Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 5

The Ultimate Enemy

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 16, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Trivia

    • After Dark Danny uses it to travel into the past, his time medallion isn't seen.

    • According to Vlad, the operation Danny went under was to remove his emotions, so why did Vlad end up removing Danny's ghost-half?

    • Near the end of the movie, when Dark Danny and his 3 duplicates of him were about to punch Danny, 2 of the duplicates had their emblems backwards.

    • When Mr. Lancer calls the Fentons, he said to meet him at 5:00 p.m. After Clockwork saves Sam, Tucker, Lancer, and the Fentons, he returns Danny to 2 hours earlier. When time resumes, the clock in the classroom reads 8:55 a.m., which would be 8 hours and 5 minutes before 5 p.m.

    • Look Close: When Danny is blown through the briefcase containing the C.A.T. answers you can briefly see the envelope stick to his back.

    • In the final fight against Dark Danny, when Danny puts the Specter Deflector on him, for a second, the Fenton Gauntlets are in Dark Danny's waist and Danny's hands at the same time. In that second, Danny is not touching Dark Danny's waist.

    • In the photograph of Danny and his friends and family outside Fenton Works, Sam is wearing a spiked belt over her skirt.

    • When Dark Danny transforms into Danny after hurting Jazz in Danny's bedroom, his hair disappears for a second.

    • Tucker's position on the grill keeps changing. Sometimes he's in front of Mr. Lancer and other times he's next to him.

    • During Vlad's flashback, when he uses the Ghost Gauntlets, the aura around the Gauntlets changes color from pink to green.

    • When it shows the scene of the 4 Dark Dannys punching Danny, the one that is swinging its fist is missing its cape.

    • Before Danny uses the second Ghostly Wail on Dark Danny, his face is full of bruises, but as he inhales the bruises disappear.

    • When Clockwork's globe shows Jazz, it shows her taking the C.A.T answers out of Danny's bookbag, but Danny left them on his dresser before he fought Skulktech and never went back to his room.

    • When Dark Danny duplicates himself in the final battle, he splits himself into fourths. But when it comes to the shot of Dark Danny changing back to one, there are suddenly five Dark Dannys.

    • The Observants, future ghosts, and Clockwork (sometimes) are constantly blaming Danny for their destruction, but it was also Vlad's fault, for not only splitting Danny, but also giving him evil traits, yet we see no one even mention Vlad at all.

    • Ember said that the reason she was overweight was because Dark Danny's ghostly wail destroyed her vocal cords, but Dark Danny had just learned it and there was no way she could have gained so much weight so fast.

    • Dark Danny says he doesn't get the "ghostly wail" for 10 years, but the ghosts say they've been waiting to get revenge on Danny and his wail for years.

    • In Vlad's flashback, Danny was looking at a picture with his family,friends,and him in front of Fenton Works. In the picture, Sam has pupils.

    • Around the time Dark Danny first appears to present-time Danny, Sam, and Tucker, he notices the Time Medallions and comments "Clockwork, meddling again." This may have been an oversight, or it may imply that Clockwork has revealed himself and changed something in the time stream while Dark Danny witnessed it.

    • After Danny acquires the C.A.T. test answers, he changes into Fenton form. It then switches to Clockwork's lair, and after he says, "And he made the wrong decision," it shows Danny, Sam, and Tucker on a screen there with Danny back in Phantom form.

    • Dark Danny (using his young Danny illusion) is filling in his answers for the C.A.T. right before the commercial break. However, when the movie starts up again after the commercials, all the circles he filled in are empty and without filled-in marks.

    • When Jazz tells other girls how she can't choose between Harvard, Stanford, or Yale, one of the girls has pigtails and blonde hair. When the girls walk away from Jazz, said girl is gone.

    • During the C.A.T. testing, Sam and Tucker change seats around Danny. At first, Sam is on Dark Danny's left side, with Tucker being right behind her, while another girl is directly behind Dark Danny. After the commercial, Sam has now taken the seat behind Dark Danny, while Star has taken the seat on Dark Danny's immediate left. Later, after Danny goes back in time with Clockwork, Tucker is now shown to be right behind Sam, although in the shot just before, he is clearly shown to be on her left.

    • When Clockwork saves Danny's family and friends, he puts one of his medallions on Danny. When Clockwork brings Danny back in time to the C.A.T. testing area and gives him the answers, Danny still has the medallion on. Yet after Clockwork disappears and time starts back up again, Danny's medallion is gone.

    • The flap on the back of the C.A.T. test answers folder is present in some shots, and absent in others.

    • The colors of the front and back of the folder that holds the C.A.T. test answers change. At times, the front is gray, while the back is tan, and at other times, the front is tan and the back is gray.

    • When Mr. Lancer calls Maddie, he asks her to meet him with Danny at the Nasty Burger at 5:00. Later, when Clockwork brings Danny back in time to when he was going to take the C.A.T. test, the movie tells us that it is now two hours earlier. However, a shot of a clock reveals that it is five minutes to 9:00. If Danny and Clockwork had only gone back two hours from around 5:00 PM, then the time should be around 3:00 PM, not 9:00 AM. For Clockwork and Danny to have gone from after 5:00 PM to just before 9:00 AM, they would have had to travel back eight hours, not two.

    • Right before Danny grabs hold of the flagpole, there is a shot in which you can see Danny's face as he is falling. Though he is in his human form, his eyes are green, not blue.

    • When Dark Danny is telling Jack and Maddie about how they couldn't figure out that their own son was half ghost, his shadow only has four fingers and are in an up position -- rather than down -- as he was holding them.

    • Skulktech 9.9's time medallion didn't appear until he fell from the flagpole.

    • In the beginning, Dark Danny blows up FentonWorks. However, when Danny, Sam, and Tucker go in the future, FentonWorks is intact. And the Op Center on top that was supposed to crush Sam and Tucker is there, too.

    • When Dark Danny puts the time medallion into normal Danny, you can momentarily see the string come back out in Dark Danny's hand when he takes his hand out, but then it disappears.

    • On the picture of Danny, his friends, and family in Vlad's flashback, the "Works" part of the FentonWorks sign was missing.

    • In a long shot of Dark Danny near the middle of the movie, where he is surrounded by military vehicles, he doesn't have his emblem.

    • After Danny, Sam, and Tucker follow Skulktech 9.9 back to Clockwork's residence in the Ghost Zone, Tucker finds one of Clockwork's medallions and puts it on. Between the time when the three first see a glimpse of Danny's future and when Tucker figures out it's the medallion that is keeping him from being affected by Clockwork, Tucker's medallion is absent from his neck. The medallion reappears when Tucker later acknowledges it as a "get-out-of-time free card," but then it disappears immediately after that when he throws two more medallions to Danny and Sam. His medallion returns in the shot right after that.

