Danny Phantom

Season 1 Episode 19

The Million Dollar Ghost

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jun 03, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • After the ghost hunters cut the rickshaw in half and they went downhill, it's unknown what happened to Sam and Tucker.

    • In this episode, Jack complained that the lab was a mess, but in Attack Of The Killer Garage Sale, he was perfectly happy with it that way.

    • Even though this episode so prominently features ghost hunters, there is not even a cameo of Valerie.

    • This is the second time the Fenton Peeler has appeared. The first time was in My Brother's Keeper.

    • After Jack blows goo on Vlad, his costume is fine and has goo on his face, but in the next scene, his costume is ripped and doesn't have any goo on his face.

    • Just before the mid-commerical, when Danny is being thrown to the ground, Maddie is seen charging up her gun and pointing it at him. After the commercial, Maddie is nowhere in sight.

    • When Sam says, "Could we have done it without exercise?" to Tucker, she's missing her armbands.

    • Jack hits one of the vultures with the Jack-A-Nine-Tails, and it disappears. Later, he hits the same vulture, even though it disappeared.

  • Quotes

    • Jazz: Dad, no!
      Danny: It's not a ghost! It's an out-of-shape teacher in a mask!
      Jack: We'll see about that, son. (To Lancer) Eat ghost peeler, spook! (Fenton Peeler peels away Lancer's clothes; the students laugh at Lancer)
      Boy: I'll never respect his authority again!
      Jack: Wow. He is out-of-shape!

    • Danny: (To Scaredy Cat) Boo.
      (Scaredy Cat screams and jumps on a Guy in White)
      Guy in White: Warning. Skin breach in facial sector seven.

    • Vlad: Unbelievable. Jack Fenton beat me. Me! (Case with the Skeleton Key suddenly bumps into his back; he turns and sees it; holds the case and smiles) And yet, here I am, holding the key I've been searching for. Old Jack Fenton, even in success, you FAIL!
      (Behemoth comes up behind him and swallows him)
      Vlad: Oh, butter biscuits!

    • (After Jack trys to stop Vlad's ghost vultures)
      Groovy Gang Girl: Like, that's not the Million Dollar Ghost!
      Female Extreme Ghostbreaker: Then we should just kick back and watch this. It'll be a riot!
      Male Extreme Ghostbreaker: An extreme riot, dude!
      Female Extreme Ghostbreaker: I'm a girl!
      Male Extreme Ghostbreaker: Right.

    • (After Jack stops at the meeting area to claim the reward)
      Jack: Hmm...kind of a funny place to claim a reward.
      Danny: (In the Fenton Weasel) Please! Stop! You should know what you're getting into here!
      Jack: I know exactly what I'm getting into: a bigger place in my son's heart.
      Danny: (To himself) Thanks, now I'm crushed by space and guilt. (To Jack) Look, you have to listen to me! All of this is a trap!
      Jack: Oh, please, ghost. Why should I believe you? (A glowing pink cage suddenly appears and traps him) Hey!
      Danny: Does that answer your question?

    • (After the Extreme Ghostbreakers apear on ATVs)
      Boy: (To Girl) You da man!
      Girl: Actually, idiot, I'm a girl.
      Boy: Right, and that is so extreme!

    • (Scaredy-Cat jumps on the girl in the groovy Gang)
      Girl: AAH! Like, those are my internal organs, dude! (Falls over with Scaredy-Cat clinging to her)
      Boy: Jinkers, Scaredy-Cat! You're, like, maiming her!

    • Harriet Chin: (On TV) After an incident today in Casper High, the need for competent, non-Jack Fenton ghost hunters, has never been more apparent.
      Jack: Hey, they said my name! "Need for competent ghost hunters"? What exactly does that mean? (Shoots goo on himself)
      Harriet Chin: Luckily, a mysterious benefactor has come forth and offered a million dollar bounty on the head of Amity Park's most famous ghost, and has hired the world's best-known ghost hunters to track him down.
      (The TV shows a picture of Danny Phantom)
      Danny & Maddie: Three... two...
      Jack: Nobody's catching that ghost but me! (Grabs an ecto-gun and walks off; knocks a box over) Danny, clean that up. (Danny, Maddie, and Jazz smile at each other)

    • Jack: (To Vlad Plasmius) I might be a goof. I might mess up. But when my family's at stake, the gloves are off! (Sees that he is wearing the Fenton Gloves) Well, technically they're on, but you get the point.

