't understand!
      Poindexter: I understand a bully when I see one!
      (Poindexter zaps Danny lasers from his eyes)

    • Danny: (Inside Poindexter's locker after scaring Sam & Tucker accidentally) Sam! Tucker! In here!
      Sam: Poindexter?
      Danny: No, it's me! Danny! Poindexter took over my body and sent me to this bizarro spirit world!
      (Sam & Tucker look at each other, not convinced)
      Sam: Prove it.
      Danny: In second grade, Tucker threw up in your lunch box, but he told you Ricky Marsh did it.
      Sam: What? I kicked him off the monkey bars for that! (Points to Tucker angrily) It was you?
      (Sam & Tucker gasp)
      Sam & Tucker: Danny?

    • Danny: (About the Box Ghost) Now there's a guy who knows exactly who he is.

    • Tucker: (To Danny, about Poindexter) That's the guy who used to have your locker! In your face, Mr. Skeptic!
      Poindexter: In his face? (Takes out a fountain pen) Swell idea. (Sprays Danny's face with ink and laughs)

    • (After Danny is shown wearing a dress)
      Tucker: Whoo hoo! Take it off!
      (Sam glares at him)
      Tucker: No, seriously, he should take it off. That's weird.

    • Poindexter: (In Danny's body) Spiff-diddly-dee man! So this is what it's like to have friends!
      Sam: You sure you're okay, Danny?
      Tucker: Danny?
      Poindexter: Who, me? Oh, yeah. Right. I'm right like Ike, Mike!
      Sam: Why does your voice sound so weird?
      Poindexter: Uh... puberty?
      Tucker: What happened to Poindexter?
      Poindexter: Oh, that square? He flew the coop: permanent-like!

    • Kwan: It's like the school is haunted!
      Sam: Apparently, someone's been busy.
      Danny: It wasn't me! I swear! (Takes over Dash's body and throws the food off his tray on Paulina) Now, that was me.

    • Poindexter: (Pointing to Tucker) I'm Sydney Poindexter, and wherever there is a single nerd in need, I shall be there.
      Tucker: Hey, who are you calling a nerd?

    • Poindexter: (To Danny) Put an egg in your shoe and beat it, bully!

    • Poindexter: Heck with the eggcream. Who wants a diet soda? Whatever that is!

    • Poindexter: Now I'm gonna live it up in YOUR body.

    • Tucker: I wonder how Dash would feel if he had a frog in his throat.
      Danny: Or twelve... down his pants!

    • Sam: Thanks a lot, Danny! Because of your little dress-up parade, my "Save the Frogs" program was a total bust!
      Tucker: Speaking of busts, did you see Danny in that bra? (To Danny) Puce is not your color, pal.

    • The Box Ghost: I am no longer The Box Ghost! I am now... (Grabs Sam's mechanical frog) The Mechanical Frog Ghost! (Frog shorts out) Uhh.... I changed my mind! I am once again The Box Ghost! And will have nothing to do with mechanical amphibians!

    • Danny: My fifteen minutes of popularity is up, and I wasn't even here for it!

    • The Box Ghost: I am The Box Ghost, and I will have my corrugated cardboard vengeance!

    • (Tucker & Sam gasp)
      Danny: Guys, what's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost. Or, something really scary that we don't see every single day.

    • Danny: (To Poindexter) You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses. (Pointdexter tries to nail him one but misses) You couldn't hit a guy with glasses! In fact, you couldn't hit the broad side of a barn!

    • Jack: (Suspiciously) So, Danny, what's this I hear about you getting a new locker?
      Danny: Oh, it's no big deal, nothing for you to get obsessive about.
      Jack: (Angry) Why, is it haunted?!
      Maddie: Don't worry, son, you'll barely even notice us as we're staking out that locker during normal school hours.
      Jazz: What?! No! Danny is at an age where he needs to be accepted by his peers. They already think of him as a clumsy nerd. The last thing he needs is you two confirming it!
      Danny: (Sarcastically) Thanks, Jazz. Total confidence builder.

    • Poindexter: (To Danny) You're the bully from where I'm standing.
      Danny: Floating.
      Poindexter: Floating.

    • Danny: (To Mr. Lancer) I can explain. (Pause) Actually, I really can't.

  • NOTES (40)

    • Title Image: Danny is trapped in Poindexter's mirror while he is flying out.

    • This episode's plot is similar to the plot of The Fairly OddParents episode, The Switch Glitch, where the protagonist exacts revenge on one of his tormentors and somebody gets him in trouble for that, believing the protagonist to be what the tormentor usually is.

    • Sidney Poindexter is the first ghost in the series who is not necessarily evil.

    • Cable Episode Info:
      Danny uses his powers for revenge on a bully and triggers the ghost of a kid who was bullied.

    • It is revealed that if Danny gets angry enough in human form, his eyes will glow green for a second.

    • To convince his friends that he was the real Danny, Danny (who was in Poindexter's body) told Sam that in second grade, Tucker had thrown up in her lunch box, but lied that a classmate named Ricky Marsh did it. This means that Danny, Sam & Tucker have been friends or been class mates since second grade (or possibly longer).

    • Poindexter's powers are as follows:
      1) The basics (Flight, invisibility, intangibility)
      2) Telekinetic control over all school items
      3) Green eye beams
      4) Body switching, overshadowing
      5) Ectoplasmic communication (Probably his power since Danny used it in his body)

    • Insight Digital Description: Danny invokes the spirit of a nerd to help him fight a bully.

    • Everything in Poindexter's Spirit World is gray.

    • This episode can be seen on the "Nick Picks Vol. 2" DVD.