    • Near the end of the movie, when Danny says, "Time's up," right before he sucks Dark Danny into the Fenton Thermos, there is a close up on Danny's face. He has his ghost mode eyes and hair, although he's in human mode.

  • Quotes

    • (Future Valerie is blown out of the sky by Future Fright Knight)
      Future Valerie: You?
      Future Fright Knight: Yes, me. And I serve a new master now.

    • (After Dark Danny uses his Ghostly Wail to destroy the ghost shield around Future Amity Park)
      Dark Danny:(To Future Valerie) You like the new power? I call it my Ghostly Wail.

    • (After Dark Danny uses his Ghostly Wail to bring the Op Center down on Tucker & Sam)
      Tucker:(To Sam) For the record, I blame you.

    • Danny: Hey! Giant, green and gruesome, Guess who's back and better than ever? (Attacks the blob of a ghost which splatters Jazz)
      Jazz: This is going to take some getting use to.

    • (After watching Dark Danny's havoc)

      Sam: I think I'm seeing your future...and you're kind of a jerk.
      (Dark Danny unleashes his Ghostly Wail on some tanks, blowing them away)
      Sam: OK, you're REEAAALLY a jerk.

    • Jack: What's that, Dan? One of those stupid cat tests? I failed that and didn't turn out to be a cat...

    • Clockwork: (To Danny; after stopping time and saving everyone) Everything's the way it's supposed to be. And here we are with you, a fourteen-year-old child, risking everything to save the people you care about.

    • Danny: (Lands in front of future Johnny 13 who is in a wheel chair) Johnny 13? Okay, whatever happened to you, I swear I didn't have anything to do with...
      Johnny 13: Been waiting a long time for this, punk. (Blanket rises up revealing Shadow)

    • Dark Danny: (Using the illusion of young Danny; in young Danny's room, in front of a mirror) My old room, and my old face.
      (Jazz bursts through the door)
      Jazz: Danny, we need to talk.
      Dark Danny: And my old sister: Jazz. What do you want, Jazz? I'm busy.
      Jazz: Yeah, busy cheating. (Shows him C.A.T. answers) Lancer was right: you did steal the answers! Don't you understand?
      Dark Danny: That I'll be destroying my future? (Laughs; takes answers from her) You don't know the half of it.
      Jazz: Danny, I know all of it. About everything. That you're part ghost. That you were always doing the right thing with your powers... until now.
      Dark Danny: (Shocked) You knew?
      Jazz: I know, and I've been covering for you with Mom and Dad because I'm proud of you and the good that you do. But not anymore.
      Dark Danny: You always were smarter than I gave you credit for. (Reveals his true form)

    • Danny: (After temporarily saving his friends and family from Dark Danny) Don't worry, I won't turn into that. Ever! I promise... (Realizes Mr. Lancer is there) I'm guessing this explains all my periodic absences, huh?

    • Mr. Lancer: (To Tucker and Sam) Shouldn't you slackers be studying for the C.A.T.?
      Tucker: I've already studied.
      Sam: I'm sure we'll do fine.
      Mr. Lancer: Ah, the answers in this briefcase may indicate otherwise. Enjoy your Nasty Burgers, while you're still on this side of the counter. (Laughs, then gets hit with his burger) Fast Food Nation!

    • Skulktech 9.9: (In Skulker's voice) Someone's hacked into our system? Again?! I thought we fixed that. (In Technus' voice) We did. We must have accidentally linked up with someone else's... PDA!
      (Skulktech flies through the roof out of control)
      Tucker: I can still hack into his operating system with my hand held computer. I don't know whether that's exciting or depressing.
      Danny: Come On, follow me! (Phases through ceiling)
      Tucker: We'll walk.

    • Clockwork: (After stopping time, about Danny) Ah, good. Parents gone. He's alone with his sister.
      (Places medallion on Box Lunch)
      Box Lunch: Huh? What? Where am I?
      Clockwork: Amity Park, before you were born. That boy there is part ghost. My employers believe him to be a threat to the world. Could you be a dear and dance a little dance for us?

    • Mr. Lancer: Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, Daniel. This is the Nasty Burger. When people fail, this is where they end up. Whether they fail because they don't study, or because they cheated.
      Jack: (Shocked) Danny, is this true?
      Maddie: (Also shocked) Did you cheat?
      (Tucker and Sam come, running)
      Sam: You have to get out of here!
      Tucker: The Nasty Burger's gonna blow and we're three feet from it!
      Mr. Lancer: South Beach Diet, people! What's going on here?!

    • Observant #1: (After Danny discovers the C.A.T. test answers) Destroy him now, Clockwork.
      Clockwork: I know what I'm doing. (Floats over to a screen with a picture of Skulktech 9.9 on it) We put the answers to the test in his hands, and he made the wrong decision.
      (Screen shows Danny, Sam, and Tucker in front of the Nasty Burger; zooms into the vat of nasty sauce being heated by the grill; Clockwork pushes button on his staff; screen switches to Danny fighting Skulktech, then fighting Dark Danny, then Fenton Works about to fall on Tucker & Sam, then Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Mr. Lancer, Sam, and Tucker strapped to the vat of nasty sauce, then, finally, a huge explosion appears)
      Danny: (On the screen) Noooo!!!
      Clockwork: His future is sealed.

    • (After Jazz keeps gasping when Danny is about to mark the wrong answer on the practice C.A.T.)
      Danny: Okay, I get it! You're brilliant, and I'm stupid, and I'll never be able to get as high a score as you! So far, I'm not even qualified to scrape the grease of the Nasty Grill! (Flicks pencil off the table)
      Jazz: I just want you to succeed Danny and doing well on this test might help. There are three things that I've learned in life...
      Jazz & Danny: Study hard, do your best, and... (Jazz sees the Booo-Merang coming)
      Jazz: Duck! (Danny gets hit in the head with the Booo-Merang)

    • Mr. Lancer: Your future is not carved in stone, people. But it may be carved with a number two pencil.
      Sam & Tucker: (Uninterested) Oh, please!
      Danny: Quiet! This is important.
      Mr. Lancer: As most of you have probably forgotten, you will be taking the Career Aptitude Test on Saturday. Pass, like Miss Fenton here, who got -- (Danny mocks) the highest score in the history of the C.A.T. -- (Danny stops) and a successful future will be assured. Fail, like Irving "Third Degree" Burns here, and you will be doomed to a career at the Nasty Burger.
      Irving "Third Degree" Burns: Hey! It takes brains to work at the Nasty Burger, you know. If those forty-two secret herbs and spices in our nasty sauce get overheated, they could cause an explosion that could take out an entire city block! (Crowd looks unconvinced) Oh, who am I kidding? My life is over.

