Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 12

Teacher of the Year

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Oct 15, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Living dual lives as a high school freshman and a super hero is a balancing act for Danny that just got even tougher, with both Lancer and his parents pressuring him to ace a test. At the same time, Technus, ghost master of technology, has escaped into Danny's online game and threatens to flee into the Internet and take over every computer in the world!moreless

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  • Danny's school performance suffers due to his late night gaming sessions

    Danny must retake and pass an exam while Technus is using the online game Doomed to take over the internet and even conquer the world. Both Danny and Tucker are obsessed on how to defeat one particular gamer nicknamed Chaos who always outdoes them. Danny can't seem to focus on his studies with a new villain using virtual reality game to gain knowledge/power to the internet. Mr. Lancer and Danny's parents seems to think that Danny is being irresponsible, lazy, and undisciplined. Even more Technus discovers that his ghost abilities work very well in virtual reality and he uses it to his advantage and starts beating all the levels without anyone's help. Tucker and Sam (who is the gamer Chaos) stall Technus as long as they can while Danny studies/reviews and takes the test. Not only is Danny able to pass the test with an A- but he can use his ghost powers too and defeat Technus before he obtains the final key. Then all three are defeated by Mr. Lancer who is himself a savvy gamer.moreless
  • Funny episode

    Out of all the episodes in Danny Phantom, this is one of the most funniest.
  • Danny has to get a passing grade on his english exam in order to get on the computer and stop Technus from taking over the web.

    Even though I'm not too big of a Technus fan, I thought this episode was very exciting. Danny and Lancer bonded a little bit, and after working hard, Danny earned a good grade with his help. I liked how Sam turned out to be the better Doomed player of all three, and she helped her friends stop Technus before he could retirve the last key in the game. Jack was so funny when he thought he should give Danny back his completely destroyed cell phone, too. Plus, Virtual Reality Danny was really way cool. I really enjoy watching this episode.moreless
  • Whoa! Virtual reality is awesome!

    Cool! Virtual reality is even better when ghost powers are involved! I wish I could do that to my computer. And virtual Danny is soooo cute as Fenton AND Phantom! I liked the line that went "Master of long-winded introductions! Do you ever stop talking about yourself?!" LOL! It was funny! And I can't believe Danny aced a test that the other kids had way longer to study for...oh, wait yes I do. He's really smart! And it was so nice of him to be so sympathetic about Lancer's "sister". Smart and nice! Yet another fantastic episode I really, really enjoyed watching! Survey says...I'm done!moreless
  • Technus is back and Danny needs to pass the test!! I loved it!

    Wowzers!! This was a great episode, even though people don't really like it that much! Technus is sooo boring and Danny makes such funny jokes about it! "Master of long-winded speeches. Do you ever stop talking about yourself?" Hehe!! danny cracks me up and this episode was no exception! Oh and the virtual Danny Fenton and Danny Phantoms were really good-looking!!:D Hehe!! I absolutely thought this was a terrific return of Technus and that game looked awesome!! I loved how Tucker didn't notice how Technus was in the game!! HA!! People thought this episode was mediocre, but I thought it rocked!moreless
David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom

Recurring Role

Kath Soucie

Kath Soucie

Maddie Fenton (Mom)

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Samantha "Sam" Manson

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (11)

    • How did Danny know how long it would take Technus to get to the final level of Doomed?

    • How was Danny able to start playing Doomed so fast on Mr. Lancer's computer? He would have had to log in and get a game started.

    • Danny was wearing the Fenton Helmet when he realized that he could also use his ghost powers in the game like Technus, but when he goes ghost, the helmet suddenly disappears.

    • Mr. Lancer said that Danny was supposed to stay after school studying with him until he gives the exam. However, when Danny was all alone in Mr. Lancer's classroom, the clock in the classroom read 12:00.

    • Technus accidentally destroyed Danny's computer when he first appeared in this episode, but when Danny is playing Doomed again, his computer is suddenly fixed and functioning properly.

      Note: Danny could have convinced his dad to buy him a new one. Jack is dumb enough to believe that a ghost appeared and blew it up without wondering how the ghost appeared.

    • When Danny accidentally releases Technus out of the Ghost Zone and Technus shouts out his motive, the wrinkles on his forehead disappear for a moment.

    • When Danny, Sam, and Tucker are fighting Technus in the park, the headset walkie-talkies they're using continually switch back and forth from their left ears to their right.

    • When Sam picks up a basketball, her skirt is down below her knees.

    • When Technus said "to conquer this world" he laughs, but after the Danny Phantom theme song and the episode title screen, after he says "to conquer this world," he doesn't laugh, he flies to Danny's computer.

    • When Mr. Lancer picks up Danny's wet paper, we see a math equation on his board, however, Lancer's an English teacher. However, it has been hinted in numerous episodes that Lancer teaches more than English.

    • Mr. Lancer's stuff on his desk appears and disappears when he shows his 'sister's' picture.

  • QUOTES (21)

    • Technus: I, Technus, shall use my ghost powers and new found gaming prowess to win the game and spread my intellect to every machine in the world! My, that was a long speech.

    • Danny: (In the video game) Sweet! My powers are the ultimate cheat code!

    • Danny: (After Technus escapes from his house, after he escapes the Ghost Zone) Oh, great. Constantly getting zapped in Doomed is bad enough, now I have to go after that loser?!

    • Tucker: (To Danny, as they are about to be destroyed in the video game) Danny, I just wanted to let you know - I accidentally killed your gerbil in the 6th grade.
      Danny: What?!