    • Running Gags: 1) Poindexter using words of his time period that no one in the present understands. 2) A 1950's ghost calling Danny a bully, then Danny trying to protest against it.

    • Look Hard: At the beginning of the flashback to the 1950's, there is a banner that says "Congratulations Class of '55," meaning the flashback took place during Poindexter's sophomore year.

    • Sidney Poindexter is the first ghost whose human life history is revealed.

    • The Box Ghost temporarily became the "Mechanical Frog Ghost" in this episode, but quickly changed his mind.

    • Tucker reveals that he does not consider himself a nerd in this episode, although in ""13"," it was hinted that he accepted himself as a nerd, but in "Reign Storm," it is confirmed that Tucker thinks of himself as "plenty nerd."

    • This episode features Casper High's first massive school-wide ghost attack.

    • The way how The Box Ghost telekinetically raises the box, then pauses to read the label on it, right before he telekinetically throws it at Danny, is the exact same thing he did in "One of a Kind."

    • Poindexter has never had a friend before.

    • Apparently, Poindexter is unable to use his ghost powers in his 1950's Spirit World.

    • Kwan calls Danny (possessed by Poindexter), "Fentonmeister," which is the same thing he called him in the previous episode, "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale."

    • The Fenton Finder from "Mystery Meat" returns and it now has a display screen to show who the ghost is.

    • This is the first episode that begins inside Casper High.

    • Look Hard: On Tucker's PDA, it shows that Sidney Poindexter went to Casper High from 1954 to 1958.

    • Danny doesn't use his "going ghost" battle cry for the second time. The first time was in "Parental Bonding."

    • Look Hard: Star (who does not officially debut until "Lucky in Love") makes three cameos in this episode. The first one is at the cafeteria, when the camera focuses on the cafeteria from top-down perspective: Star can be seen sitting at the popular kids table on the upper right of the screen. She is sitting opposite to Kwan and next to Paulina. (This is the first cameo where Star is next to Paulina.) The second cameo is at the cafeteria again, right before Poindexter haunts it. Star is suddenly at a different table on the upper left with three other girls. The third one is when all the kids are running from the school through the front door: Star is at the front of the screaming crowd.

    • Look Hard: Nathan (who does not officially debut until "Reign Storm") makes three cameos in this episode. The first one was in the crowd of kids looking at Dash, right before Danny comes out of his body: Nathan can be seen in the crowd. The second cameo is at the cafeteria: Nathan can be seen sitting at a table on the middle-left, when the camera focuses on the cafeteria from top-down perspective. The third cameo is again in the cafeteria, right before Poindexter uses his powers to haunt the cafeteria and scare the kids: Nathan is sitting at a different table on the middle left with five other boys.

    • Danny does not catch a ghost in the Fenton Thermos in this episode.

    • Opener: Danny, Sam, and Tucker are carrying boxes in school containing dissecting materials and mechanical frogs. Sam wants to use the Assembly to convince people to stop dissecting real frogs and use the mechanical ones. The Box Ghost appears and Sam and Tucker run to the Assembly. The Box Ghost tries to throw knives at Danny, but he phases through. The Box Ghost then knocks Danny through the walls to the backstage of the auditorium, where he changes back. The Box Ghost then buries him with props from the play My Fair Lady and flies away. Sam has the curtain lifted to show a poster about saving the frogs, but everyone sees Danny wearing the clothes and laughs.

    • It is revealed that Danny can overshadow ghosts as well as humans.

    • This episode marks the second time that Danny is temporarily popular (however, Poindexter was in his body while he was popular). The first time was in "Attack of the Killer Garage Sale."

    • It is revealed that there is another ghost dimension besides the Ghost Zone and it is a 1950's replica of Casper High. However, in "Reign Storm," it is hinted that it is indeed part of the Ghost Zone.

    • It is shown that Danny can fly in human mode but only when he is intangible.

    • According to Poindexter, Danny is famous in the Ghost Zone.

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Spectral Communication.

    • Sidney Poindexter and the ghost teens in the Spirit World are the first ghosts shown in the series who do not have green or red eyes.

    • Danny is known as the "halfa" in Poindexter's 50's world. Half a human, half a ghost.

    • Title Screen Caption: "It Came From Locker 724!"

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Ghost Gloves.

    • Major Ghost Debut(s):
      Sidney Poindexter - The ghost nerd from locker 724. Danny encounters him because he had to get a new locker and it was indeed Poindexter's haunted locker. Poindexter switched places with Danny's body because he thought Danny was a bully. Sidney Poindexter absolutely cannot stand bullies or bullying, due to the fact that he was bullied a lot during his years in school.

    • Main Villain(s): Sidney Poindexter.


    • Episode Title: Splitting Images
      Splitting Images is a parody of the saying "Spitting Image"

    • Jack: (To Sam and Tucker) Fear not, young ones, these gloves were made for grabbin'!
      "These gloves were made for grabbin'" seems to be a play on the title of the song, "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," composed by Lee Hazlewood and originally performed by Nancy Sinatra. More Info

    • The Box Ghost: (To Danny) Now, prepare to be crushed by... (Reads box) props and costumes from the Broadway classic, "My Fair Lady!"
      My Fair Lady is a musical play by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederic Loewe, adapted from George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion. More Info

    • Poindexter: Heck with the eggcream. Who wants a diet soda? Whatever that is!
      An eggcream is a popular Brooklyn soft drink from the 1950's era, consisting of whole milk, chocolate syrup, and seltzer water.

    • Paulina: I can wear it with my Old Army lime-green baby tee.
      "Old Army" is obviously a parody of the real-life popular clothing store, "Old Navy." More Info