    • Sam: Danny, you made it back! (Hugs Danny)
      Tucker: Did you beat that evil, jerky, puss pack alternative version of yourself?
      (Danny's eyes flash from blue to red and back)
      Dark Danny: (Using the illusion of young Danny Fenton) Always with the quips. In my weaker moments, I sometimes miss your droll sense of humor.
      Tucker: I'm sorry?
      Dark Danny: I'm just kidding! I beat my older self quite easily. Had you going there for a second, didn't I?
      Tucker: Well we should probably do what we can to stop the Nasty Burger from blowing up huh?
      Dark Danny: Already done! Now who's up for some, (to himself) What did we used to do together?(to them) Playing video games and raging against the machine!
      Sam and Tucker: We're in!

    • Future Valerie: (About to shoot Danny) Been waiting a long time for this. Goodbye and good -- (Sam and Tucker stop her)
      Tucker: Valerie, no!
      Sam: Don't shoot!
      Future Valerie: Sam, Tucker? It's not possible! This is a trick! You can't be alive!
      Tucker: Wait. Not alive? That's our future? I'm definitely not taking the C.A.T.!
      Future Valerie: (To Sam) The C.A.T. That's the last time I saw you alive. The big explosion at the Nasty Burger, you, Tucker, Danny's family. (To Danny) And it was all your fault!
      (Wave of energy hits Valerie)
      Dark Danny: Actually, that was me, (To Danny) and you, eventually.

    • Dark Danny: (After being defeated) So that's it, isn't it?
      Danny: Time's up! (Sucks Dark Danny into the Fenton Thermos)
      Dark Danny: Too weak to escape and you're too late to save them.

    • Tucker: (Screams, then realizes he isn't in danger, therefore stopping) You got the medallions off, didn't you?
      Sam: I don't accessorize well. Unfortunately, Danny's stuck in the future fighting his jerky older self. We've gotta help!

    • Dark Danny: (To future Valerie) I suppose out of respect for our past, I should let you live. But that's not how I work.

    • Tucker: (Upon seeing Amity Park in the future) Man! If this is what we have to look forward to, I'm definitely not taking the C.A.T.
      Sam: How do you think this all happens?
      Danny: I don't know. But based on what we just saw, I have a really bad feeling I'm the one responsible.
      (Future Valerie appears with an ecto-gun)
      Future Valerie: Got that right, ghost!

    • Clockwork: (To Danny, Sam, and Tucker) You three have seen too much. You must be eliminated before you permanently alter the time stream. (Clockwork makes copies of himself from different periods of time) No where to run, children.
      Danny: Nowhere but the future!
      (Danny, Sam, and Tucker go through a portal into the future)
      Clockwork: Then let's see if you have what it takes to face that future.

    • Future Vlad: (To Danny, about Danny's friends and family in a flashback) If it's any consolation, they went so quickly. They felt no pain. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of you, Daniel. With nowhere else to go, you came to me, the only person left on the planet who could possibly hope to understand your situation. All you wanted was to make the hurt go away. I honored your wishes. No more painful human emotions to drag you down. Sadly, that freed you up to rip the ghost out of me. And when my evil ghost half mixed with yours, and my evil side overwhelmed you.

    • Danny: (After seeing death memorials of his family and friends that reads, "Gone But Not Forgotten") Mom? Dad? (Sees Mr. Lancer's memorial that reads, "Gone") Where's the Nasty Burger?
      Dark Danny: (To young Danny; near the Nasty Burger) Strange how one massive fireball of highly combustible condiments can ruin your whole future.
      Danny: The medallion?
      Dark Danny: Fused inside of you. Nice, huh? Intangible and unreachable whether you're ghost or human, which means you can't go back in time.

    • (Danny sits on Casper High steps; Jazz comes over to him)
      Danny: So, how long have you known?
      Jazz: About the test? For days, but I'm really proud of you for not cheating.
      Danny: Not that. (Danny holds up Jazz's tattered note and a torn piece of her headband) Your headband, your note with your handwriting.
      Jazz: What? That? (Chuckles nervously and blushes) I didn't write that. And there must be dozens of headbands.
      Danny: (Looking unconvinced) Jazz.
      Jazz: (Sits down next to him) Since the Spectra thing. I didn't want to tell you until you wanted to tell me. It's your secret.
      Danny: Well, it's our secret now. (They hug)
      Jazz: Don't think this means I'll stop being meddling and overprotective.
      Danny: I wouldn't have it any other way.

    • Danny: (In the future, after seeing his future ghost foes) Please! I didn't do this to you! It wasn't me!
      Skulktech 9.9: (In Skulker's voice) Oh, stop. You're responsible for the horrible things that happened to your world and ours. (In Technus' voice) To everyone you've ever come in contact with.
      Ember: Your family, your friends, and most importantly, us!
      Danny: But I didn't do any of that. (All the future ghosts get ready to attack) Get away. Get away. Get away! (Unleashes the Ghostly Wail)

    • Dark Danny: (To Sam & Tucker) You know, if I had an ounce of humanity left in me, this would be a very touching little reunion. But of course, I surrendered my human half a long time ago.

    • Danny: (After hearing what Clockwork plans to do with him) You've got to be kidding me! Name one evil thing I've done.
      (Clockwork shows him that Jazz finds the stolen C.A.T. test answers)
      Jazz: Danny's a cheater! (Cries)
      Tucker: Bet you can't find two!
      (Clockwork shows Dark Danny causing destruction in the future)
      Clockwork: How about two-thousand?

    • Danny: That's right. They said at the assembly if this stuff gets too hot, kaboom.
      Box Lunch: Prepare for -- (Danny throws a nasty sauce packet at Box Lunch's head) Huh?
      Danny: Box Lunch, beware! (Shoots an ectoplasmic ray from his finger onto the packet, which causes an explosion)

    • Danny: I'm going ghost! (Goes ghost and tries to attack Clockwork)
      Clockwork: Time out.
      (Scene rewinds)
      Danny: I'm going ghost! Whoa, serious déjà vu.

    • Danny: What are you gonna do, waste me? What happens to you then?
      Dark Danny: You don't get it, do you? I'm still here! I still exist! That means you still turn into me. (Punches Danny into a light pole) I don't have to waste you. I just have to run out the clock until your entire life falls apart.

    • Clockwork: (To Danny) The Observants look at time like they're watching a parade. One thing after another, passing in sequence right in front of them. I see the parade from above. All the twists and turns it might -- or might not -- take.

    • Observant #2: Have you completed the task?
      Clockwork: Everything's fine. Everything's the way it's supposed to be. There's your boy, returned back to his time. Safe, sound, and clearly not evil. Now... care to observe the door?

    • Danny: (After using the Ghostly Wail) My voice is changing? Great, now I'm going through evil puberty. Everywhere I turn my stupid future is smacking me in the face!(Gets hit in the head by Boooo-merang) Ow!

    • Tucker: (To Sam, as Danny's about to read the C.A.T. answers) Aren't you gonna say something?
      Sam: I'm his friend, not his mom. He wants to cheat, he can cheat.

