Danny Phantom

Season 3 Episode 4

Torrent of Terror

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Jul 11, 2007 on Nickelodeon
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Amity Park is in the midst of a drought, and Mayor Vlad, eager to score points, releases Vortex, the weather ghost, to make it rain. But when Vlad double crosses Vortex, the ghost conjures a storm that threatens to drown the town! As Danny Phantom flies to the rescue, he’s zapped by a lightning bolt. When he comes to, he discovers that his emotions are now directly tied to the weather!moreless

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  • Vlad decides to boost his ratings as mayor and uses the help of Vortex, the weather ghost, so Vlad can control the weather. Vortex escapes and Vlad has Danny help him stop Vortex. Danny eventually does.moreless

    Ok. This is my first review. I loved this episode!!! It was one of my favorites from season 3 because Vlad ends up having to attend to Danny's every want and need after Danny's emotions somehow control the weather. Danny has trouble controlling his emotions, and ends up needing help from Tucker's new piece of technology. I loved Vlad's reaction to having to give Danny whatever he wants. Then, when Vortex returns to Amity Park, Vlad justs throws Danny right into battle. To have Danny's emotions control the weather was an excellent idea!!! Hopefully the other new episodes will turn out unique too. I can't wait to see the rest of season 3.moreless
  • Good.

    Vlad has to cater to every one of Danny Fenton's whims! Well he did cause the problem by releasing the weather ghost. Which is a good idea for a type of ghost. Danny does have a lot more emotions going on in this episode. Maybe it is because they are tied directly to the weather. Well at least the drought goes away. I would have just let my town grin and bare it. I would not have gotten a weather ghost to solve the problems. Which it did not when Vlad double crossed him. Something else I would not do. gmoreless
  • This was a very great episode. Vortex was a pretty cool villian!

    Torrent of Terror was a fantastic episode! The main villian was a weather-controlling ghost named Vortex. He was pretty awesome, maybe except for his voice. Sometimes, it sounded like he would breath in really hard like he had Asthma or something lol! This episode is mostly about where Vortex is purposely released by Vlad at an Observants' tribunal. Vlad uses Vortex to change the weather in order to get his mayor approval ratings up.(yeah pretty stupid reason, but you know how evil dudes are lol). But then Vortex is accidentally freed and starts to wreak havoc and release horrible weather in Amity Park. Then, Danny shows up and after fighting Vortex for a bit, Danny absorbs some of Vortex's weather-controlling powers based on Danny's moods. There's more after that but this is a review not a summary so all I can say is that this episode contains terrific animation and an awesome plot!moreless
  • After a fight with the weather ghost named Vortex, Danny's emotions become tied to the weather in Amity Park.

    This episode was hilarious! It was funny how Jack was dressed in a Vlad costume with a big head with stickers and flags all over himself in the beginning of the episode. He looked ridiculous! One of my favorite scenes was when Danny and Jack were nailing boards over the broken window. Danny was trying to convince Jack that the storm was caused by Vlad, but Jack refused to believe it. He started to cheer Vlad's name, but when he told Danny to give him a V, Vlad phased Danny through the floor and into the basement to ask for his help against Vortex. It was funny how Vlad flew away from Danny and Vortex after he introduced them. The fight between Danny and Vortex was pretty cool. Danny has finally figured out how to duplicate himself properly. I liked the way Jazz told her parents Danny was at Sam's, he called, and he was fine. She said it really fast and Maddie just stared at her for a minute as if she didn't know what to make of it. It was funny how Danny emerged from the rubble of the sporting goods store wearing a bikini top, a helmet, and a duck floatie. He looked hilarious! It was also funny seeing Vlad get chased around the street by the little clouds Danny conjured. My favorite scenes are the ones where Danny is making Vlad's life miserable. One of them was when Danny was eating a sandwich at Vlad's mansion. He yelled at Vlad because he said he didn't want tomatoes. A tornado then chased Vlad around. The next scene was when Danny and Vlad were in the arcade. The first funny part was when Danny called Vlad "Uncy Vlad." The next part was when Vlad beat Danny at a shooting game and Danny was furious. He made the room heat up and that sent to spinklers on and ruined all the games. The security guards forced Vlad to buy all of them. The last scene was when Danny was in the rocking chair talking to Vlad about a foot massage he was looking forward too. The ending of the episode was a little weird. Danny beat Vortex by putting on Tucker's mood changing helmet. The scene that made Danny happy was the one with him and Sam having a picnic in a quiet and beautiful looking park.moreless
  • When Vlad releases Vortext, a weather ghost so deadly that the Observants imprisoned him, the wicked spectre's powers end up transferred onto Danny.

