Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 19

The Million Dollar Ghost

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 03, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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When Vlad Masters' ghost portal explodes, he schemes to replace it by stealing Jack Fenton's portal. As a distraction, Vlad anonymously offers a million dollar bounty to eliminate Danny Phantom. As ghost hunters from around the world gather in Amity Park to hunt the ghost kid, Danny sacrifices himself to Jack -- both to win the prize money for Dad and to bolster Jack's inept reputation, which embarrasses Danny. However, when his family's life is put in jeopardy, Jack needs no help from Danny to save the day on his own.moreless

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  • Good old Vlad trying so hard to control and misslead everyone to get what he wants. And then in comes ..Da...no It is Jack Fenton?

    This Episode bring out alot of interestingness thing like the other Ghost hunters of the world. Who are just parody of other tv/ movie characters. The part of the show that I like the most was when Jack not Danny beat Vlad. This show that Jack is not the worst ghost fighter. It is more the fact that everyone has the weak link in there ghost team. Jack is just more easier to see. We also found out in this episode what will happen if the the ecto fliter is not changed when it get full. This is still a good spisode and a great watch even.moreless
  • Vlad puts a one million dollar bounty on Danny's head so that he can steal the Fenton portal.

    This is one of my favorite episodes. I liked the part where Danny was trying to save Sam and Tucker, but Vlad stops him by grabbing his throat and throwing him on top of a building. Another good part was the fighting scene between Jack and Vlad Plasmius at the end of the episode. It was funny seeing Jack actually do something right for once and to see Danny try to do his chores at the same time. The part I didn't like was when Vlad threw Danny over by the ghost hunters. Danny just kept on falling and I found myself wanting to scream, 'Oh just hit the pavement already!'moreless
  • Cool

    oh this episode is so great at many cost heh cool it doesnt even take danny to sweat to fight these idiots vlad hired for the bounty although i love that phrase when jack fenton said that "im the idiot to beat you".I cant believe jack would beat vlad but of course with a little help from the fenton ghost gloves that is.vlad was actually finding the skeleton key to revive the fright knights master which will be shown as an episode and for the first time danny teams up with vlad and all the ghost hes fought and hasnt foughtmoreless
  • The ghost Danny Phantom, is getting pretty popular in Amity Park,and many different kinds of weird ghost hunters from all over the U.S., are coming to capture The Million Dollar Ghost!(Even Danny's parents)!But, Danny doesn't take these hunters as threat!moreless

    I loved this episode, because it is definitely a series classic! It is hillarious, when all the groups try to catch Danny, and they all end up in the dumpster, and then Danny picks up a puppy and puts it in, and says, "Get the kitty,", and he means to have the puppy get the cat from the replica of the Scooby-Doo gang (though a little different), who are trying to catch Danny. I also loved it when Danny let's his dad catch him, just to make his dad happy! I also loved when Jack (Danny's dad), let's Danny out, when they have to fight Vlad Plasmius in the ghost lab in the basement of the Fenton house, right in the last 30 seconds, before the Ecto Filtrator explodes! This is definitely a must-see episode!!!moreless
  • Vlad wants to get the legendary skeleton key,but his Plasmius Portal blows up.So he decides to go after Jack's Fenton Portal.He puts a million dollor bounty on Danny Phantom to destract him while he steals the portal.moreless

    Vlad Plasmius wants to get the legendary skeleton key.The key can open any relam,free any prisoner,and give Vlad even more power.The guardian of the key appears and fights him.Plasmius shows of his powers like duplication,form ecto plasmic weapons,and a teleportation.Since he is fooling around the guardian knocks him out of the Ghost Zone.Before Vlad can come back his portal blows up.Vlad goes intangibly so the explasion doesn't hurt him.Vlad than decides to steal Jack's portal.After accident Jack has been labled unworthy of being a ghost hunter and a million dollor bounty out on Danny Phantom to get better ghost hunters.This makes Jack more determinded to catch the ghost boy than anything.

    The so called expert ghost hunters are nothing more than idoits like the Guys in White,and other reject hunters.Jack gets there and makes a fool of himself which embarrasses Danny.Plasmius is of course watching he of course just doesn't want to steal Jack's portal,but he wants Danny to lose respect for him as well.So he sends his minons to capture Sam and Tucker and they of course make Jack look stupid.Danny changes into his ghost form and goes after them,but Vlad stops him and tells him he is the one who put the bounty on him.Once Danny sees his friends are safe he fights Vlad,but he loses to him easily.Later he tells Sam and Tucker about Vlad's plan and says his father screw ups will always come back to haunt him.His dad hears this and it crushes his spirit.Danny decides to let his dad catch him.Maddie cathes him and gives him to Jack.So as Jack is about to give Danny away to the benifactor he is trapped in a energy cage created by Plasmius.

    He than says he will steal their Fenton portal and leaves them.Vlad's minons than imprison Maddie and Jazz in the Fenton's weapons vault.Jack lets Danny out so he can help him save his famliy.The ghost hunters see them and go after them Danny goes to fight the hunters while Jack goes save their famliy.Danny beat the hunters very easily and goes after the Jack.Mean while Jack confornts Vlad,he beat his minons and fights him.Danny is about to help but Jack actually has things handled.He beats Plasmius while Danny changes the ecto filtrator.Jack throws him into the Ghost Zone and Danny changes the filtrator.Danny has a new found respect for his dad.Plasmius although failed to destroy Danny's respect for his father suceeds in getting the skeleton key,but the guardian eats him.

    A great episode we get to see more of Vlad Plasmius' powers like teleporting and ecto plasmic shapes,powers that Danny does not have yet.Jack gets character development and does what not even his half-ghost son can do in beating Vlad.Plasmius has the key now which iis leading up to a even bigger plot that will be explored in the t.v. movie Reign Storm.moreless
David Kaufman

David Kaufman

Danny Fenton/Phantom

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Samantha "Sam" Manson/Fran/Geek Boy

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Martin Mull

Martin Mull


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