    • Danny: Speaking of the future, it's time I started preparing for mine.
      Sam: You mean cheat.
      Danny: I didn't say "cheat."
      Tucker: You didn't say "not cheat."
      Danny: Come on, guys. I would have loved to have spent the last month studying, but I was fighting ghosts. Besides, if you both think this test is so meaningless, why do you even care if I cheat? Why shouldn't I open this up and study the answers, huh? (Sam and Tucker go blank) No answer? Well, that's all the answer I need.

    • Jazz: So you're saying Danny stole the C.A.T. test answers? But how?
      Mr. Lancer: I don't know, unless your brother suddenly gained the ability to turn invisible and reach through solid objects.
      Jazz: (Gulps) But Mr. Lancer, you still have no proof Danny took the test answers.
      Mr. Lancer: Fair enough. He has up until the test to return the answers. But if he cheats, I won't just fail him... I'll destroy his future!

    • Danny: It doesn't matter if I go back in time or not. I'll never turn into you! Never!
      Dark Danny: Of course you will. It's only a matter of time.

    • Danny: I'm guessing if you could reach into me and rip out my humanity -- which, by the way, is totally gross -- you can get the medallion out, too. Then I'll pop back to the past like Tucker and Sam did.
      Future Vlad: Or I could just destroy you and prevent this future. Didn't think of that, did you?

    • Danny: (About Tucker & Sam, after they disappear from the future after FentonWorks almost falls on them) They took off their time medallions. That returned them to their time period just like Box Lunch and Skulktech. Tucker and Sam made it out alive, which means I can... (Dark Danny grabs him)
      Dark Danny: What? Go back with them? They're doomed, anyway. And you aren't going anywhere if you can't remove your time medallion. (Takes Danny's time medallion and phases it into Danny, fusing it inside of him and Danny passes out) In fact, you aren't going anywhere at all.

    • Dark Danny: What kind of parents are you, anyway? The world's leading ghost experts and you can't figure out that your own son was half ghost?
      Jack: (To Maddie) For the record, I blame you.
      Dark Danny: Hello? Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom. Ever notice the similarity? Jazz did.
      Sam & Tucker: She did?
      Jack: Liar! Don't move!
      Dark Danny: Actually, nobody's going anywhere. Not until it's time for you to be blown everywhere.

    • (Danny has seen the crippled old Vlad Masters)
      Danny: What happened to you?
      Future Vlad: I could ask you the very same question, my boy. Although, perhaps I should ask what hasn't happened to you -- yet.

    • Observant #1: (About Danny) You manipulated the boy. You influenced his choice!
      Observant #2: That's a direct violation of the protocol of temporal displacement! In other words...
      Observant #1 & Observant #2: You cheated!
      Clockwork: True, I cheated. But I assure you -- his choice was his own.
      Observant #1: You realize the boy is your responsibility now.
      Observant #2: As is his evil self, now that he exists outside of time.
      Clockwork: I know. But then, I know everything. (He sets the Fenton Thermos holding Dark Danny down; something from inside it bangs at the walls, and the grinning face and laugh of Dark Danny appears as the screen fades to black)

    • (After the Clockwork views the future terrorized by Dark Danny)
      Observant #1: Now do you understand?
      Clockwork: Yes. Danny Phantom grows up to be the most evil ghost on the planet. What do you want me to do about it?
      Observant #1: You're the master of time, Clockwork. Isn't it obvious?
      Observant #2: To save the future, Danny Phantom must perish!

    • Danny: Sam, Tucker -- RUN!
      Dark Danny: Run? (Grins evilly) Where are they going to go?

    • Future Box Ghost: Well, well, well. All this time we've been planning on how we'd take the fight to you, and here you are, wrapped up like a present.
      Danny: ... Box Ghost?
      Future Box Ghost: Beware. (Blasts Danny)

    • (Danny has just found the C.A.T. answers; Clockwork and the Observants are watching)
      Clockwork: Now watch this. He'll make the right choice. And you'll see you've got absolutely nothing to --
      Danny: Hello, great future!

    • Tucker: (To Sam) Let me get this straight: Danny gets caught cheating on a test and we pay for it with our lives. How is that fair?

    • Clockwork: (To Danny) You've given everyone else in your life a second chance. Why not you?

    • Tucker: (About Skulktech 9.9) Let's see if this future boy knows anything more about... (Skulktech 9.9 is sent back to future) I didn't do that.
      Clockwork: I did. I sent him back to his own time. Or, should I say, forward to his own time. You see, for me, time moves backwards, and forwards, and -- oh, why am I bothering? You're fourteen.
      Danny: Who are you? Where are we?
      Clockwork: Introductions? Fine. I am Clockwork, Master of Time. I've been charged with the task of eliminating your future, so that never happens. (Points to Danny's future; Dark Danny is causing destruction in it)

    • Dark Danny: What makes you think you can change my past?
      Danny: Because I promised my family!
      Dark Danny: (Laughs) You are such a child! You promised?
      Danny: Yes, I promised! (Unleashes the Ghostly Wail)

    • Mr. Lancer: It's your future, do you want fries with it?

    • Danny: (In the Ghost Zone, after seeing giant football blocking Vlad's ghost portal) Well, that's Vlad for ya. Subtle as a flying mallet.

    • (Jazz has failed to stop Dark Danny)
      Dark Danny: Nice try, Jazz. But me, my future... I'm inevitable.

    • (Jazz has revealed Dark Danny's disguise; Jack and Maddie draw their weapons)
      Jack: Where is he!? Where's our son?!
      Maddie: What have you done to our boy!?
      Dark Danny: (Laughs) I am your boy!

    • (Danny has just learned about how his ghost and human halves were separated and how Dark Danny came into existence)
      Danny: What happened to my human self?
      Future Vlad: (Remembers back to an injured Danny Fenton cowering on the floor of Vlad's lab before a dark shadow) Some things, my boy, are better left unsaid. (In the flashback, Vlad's lab and castle explode, and Dark Danny flies off, laughing)

    • (In the future, Vlad has just told Danny about how Dark Danny came to be)
      Future Vlad: If any good came out of this, it's that ten years without ghost powers gave me a chance to see what a fool I'd been.
      Danny: Maybe that's all anybody needs... a second chance.

    • Danny: Who are you supposed to be?
      Skulktech 9.9: (In Skulker's voice) I am Skulktech 9.9, the future Ghost World's greatest hunter. (In Technus' voice) With its greatest techno villain as his operating system.
      Danny: Skulker and Technus together?
      Tucker: Is that an "ew" or a "yikes"?
      (Skulktech 9.9 reveals his mechanical arms)
      Danny: Definitely a "yikes."

    • Observant #1: (About Danny) He's stolen the test answers.
      Observant #2: He's clearly going to cheat.
      Observant #1: He has your time medallion.
      Observant #2: He has your time medallion.
      Clockwork: You said that twice.

