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  • Season 3 Episode 12: Phantom Planet

  • Look Closely: At the end when Danny is in the ghost zone trying to get Skulker and the rest of the ghosts to help him. You can see both forms of Spectra. First you see the one from My brother's keeper then you see her form from Doctor's disorders

  • Jazz says that she redressed the Tuckbot 9000 but in Livin Large it was called The Tuckbot XL.

  • It's unknown what happens to Master's Blasters at the end.

  • The trick Danny uses to freeze Vlad is the same one Vortex used to freeze him in Torrent Of Terror.

  • One of the news articles reveals that Danny has a Florida-shaped birthmark, accompanied by a picture. But the birthmark is never visible any time his uniform is blasted off.

  • Throughout the episode, Vlad goes into space in his ghost form with an air helmet. But at the end, he isn't wearing one, and is still alive. Does this confirm that ghosts don't need preservers in space?

  • Look Hard: In the scene in which Danny tried to punch Vlad in the Fenton's Ghost Lab, Vlad grabs Danny and picks him up by the shirt. When his legs appear, you will notice the white ghostly outline on his legs.

  • Look hard: When Danny says to the ghosts after they are freed from the net, "If ours goes, yours goes too. I have a plan.." you can see two medusas.

  • Look Hard: When the asteroid passes through Earth, you can see Frostbite behind Danny and to the left of Danielle, and Clockwork further down the tower.

  • In Memory Blank, Danny wore a white jumpsuit that turned black when he entered the unfinished portal. When he came out the second time, wouldn't he still be wearing the jumpsuit, only back to its original white?

  • When Danny is surrounded by all of his enemies in the ghost zone, you see Spectra standing next to Skulker in her outfit she aquired in "Doctor's Disorders." Now look closely. The next time you see her, when they are all about to gang up on Danny, she's in her original psychiatrist outfit from "My Brother's Keeper" and "Girls Night Out."

  • When Danny is looking in the mirror after turning himself into a normal human with no ghost powers, at one point he has his eyes closed and his head tilted but his reflection has his eyes open and seems to be looking forward.

  • When the ghosts gather around Danny, many old ghosts appear, including Nightmerica from "Memory Blank", Nocturne from "Frightmare" Vortex from "Torrent of Terror" and many others that can be identified.

  • The ring has making a second appearance when Sam gives Danny the class ring after eventually realizing the "Wes" engraved on it is actually "Sam". It was last seen in the episode "Flirting with Disaster".

  • Tucker is the first youngest Mayor of Amity Park.

  • Look hard: After the ghosts succeed in making the earth intangible, the scene switches to Danny and ghosts behind him turning unintangible. If you look closely enough, the ghost that is behind Danny is Danielle.

  • Look Closely

    After Danny reveals that he's half ghost to the world, we see Valerie, who is smiling. This means she has accepted Danny for who he is.

  • Danny and Sam have there first real kiss, instead of a fake-out-make-out kiss like all the other times.

  • Season 3 Episode 11: D-Stabilized

  • Unless you count Dani by name and appearance, this marks the ninth and final time Danny doesn't appear in the opener.

  • When Danny goes with Valerie into Fentonworks, you see Jack trapped inside the box where they put some experimented ghosts, but it never shows in the episode how Jack got in there.

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