    "Torrent of Terror" finds Amity Park in a heat wave - and Mayor Vlad's approval polls feeling the effects. Taking action, Vlad imprisons Vortex, a weather-controlling ghost. Unfortunately, Vortex is a loose cannon, having once plagued Earth to such an extent that the Observants had him imprisoned. Sure enough, Vortex betrays Vlad and begins to smite the world. And, in a battle with Danny, Vortex unknowingly transfers some of his powers into the ghost-boy - who's going through mood swings!

    The first thing that stood out to me about this episode was the use of colour. When the rain began, the clouds were a really dark grey. When the sun was shining, there were clear blue skies and a brilliant white-golden sun. During the action with Vortex, the skies became a deep, dark blood-red. The use of colour in this episode really struck me as unique for this series and very, very effective. The greys and blood-reds in moving clouds really lent a dark feel to this episode.

    This episode also had one of the most impressive pre-theme openers in the entire series IMO. The set-up of Vortex, the revelation that there are hundreds of Observants (who must haunt Clockwork day and night), and Vlad's infiltration of their hide-out and his last line before the theme...I just found it incredibly effective, and again, dark.

    Overall, I was very impressed with this one. The trio were once again at work, and very effective together and in-character. Danny's mood swings were interesting, and the effects of having Vortex's powers were both scary and funny at the same time. What was really fun was seeing Sam and Tucker track down the ghost and lure him back to Amity Park. The last episode had the girls saving the day instead of Danny; but (IMO), this one handled that idea much, much better, because ALL of the characters worked when Sam and Tuck went off.

    Vortex I found both intriguing and slightly annoying. His powers were built up as very menacing and dangerous, and they did come off that way - destructive, deadly, and dark. And his voice itself (I missed the voice actor) was suitably gruff. However, I think it was a mistake to have him shouting the entire episode. It got to the point where it wasn't at all effective. There was the potential for a more effective performance - the pre-theme sequence had a great moment of vunerability from the ghost. But that was by and large lost afterwards.

    Vlad in this episode was a mixed bag for me. His initial plotting and manipulation was classic Plasmius, and very believeable. The way he approached Danny for help felt very in-character. Then...he ditches. That in itself I may not have had a problem with, had ne not behaved so cowardly when he did ditch. Vlad is many things, but we've never seen him to be a coward. He will fight when he must, and when he has a plan up his sleeve, he doesn't act like a buffoon.

    On the other hand, I did enjoy seeing him interact with Danny on the level that they did in this episode. This is the kind of thing that hasn't been between them since Season 2 - one-on-one conflict, with half-serious references to the notion of family.

    And, at the end, it seemed like Vlad could have had a plan that underwent revisions as circumstances arose - the basic idea being that he would let Danny deal with Vortex, that things somehow would work out, and he would use the situation to make himself look good and Danny look weak. But again, his cowardice really bothered me.

    I enjoyed seeing Jack's shows of support for "Vladdie." That was a nice character touch. And other gags, like Tucker's helmet and Vlad's duel of cultutre with Vortex, were nice. And I liked the return of some old things - the op centre, Auto Jack, etc.

    Animation was great, music was great...really, bar the yelling of Vortex and Vlad's cowardice, I enjoyed this one.

    8 out of 10.moreless

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