    • Tucker: Danny, who was that ghost you were fighting?
      Danny: That was Box Lunch, the daughter of The Box Ghost and The Lunch Lady.
      Tucker & Sam: Yikes.
      Danny: Actually, it's more of an "ew."

    • Box Lunch: (After taking control of all the burgers in the Nasty Burger) Prepare to taste defeat! And perhaps a nice side salad with that.
      Danny: Pass.
      Box Lunch: Then feast on my empty calories of doom!
      (Danny goes intangible and is unharmed by the attack)
      Danny: Oh, come on. If you really are the child of The Box Ghost and the Lunch Lady, ew, then you know how this ends.

    • Box Lunch: (To Danny, after she surrounds herself with food items to make some sort of monster form) And now, and you probably knew this was coming... Beware!

    • Jazz: (After Dark Danny, using his illusion of young Danny, reveals his real body) You're not Danny. That's why the Booo-Merang wasn't honing in on your ecto-signature. You're not Danny!
      Dark Danny: I was... but I grew out of it. The Danny you know is floating helplessly in the Ghost Zone ten years in the future.
      Jazz: He'll escape. He'll beat you.
      Dark Danny: How? Is the answer: "A," the Fenton Portal? Destroyed it. "B," the only remaining portal? The one that my idiot cheesehead archenemy has? Soon as I find it, that's going, too.
      Jazz: Cheesehead? Vlad Masters? He's your archenemy?
      Dark Danny: Is it "C," you? No. You can't stop me from cheating on the C.A.T. and solidifying my future, so it must be "D"! (Shoots Jazz with plasma blast) None of the above. (Jazz faints and Dark Danny takes the C.A.T. answers form and reads the answers) Well, what do you know? The answer to the first question is "D"! (Laughs evilly)

    • Dark Danny: Your time is up, Danny. It's been up for ten years.

    • Observant #1: (About Danny) What are you waiting for? It's the perfect chance to take him out.
      Clockwork: That's the problem with you Observants. All you do is observe.
      Observant #2: You know our oath. To watch.
      Clockwork: And never act, which is why you bring me in to do your dirty work.

    • Danny: (After getting hit in the head with a boomerang) Ow! (Picks up boomerang) A boomerang? (Jack and Maddie enter kitchen; Danny throws boomerang)
      Jack: I call it the "Booo-Merang." It locks in on a ghost's unique ecto-signature and seeks it out wherever it goes.
      (Booo-Merang comes back and hits Danny in the head again)
      Maddie: Although, why it's keying into Danny is way beyond me.

    • (Danny's ghost sense goes off)
      Danny: A ghost? Here? (To Jazz) Now, get out of my room!
      Jazz: We're in the kitchen. (Sees "Box Lunch" behind Danny) But, if that's your attitude, I don't wanna see you or anything you might do in here in the next several minutes!

    • Future Valerie: You're from the past, aren't you? Almost forgot how cute you were back then. (Valerie collapses)
      Danny: You thought I was cute? Wow, an older woman likes me.

    • Box Lunch: I am Box Lunch! Daughter of The Box Ghost and The Lunch Lady!
      Danny: Uh, ew.

    • Dark Danny: (After he sees Danny use the Ghostly Wail) That power! It's not possible! I don't get that power until ten years from now!
      Danny: I guess the future isn't as set in stone as you think it is.

    • Jazz: Tucker, Sam, got a second? Let me answer that for you. Yes, you do. I know Danny stole the answers to the C.A.T., that he's going to cheat.
      Sam: Actually, Danny wasn't going to --
      Jazz: Sam, enough. I know more than you think I do... a lot more. So, I suggest that when you see Danny, you tell him I want to talk to him... tonight! Because if I don't, I will be talking to our parents and Mr. Lancer, tomorrow.

  • Notes

    • According to character designer Ben Balistreri, it was his idea to have Clockwork switch between ages.

    • Dark Danny is the first villain to canonically kill Danny, even though it was the human-half of Danny from his original timeline.

    • Each enemy of Danny who travels back in time is somehow connected to two ghosts:
      Box Lunch: The Ghost Box and the Lunch Lady Ghost are her parents;
      Dark Danny: He's a fusion of Danny's and Vlad's ghost selves; and
      Skulktech 9.9: He's Skulker wearing a cybertronic armor inhabited by Technus but, unlike what happened to Danny and Vlad, they kept their minds separated.

    • With Dark Danny as the one exception, since he likes that dystopian future, everyone Danny meets from the future tries to destroy him to either prevent it or to get even with him for causing it, with the possible exception of Vlad Masters.

    • Before this episode aired the commercials made Clockwork seem like the main villain. However, there were many hints to prove otherwise.

    • Although he is called Dark Danny, the character is never referred to as such in the TV movie.

    • This is the second Butch Hartman TV movie in which the protagonist meets his older self from an alternate future. The first was "Channel Chasers", a Fairly OddParents TV movie. Ironically, both were the second TV movie of their respective series.

    • According to Clockwork, Dark Danny is the most evil ghost on the planet.

    • Although their future selves appear, and Vlad appears in a flashback, the present day versions of Vlad, Valerie, Box Ghost, Skulker, Technus, Ember, Johnny 13 and his shadow, Kitty and the Fright Knight do not appear at all.

    • The name of this episode comes for the fact that Danny will be facing his ultimate enemy, but before the movie aired, nobody knew who the ultimate enemy was (It didn't even show in the commercials), due to the shock of Danny being his own worst enemy, even though it was already confirmed online.

    • Between the explosion of the Nasty Burger and Dark Danny's destroying of Amity Park, Clockwork must have tried to stop Dark Danny at least once.

    • Title picture: A battle-scarred Danny prepares to battle Dark Danny whose green-flamed hand is all we see, while his shadow, which is behind Danny, has an evil face with its tongue sticking out.

    • Apparently, ghosts are unaffected by fire.

    • The Ghostly Wail has the following powers:
      1) Can send people and objects flying
      2) Can shatter glass and bend metal
      3) Can paralyze ghosts
      4) Can completely destroy weaker ghosts ("The Fright Before Christmas")
      5. Can hurt ear drums or damage vocal cords

    • Dark Danny can make his stomach untouchable while still tangible.

    • The last scene of this episode shows Dark Danny in the thermos laughing and he is bashing the sides of the thermos and making dents. Before the end of the last scene we see Dark Danny's face breaking through the side of the thermos which foreshadows the possibility that Dark Danny will return.

    • In the GBA game, Danny doesn't have his emblem, while Dark Danny does.

    • The secret code to battle Vlad in the GBA game is "VLAD"

    • In the video game for Game Boy Advance, it is never mentioned Lancer also died in the explosion of the Nasty Burger.

    • In the video game for Game Boy Advance, when Dark Danny sends Danny to Ghost Zone, Danny fights against Walker, but in movie, he fights against Ember, Box Ghost, Johnny 13, Kitty and Skulktech 9.9.

    • First aired in Canada on YTV on May 21st, 2006.