    • Danny & Jazz: I/he have/has stuff to do after class!
      Danny: How do you know that?!
      (Jazz shrugs)

    • Technus: I, Technus, am totally frying your bacon!
      Tucker: Well, that's one thing he hasn't upgraded: his catchphrases.

    • Maddie: (To Danny) Get this straight, Danny. You're a Fenton. Fentons get "A"'s, or in your father's case, "B"-minuses.
      Jack: (Looking proud) Solid "B"-minuses!
      Maddie: Until you retake this test and pass it with flying colors, we are forbidding access to all electronic devices.
      (Danny's cellphone rings)
      Danny: It's Tucker.
      Jack: (Grabs Danny's phone; speaking into the phone) He's busy! (Crushes phone with his hand)

    • (Danny rushes in with his test that he received an A-minus on)
      Danny: (Quickly, to Jack & Maddie) Hello! Not an idiot! See ya!
      (Jack smiles and holds Danny's crushed cellphone in hand)
      Jack: I should give him his phone back...

    • Danny: Gotta cross teacher off my what I wanna be when I grow up list...

    • Mr. Lancer: (To Danny) Now's the best time to say "Gee, Mr. Lancer, I had no idea being a teacher was so difficult."
      Danny: I'm fourteen.. I don't really care...

    • Mr. Lancer: Ha, ha! Once again, I have the seventh silver key, and I am victorious! Me! Mr. Lancer! (Catches himself and sighs) I've got to stop doing that.

    • Danny: (To Mr. Lancer) Ah, writing to your sister... wait, you have a sister?

    • Tucker: (To Technus, in the video game) Yo, newbie!

    • Technus: I am Technus, master of...
      Danny: Master of long winded introductions! Do you ever stop talking about yourself?!

    • Danny: (To Mr. Lancer) You need to get out more.
      Mr. Lancer: And you need to stay in more.

    • Sam: (About not being able to play video games) Why? Because I'm a girl? And we girls lack, what? Opposable thumbs? One track minds? Stupid berets?
      Tucker: Hey! (Looks up at his hat)

    • Danny: (After going ghost, and his hair turning back to normal from the Fenton Helmet) At least the hair's better.

    • Mr. Lancer: (About his sister's picture) Ahh, the old "I don't get to see my sister" speech gets them every time. Why don't they ever figure out that's me in a dress?

    • Tucker: Sam? You're Chaos?
      Sam: If you were game savvy, you'd have known that.

    • Tucker: (To Technus) "Hip?" "Far out?" Man, you do need help!

    • Technus: My last form was unstable, and I was unable to conceal myself from these annoying children, but this new body is much more... how would the kids say it today? Far out? In this new body, they shall never know it's me.. (Short pause) Technus!

  • NOTES (38)


    • Technus: Power Cube
      The power cube that Technus got in Doomed was similar to super mushrooms on the Mario Bros. games. Both make the user larger and more powerful and, like both, when you are hit, you shrink in size.

    • Episode Title: Teacher of the Year
      Teacher of the Year is an award given to teachers who put a lot of effort in teaching their students.

    • Tucker: You need to get the seven keys to the apocalypse.
      The seven keys to the apocalypse is likely a parody of the "seven chaos emeralds" in the famed video game, Sonic the Hedgehog, where you get the chaos emeralds to gain ultimate power, but here, it gains you ultimate access to the World Wide Web.

    • Doomed: Sound Effects
      Some of the sound effects in Doomed are very similar to the popular platform game, Super Mario Bros.'s sound effects.

    • Danny: (To Tucker) You distract him with an L2 Throttle right maneuver.
      "L2" is the name of a button on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 controller.

    • Danny: (To Mr. Lancer) In the poem, "The Tyger," why does the author rhyme the words "eye" and "symmetry?"
      "The Tyger" is a popular poem by William Blake that was written in 1794. Danny is referring to (regarding the rhyme scheme of "eye" and "symmetry) the first and last verses in the poem:

      Tyger, tyger, burning bright
      In the forests of the night,
      What immortal hand or eye
      Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

      To answer Danny's question, the letter "y" in British English during the 1800s always sounded like the "i" in the word, "kite."

    • Video Game World: Level 0
      When Danny, Sam, and Tucker defeated Technus, they shut him in "Level 0;" a glitch in the game that can not be escaped. This is highly likely to be a reference to Super Mario Bros.'s "Minus World," a secret glitch level that is inescapable. There is a glitch in world 1-2 in the warp zone that at least one of the pipes leads to Minus world. Before you enter the green pipe at the end, crush all the block above you. then stand next to the green pipe and face left. Press R on the controller and jump. You will jump backwards through the left-corner block.
      Minus world is world 2-2, but the pipe at the end takes you to the beginning of the level. You can learn more about Minus world at www.themushroomkingdom.net. Go to the "The Games" section and click NES. At the top is Super Mario Bros. Click on it and click on Bugs/Glitches at the bottem of the page.

    • Danny: Oh, great. Constantly getting zapped in Doomed is bad enough, now I have to go after that loser?!
      The PC game Danny plays is called Doomed. This is a parody of the highly popular PC game, Doom.

    • Danny: (Walks on the side of a building onto a gargoyle)
      When Danny walks on the side of a building onto a gargoyle, this references two famous superheroes, Spider-Man and Batman. Spider-Man has the ability to walk on walls; Batman is often seen perched on a gargoyle.