Danny Phantom

Season 2 Episode 5

The Ultimate Enemy

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Sep 16, 2005 on Nickelodeon



  • Notes

    • There have been 3 timelines created in this movie:
      1:: In this timeline, Danny accidentally gets the answers to the C.A.T (it is not known how, as Box Lunch was not present) and cheats. Also, the heater in the Nasty Burger was disturbed without Danny knowing (once again, through unknown circumstances.). After Danny cheats, Mr. Lancer catches him and has the Fentons meet him at the Nasty Burger. Most likely, Sam and Tucker are there with Danny. Then the Nasty Burger explodes, killing everyone but Danny. With his loved ones gone, Danny goes to Wisconsin to live with Vlad. At Danny's request, Vlad then rips out Danny's ghost form in an attempt to lose the pain of his family's death. The now inhuman Danny Phantom splits Vlad Masters and Vlad Plasmius and fuses himself with Vlad Plasmius. When Phantom and Plasmius fuse, Dark Danny is created. Dark Danny kills Danny Fenton and destroys Vlad's castle. Over the next 10 years, Danny Phantom ravages the Earth and The Ghost Zone.
      2: Danny faces Box Lunch at the Nasty Burger, and accidently damages the heater. He accidentally obtains the test answers, and prepares to cheat when he is attacked by Skulktech. During the fight, the trio fall into Clockwork's realm and escape to the future, where Danny meets his future self from Timeline 1, and escape the effects of Clockwork's power through his medallions. They fight, and Sam and Tucker are transported back to the past. Dark Danny throws Danny into The Ghost Zone, trapping him in the future by fusing Clockwork's medallion inside of Danny. Dark Danny then goes to the past to pose as his former self. Meanwhile, Danny encounters his old enemies, all of whom have been maimed by his future self. After being assaulted, Danny defeats them with his new Ghostly Wail, which is triggered by the dire situation. In the past, Dark Danny ensures that "he" cheats on the test and that the meeting by the Nasty Burger that killed everyone will take place. In the meantime, Danny goes to Vlad's ruined castle and finds the future Vlad Masters. Vlad removes the medallion from Danny, letting him return to his own time. In the past, the fateful meeting that created Dark Danny is about to take place when Jazz - who discovered the truth - reveals him. Nevertheless, it appears that the accident will still take place when Danny arrives. Though the fight is hard, he manages to defeat Dark Danny with his Ghostly Wail and locks him in a Fenton Thermos. Danny goes to help his friends and family, but it's too late - the explosion occurs. The timeline ends here, as Clockwork intervenes at this point and re-sets time.
      3:The events of Timeline 2 take place - up until the test. Dark Danny is no longer around; he has been removed from time by Clockwork. Danny is put in his place, and he decides not to cheat on the test.

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