    • Dark Danny's teenage form had Danny's costume, hair color, and physique. He also had Vlad's pale skin, pointy ears, and red eyes. With that, he had fire hair and a forked tongue which neither had.

    • Future Box Ghost doesn't act goofy like the present day version, meaning that the existence of Dark Danny made him take things more seriously.

    • Eric Roberts, the voice of Dark Danny, is the father of Emma Roberts, the star of Nickelodeon's "Unfabulous."

    • When Clockwork makes duplicates of himself, they come wearing clothes from different time periods

    • Butch Hartman reveals that this is tied with "Maternal Instinct" for his favorite episode.

    • In the future, the Ghost Shield is blue and powered by a circuit box.

    • In the beginning, Valerie's dad only has one arm.

    • There have been 3 timelines created in this movie:
      1:: In this timeline, Danny accidentally gets the answers to the C.A.T (it is not known how, as Box Lunch was not present) and cheats. Also, the heater in the Nasty Burger was disturbed without Danny knowing (once again, through unknown circumstances.). After Danny cheats, Mr. Lancer catches him and has the Fentons meet him at the Nasty Burger. Most likely, Sam and Tucker are there with Danny. Then the Nasty Burger explodes, killing everyone but Danny. With his loved ones gone, Danny goes to Wisconsin to live with Vlad. At Danny's request, Vlad then rips out Danny's ghost form in an attempt to lose the pain of his family's death. The now inhuman Danny Phantom splits Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius and fuses himself with Vlad Plasmius. When Phantom and Plasmius fuse, Dark Danny is created. Dark Danny kills Danny Fenton and destroys Vlad's castle. Over the next 10 years, Danny Phantom ravages the Earth and The Ghost Zone.
      2: Danny faces Box Lunch at the Nasty Burger, and accidently damages the heater. He accidentally obtains the test answers, and prepares to cheat when he is attacked by Skulktech. During the fight, the trio fall into Clockwork's realm and escape to the future, where Danny meets his future self from Timeline 1, and escape the effects of Clockwork's power through his medallions. They fight, and Sam and Tucker are transported back to the past. Dark Danny throws Danny into The Ghost Zone, trapping him in the future by fusing Clockwork's medallion inside of Danny. Dark Danny then goes to the past to pose as his former self. Meanwhile, Danny encounters his old enemies, all of whom have been maimed by his future self. After being assaulted, Danny defeats them with his new Ghostly Wail, which is triggered by the dire situation. In the past, Dark Danny ensures that "he" cheats on the test and that the meeting by the Nasty Burger that killed everyone will take place. In the meantime, Danny goes to Vlad's ruined castle and finds the future Vlad Masters. Vlad removes the medallion from Danny, letting him return to his own time. In the past, the fateful meeting that created Dark Danny is about to take place when Jazz - who discovered the truth - reveals him. Nevertheless, it appears that the accident will still take place when Danny arrives. Though the fight is hard, he manages to defeat Dark Danny with his Ghostly Wail and locks him in a Fenton Thermos. Danny goes to help his friends and family, but it's too late - the explosion occurs. The timeline ends here, as Clockwork intervenes at this point and re-sets time.
      3:The events of Timeline 2 take place - up until the test. Dark Danny is no longer around; he has been removed from time by Clockwork. Danny is put in his place, and he decides not to cheat on the test.

    • Apparently, ghosts are capable of moving inside the Fenton Thermos, since Dark Danny was able to make a dent in it.

    • Tucker hugs Danny for the second time. The first time was in "One of a Kind."

    • In the Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy video game, Dark Danny is referred to as Dan Phantom.

    • Before they were killed, Jack, Maddie, and Mr. Lancer all learned that Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom were one in the same. In addition, they, along with Sam and Tucker, learned that Jazz knew his secret. However, Danny changes the past before that occurs, so none of them learn the secret in the main timeline.

    • Jazz reveals that she has learned three main lessons in life, but we only hear two: "study hard" and "do your best."

    • Apparently, it is possible for ghosts to become permanently paralyzed, since Johnny 13 was crippled in the future.

    • Future Box Ghost has the power to create boxes out of thin air.

    • Future Valerie reveals that she thinks current Danny Phantom is cute, even though it was implied that she hates him.

    • Skulktech 9.9's weapons and gadgets include:
      1) Jet-pack.
      2) Mechanical tentacles that can turn into a razor blade.
      3) Phantom palm pummeler.

    • We learn that all ghosts have a unique "ecto-signature," which is like a ghost's DNA.

    • The Specter Deflector from "Maternal Instinct" (later seen in "Memory Blank"), returns.

    • We see Jazz without her headband for the first time.

    • This is the third time that Jazz has been splattered with ectoplasmic goo. The first and second times were in "Bitter Reunions."

    • Apparently, the main means of public transportation in future Amity Park is by hovercrafts.

    • The picture of Jack, Vlad, and Maddie that future Vlad was holding is the exact same picture that was first shown in "Bitter Reunions," except Jack's face is not torn out in this one.

    • Everything that happened after Dark Danny spots Jazz outside the classroom with the Fenton Ghost Peeler is no longer a part of anybody's memory, except Danny's, Dark Danny's, Clockwork's, and the Observants'.

    • Even though it was hinted in previous episodes that Tucker's PDA was somehow removed from Skulker's ecto-skeleton, this TV movie confirms that he still has it, but he had created a "Purple Back Gorilla Override" program to prevent him from being bound to the schedule that was previously programmed on it.

    • Dark Danny can duplicate (these duplicates can also appear while Dark Danny has a human illusion, and can be invisible from the moment they are created), make humans unconscious by touching them, create a sticky ectoplasmic glue, turn his head at a 180 degree angle, create a ghost portal, temporarily freeze someone, and project an illusion of his human self. All of which Danny is currently unable to do.

    • Future Valerie's costume, jet sled, and Ectogrenade Launcher look a little different from the ones she had ten years ago. The new weapons and gadgets Future Valerie had include:
      1) A multi-purpose wrist communicator and jet sled activator.
      2) Ghost belt.
      3) Mechanical straps going across her chest.
      4) Purple ghost net.
      5) New ghost bombs.
      6) Wrist ecto-gun

    • Look Hard: In Vlad's flashback, the Amity-Park-Angle reads, "NASTY Accidents for Fentons and Friends." There is a picture of the Nasty Burger on the left, a picture of Danny near the middle with the heading "The Sole Survivor" above it, and a picture of Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Sam, Tucker, and Mr. Lancer on the bottom right.

    • A video game based on this TV movie was released on September 8, 2005 -- eight days before this TV movie was aired on TV. The video game is Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy for the Game Boy Advance.

    • It is now apparent that Danny's ectoplasmic blasts are powerful enough to kill a human.

    • Vlad reveals that he invented some gloves called the "Ghost Gauntlets," which looks like Jack's "Ghost Gloves," except it has claws and is capable of removing a ghost from a human.