    • Vlad: (While doing so) Please, Daniel, must I actually defeat you with one hand behind my back?

    • Mr. Lancer: (To Jack, after ripping his clothes off with Fenton Peeler after thinking he was a ghost) I can't give you detention, but someone named Fenton is staying after school.
      Jack & Jazz: (Pretend to check their watches) Whoa, look at the time! (Run away, leaving Danny there)

    • Vlad: (After noticing the alarm going off) "Change the ecto-filtrator"? Oh, fudge buckets! (Turns intangible; castle explodes)

    • Danny: Plasmius! What are you doing here?
      Vlad: Well, let's see... your father looks like a fool, there's a million dollars on your head... What do you think I'm doing here?!

    • Jack: (To Danny Phantom) Just so you know, I don't enjoy helping you.
      Danny: Then don't! I can handle these idiots, go save our family! I mean, yours... your family... not mine.

    • Jack: (About the Fenton Portal) It's not going to explode. I'm sure Danny changed the ecto-filtrator. I told him to five times.
      Danny: Did he clean the lab?
      Jack: No.
      Danny: Does he clean his room?
      Jack: No.
      Danny: Uh... would he... I dunno.. forget to install a handle in the inside of a weapons vault or something?
      Jack: Great gobs of ghost goo! The portal's gonna blow!

    • Danny: So you're the one who hired all these idiots?
      Vlad: Yes, all except your father. He's a free idiot.

    • Maddie: Come on! We have to get to the weapons vault!
      Jazz: We have a weapons vault?

    • Danny: (To Tucker & Sam) How embarrassing! Did you see the way all those ghost hunters were laughing at him? We're gonna have to live with my dad's goof-ups for the rest of our lives! (Pause) He's standing right behind me, isn't he?
      Jack: Yes, he is. If you need me, I'll be upstairs, doing something wrong.

    • Vlad: (To Jack) Live and learn... or in your case, die and learn!!

    • Jazz: (Trapped inside weapons vault with Maddie) Jack! Man, that's cool.

    • Vlad: (After being defeated by Jack) It's not possible! You're an idiot! An idiot!
      Jack: Maybe so, but I'm the idiot who beat you.

    • Jack: Nobody's wasting Jack Fenton while his family's in danger!
      Vlad: Oh, please, fool. Your family's in danger every time you pick up a butter knife.

    • Danny: As much as I'd enjoy catching up, Plasmius, shouldn't you be getting home to the love of your life? Oh, that's right, Dad married the love of your life. You're bitter and alone!

    • (At Casper High)
      Alarm: Ghost alert! Ghost alert!
      Jazz: Danny, hide!
      Danny: Why?
      Jazz: Umm, that's an excellent question.

    • Jack: (While setting Danny free from the Fenton Weasel) Ghost kid, you gotta help me save my family, if you do, I'll set you free.
      Danny: (Out of Fenton Weasel) Um, you just did. (To himself) Good thing my dad's a lousy negotiator.

    • Vlad: I don't suppose you could move any faster.
      Vulture Ghost #1: We're 2008 years old! Be happy we're moving at all!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: The Million Dollar Ghost
      This could be a reference to the movie "Million Dollar Baby".

    • Maddie: (To Danny, about Jack giving up ghost hunting) You're darn right he can't! Eat hot Fenton Weasel, ghost scum!
      Maddie calls Danny Phantom "ghost scum," which seems to be a parody of the phrase "alien scum," which is most commonly used to refer to aliens in Men in Black.

    • Ghost Hunters: Extreme Ghostbreakers
      Obviously a parody of Extreme Ghostbusters.

    • Ghost Hunters: The Groovy Gang and Scaredy Cat
      This is a parody of Scooby-Doo, one of the hunters seems to be a mix between Velma and Daphne, the other seems to be a mix of Shaggy and Fred, and Scaredy Cat is always scared in situations, much like Scooby, some other things were parodied too, such as Velma's phrase ("jinkys!") was spoofed as "jinkers" and the "Scooby Snacks" were spoofed as "Kitty Krunch."

    • Ghost Hunters: Guys in White
      Obviously a spoof of Men in Black, they look exactly the same with their equipment, the only difference is that they wear white suits and not black. In addition, the Men in Black hunted aliens, not ghosts.