    • Jazz uses the Fenton Ghost Peeler for the second time. The first time was in "My Brother's Keeper."

    • Vlad's obsession with the Packers, first mentioned in "Bitter Reunions," is mentioned for the second time in this TV movie.

    • It is revealed that a Nasty Burger employee is called a "nastronaut."

    • Jack reveals that he failed the C.A.T., but he was under the assumption that failing it would turn him into a cat.

    • Irving "Third Degree" Burns reveals that if all forty-two nasty secret herbs and spices in the nasty sauce are overheated, it will cause an explosion that can take out a whole city block.

    • According to Mr. Lancer, if a student fails or cheats on the C.A.T., that student is doomed to a career at Nasty Burger.

    • In the future, Valerie and her father, Damon, apparently live in FentonWorks.

    • In the future, Valerie no longer wears a ghost hunting mask, so apparently, everyone must know her identity.

    • Apparently, a ghost's flaming hair is really fire, because when Dark Danny's hair touched oil, it caused an explosion.

    • This one-hour TV movie counted as two regular episodes.

    • In the future, the Fright Knight apparently doesn't have his Soul Shredder, but he does, however, have a purple ecto-blast attack.

    • Apparently, when someone from the future is in the past when the future is altered, they then exist out of time.

    • Jazz reveals that the some of the colleges that she is considering applying for are Harvard, Yale, and Stanford.

    • Mr. Lancer reveals that Jazz got the highest score in the history of the C.A.T., while Irving "Third Degree" Burns obtained the lowest score.

    • In the future, the Fright Knight serves Dark Danny.

    • Kitty is present in the future, but she doesn't seem much different from her past self.

    • In the future, Johnny 13 is crippled and is confined to a wheelchair. However, he still has his Shadow.

    • A majority of this episode takes place ten years in the future.

    • In the future, The Box Ghost is bigger and much more muscular. He also has a heart tattoo on his left arm, an eye patch on his left eye, and has a hook in place of his right hand.

    • Apparently, in the future, around the time that Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Tucker, Sam, and Lancer "died," Vlad had already repaired his castle in Wisconsin, along with the Plasmius Portal, and he bought new Packers merchandise, which were all destroyed in "The Million Dollar Ghost."

    • In the future, there is a Nasty Burger 2, since the original exploded.

    • In the future, Ember is overweight, and can no longer sing because she lost her vocal cords due to Dark Danny's Ghostly Wail. It would appear that Dark Danny messed up Ember's vocal cords quite near the events of the movie because Dark Danny says the ghostly wail was his new power in the beginning. This implies that Dark Danny got the power recently, so he must have messed up Ember's vocal cords recently.

    • This episode's title screen is the first to show Danny's emblem. In previous episodes where Danny had the emblem, the emblem was always blocked by something on the title screen (or in "Pirate Radio"'s case, Danny's body wasn't shown at all).

    • Clockwork has special "time medallions" that can prevent a person from being frozen in time and can keep a person suspended in a certain time so long as they are wearing it. They have the initials "CW" on them.

    • Apparently, ghosts can have children, which means that not all ghosts were formerly human (or animal). This proves that some ghosts are just born ghosts, which was hinted by Maddie in "Public Enemies."

    • Despite advances in technology, it is shown that Technus (Skulktech 9.9) can still be hacked by Tucker's PDA.

    • Jazz learns that Vlad Masters is Danny's archenemy, although she was not told that he was a hybrid ghost like Danny.

    • In the future, Valerie has shorter hair, a lighter skin tone, and is still a ghost hunter -- protecting Amity Park from Dark Danny, while her father, Damon, has an eye patch over his right eye and has only one arm.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Someone saying, "For the record, I blame you," in a time of crisis.
      2) Someone saying, "Ew," or "Yikes," when seeing future ghosts.
      3) Whenever someone falls from the air and grabs onto a flagpole, they are surprised that it doesn't break, and then it does break.
      4) Tucker saying, "I'm not taking the C.A.T.," when he sees what he has to look forward to in the future.
      5) Someone calling Dark Danny a jerk.
      6) Danny getting hit in the head with the Booo-Merang.

    • The Fenton Peeler from "My Brother's Keeper" (later seen in "The Million Dollar Ghost") returns.

    • Although he is not human, Dark Danny is able to project an illusion of his human self. He has a different ghost signature then Danny, but it fools everyone except Jazz.

    • It is revealed that Jazz has her own car, which is pink. The license plate reads "JAZZ" and she has a bumper sticker that reads, "Have you hugged your inner child today?"

    • When Danny first uses his Ghostly Wail, his hair color and eye color changes back to his human form coloring, though he is still in ghost mode. This likely happened because the technique took a lot out of him.

    • In the future, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Jack, and Maddie have the same grave, saying, "Gone but not forgotten," while Mr. Lancer's simply says "Gone."

    • Clockwork is the third ghost that befriends Danny.

    • Apparently, ghosts can age.

    • Look Hard: When Mr. Lancer calls Maddie with his cell phone about Danny's cheating on the C.A.T., the number on the phone reads "555-1221," and under it, it says "FentonWorks," thus this is the Fenton household phone number.

    • When Dark Danny senses a ghost, red smoke comes out of his nose.

    • In the future, The Box Ghost and Lunch Lady Ghost have a little girl named "Box Lunch," who has braces, the power to control meat and boxes, The Box Ghost's blue-ish skin color, his "Beware!" catchphrase, the Lunch Lady Ghost's voice, and her seemingly bipolar personality.

    • In the future, Skulker and Technus have fused together, and their new name is "Skulktech 9.9."

    • Major Ghost Debut(s): Dark Danny - A full ghost version of Danny Phantom. After the deaths of Jack, Maddie, Jazz, Sam, and Tucker, Danny went to live with Vlad. At Danny's request, Vlad separated his ghost and human sides. With his ghost side free, Danny Phantom quickly retaliated against Vlad, removing his ghost side and merging with it. Vlad's evil mindset overpowered Danny's mind. The two merged together quickly destroyed Danny's human side, and then caused destruction everywhere else. Clockwork - A ghost with power over time. He has the ability to stop time, alter time, and to see the future. His appearance also randomly shifts between child, adult, and old age.

    • Opener: Amity Park is seen, ten years into the future. Future Valerie checks the ghost shield when a mystery character calls her and destroys the shield with a technique known as the "Ghostly Wail." She then races to her home, FentonWorks, while chased by the Fright Knight, who serves the mystery character. When she reaches FentonWorks, the mystery character is revealed to be Danny's future self. This is all seen by the Observants, who send Clockwork to destroy the present Danny to prevent this from happening.

    • Title Screen Caption: "It's Time To Scream!"

    • Featured Named Invention(s): Booo-Merang.

    • Introduced Ghost Power(s): Ghostly Wail.

    • Dash & Paulina are absent in this episode.

    • Main Villain(s): Dark Danny.

    • If you don't count Dark Danny, this is the third episode that Danny doesn't appear in before the opening theme song. The first being "The Million Dollar Ghost" and the second being "Reign Storm."

    • After previously hinting it in many episodes, Jazz finally reveals to Danny that she knows his secret about being part ghost since the events of "My Brother's Keeper" but did not tell him until he was ready to trust her with his secret. However, Danny decides to keep his ghostly secret between him and his sister.

    • When Danny's ghost side and Vlad's ghost side fused together, Dark Danny was created. Dark Danny still has Danny Phantom's emblem, white hair, eyebrows, white belt, pupils, and costume color scheme, while he has Vlad Plasmius' cape, body structure, green-blue face, red eyes, pointed ears, fangs, beard, ponytail, costume structure, and possibly his ghost sense.

  • Allusions

    • Dark Danny: (Hairstyle and Cape)

      Dark Danny's appearance bears similarity to Syndrome from the 2004 movie, The Incredibles.

    • Dark Danny: (Created from the combination of Vlad and Danny's ghost selves)
      Dark Danny's origin is probably based on Onslaught of Marvel Comics. Onslaught was created from Professor X's and Magneto's subconciousness, similarly to how Dark Danny was made when the ghost half of Danny Phantom merged with the ghost half of Vlad Plasmius.

    • Dark Danny: Being a future evil version of Danny Phantom
      Dark Danny might also be based on Maestro from Marvel Comics. Maestro is the future version of the Hulk, who is stronger and evil.

    • Ghost Gauntlets: Appearance
      The Gauntlets bear a striking resemblance to Freddy Krueger's razor-fingered glove.

    • Nasty Burger Forty-two secret herbs and spices
      The number forty-two, according to Douglas Adam's famous book (and subsequent five-part trilogy) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is the Answer to life, the universe, and everything (although the question is still up for grabs).

    • Dark Danny: (Shoots sticky ecto-goo from his hands)
      This is done in the same way as Spider-Man shoots his webs.

    • Clockwork: Appearance & Powers
      Clockwork seems to be based off of Father Time, an elderly mythological man who can control time. Like Clockwork, Father Time carries some form of a time contraption and a scythe wherever he goes.

    • Observants: Appearance
      The Observants seem to be based on the Watchers from the Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer comics and animated shows. Both observe the Earth and are forbidden to interfere with anything. Also note the similarities in names.

    • Future Amity Park: Appearance
      Future Amity Park looks a lot like the Star Wars city/planet of Coruscant -- especially the sky highways that look identical to Coruscant's. Also, creator Butch Hartman is a big Star Wars fan, so it's possible that future Amity Park was directly based on Coruscant.

    • Mr. Lancer: Fast Food Nation!
      Fast Food Nation: The Dark Side of the All-American Meal is a book that was written by by Eric Schlosser in 2001. It examines the fast food industry in the United States and explains how the increasing dominance of fast food and the whole industry supporting it, have led to a number of changes in American society. He argues that companies involved in the fast food industry have used their political influence to increase their own profits at the expense of the health of the nation and the social conditions of its workers. Also, Mr. Lancer exclaimed the title of this book when he was at Nasty Burger, a fast food restaurant. More Info

    • Mr. Lancer: (To Nasty Burger customers) Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance! Run!
      Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values is a book written by Robert M. Pirsig in 1974. It discusses about a journey across the United States, punctuated by numerous philosophical discussions referred to as "chautauquas." This book is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the bestseller that was rejected by the greatest number of potential publishers, 121.

    • Dark Danny: (To Maddie and Jack) Hello? Danny Fenton, Danny Phantom. Ever notice the similarity? Jazz did.
      This seems to be a reference to how nobody was able to figure out that Clark Kent was actually Superman, despite how obvious it was. Clark and Superman look very similar in appearance, most notably in terms of face, hairstyle, height, and body structure; just like how Danny Fenton and Danny Phantom look the same. Like Danny, Clark does not wear a mask when he is super hero mode, which causes the citizens of Metropolis to conclude that Superman could not possibly have a secret identity because if he did, he would wear a mask to hide his face, like Batman. This seems to be somewhat similar to how Jack and Maddie believe that humans cannot have ghost powers, because they believe that a ghost cannot be in any way human and a human cannot in any way be a ghost. To them, it's ridiculous to believe that ghosts would be capable of having secret human identities, especially Danny Phantom, since he does not wear a type of mask. In addition, Superman is perceived by the public as heroic, brave, confident, and manly, while Clark Kent is shy, clumsy, and wimpy; which added more to the dismissal of the idea that Clark Kent is Superman. This is very similar to how some people (like Paulina) perceive Danny Phantom, as confident, heroic, brave, and manly, while Danny Fenton is perceived as clumsy, shy, and wimpy.

    • Danny: (Uses the Ghostly Wail)
      Danny's Ghostly Wail seems to be taken from Banshee's (from X-Men) sonic screams. Like Danny, Banshee's sonic screams have white circles coming out of his mouth that can break glass and push people and objects.

    • Booo-Merang: (Traveling through time)
      When Jazz throws the Booo-Merang into the Ghost Zone, and it travels for ten years before it finds Danny, it shows a calendar and a blinking eye -- reminiscent of the opening scene of The Twilight Zone.

    • Mr. Lancer: South Beach Diet, people! What's going on here?!
      The South Beach Diet is a famous diet that focuses on counting carbohydrates in meals (similar to the Atkins diet, which cuts out carbs altogether). More Info

    • Dark Danny: Origin
      Dark Danny seems very similar to Venom from the Spider-Man comics and animated shows. Danny/Peter separates the ghost half/symbiote, who finds a new host, and becomes one of the hero's biggest enemies. Also, Dark Danny has similar features to Venom. He is very muscular. His appearance and powers are similar to the main hero, and he knows the hero's secret identity. Unlike the hero, he is willing to kill a person to get what he wants. Finally, he is seen sometimes sticking out his tongue like Venom. More Info

    • Skulktech 9.9: Mechanical Arms
      Skulktech 9.9's mechanical arms that were used against Danny seem to be somewhat inspired by Doc Ock's mechanical arms (or "tentacles") from Spider-Man.

    • C.A.T.: Name & Purpose
      The C.A.T., the test that high school freshmen are told determines their entire career future seems to be a parody of the S.A.T and A.C.T., the tests that juniors and seniors are told determines their entire college future. Coincidentally, the freshman took the C.A.T. on a Saturday, the day where juniors and seniors take the S.A.T. and A.C.T.

    • Danny & Jazz: (Hug after Jazz reveals that she knows of Danny's secret)
      The last scene between Danny and Jazz, after Jazz has revealed that she knows Danny's secret identity, near the end of the TV movie, is very similar to the end of Spider-Man 2, when Mary Jane and Peter grow closer after Mary Jane has realized his secret identity.